She waited. He was late [female domination]

When he finally came in the room, he immediately hit his knees and with downcast eyes asked “Ma’am, may I come in?”
“You may.” She used her sternest voice to show her displeasure. “I do not like to be kept waiting.”
He started to rise, and she merely shook her head. “Crawl”.
Slowly, he crawled over to her. She opened her legs and he crawled between her milky thighs. She handed him the cuffs. She didn’t need to give any instruction. He cuffed his hands behind his back.
“Nose.” He put his nose up to her bare smooth pussy, touching her soft skin. He could smell her pussy. If you could smell wet, that was the aroma. She reached down and opened her lips. “Nose.”
He scooted a little closer so that his nose was buried in her pussy. “And stay”.
His punishment was to sit this close to her pussy, with his nose surrounded by her wetness and scent, but he would not be allowed to touch or taste her until he was forgiven. This he could do.
He felt the head gear when she slipped it passed his nose and buckled it behind his head. Fuck, she was really irritated. The piece was a facial dildo. This particular one had a strap attached that could be used to manipulate his head. The dildo part was on his chin, actually leaving his mouth free. She pulled her feet up to the couch, spreading her legs wider. She took the tip of the dildo and slid it up and down just on the inside of her pussy. His head moved up and down with it. Her juices surrounded his nose. Slowly she pulled his head forward, using the strap so that he was forced to push the dildo into her. Her hips tilted to take it deeper. “Open”. He opened his eyes to look at her. She was going to make him watch. Slowly she worked the dildo or rather his head, back and forth, meeting each thrust with her hips. Her eyes met his. She smiled and laughed at his misery. She reached down and stroked her clit. Dipped her fingers in her wet pussy. Then made him watch as she sucked her fingers dry. Still she guided the dildo using his face to do it. “Get up and lay on your back”. She removed the cuffs and in their place put a leather bracelet attached to a chain with a ring on the end. As she knelt on the bed, she put a foot through each ring and slid her leg through to her thigh. Effectively cuffing her straddled hips to his face. Or in this case, the damned fake dildo. She mounted it once again, but this time, she faced away from him. She leaned forward, and all he could see was her sweet pussy, filled with dildo. Up and down she moved, glancing back over her shoulder to make sure he watching. She smiled and blew him a kiss. It was a smile of evil intention. She started to move faster, arching her back, fucking that dildo. She moaned and he knew more punishment. She was cumming. Her pussy juice flowed out of her, and down to seep into his mouth. He licked his lips, slurping in her melted honey. He had forgotten he was being punished. She immediately stopped moving. The look she gave him told him he was in even more trouble now. She placed a finger in front of her mouth in the symbol of “ssshhhh”. She turned back, bent down and swiftly sucked his hard ass cock into her mouth. Her hand reached over and grabbed his balls and squeezed them just hard enough. She edged her finger along the strip of skin behind his balls. Continuing to move her mouth over his, slash that, her cock. She paused for just a moment at the tip of his cock. She let the wetness in her mouth dribble over it. Her tongue swirled the tip and dipped into the hole at the top.
Fucking fuck! He thought. Her pussy started to move on the dildo again, matching the rhythm of her mouth. She wasn’t being gentle either. She was tugging his cock this way and that, scraping her teeth along the hard length of him. All the while grinding her pussy down onto his face. She squeezed the base of his cock with one hand. With the other, she slid a wet finger slowly into his asshole, sliding in and out a few times before she found the little almond shaped jewel she was looking for. She stroked it a few times. He fucking moaned. Dammit! And she stopped. Just froze. finger in mid stroke, pussy in mid fuck, dick in mid air. Just fucking froze. “Count”. This meant he had to count to 15 before she would even start again. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. She started moving everything again, thank fucking goodness. His dick was so hard, and he wanted to fuck her so much. And she knew it. Her mouth surrounded his cock, sucking on it like a nursing baby. Pulling on it, nibbling on it like a snack. He watched as her pussy engulfed the dildo over and over and over. She tightened her body. “I’m going to cum”. And she did, again. FUCK! he thought. And she just kept fucking, and sucking, and stroking. Fucking. Sucking. And stroking. He felt her release the head piece. “Eat me”. Thank God. He enthusiastically started licking her pussy. When his tongue went inside her, she moaned and pushed her pussy full on his face. There was nothing in his world but her pussy, her mouth and that finger in his ass. He didn’t know if he could hold on. She came again, against his tongue. This time she was grinding down on his chin. She was sucking his cock like there might be a prize in it. Up and down, in and out. His dick hurt. He wanted to fuck. His ass wanted to cum. But she knew his body and she played it right to the edge. She tasted his pre-cum. He couldn’t hold that back. “Mmmmm”, delicious”. She had a minute or two more and she took every advantage of it. She focused solely on fucking his ass. His dick was ramrod straight against her face, her pussy still on the dildo, yet not moving. She stroked and she stroked. Putting pressure in just the right places. Not to hard, but so fucking fast. In, out, in…fuck…fuck…fuck…she stops. And laughs. And stands and turns, removing the rings from her legs. Freeing him, but not really. She climbs atop him, mounts him. Slides her fucking wet ass pussy down on his throbbing cock. Fuck, he was going to lose it. She reached up and cuddled her breasts in her hands. Her nipples hardening with the attention. And she fucked him. Hard. And harder. Fuck! She was so tight. Sooo hot. Felt so fucking….she was cumming. Her pussy pooled with wetness. He felt her body tighten around him. Her nailed dug into his chest. She threw her head back and screamed as she pushed down hard. And again. Her body shook and shuddered. And her hips thrust with small involuntary movements.

Fuuuuuuck….and she stood. And took the rings attached to the leather bracelets and placed them on the hooks attached to the wall. She walked over and bent down. Gently kissing him, she whispered in his ear “Don’t ever make me fucking wait again”.

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