Serve another man for my master

My Master set up a quick meeting a few miles down from our house with a man who was looking to get laid. We didn’t know his name & he didn’t know ours. Once we pulled up to his car & he saw we were a man/woman couple, he agreed to follow us back to our house. I was very nervous so when we all got out of our cars, the Master warned him that I was very nervous. He said he was too which made me feel a bit better.

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Master instructed us to come into the living room & told him that I was going to suck his dick & for me to get on my knees. I kneeled down & started undoing his belt & pants. I looked up briefly & he was looking down at me while I struggled… My hands were shaking. We caught eyes for a second but then I had his cock out in my hands, which was completely soft so I took him in my mouth. It was about the same length as Masters cock but thinner. He had hair down there which I’m not used to but he had a good body, was not too bad looking & probably at least 6 or 7 years younger than me. As I was sucking his dick, Master was recording me with his phone & telling the guy how I like it rough. I was holding onto the back of his thighs and I’m sure he could feel my hands shaking as gripped him for balance. The guy’s dick was getting harder so Master told him to grab my hair and really face fuck me & that I love it that way, which is when his dick got really hard.
His cock tasted & smelled good, Master was watching and I know it was turning him on so I was loving it. I really do love feeling used as I suck dick.
Master kept encouraging him to pull my hair, fuck my Face harder, make me gag, telling me to suck that strange cock. I loved hearing him tell us both what to do, hearing him dominate me, telling him to use me, calling me his sub slut. At this point, I had drool running down my chin from my mouth since I wasn’t really allowed a break to swallow as he was thrusting into my wet mouth. As hard as he was face fucking me, it still wasn’t as hard as my Master would have done it but we were strangers. I’m guessing he isn’t used to a woman not needing more foreplay than sucking dick, so he was probably holding back, not quite sure what our limits were.
After about 15 minutes, he told my Master that if I kept swallowing his dick like that he was going to cum so Master told me to stand up and he pulled my shirt up over my head. I already didn’t have a bra or panties on so I was instructed to take my shorts off and get onto my hands & knees on our Ottoman. I slide off my shorts and did as I was told, making sure I had my face down on the Ottoman with my back arched and ass in the air because that’s how Master likes it.
I saw his dick was really hard, red and shiny from drool and I felt so exposed with him behind me like that because I knew my pussy was open and wet. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more like a slut in my life and I loved it! Master moved beside me so he could see my face, take pics and more video and he asked me if I liked sucking strange cock and I told him I loved it! He asked me if I was ready to get fucked by some strange cock. I told him I was and then I felt the man behind me rub his dick up and down my slit. I was very wet so he slid right in all the way to his balls. It felt so good having it in me after feeling it in my mouth and being so turned on from all the cock sucking.
He started fucking my pussy, holding onto my hips, guiding me back and forth. I heard Master snap a few pics, then go back to recording & telling him to fuck me harder. It didn’t take long before I was moaning & Cumming on his dick. I was told to get on my back and spread my legs so he pulled out & his cock was hard as a rock and all shiny with my juices. he stuffed his dick back in, grabbed my thighs and kept fucking me, fast and hard. I kept looking over at Master & loved seeing him watching. I could tell he was loving me being such a slut. I also liked seeing this complete stranger leaning over me, holding my thighs open, using my pussy at his direction, having no control over what was happening to me. Having no control is what does it for me so I came again pretty quickly, my pussy pulsing & squeezing his cock.
After that, it wasn’t long before he was pounding into me as fast as he could and was groaning that he was going to Cum. He rammed his cock in me once more and I felt him fill my pussy. Master told him I like to clean up so I sat up and took his Cum covered dick in my mouth and licked him clean. Master wanted to see him Fuck my ass and asked him if he could go again. He said maybe after a few minutes so I kept sucking and licking, making sure not to miss any of the Cum on his balls. He told him I could suck cock all day so he stood there catching his breath and I just enjoyed the Cum leaking out of my cunt and the taste of his dick in my mouth.
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Master came over, told me I did a good job and asked if I wanted him in my ass. I mumbled around the dick in my mouth yes. He started slapping my ass with his hand, real hard cause he knows how much I like it. He was pretty aggressive with the slapping. I could feel the dick in my mouth getting harder. He tried to stick it in my ass but I was so tight & he just wasn’t hard enough. He asked my Master to slap me again so I took some more hard slaps to my ass… It was getting so tender & red. He seemed to really like seeing me get my ass beat because I’d feel his dick get harder in my mouth. He tried working it in my ass again but it just wasn’t happening. He needed more time to recover than we had so we sent him on his way. As he was pulling his pants up, I thanked him for the fucking. I had at least 2 orgasms & loved feeling like such a slut. As he was leaving he said that if we wanted to do this again, we knew where to find him. I really hope
he gets invited back 🙂