Because I am a sissyfaggot – extreme humiliation

Let’s start with a little public humiliation

Black Goddess gave me explicit instructions for my slut training. I acquired a sexy slut outfit for myself, including a wig and make-up. I packed everything in a suitcase, with two clean towels. Next, I shaved my face and my entire body. No male hair would be tolerated on my sissy-white flesh. I was permitted to retain my scalp hair (which would be covered by a Female wig) but no sideburns, no facial hair.

I also prepared by taking a shower and then giving myself an enema to completely clean out my sissy-cunt.

I am forbidden to wear pants in the presence of the Black Goddess because I am a sissyfaggot. So, for the trip to enter Her presence, I wore my normal male clothes but with a Schoolgirl’s plaid skirt instead of pants. If anyone asked why I was wearing a skirt like a Girl, I was permitted to lie and say it was really a kilt. Black Goddess instructed me to wear nothing under the skirt … leaving my little pink inchworm completely exposed.

I took my suitcase to the bus station, where I got some funny looks for being a man in a skirt. As I bought a round-trip ticket to Black Goddess’s home town, I wondered what She and Her friends were planning for me. Perhaps my trip would be one way only.

Black Goddess also commanded me that I must suck a baby’s pacifier for the entire bus trip to visit Her so that my tongue and my sucking muscles would get lots of practice. As the bus started, several people on the bus laughed at me as I took out a pink plastic pacifier and stuck it into my mouth, then started sucking.

I knew that Black Goddess would have two friends with Her: a Black Lady named Kira and a Black stud named Master T. I had been specifically commanded not to tell anyone where I was going, nor whom I was meeting. If Black Goddess and Her friends decided to kill me — or if They decided to keep me prisoner permanently — nobody would ever know where I had gone.

The bus arrived in an African-American neighborhood. Several young Black men stared at me — a weak-looking white man in a Girl’s skirt, sucking a pacifier — as I stepped off the bus. I heard rude laughter, and mutters of “white faggot”.

The bus station was full of Black men, most of them young and bad-ass. I had been told to meet Master There, but I had no idea what he looked like. I saw one young Black man sitting by himself, who looked even more bad-ass than the others. I noticed the huge bulge in the front of his jeans. He was reading a weight-lifting magazine and holding a knapsack. I would take a chance that this Black dude was Master T.

I am Your bitch. How may I serve You?

Black Goddess had told me how I was required to report for slut service. Carrying my suitcase, I walked towards this Black man. He looked up as I approached, and he smirked when he saw the pacifier in my mouth and the skirt I was wearing. Now I put down my suitcase and took out the pacifier. Holding my skirt with both hands, I curtseyed like a little Girl while I told him: ”Sir, my name is sissyfaggot. I am Your bitch. How may I serve You?”

He pointed towards the bus station’s men’s room, then went back to his magazine. I picked up my suitcase, went into the men’s room and went into the stall farthest from the door. A couple of Black guys were pissing or using the sinks. I knew that Master T would wait until they had left.

As soon as they were gone, he came into the men’s room and went to my stall. “Let’s see what you got, faggot,” he ordered me. I lifted my skirt, displaying my naked crotch and naked ass and my little white pee-pee. Master T smirked, while he stroked his own bulging crotch. “Shit, you’re a faggot, all right.” He handed me something from his knapsack. “Put this on.”

He had given me a slave harness. Master T watched the door while I raised my skirt and buckled the harness around my crotch, padlocking it in place. There was a strap in the back containing a butt plug, but I was surprised that the plug was so small.

Master T seemed to be reading my thoughts. “Yeah, Black Goddess thought She’d start you out easy with something small up your faggot ass. Don’t worry; you’ll get something bigger in there later. Bend over!”

I meekly obeyed. Master T stepped into the stall and crammed the butt plug up my sissy ass. Then he padlocked the strap into place. I adjusted my skirt as Master T left the men’s room, pretending he had never met me.

The goddesses

Carrying my suitcase, and still wearing my sissy-skirt but now with a butt plug up my ass, I went out to the parking lot. A horn honked. Master T was standing by a car, alongside two large beautiful Black Women. I knew that the most regal one was Black Goddess; the other was Her friend Kira.

I stood in front of them and curtseyed like a Girl, raising the front of my skirt so they could see my little pee-pee. ”Ma’am, my name is sissyfaggot. I am Your bitch. How may I serve You?”

”Kiss my feet, faggot,” Black Goddess commanded me. I dropped to my knees and kissed both Women’s feet while Master T unlocked the car trunk. “We gonna put this punk-ass faggot in the trunk?” he asked.

“No. It might kill him, and I want to keep this little faggot alive until We get him home,” Black Goddess commanded, gesturing for me to put my suitcase in the trunk. “But I want to make sure he doesn’t know where We’re taking him. Kira, You know what to do.”

Kira approached me with a blindfold, a ball gag, and handcuffs. I submitted to having my eyes covered and my wrists cuffed behind my back. Kira crammed the gag into my mouth and buckled it as tightly as the butt plug up my ass. Just as the blindfold covered my eyes, I saw Black Goddess holding a candle and a lighter. Both Ladies pushed me into the back seat as Master T started the car.

i had no idea where they were taking me. I was forced to lie face-down on the back seat: blindfolded, gagged, handcuffed. Somebody lifted my skirt, exposing my bare ass and the butt plug. During the drive, Black Goddess and Kira took turns dripping hot candle wax on my ass.

The car stopped somewhere. Master T got my suitcase while Black Goddess made sure the neighbors weren’t watching. Kira held me by one arm and gave me instructions — “Turn left, there’s a step here” — as I entered a house. A door locked behind me.

i heard rough hands holding me, and then a knife touched my throat. “Hold still, faggot,” hissed Master T as Black Goddess and Kira proceeded to remove all my male clothes and my sissy-skirt. my shirt couldn’t come off while i was wearing handcuffs, so Black Goddess ripped it off my body. I heard footsteps, and then Kira announced that my male clothes were now safely taken away and locked up somewhere else in the house: I had no idea where. Black Goddess removed my blindfold. Then She unlocked the slave harness and pulled the butt plug out of my ass. Holding this towards my face so I could see my own shit on the butt plug, Black Goddess ordered me to lick it clean. Too terrified to disobey, I did as I was told.

Nearby was my suitcase, containing my slut costume and towels, but my male clothes — including my keys, my I.D., my wallet — had vanished. Nobody else knew I was here. I was completely helpless.

Now, all three Black Dominants proceeded to inspect my naked white sissy-body. I had to stand helplessly, naked and handcuffed. They seemed very amused by my tiny little pink inchworm. Finally, Black Goddess unlocked my handcuffs and ordered me to lie on the floor, eyes closed with my arms stretched out on the floor behind me. As I stretched out my arms, my fingers touched a radiator. Master T passed the handcuff chain between the radiator pipes, then cuffed my wrists so that I was chained to the radiator. Black Goddess blindfolded me again.

Toilet play

Kira had been studying brainwashing and hypnotism, so She took over now. ”you are a toilet,” She said, speaking hypnotically while I listened. ”your mouth is the toilet bowl. your lips are the toilet seat. your tongue is the bidet and the douche and the toilet paper. your little pee-pee is the toilet handle. To show you understand, wipe your toilet seat.”

My tongue licked my lips. Now, one at a time, Black Goddess and Kira took turns sitting on the white toilet seat and pissing into the white toilet. Both Ladies were having Their “periods”, so the faithful toilet licked them clean and douched them.

Now, Master T needed to piss too. Black Goddess didn’t want him to miss the toilet bowl, so She told him to insert the tip of his cock — just the tip — directly into the toilet bowl while he pissed into the white toilet. Black Goddess told Master T: “I don’t want this toilet to get Your full cock … yet.”

“We gonna put some shit into this white-ass toilet, too?” asked Master T while his Black cock pissed into the toilet bowl.

“Maybe later,” said Black Goddess. “I don’t know yet how much we can abuse this toy … and I want to keep it in one piece for the slut training.” She reached between my thighs and pulled the toilet handle.

Kira unlocked my handcuffs and ordered me to kneel, while She cuffed my arms behind my back again. She was still hypnotizing me: ”When Black Goddess slaps your face, you will wake up … but you will remember being a toilet, and you will tell Us what you experienced.”

Black Goddess slapped my face, HARD, then She removed my blindfold. I saw three Black people standing over my kneeling naked body. I made eye contact with Black Goddess. “Ma’am, I was Your toilet,” I said humbly.

She laughed. “Did you enjoy it, faggot?”

I knew I had to answer truthfully. “Yes, Ma’am. I did.”

“Time to clean the toilet,” said Black Goddess. Kira removed my handcuffs while Black Goddess ordered me to take a towel out of my suitcase and clean myself up.

I obeyed. They inspected me again, then Kira and Black Goddess sprayed my naked body with perfume so that I would smell like “a little bitch instead of a faggot”, as Black Goddess explained while Master T laughed at me.

Time to sissy up

Now I was ordered to feminize myself. I have a strap-on Vagina, made of latex the same pink color as my white-ass skin. I put this on, tucking my tiny inchworm and my useless balls inside it. “you’ll be seeing a REAL cock soon,” Master T assured me. I also put on my false breasts, gluing them to my chest. Then I put on a blonde wig, with realistic long blonde hair.

I put on my black corset, and Black Goddess tightened the corset-strings until I could barely breathe. I also put on a pair of black stockings, fastening them to the garters at the bottom of my corset. Then I put on my black high-heeled boots and a pair of black elbow-length gloves. Last, I put on a black leather collar. These black garments against my white flesh and blonde hair would symbolize that I am now a white bitch who is Black property.

Black Goddess had ordered me to bring some cosmetics appropriate for a white Woman. Now I was permitted to sit, although Black Goddess warned me that this would be the last time I would feel like sitting ”for a LONG time”. I sat obediently while Black Goddess and Kira glued false eyelashes to my eyelids, and then They applied lipstick, eye shadow and blusher to my face. When I was ordered to look in the mirror, a white-bitch slut looked back.

Now I was permitted to sit in a chair, eyes closed, while Kira hypnotized me again. ”you are a white-bitch slut whore. you are the lowest street-walker in the red-light district. Right now, you are sitting on a bench in the bus shelter, but in a moment you will get up and start peddling your white ass again. Master T is your pimp. you are terrified because you don’t have enough money for him. If you want to stay alive, you’d better show Master T what a good little bitch-slut you are. Get back to work, whore.”


Obediently, I got up. Teetering in my high-heeled boots, I walked up and down like a slut, shaking my ass and thrusting out my tits, calling out to customers in a seductive slutty voice.

Master T walked up to me, speaking to me in words appropriate for a dirty little white-bitch whore who had disrespected her Black pimp owner. He demanded the money, threatening to shank me if I didn’t pay him. I was a helpless little white bitch in front of this big Black man. I did the only thing I could do: kneeling, I gently unzipped his fly and I seductively reached my gloved hands into his jeans. I lovingly stroked his huge Black cock, while my slutty Female voice expressed delight about how big it was. my lipsticked mouth tongued his Black cock until he was fully erect. Then I sucked him off, while Black Goddess and Kira watched me. Of course, when he came in my mouth, I swallowed. Whores are required to swallow.

Now all three of my Black owners grabbed me and bent my feminized body over a table. They put straps around my arms and my high-heeled legs so that I couldn’t get up. Black Goddess paddled my ass mercilessly.

Now, Master T butt-fucked me while Black Goddess and Kira took turns forcing me to eat Their Black Vaginas. It felt like Master T’s Black Cock was the biggest thing I’d ever had up my white ass. But I was wrong … because now Black Goddess and Kira put on strap-on dildos … and Their big Brown Cocks were even longer and thicker than Master T’s. I moaned and I cried like a little sissy-Girl while Black Goddess and Kira took turns fucking my white sissy-ass with Their strap-ons, while Master T made me suck him off again.

Goddess is waiting in

Black Goddess makes me thank my new owners for turning me into a slut whore, then Kira gives me my male clothes back. I am permitted to towel myself off and get dressed in my male clothes and my sissy-skirt. Then I am blindfolded and handcuffed and taken to the car. Half an hour later, I am taking the bus home again. I have no idea where Black Goddess lives, or where I was taken …


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