Sir’s birthday

So yesterday Sir came over for his “birthday dinner”, though technically it was lunchtime. It was so nice to see his face since I haven’t seen him since Sunday morning. He came in and I showed him around since it was his first time at my place. It was nice to get one of his big, strong hugs when I finished the tour. My face doesn’t even reach up to his chest; I adore how tall he is. Then I asked him if he was hungry and brought him back to the dining room. I heated the beef stew up for him, got him a biscuit and opened one of the Mt. Dew’s I bought just for him (I don’t drink pop, bleh). We sat and talked while he ate. He poked fun of me for only eating an egg white, but hey I have to stay skinny somehow! He told me the food was very good and then I asked him if he wanted to open his present. I turned away and blushed as he read the little poem I wrote for him. I’m not much of a writer, but he said it was cute, so I’m glad he enjoyed it. Then he opened my present and I think he really liked it! He seemed excited about it at least! It was a water-proof HD video camera that came with a remote, stand and extra memory card. Can’t wait to put that to good use. So then I ask him if he wanted to watch the movie I got for us (The Secretary!) and back to my room we went.
I rubbed his shoulders and hands while we watched the movie. He’s always so sore and tense, but I love massaging and worshipping that amazing body of his so it’s no problem for me. At the scene where Lee smacks Mr. Grey, he just looks at me and gives me eyes that say, “If you ever tried that you’d get beat so hard you’d be bleeding.”

There is still the punishment issue

I just nod and bow my head down and tell him, “I would never dare Sir.” During the movie, I look down and notice he has his belt on… Shit, he definitely didn’t forget about my punishment.
The credits roll, I see him reach for his belt, “Speaking of punishments I still owe you one for having a smart ass mouth and masturbating without my permission. You didn’t think I would forget did you?”
“No Sir, I didn’t.” I look away from his eyes; it hurts me so bad to see him look at me with such disappointment.
I hear him snap the belt. “Get up now,” he commands. I jump up, pull my dress up and bend over the bed already clenching the blanket tightly. I’ve been here once before and I know this time is going to be much worse. He kicks my legs apart and smacks me once on each cheek with his bare hands just to warm me up. I brace myself as I can already feel his anger pulse through his hands. Whack the first blow lands across both cheeks, Whack another land and it’s already excruciating. I clench the blanket tighter and hold my legs in place so as not to earn more punishment.
“You need to learn to watch your mouth when you speak to me.” Whack
“Yes Sir!” Whack
“And that is not your pussy to touch whenever you please. You do not make the rules do you understand?” Whack
“Yes Sir, I’m so sorry Sir.” Whack I count ten brutal impacts on my ass, each one getting harder and more painful. My legs are shaking and I can feel my pulse pulsating through my sore behind. I can hear him breathing heavy behind me, feel his eyes staring at his work joyfully… It feels like years before I hear him unzip his pants though surely it wasn’t more than fifteen seconds. I’m dripping wet down my thighs making it easy for him to enter my yearning pussy with his long, hard cock. I moan a sigh of relief. How I love the feeling of him filling me up, I know it is a privilege.

fuck me, choke me

As soon as I think this he reminds me aloud, “You know it’s a privilege for me to fuck you? This is all you’re good for, you little whore. You should be thanking me.”
I nod my head as my face smashes into the bed, “Yes Sir, thank you for fucking me.” He starts ramming his huge cock into me harder and faster and I see him reach for his belt. I hold my breath, could it be that he was going to wrap it around my neck? I hope with everything inside of me that that is his intention. I feel the smooth leather slid across my neck and then a nice firm yank. I can already feel myself nearing orgasm as I gasp for breath. He rocks harder and deeper with each gasp, enjoying the power he holds over me. The power that turns me on more than anything, my life in his hands. I realize I had better ask for permission to cum before I get another whooping.
I try to choke out the words, gasping between each, “May… I… please… cum… Sir?” No response, he just keeps pounding into me. I can’t tell if he can’t hear me or if he is just making me wait to test me. After the third time, I ask I decide he is testing me, using that power he has over me because I am his and he can do as he pleases.
“Please… Sir?” I gasp once more.
“Fucking cum you little slut,” he spews. My legs start shaking so hard and I can feel the orgasm vibrate through my entire body, I feel the cum seeping down my legs and my face smashes into the bed. I realize my glasses are on and throw them so that they are anywhere except being smashed under my face. At the same time, he let’s go of the belt and I feel the blood rushing from my face and air fill my lungs. I breathe deeply and linger in my euphoria, still being pounded from behind. Suddenly it stops and I’m slightly confused because I know Sir has yet to finish… That’s when I feel spit fall between my butt cheeks and a finger thrust inside of my ass. The rhythmic rocking starts back up in my used pussy and I dread what I know is inevitably coming next.

An anal virgin

Before Sir I was an anal virgin, it was one of the few limits I had. But as time went on and I became more and more devoted to Sir, I couldn’t deny him when he mentioned how much he wanted to fuck my ass. So I bought a plug to ease the pain of the ass raping I would receive when Sir came back from London. That was the only time my ass has ever been used and I was definitely about to feel the pain for only my second time right now.
I feel his hardness slip out of my vagina and slowly push into my tight little ass. He slowly pushes in and out going deeper each time, not taking it quite as easy on me this time. I cry out in agony, tears nearly falling from my eyes. He starts pumping even more brutally, making me scream. I want to crawl away and my knees start buckling. I try so hard to not tense up, I know last time it started feeling good once I finally relaxed. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t calm myself. Then I see him reach for the belt again. I instantly relax as I feel the cold across my neck again.
“You’re my anal slut, aren’t you?” I nod my head as best I can, I can’t even gasp let alone say a word. He allows me some air as he tells me to rub my clit. I start getting more into it bucking back against him. Though it’s still painful it’s that good kind of pain that fills a masochist up with happiness.
“Such an anal whore now,” he says as he pushes my threshold deeper.
He allows me air again and I say, “Yes Sir!” He pulls it tight again and I feel an orgasm coming over me, I start feeling light headed and start feeling myself falling towards unconsciousness, god I love this feeling. My hand slips over and over, I’m dizzy and exhausted, each time pulling my orgasm away from me. I hear Sir making grunting noises, as he drops the belt and starts pounding harder.
“I’m going to cum in your ass you little slut.”
“Yes Sir, please cum in my ass,” I feel his cock twitching and exploding inside of me. I fall forward as he pulls out, panting for breath. He tells me to get him a wet hand cloth. I oblige and stumble to the bathroom, wetting it with nice warm water and then stagger back.
Instinctively I fall to my knees and carefully wipe every inch clean, ending it with a delicate kiss on his cock that I worship lovingly. I look up and he smiles at me. I lay my head on his lap and he gently rubs my hair. We climb back into bed to watch a new movie and I lay my head on his chest, his arm around me, stroking my arm. I breathe him in and listen to his heartbeat, oblivious to everything that is not him. I’ve never been so content and happy in my entire life. I feel so whole and fulfilled. I close my eyes and smile.

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