She is going to make him a sissy and a cuckold

She is leading our marriage

It really was a one-sided marriage. I had been dating Marina from
my junior year in high school. She was a senior. During those
early years, she never let me forget that she was in front of
me. I always had to come second in all our plans and thinking.
It was a kind of dominance she had over me, but I was in love.

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Isn’t that what always does it? That simple word: Love. What a
man wouldn’t do for a woman when he was in love. She got to go where
she wanted. We went to the restraints she wanted. We saw only
the movies she wanted. I wore the clothing she wanted. I
remember one night we were necking downstairs in her father’s house

“I think you’d look cute if you wore a scarf.”

It had just come into fashion then. Men wearing scarves instead
of ties it was the new fashion. I felt really embarrassed I loved
women’s headscarves and neckerchiefs. They had always been a turn
on for me. In fact, I had worn some of my mother’s kerchiefs when
masturbating. But I wore it for her. And also at that time, silky
shirts were in fashion for men. I wore them for her too.

During our necking sessions, she always led the pace. I would do
what she wanted. I had to please her. Occasionally she would help
me jerk off and cum, but I always had to please her. At first, it
was by hand. We would park, kiss and when she would get hot she
would have me lower her panties and rub and stroke her till she
had her orgasm. One night out of frustration I started stroking
myself. She got really mad!

“What kind of pervert are you? You’re masturbating! And right
here in front of me!! Stop that!”

I stopped stroking myself and looked at her. “I’ll give you any
pleasure that you’re going to get. I won’t have you jerking off.”
And with that my sexual subjection started.

When it was time for her senior prom she stated, “I won’t be
going to the prom with a junior. I have a date for the prom
already. I will see you the next day.”

Of course, I was devastated. Why did she want to date another man?
What was it about me that she couldn’t go with me?

But love wins and in the end I didn’t go to the prom with her.
She went with another senior.

During the summer she also told me that she would date other
guys. I wouldn’t be allowed to date other girls though. I was to
be her steady. I didn’t understand this but as in love with her I

She would go out to movies and diner with me on Fridays but
Saturday night, Date Night, she would go out with whom she

This went on for the next year.

Then it was my graduation. I asked her to come to it. “Of course
not!” She huffed, “I won’t go to a high school function, I’ve
left all that behind me.”

After a few years I had a steady job and she was working too. We
had a good income. She had me give her my paycheck to save for
the day we would get married. Our account was growing. I was
still her steady boyfriend and she still dated others.

Our sex had changed

Now I usually gave her oral sex. She would have me lie in between her legs and work on her for hours at a
time. She loved the way I could make her feel with my lips and
tongue. I still wasn’t getting any though. The only time I would
get off was when she wasn’t home and I would jerk off.

We started living together. We had a nice apartment. It was
furnished from our wedding money. It had two bedrooms. Early in
the evening, I would be allowed into her bedroom to give her
pleasure and then I was sent off to my room to sleep.

One night after a really hot night of oral sex I had gone to my
room. I was frustrated and started to stroke my self. I looked up
and saw her. Talk about pissed off!

“Didn’t I tell you that cock was mine? I told you I wouldn’t have
you jerking off every time my back was turned. Get out of bed and
lay down on top.”

She lowered my PJ’s and started to whip my ass with my belt. She
gave me many blows and my cheeks were very red and sore.

“If you’re going to have an orgasm, it will be me that lets you
have one. You are not to satisfy your self again! Do you

“Yes Marina.”

“No Dummy, after that, you don’t deserve to call me by my first
name. You will call me Ma’am or Mistress, but never call me

“Yes Ma’am.”

Tasting another guy for the first time

I had still never had intercourse. Not with her or anyone else for
that matter.

I found out that she did though.

One night after a date with one of her male friends she called me
into her room.

“I want you to eat me, dear boy, I want you to do that thing you
do so well.”

She lay down on the bed and lowered her panties. I came down to
her and noticed she was wet.

“Eat me!”

I tasted her with my tongue and something wasn’t right. I tasted
something salty. She was wetter than usual. She was also a little
red around her pussy lips.

As I lapped her she said, “Well how do you like it? How do you
like eating my pussy after it just got fucked?”

I stopped and looked at her.

“Go on finish what your doing it feels so good. I went out
tonight and after dancing and drinking, I went home with a guy. He
made passionate love to me. He was hot. His cock was much bigger
than yours. And you know what? I liked it.”

What was I doing here? My girlfriend and intended had just been
fucked and here I was eating his cum out of her.

“That’s right, eat his cum. That’s what you’re going to get.
Still think you can jerk off when you want? I don’t think so.
From now on the only cum you’ll get is drinking from my pussy.”

Love. What a man will do for that word.

This happened again and again. And for the next year that was the
only cum I got.

I was very frustrated and came home one day when she wasn’t home
and started to relieve my self. I had just about reached it when
she stormed into the room.

“You still haven’t learned have you? I’ve been waiting for this.
Stay right there.”

She returned to the room with something in her hand.

“Open your legs up.”

She took a steal cylinder that was curved and placed it on my
cock. She then attached it to a metal belt in front and with a
chain to the back.

“Like your new chastity belt? Now it will be mine always mine and
if you ever want to get that thing off you really have to be

Public humiliation

I had been wearing my new belt for around a month when she
finally allowed me to take it off. I would have thought it was a
good thing, but she did this when two of her girl friends where

I had been serving them drinks in the living room; I was off to
get something when I heard giggling from the other room. I was
called back.

“Honey, I was just telling the girls about your nasty habit. And
how we solved it. They have never seen something like this so I
thought you would be good enough to she them your belt.”

I turned beet red!

“Ma’am, Why did you tell them about us? This was something
between us.”

The girls there started giggling again.

“Haven’t you figured it out yet? What you do and whom I tell it
to is my business. Now if you would do as I want. Take down your

“I’m going to tell you something. Life is going to change for
you. You’ve had it easy till now. We’re getting near the time
that we will get married. Before that happens I think you should
know just how it’s going to be after the event. You are already
submissive to my will. This will be increasing. You are already
my cuckold boyfriend and you will continue to be cuckold as my
husband, but with a few changes.

“Some of these changes are going to start right now. Your
submissiveness is going to be shown to my girlfriends. Ms Julie
and Nurse Sara Higgins are my best friends. You have nothing to
hide from them. They both want to start to bring their husbands
in to a submissive relationship and we are going to show them how
living as a submissive male to a dominant woman can be fun and

“Well maybe not for the man, but definitely for the women
involved. Now if you’re embarrassed or humiliated… So What?
That’s all part of being my sissy husband. You are chastised and
my sissy and If I want to show you off to my friends I will. Oh
and one last thing, if you ever want to cum again you will have
to start to earn them and you will start now! Do you understand?”

What had I gotten my self into now? Love what a man will do for
this word. Did I really want to stay with this woman, of course I
did. But what price? How much could I stand for love? Should I
even have to find out? According to Marina I did. And if I want
our relationship to continue, I would have to endure what she
asked, or ordered me to do.

“Yes Ma’am, I understand.” I said with a dejected voice.

“Now lower your pants.”

I undid my belt and opened the button, down came the zipper and I
drew my pants down my legs. The women started to giggle and then
an out right laugh. I was wearing the panties I was given this
morning. They were pink nylon with lace trim in the side panels
and around the leg openings. Marina had gotten them in a larger
size to go over my chastity belt. Now all in the room could see
them. My face grew red with humiliation.

“I think I want them off all the way, your shoes and sox too.”

I striped everything below my waist. I was stand there in just my
panties and my shirt.

“See girls, a man in panties is easy to control, but what he’s
wearing under his panties is even better. Come on take off your
panties and show them your chastity belt.”

I lowered my panties to my knees showing off my stainless steal

Ms Julie said, “Look how it fits. He’s all hidden in steal. Can I
see just how it fits?”

“Well missy, go next to her so she can see just how tight your
belt is.”

I stood next to this very attractive woman in just my chastity
belt. She took her hand and felt the belt at my waist. She then
worked her hand down the codpiece.

“I can see how effective this is. I tried to feel him and all I
can get is his thighs or steel in my hand. I can’t touch his
penis at all.”

“Of course not and neither can he. That’s what chastity is all
about. Because of this I control him. He has to sit like a woman
to pee. He has to ask permission to wash himself down there. When
he is granted this, I had to stand there and watch him. That is I
did, but recently I started to wash him there myself so he
doesn’t start to masturbate. And he would. That’s how I got him
in it in the first place. You’re a habitual masturbator aren’t
you missy?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Now tell the girls, have you ever been inside of a woman with
your penis?”

“No Ma’am.”

“See, he is a virgin. I intend to keep him this way. When was
your last orgasm?”

“About 9 months ago, Ma’am.”

“He’s really submissive isn’t he?” asked Nurse Sara.

“He has no choice in the matter. I control his access to his
penis. I control his pleasure. I control how he gives me

“Now comes the good part. Missy, I’ve invited one more guest this
afternoon. He will be arriving shortly. This is what I meant
about your increasing submissiveness and an advancement of your
being cuckold. To day for the first time you are going to watch
me having sex. And then you are going to show the girls that
thing you do so well.”

Once again the girls started to giggle. “Are you really going to
do this Marina?” asked Julie.

“Yes! I want you to witness this. This is going to further his
training. Not only is he going to ses me get fucked and eat my
lover’s cum from my pussy, but he is going to put on a show for
you two and my lover.”

I was going into male hell. I couldn’t do this. How could I stand
my self? How could I do these humiliating things in front of her
friends and him? And what about him? What will he think of me
when I go down on her sloppy cunt filled with his spunk? What
kind of man am I?

“Now its time to get ready. Girls want to watch? Come on missy
lets all go to my bedroom and get you ready for our company.”

We all went up stairs to her room. On the bed were laid out some
feminine clothing.

Feminized for her man

“Take off that silly man’s shirt. If your going to be a sissy
cuckold I think you should look the part.”

I took off my shirt and Marina started to put on a pink garter
belt. She then drew up some dark stockings up my legs and
attached the garters. Over my chastity belt went the panties I
had on before. On top she placed a pink camisole. She then tied a
scarf on my head peasant style. She took me over to her vanity
and started to put on some light make-up. She did my eyes in
brown mascara and earth tone eye shadow. On my lips she put some
pink lipstick. Finally she placed a frilly floral print over the
neck apron and tied it in the back. And last but not least, high
heels. They fit me. She must have picked them out because I knew
out feet were to different sizes and these I had never seen

The girls had astonished looks on their faces.

“Such a sissy. He looks adorable in his sissy clothes.” Stated

“He’s cute as a sissy.” Followed Julie.

“Okay now I want you to sit here.”

She had brought a chair over near the top of the bed. I sat down
and could see the whole bed from where I was seated. My Mistress
took some scarves from her drawer and started tying my arms to
the arms of the chair.

“I know you love to eat me after I get home from cuckolding you,
but I don’t know how you will react to having it done in person
so the scarves are for your protection.”

She then tied my legs to the legs of the chair and finally took
some really long scarves and tied me around my chest and middle
so I couldn’t move at all.

She then started to put on some of the sexiest lingerie I had
ever seen on her. A very pretty garter belt with seamed
stockings. Followed by the hottest panties, bra, and camisole.
She put on her makeup next and put some extra lipstick. She
looked as hot as any woman I had ever seen in a girly mag.

She then lay down on the bed and waited.

Meanwhile Sara and Julie had gone downstairs. I heard the
doorbell ring and shortly after that the door to the bedroom
opened. There he stood. He was tall and handsome. He was our age
but he had a look of worldliness about him.

Sara brought him in front of me. “Donna Sweetie, this is Rob. He
is your fiancée’s friend. Rob this is the sissy boy Marina had
told you about.”

“Hello, Cuckold. I can’t wait to get into Marina; she is the
best fuck I have ever had. And I have had her a few times. She
tells me you also enjoy it when I have her. She tells me how much
you enjoy cleaning her out after we fuck. I can’t wait to see

Julie started to set a video camera into a tripod and aim it at
me. At the same time Sara set one to capture what was going to
happen on the bed. Both were plugged into TV sets on the dresser
so we all could watch what the cameras saw.

“Hi Marina, you look great. Are you ready to cuckold him?”

“Yes. The sissy has heard what is in store for him and I think we
should start.”

Watching my wife and her bull

With that she took hold of his belt and opened his pants. She got
off the bed and sat him down so I could see what was happening.
She then kneeled down and took his soft cock in her mouth. I herd
a gasp from him as her hot mouth enveloped him. Each time her
mouth came to the head of his penis I could see it getting longer
and harder. I was so jealous watching. Here was my beautiful
Mistress sucking on a man, who I had just met, right in front of
me. I strained at my silken bindings but to no avail.

Sara had finished setting the video camera on my Mistress and I
noticed how clear I could see her taking him in her mouth on the
screen. And on the next screen I could see my self. The redness
in my straining face, my painted sissy face. I was so
embarrassed. And it had just started. Sara came over to me and
started to whisper to me.

“See how a real man looks. See how hard a real cock gets when
it’s sucked. See how a woman reacts to a real man.”

I could see all of this. I didn’t need her to point it out but it
just deepened my humiliation.

“Well cuckold, I’ll bet you have never felt this. Marina can
really suck cock. Damn girl, you’re the best cocksucker I have
ever felt. Cuckold, this is really great. Oh my. My cock is so
hot. Girl you’d better stop cause I want to cum in your pussy not
in your mouth. I want to see your sissy eat my cum out of you.”

Julie was rubbing my chastity belt. “Maybe we should show Rob
just how small Donna really is? Shall we open his chastity and
have a really good laugh?”

“Oh yes. Take the key from my neck and open it.”

Nurse Sara took the key and came to the lock on my chastity. She
opened it and for the first time in 9 months my little prick was
free. I got hard in an instant.

“Look Rob. See what a sissy cock looks like.”

At that moment he looked at me. He looked down at my smallness
and started to laugh. At the same time all three of these
beautiful women started to laugh at me. I felt about as small as
my cock really was. Only three inches hard and as thin around as
the average finger, it was as small a prick as anyone in the room
had ever seen.

“Damn, cuckold, I have never seen a cock that little. How do you
stand it?” he asked through the chuckles. “If I had a prick that
small I would cut it off.”

“Fuck me!” Marina screamed. “Show my sissy husband to be what a
real man can do with his cock. Make me feel it deep in side. Make
me feel like a woman. Make him feel like a cuckold.”

With that Rob placed his large cock at the wet opening of my
fiancée’s cunt. I watched as he slowly entered her. I watched her
cunt lips open to let him in. I watched as he slowly started to
fuck her.

Rob didn’t do it too fast at first. When he had it all the way in
I heard her start to moan. I saw him slowly stroke his large
prick in and out of her pussy. He was teasing her with his prick.
She was grunting and moaning.

“Come on. Give it to me. Fuck me like the slut I really am.
Please don’t tease me. I want you so bad.”

He started to move faster. His stroked were going deep in side of
her. I could see his back tense and release. I could see her as
he entered her and took it back.

She was in ecstasy. She started screaming, “Yes, yes, yes.”

I’m being teased while she have her first orgasm

As this was happening Sara had put on a latex glove and was
stroking my tiny cock. I was as hard as I had ever been in my
life. Even though it was my fiancée getting laid there I was
hard. I was hot. I was having the time of my life through my
prick. And then she stopped. I moaned. I gasped. But there was
nothing I could do about it. With my arms and wrists tied to the
chair with the scarves, I couldn’t do anything to bring my self-
relief. I wanted to cum so bad. I was humping the air. Actually I
couldn’t move very much with the scarves holding me to the chair.
Frustration wracked through out my whole being.

And then it happened! I saw, Marina, the woman I was in love
with have her first orgasm with Rob. She screamed out with
satisfaction. Her body humped him with all her might as she felt
him reach through her whole body and she came and came.

Orgasm after orgasm went through her body. She was panting. She
was wet with sweat. And still she fucked him. Harder and harder.
She fucked him. And he matched her, thrust for thrust.

Julie stroked my chest through my bra. Sara rubbed my back.

“See. See how a real man fucks a woman?” asked Julie. “I know you
could never do that with your tiny cock, if that’s what it is
called. It seems more like an extended clitty. Yes that’s what
sissies have, clitties.”

“Sissy boy. You will never fuck like that.” She stroked my cock
for a few seconds, making me hard again. Then she stopped. “I
love seeing you so frustrated. But you remember what Marina said
before? She said you could earn a cum. Is that what you want to
do? Do you want to earn your orgasm? You can you know. When he
cums in her you have to eat his cum out of her pussy. You have to
show all of us that you are cuckold. Can you do that sissy? Can
you show all of just what a sissy wimp you are, and eat her cum
filled pussy?”

“I think you can.” Stated Julie. “I think you are cuckold and you
want us all to know it. I think you will show us how you eat her
cum filled pussy and then the frustration you are feeling will be
almost taken care of. That is the first thing you must do to earn
a cum.”

I was so hot. I was frustrated, jealous, I was humiliated, and I
was embarrassed. But most of all I wanted to cum. I wanted to cum
so bad it hurt.

Let me show you the sissy cuckold I am!

“Please let me show you all! Let me show you all just how much of
a wimp I am. Please, I begged let me eat his cum out of her well
fucked pussy.”

Hearing these words she started to cum again. Again and again she
felt through her whole being the freedom of Cumming. And so did
he! He rammed his prick as deep as it would go and he started
spasming. Spurting his seed deep within her, spurt after healthy
spurt he drove his seed in her womb.

As he was Cumming with her, Julie untied the scarves from my
chest and waist. Sara untied my hands and arms, but not my legs.

“Stand up and put your arms behind you.”

She then tied my wrists together. She tied another scarf bringing
my elbows as close as they could and tied a knot. Julie meanwhile
started untying my knees and ankles. I stepped away from the
chair and was brought nest to the bed. My ankles were again tied.

“Now this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. See my wet
cunt? See my freshly fucked cunt. Eat me! Clean me out of his
spunk. Eat his cum from my pussy!”

And I did. I leaned my face into her and placed my tongue at her
entrance and licked. I licked and sucked on her wet lips. I
worked my tongue up and down her slit. I tasted fresh cum. For
the first time I had fresh cum strait from her pussy in my mouth,
on my lips, and on my tongue. As frustrated as I was I wanted to
please her. I loved her. I was proving my love for her as I was a
cum eating, pussy sucking, cuckold sissy.

I could hear them laughing at me. Right then I didn’t care. I had
my love’s pussy and I was loving it.

“That’s it sissy bitch. Eat my cunt. Eat it.”

“Boy, cuckold, you really get into it don’t you?”

Sara and Julie had my shoulders in their hands to keep me from
falling. I worked on her cunt for a long time and then she came
again. She came from the knowledge that not only was I eating her
pussy, not only was I pleasing her, but I was cleaning fresh cum
out of her. She spasmed and spasmed.

She pulled my head from her well abused pussy and said, “Now slut
clean off his cock!”

I was beside my self. She slid over and he took her place in
front of me.

“Suck off the cum from his cock if you want to cum.”

I did. I licked his cock from the head to the stem. I took it in
my mouth and sucked all the cum off of it.

I was pushed down to the floor.

“That was great cuckold. You did a good job. I would have never
believed a man could do that, watch his woman get fucked, suck
his cum out of her and then still be able to clean off his cock.
You must be the best cuckold in the whole world.”

And with that he put on his clothes, kissed Marina good by and left

Will I orgasm?

“Well that was real fun.” Stated Marina. “Still want to cum
tonight? If so you still have some things to do to earn it.”

“Please? It’s been so long and after seeing you I am so horny.
Please Ma’am, May I cum for your pleasure?”

“We’ll see cuckold.” She grinned. “There is much to do yet.”

“Sara, why don’t you untie his ankles but tie a leash on him and
lets go downstairs.”

Sara did so. I stood. She took a long oblong scarf and rolled it
into a silken rope. She tied one end to my cock and balls and
started to lead me from the room. We went downstairs to the den.
It wasn’t easy walking with my hands tied behind my back and the
skirt of my apron up because of the scarf leash.

They all sat at the table in the den, but I was told to kneel at
Marina’s feet.

Setting the rules

“Now if you want to cum, and also if you really want to be
married, there are some things we must get out of the way first.
There are some legal papers you must sign. While Sara is a nurse,
Julie is a legal aid. She has taken some time getting these
papers just right. I will ask you only this once. Do you want to
marry me? If so there are some conditions that you must adhere to
and each will be spelled out on one of the papers. If you want to
marry me you must sign each of them. I will explain what each is
as we get to it. Do you want to be my cuckold, sissy husband?

“Knowing what happened tonight will happen again and again.
Knowing that I will have power over you. Knowing that you will
only have me to plead to for your orgasm. Knowing that I will not
only wear the pants in this family, while you wear the panties,
but I will also hold the purse strings. You will have nothing
with out me. You will be allowed nothing with out me. You will be
subservient to any that I choose. You will be subservient to all
women, but especially to my best friends Sara and Julie who are
here to witness your answer. Do you want to be my cuckold, sissy,
slave husband?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The things I will do for love. How could I kneel here in front of
these women and swear to be cuckold, swear to be a sissy slut,
swear to be a slave to all who Mistress Marina designates. I do
it for love.

“Sara untie his hands for he will need them to sign. This first
paper gives me the Power of Attorney. It means that after this
night I will have the power to sign your name. Sign it!”

I signed the paper where my name was printed.

“I really don’t need you to sign anymore, but I want you to
acknowledge each term of our coming marriage. The next is my
Power to sign for all your medical decisions. What doctor you go
to, what procedures you will have done, what prescriptions you
take and things like that. Sign it!”

I signed the paper where my name was printed.

“The next is a statement that you understand that I am free to
bed and have sex with anyone of my choosing. It also has a sub
paragraph stating that you will remain faithful to me. And I have
to power to grant you orgasm or not, that I have the power to
designate whom you will service sexually. It also states that you
are bisexual. That you are attracted to both men and women. It
also states that you are a transvestite.”

I signed the paper where my name was printed.

“The next paper is a statement of discipline. It states that you
will not hold me responsible for any assaults during discipline.
It states that I am the final judge of your offences and will
determine what punishments are due to include spankings,
strapping, minor whippings, and other disciplines that I might
designate. Sign it!”

I signed the paper where my name was printed.

“Well I think that about finishes the easy part of this, oh wait
there is one more paper. This is a contract between you and me;
it is a statement of employment. You are to be employed as my
maid. You will take all of your instructions, orders for
uniforms, work schedules, and other services of my choosing. Your
salary will be room and board. Your medical expenses of my
choosing, and an allowance of monies, that will be used for the
purchase of all the items that you need to do your job.

“And it finally states that I will have the power to do the
spending from your wages and that you will not use any money
unless first getting permission from me. Sign it!”

I signed the paper where my name was printed.

Julie chimed in, “I forgot to show you this one, Marina, It is a
legal name change form. It changes his mane from Don Hastings to
Donna Hastings. This way at the wedding he will be able to take
your last mane and have a feminine first one.”

“Sign it!”

I signed the paper where my name was printed.

There it was my fate all signed sealed and delivered to my new
Mistress and soon to be wife. Oh what did I do in the name of
love? I really wonder what it said in all that writing that she
never let me really look at. What did I agree to? I was worried.

The discipline room

“Stand up Donna. We are now going to enter my new playroom. I’m
sure you wondered what was going on in the cellar during the days
that the construction was going on down there. I have made some
really nice changes down there and I’m sure you will find them
especially interesting. This is the room where your discipline
will take place. Before you get to cum tonight you are about to
find out just what I mean by discipline. Of course Sara and Julie
will witness and participate in it.”

I was still leashed by my cock and balls by the scarf and Sara
pulled me along the hallway. We came to the cellar door and
Mistress Marina tool a key and opened it. We all walked down the
stairs with me in the rear. When I got to the bottom of the
stairs I couldn’t believe my eyes. It looked like something out
of a medieval dungeon. There was an X frame on the wall. A pummel
horse stood in the open. There was also a table of sorts near it.
On the walls were some things I couldn’t make out but were straps
of leather and chrome buckles and rings. On one wall were an
assortment of paddles and crops. To say I was scared at this
point was an understatement.

I was brought over to the pummel and strapped down. My ankles had
leather cuffs on them, also my knees and upper thighs. My panties
were lowered and I was then cuffed at the wrists, elbows and
upper arms. I couldn’t move. I heard the doorbell ring and Julie
went to answer it. Meanwhile Mistress Marina had dressed in a
leather outfit that would make a dominatrix green with envy. She
had on a leather bra and panty set, a waist cincher that brought
in her already slim waist down even smaller. Attached to her
cincher was a pair of black stockings. They were so shear that
you really had to look, and only the fact that her legs were
darker and you could see the seams on the full fashion stockings
let you know they were on her. On her feet was a pair of the
highest heels I had ever seen and they shined, I’m sure they were
patent leather. Around her neck was a very pretty scarf, rolled
up and tied so the ends were on either side of her shoulder. She
walked over to the wall and took down a leather-slapper. As she
walked over to me, Julie and a man I had never met entered the

“Hello Marina.” He said. “Is this the sissy boy you told me

“Yes, I would like you to meet Donna. He, err, a, she has been
shown my new playroom for the first time tonight. Sara and Julie
have been invited to see what happens. And as for you, well, you
are here to show Donna what a real man is like. She is going to
be cuckold for the second time tonight, but with some discipline
thrown in for fun.

“Donna, I am going to give you 10 strokes and when I am finished
you will either beg me to cuckold you or you will receive more

With that she started beating my ass. When the first one landed
it stung, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. By the third stroke my
ass was on flames. I hadn’t thought about how a repetitive stroke
would add on to each other. By the seventh I started to cry. When
the final stroke landed I was ready to beg.

“Please Ma’am, would you make me a cuckold? I beg of you, have
your way with this man in front of me. I can’t take the

“You beg nicely, but I don’t think your being very sincere. I
think I should impress you a bit more.”

The girls and their new friend started to laugh. “Watching this
is great.” Stated Greg. “I have never seen a sissy spanking

Whap, my ass stung again!

“Please Mistress!”

Smack, smack, whump, on it went till I had received another 10.

Through my tears I pleaded with her again.

“Mistress, I’m just a sissy. Please make me a cuckold again. I
know it would please you to feel a real man. I know that I am
just a sissy and will never be able to please you. He is handsome
and strong. Please make me a cuckold with him.”

“Greg, do you think she sounds sincere? ”

“Oh yes she’s sincere. She doesn’t want her ass smacked any

Servicing a man for the first time

“Tell me sissy, would you be willing to make him hard with your
mouth for me? Would you get him ready to fuck me in front of you?
Do you want to show Sara and Julie just what a real sissy you’ve

“Please Mistress, anything. It hurts so much. Please!”

Greg walked over to where the sissy was strapped to the pummel.
He took off his pants and shirt, and then his underwear and sox
so he was standing there naked.

“Open wide sissy.” Greg said.

And then he placed his soft cock at my lips. I opened up and he
worked it in. As I started to work it in my mouth I was feeling
very humiliated but at the same time I also started to feel it
grow. And in a way I was proud of being able to make him hard. I
looked over to where Mistress Marina was waiting. I saw that she
had taken off her panties and was playing with the lips of her

Smack! I felt the tip of a riding crop on my ass.

“Don’t be looking at that pussy, sissy, the only way your going
to get any of that is to lick some cum out of it.” Stated Julie
as she gave me another stroke with the crop.

“Yes sissy that’s the way make me real hard for your woman.”

Crack! I felt the paddle on my ass.

“Sissy you’d better do a good job on that cock. I don’t think
your really trying hard enough to make it hard.”

I looked at the skin in front of me. I saw the manly hair. I felt
the cock in my mouth and started sucking on it like it belonged
to a real man. I wasn’t queer. I just was forced to have this
cock in my mouth, but it did taste good. It wasn’t really as bad
as it should have been to my heterosexual self. What I do for

For the love of this woman playing with her pussy in front of me
I was tied down, taking the worst spanking of my life (at least
up till this time) and now I was sucking cock.

“Okay sissy I like what you’re doing to my cock.” With that being
said Greg placed his hands on my face to hold it still and he
started to fuck my mouth with his fully engorged cock. “Take it
cuckold! Take my cock and feel it feel what your woman is going
to feel in her cunt real soon.”

He pushed it in and out again and again and I started to gag as
it hit the back of my throat.

Smack! Wack! I felt both the crop and paddle land.

“Don’t choke on that cock, suck it in like a real sissy would.”
Said Sara.

I felt the prick exit my mouth and I kind of missed it being

“That’s enough cuckold. You do that real well just like a girl. I
would give you my cum, but it’s reserved for someone else. Oh
you’ll get it all right but not strait from my cock. You’ll get
second hand cum. You’ll lick it from your woman’s cunt. A cunt
you’ll never get to fuck I might add. She’s told me how you’ll be
a virgin forever. But I won’t. I’m going to fuck your woman right
now and here in front of you, cuckold.”

With that he went over to where Mistress Marina was waiting. She
opened her legs and I could see the wetness. I could see she was
ready for sex. He was ready too and he got next to her. He moved
in between her legs and placed his cock at her pussy lips.

“See cuckold, see where my cock is, its at your woman’s pussy
watch as I enter the place you’ll never go.”

And he did. With one mighty stroke he drove his cock in all the
way. And she was ready. She thrust her hips to except his cock.
She held it there as he started to fuck that beautiful pussy.
Then she lowered her self and started to fuck him back.

I felt a hand cup my balls. The hand belonged to Sara. She worked
her fingers around each ball and around the sack. I started to
get hard. I felt another hand around my cock. The hand belonged
to Julie. As I watched “my woman” getting fucked in front of my
eyes I was being jerked off and had my balls fondled by her
girlfriends. For a few minuets, I was in heaven. Then the hand on
my cock let go and I felt a sting of the crop from Julie. And at
the same time I felt a squeeze on my balls that made me cry out.

Laughing Sara said, “These balls are really useless on a sissy
like you. Why do you have them?”

Giggling at Sara’s remark Julie said, “Maybe she doesn’t need
balls any more? She’s going to remain a virgin.”

Greg said, “See cuckold, see how your woman is responding to a
real man? See how se fucks a real cock?”

And Greg did fuck her. He stroked her deeply and thrust into her
like it was the best thing in the world. And she fucked him back.
Her head was going back and forth. I could see her nostrils
flaring as she sucked in air. I could see the sweat on her as she
responded to his insistent fucking.

“I’m going to cum!” She said. “Oh yes fuck me harder, make me cum
and cum and cum.”

She started bucking on his cock. I heard a throaty moan and then
a scream of pleasure.

“Take it bitch.” He said. “Take my cock and feel it. Feel what a
real man can do to your cunt! Cum on me bitch cum on my cock.”

And she did. And as she started Cumming on him he returned the

“Yes, cum in my pussy cum in me so my sissy can clean all your
man spunk from it.”

He thrust into her one last time and I could see as he kept it
deeply buried in her cunt that it was spasming. He was Cumming
deep in my woman’s cunt as she was Cumming herself.

As they slowed down I felt the hand at my balls again. It rubbed
them and I got real hard again. And then the squeeze, I yelled

“See sissy. See Mistress Marina. See how she’s so fulfilled.
She’s been fucked by a real man, not a small cocked sissy like
you. These balls are useless.”

“Now my sissy cuckold, your going to lick this cum off of me and
out of me. Stick out your tongue.”

As I did she placed her pussy on my tongue. I started to work her
outer lips and tasted his cum. As I worked my tongue to her inner
lips I was greeted with more cum. I licked and sucked the cum.
And when my tongue entered her deepest part I felt a large glob
of cum on my tongue. I was sickened at the thought. I was turned
on at the thought. Although very humiliated I wanted to do a good
job. I didn’t want my ass to be beet anymore so I worked all that
cum out of her. And he had another mini orgasm.

“You do that so well sissy.” She said panting. “You have one more
task. Clean off his cock.”

He came close to me and placed his cock at my lips and I licked
it clean.

He got dressed and as he walked over to the stairs to leave he
said, “You’re the best cuckold! I’ve never seen a sissy watch his
woman get fucked like that and still be able to clean off the
cock of the man after.” And he walked up the stairs laughing.

“Well sissy you did good, but not good enough to earn you’re cum
tonight. Maybe tomorrow. ”

And she reached under me and attached my chastity belt and they
all went up stairs, turned off the lights and left me.

My life as her maid

In the morning Mistress Marina came down stairs and let me free.
She had me come up to my room. On the bed was a uniform. It was a
day maid’s uniform. It wasn’t the kind you usually see in the sex
mags, but a utility uniform in pink.

“I want you to go and shower, make your self fresh, fix your make
up dress in these things and come and report to me.”

I was tired. I had managed to get some sleep last night, but tied
to the pummel wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. And
what a night it had been. I received my first spankings, and I
had seen my fiancée fucked, not once but twice by two different
men. Where was this all leading?

I showered and used the powder left out for me. It smelled sweet.
I went back to my room and started to get dressed. The bra was a
formidable one. It reminded me of the ones my mother wore in the
fifties. There was a white waist-chincher. It was hard to get all
the clasp hooks done, but I managed after a bit. What surprised
me was the cotton garter belt. Before when I had on a cincher the
garters were attached. I put it on and took the tan stockings and
drew them up my legs. I made sure the seams were strait. Next
came a camisole and half-slip. On top of the half-slip went a set
of crinoline petticoat. It had three layers of ruffles with four-
inch lace at the hem. I put on the dress. It was pink nylon and
looked kind of like a nurse or waitresses uniform. There was a
pinafore apron in white with ruffle trim to go over the top.

I went to Mistress’s room and knocked softly at the door.

“Come on in.”

I entered and found Mistress sitting at her vanity. She was in a
satin robe and looked very beautiful.

“Ah. Your finally here.” She said as she stood. “Come and sit
here I want to start you on your way to learning how to put on
your day makeup.”

For the next hour she showed me how to apply mascara, liquid make
up, eyes (both eye liner for top and bottom) and blusher. Finally
she showed me how to line my lips with a lip liner and how to
fill it in with lipstick. I had to admit looking at my self in
the mirror that my face really looked feminine. My hair was still
kind of boyish looking.

“Well you’re about through here. I want you to brush your hair
into some kind of feminine style. I know its not long yet, but it
is longer than most boys and your going to have to like a girl.”

“May I ask a question? Ma’am.”

“Normally I wouldn’t but this is all new to you and I guess you
have the right to find out what you need to know.”

“Why? Why are you turning me into a girl?”

“I’m not turning you into a girl, at least not yet.” She reached
over and touched my chastity, “You still have all your boy parts.
I am making you into a submissive sissy. I like the idea that you
do this willingly. I really love the part where I cuckold you and
humiliate you, and you still come back for more. You even signed
your self over to me.

“Dominance is something that women have had to endure through out
the ages. Now you, my sissy boy, are going to feel the full force
of FemDom. I want to be dominant. I want to have control. It
turns me on. Just seeing you like this makes me wet. Kneel down
and smell me. (I did) See how it turns me on to be doing this to
you. And last night when I took my lovers in front of you, it was
more than just sex. I could have had sex with them anytime I
wanted. It was better to look at you.

“It made me even hotter to see the look in your face as I sucked
cock and then got it in my pussy. Then the second time after your
spanking, not only did I see you getting green with envy but I
could see your humiliation and embarrassment at being spanked
both before it happened and during it. I could see how frustrated
you looked when my friends played with you as I got fucked. I
really could see the frustration when they stopped. It was fun.
And I am planning to have much more fun at your expense.

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“Now run along and get to work. You have to clean the house,
vacuum the rugs, dust and wash the dishes. While your doing that
I am going to relax. It was a long night and I am tired. You
still haven’t earned your orgasm and if you want to you had
better do a good job.”

I went to work.

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