Sissified by Doctor Fin

Well, things weren’t so great for a while now.
I and the wife are together for almost 2 decades, with 2 little kids.
Most of our communication was about daily tasks.
Running after 2 kids, maintaining our home, work by the end of the day all you need and want is some peaceful time for yourself.

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I think this was the thing that caused us to drift apart, I do love her with all my heart, and I believe she loves me as well, but it’s not easy to maintain the relationship.

So we decided to seek help, couple therapy.
And when I say “we decided” I mean she decided and forced me.

She searched the web looking for someone in our area with good recommendations. A week after “we” decided, we were sitting in a home-like office talking to Dr. Fin.
She was about our age mid-thirties,
Professional wear (White blouse, black pants, heels).
She explains her working flow,
First, meet explaining her method and getting to know us.
And after that a threeway once every two weeks after meeting each of us separately for a one on one session.
We talked for a while to get to know one another.
At the end of our session, she requested we won’t be intimate until our next threeway session (that won’t be too hard, sometimes it takes a couple of weeks between sex).

My wife had her session by the end of that week and mine was scheduled for next week.

When I asked my wife about her first session on her own she said she was not allowed to talk about it, but she said it will be interesting.
It got me all worried and if it was possible I would have moved my session sooner.

On the day of the session, I couldn’t concentrate, I just wanted to be over it.
I entered her office, she again explained she was a doctor and this was a no-judgment space and I shouldn’t feel shy or embarrassed.
I wish it could be that easy, after that intro it just got worst.
She explained I was to answer a questionnaire on a tablet she offered me, but first, I was to be attached to some sensors.
It got weird when she requested me to lower my pants and underwear.
But once I was all connected she went to sit at her desk allowing me some privacy, although I could see she was examining me from afar.

The first few parts of the questionnaire were ok, stress-related, personal background and so on, but then I got to the sex part of the questionnaire.
I had to write what I felt about a few images, a young girl, a powerful lady, a secretary and so on.
Imagined my surprise when a man appeared on the screen.
Other images also made me feel uncomfortable panties, cocks, shemales.
Then there were questions about my sexual experience.
Then some questions about different kinks, I mostly knew the words but on a few, I had to use the extra info button on the screen.

We talked a little after I was done with the questionnaire.
I was so sexually charged after that session. I tried my luck with the wife only to get a reminder we were not allowed to do things.

The second time we all meet together was ok, we talked about setting a date night, and allow each of us to have a day off to go out, or having some time to one of his hobbies.

By the end of that session, Dr. Fin suggested the next session will be mine and asked me to clear some extra time.
That didn’t sound too good.

I tried my best to put my mind into work, but the pending session drove me crazy.
I got there early wishing we can be done sooner than later.
Dr fin: Hi Dan, how are you?
Me: fine, a bit worried after your request to meet me first and to clear some extra time
Dr. Fin: no need to worry, I just wanted to talk to you about the things I noticed from your questionnaire, to see if it was something you were aware of.
Me: What … I mean what did you notice?
Dr. Fin: I thought it might be best to allow you to tell me. It just seems there is more than meets the eye when it comes to you.
Me: what is it you want me to say?
Dr. Fin: what are your kinks dear?
And don’t be shy, this is a safe place
Me: I don’t really have many kinks
Dr. Fin: you do remember you were attached to sensors while answering the questions?
It’s ok you can tell me, this will stay between us no one will know
Me: oh…well… I think… I might say I’m a bit… Submissive
Dr. Fin: very good dear, but it’s not quite all is it? You choose a specific role as a submissive, no?
Me: I guess you might say that, but it wasn’t my fault. You might even say this role chose me, or that the domme I was talking to chose it.
Dr. Fin: we will get there, eventually. But now I just want you to tell me what is your role dear.

It was so embarrassing confessing about it, but the way she talked with all that “dear” I guess she knows, but why is she forcing me to say it.
I was rock hard and started leaking my juices, being embarrassed has this affect on me.

Me: I’m a feminized slave (i said almost whisperings)
Dr. Fin: what was that? I could barely hear you, sweetie

I said it again a bit louder this time

Dr. Fin: is this is the way to call this role you play dear? Do you have other ways yo describe it?

Me: well, some you might call nice but others are a bit …
Dr. Fin: and do you prefer the nice ones or the humiliating ones?
Me: eh…
Dr. Fin: don’t worry dear your face is answering for you. I have a list of names, do we have to connect you to the sensors again? Or will you answer truthfully this time dear?
Me: what this has to do with my marriage? Why do you care what names do I prefer?
Dr. Fin: well in order to help your marriage I first must understand you, my dear, don’t you want to save your marriage sweety?

God, I hate it when she calls me dear or sweety, it makes me feel so small and … Well you know.

Me: I do want to save my marriage
Dr. Fin: good boi or would you rather good girl?
Me: whatever you want. Just give me the list.

I gave a grade to each name on the list, some I already met online.

Dr. Fin: so based on your grades and what I’m comfortable with I think I will call you little sissy when we are discussing this kink of yours, will it be ok dear?

I was all read I couldn’t look at her, I was so ashamed but yet I nodded my head for approval.

Dr. Fin: well our time is done for today, but I have some homework for you, I would like you to send me 3 links to videos you watch as a little sissy.

Leaving her office all I wanted was to bury myself, I wished it was all a dream.
People online-only knew Joy nobody knew me and my secret.
In my car, I had to shift my hard member and noticed how wet my boxers were.
I had to do something and found myself masturbating in my car before the drive home.

At home, my wife seems happier each passing day, while I was more confused and weak.
That night I emailed the Dr. 3 links, I thought to myself I’ll get over it as soon as possible and I might be able to forget all about it until my next private session.

I woke up horny after a sleepless night, dreams about my secret on display everybody laughing at me.
I wished I could explain myself, explain how it all got out of my hand, explain how I tried stopping so many times.

An email from Dr. Was waiting in my inbox.

“I opened you a new account
User: [email protected]
Password: ******
I thought it will be best not to use your regular account

Dr. Fin”

I logged in to “my” new account
And saw a mail pending in my inbox
The title already made me blush
“Patient sissy – work plan”
I couldn’t open it, I decided I’ll go to work and handle it later.

I couldn’t quite concentrate on work so I decided to read the mail and face it already, hoping once done reading I might be able to get some work done”

“Patient sissy – work plan”
“Hello, dear sissy,
I want you to feel more comfortable with your alter ego.
I watched the videos you sent me and got some idea about what’s making you wet your panties sort of speak.
So your plan for the week ahead watches the videos at least once a day, you are not allowed to play with yourself without permission.
You will wear panties while watching the videos and once done you will write how you feel, and what is the condition of your panties.
A day prior to our session you will send me your journal so I can read it prior to our meeting.

Please confirm you understood everything sissy.

Dr. Fin”

I replied confirming I got it all.
Now there was no way I could be productive.
I did my best throughout the day and got home early.
I did my “homework” wrote everything in my journal.
I had to hide my panties even though they were still wet because I heard the front door.
I survived the first day but the next days were a cruel disaster.
At home, the wife was cheerful which was good but I was mostly horny without any form of release.
I had such days in the past already.
See I am a little sissy but I must be ordered around without an alpha I might play with my clit but I won’t get to do the things I really crave.
But this was different I couldn’t even cum from playing with my clit.
So the first day was ok the second was harder and my dreams were not helping me cope, on the third I had an accident while sleeping, the forth I had to do something and I did hope the cycle will start from scratch.
But it wasn’t like that the next day was even harder than before on the sixth day I wrote a mail to Dr. Fin requesting permission but I fought myself if I should send it or not as it was so embarrassing asking my doctor for permission to masturbate, eventually I lost to my horny mindset but sent it too late.
In the morning I was so happy to see a reply, only to find it was a question “did you cum this week sissy or were you a good little girl?”

I confessed about what happened and begged for her permission.

Well as you probably guessed I didn’t get my permission but Dr. Fin informed me my private session will be tomorrow after work.
She also suggested I be a good girl because if I won’t she will have to ask my wife’s help making sure I’m a good little girl.

Work was slow and I did my best to stop thinking about my life now as the “sissy patient”
At noon while I had my break my phone pinged announcing of a new mail.
It was a link to a video.
It wasn’t my best idea to view it as it caused me to lose my battle wondering the rest of the day at work in wet boxers horny and craving what at this point i needed more than ever.

Before bed, I watched my videos wrote another pathetic entry in my journal and went to bed.
That night I had vivid dreams about being used over and over again by people from work.
Going to work the next day felt weird and I couldn’t wait for the day to be over.

I got to my session only to found out I got the time wrong and I’m an hour early.
I saw an mail in my inbox and read it.
“Hello sissy,
You didn’t get the time wrong I wanted you to cum early Lol.
Go to your favorite movies now and start watching sweety
Once done with your favourites watch some others.
You are not allowed to stop watching your sissy porn and you are not allowed to exit my waiting room.
Don’t disappoint me, sissy, be a good little girl.

I really enjoyed reading your journal dear”

What was I to do other than obey
It felt like the longest hour of my life.
My boxer was damp (and that is an understatement)
When I was finally allowed to enter Dr. Fin’s office I did my best to hide my condition.
Dr. Fin seems happy to see me greeting me with a big smile on her face.
Dr. Fin: did you enjoy your wait dear?
I could only blush and stare at the floor as a non-verbal answer.
Dr. Fin: I thought it might be easier for you to talk about your alter ego while dressed, so i brought a pair of panties for you to wear under your clothes while we talk. Take these and go to change sweetie.

I took the lace panties, they were sexy but what was really weird is that they felt warm.

Entering the room again I couldn’t look at Dr. Fin’s face so I kept my stare to the floor and hurried to hide my boxers in my bag.

But the Dr. Wasn’t please about that, “give it to me dear I bet it needs to dry a bit”
Reluctant I handed it to her
Dr. Fin: these are way too wet to put inside a bag, I’ll put it here to dry.

It seems my face would stay red forever, I already started leaking inside my new panties.

Dr. Fin: well I read your journal and I managed to learn a bit about you, but as you might imagine I have many questions for you.
For example, do you have a female name?
Me: its Joy (i whispered)
Dr. Fin: well hello Joy, I would like you to tell me how did it all start, you keep saying it wasn’t your fault but it’s not quite clear what started it all

I started explaining all that happened to me.
I used to be a dom, and I had many pets I used to play online.
I never was a sadistic dom, I was trying to allow my pets a safe place to explore while pushing them little by little.
One of my pets was a switch, and on one occasion she complained about not having any pets to play with. After talking for a while she suggested we can alternate and switch roles.
I wasn’t really into it but thought what harm can be done.
Well too much in retrospect.
A week later I wear panties for the first time in my life because I was crying like a little girl.
And it only escalated, another week I had a bra, a week later garter belt and stockings.
Then I wasn’t allowed to cum which messed me up a bit.
I learned the joy of nipples play and I was allowed to orgasm after.
Then I learned the joy of anal play not yet penetrated only external stimulation and again I was allowed to cum.
I was trained to refer to myself as a girl and if I made a mistake I was punished.
Then once again I wasn’t allowed to cum, my mistress decided the next time I will cum is when I have something stretching my virgin hole
I managed to hold for 2.5 weeks before I allowed her to pop my cherry sort of speak.
I had my best orgasm so far and I was so ashamed I tried my best to avoid her after.
But soon enough I was begging her forgiveness and attention.
I later learned she was conditioning me to love being treated like a girl by controlling my orgasms.
It was too late now, each time I put on lingerie I get horny, playing with my nipples gets me horny, anal stimulation gets me horny, being penetrated gets me horny

Dr. Fin noticed my state and I guess wanted to give me a minute, she handed me a glass of water to drink.

Dr. Fin: when you say it gets you horny, what do you mean? Do you get wet Joy?

At that moment I almost choked on the water I had in my mouth.
Dr. Fin understood the answer and gestured with her hand for me to continue.

I explained further my descending to my sissy life, how I hide it from everyone in my life during the day and begged for my cravings at night.
My cycle of begging to suck and get fucked and then shame and trying my best to stop.
Each time I came back for more my mistress laughed and said I will never be a real man ever again, I will always be a sissy.

Dr. Fin: today can’t you see yourself as a man Sissy?

Me: not a full-time man
I almost cried confessing to the Dr.

Dr. Fin: our time is almost out, is there something you would like to ask for Joy?

Staring at the floor I requested her permission,
Her permission to fuck me,
Her permission to cum,
Her permission to clean after me

Dr. Fin: you have the room for 10 more minutes use it wisely dear.

She said and left the room

Back at home, I felt a shifting,
My wife was happy and calm after each session with Dr.
She was more confident and for the first time in our relationship, I started to see her as the superior.
Me on the other side, I was flustered and confused, I was charged with so much sexual energy that clouded my judgment and made my standing at home weak.
I had more chores to perform at home and in the bad room.
It seems my wife was enjoying the fact she can use me whenever she wanted without having to take care of my needs.
Actually, we stopped seeing it as my “needs” and started seeing it as my “wants”, if you can understand what I mean.

The night before our session together with the Dr. My wife informed me we were allowed to have sex.
God, I was so happy.
It didn’t take long before we were naked in bad, and sadly it didn’t take long before I came inside of her.
I was so overcharged and I horny it took only a few strokes inside of her to make me come. She was unhappy and got into the shower.
Once again I felt weak.
At least at home, I still feel like a man but now my alter ego thoughts managed to get into our relationship.
She got out in her robe and I tried to explain and say I’m sorry but she cut me off and reached for her phone dialing and asking for privacy.
I went for a walk I needed some time to think.
10 minutes later my cell pinged notifying me I had an mail from Dr. Fin.

“Hello, Joy,
I had a call with your wife.
She was not pleased and neither am I.
You should always make sure she comes, so from now on date night, is sex night.
But you have a few rules,
She is always on top
You will make her come at least once during foreplay, and if you can’t manage to hold on for her to come when you have sex, you must make her come after with your tongue.

No get back to the house and lick her to an orgasm!

Dr. Fin.”

That night I made my wife cum multiple times to make up for what happened.

Our next session together was a bit about the chores at home, a bit about date night and a big portion about our sex session.
Dr. Fin explained the new rules and my wife was happy about it.
I tried in vain to explain that if I was allowed to cum during the week I would be able to last longer, but it seems they didn’t care much about my excuses.

My week and tasks became regular,
Sissy videos, edge sessions no permission to cum.
It was very embarrassing when my wife caught me trying to hide the evidence of my accident one night.
She joked about it and I felt shame when I got excited.