Roulette Sex [sex with a stranger]

The room was dark enough to cover, but not hide. She could see the chair in the middle of the room. One of those sexy red leather office chairs, surrounded by filmy curtains. The scene looked ethereal and magical. The curtains provided enough cover that the players couldn’t see who they were playing with. As if it mattered. When you signed up to play roulette, you played where the ball landed.
When he came out to take his place, he hoped to see the chair. And he did. This time roulette sex was on his side. Since it was the chair, he could probably relax and just enjoy. It all depended on what the sex wheel served up.

As he spun the wheel, he took his place in the chair. He laid his head back and as relaxed.
As the wheel stopped, she jumped with quiet excitement. She loved blowjobs. She had seen her cock come out and take the chair and her mouth had watered at the sight. Such a delicious looking dick. She licked her lips as she approached the chair.
She sank to her knees in front of him, wetting her mouth with a quick sip of ice water. She closed her eyes and pressed her face and nose against him. She inhaled his fragrance and used her hands to feel his full length. He fingers tangled in his balls and explored his ass a bit. Just getting familiar with the landscape. Starting at the base of his cock, she slowly licked her way to the top, lapping at him, making her tongue wide so she could graze more of him. Her tongue was wet, and easily slid around his cock. She tilted her head a bit to the left and hooked the tip of his dick with her tongue and drew him slowly into her mouth. She sipped at the tip of him, circling her tongue in his tiny top hole. Her hands grasped around his base and balls, squeezing firmly as she sucked him into her mouth. Moving her head all the way down to take him to her throat. She raised up on her knees to take more of him down her throat. He gasped at the feel of resistance when his cock hit the back of throat. He wanted to pound down on her. Her mouth slid all the way back and then covered him again. She moved her head side to side and up and down. Slowly, and the more quickly, slow…fast…she popped her mouth off of him and captured one of his balls in her wet, sweet mouth. She sucked on him like a jawbreaker, using her teeth just a bit. Like she was trying to crack a nut to get at the sweet meat inside. She swirled her tongue around this one and then the other one. Before he knew it, she had pushed his legs up and slid her tongue down his balls towards his ass hole. She kept his cock wrapped in her hand, even as she slid her tongue around his tight hole. She stroked it with her finger, slipping the tip of her pinky inside. She twirled her finger gently, slid it in and out, all the while stroking his cock in the rhythm. She replaced her finger with her tongue. Taking both her hands, she reached up and spread his ass cheeks wider, exposing his ass to her tongue. She dove her tongue into him, darting in and out, then she put her finger back in, but left her tongue. Both of them tapped out the same rhythm, just a slow, firm in and out. Her pushed her finger deeper into him and when she found his prostate, she squeezed his dick hard and gave his insides a firm stroke. Leaving her finger to massage and milk his insides, she suddenly took his cock back in her waiting mouth. She sucked him deep in her mouth, sliding her tongue around him. Tugging on his cock with her mouth. Sucking so hard, so fast, stroking his prostate, for a minute, she focused again on his ass. She stuck her tongue as deep into him as she could. She pressed more firmly on his jewel, stroking him faster and faster. She moved her finger in and out, fucking his ass and at the end of each motion, made sure to stroke him just that spot. His balls got tight, her fingers zipped in and out, she grabbed his hips and had him flex up and down. That was it…fucking damn…he felt her finger go just a smidge deeper, felt her tongue lick just that much deeper and felt his prostate cum in her mouth. His body shook with the strength of the orgasm. And she licked every bit of it up as it came out. She sucked on his butthole like a straw, sucking his delicious cum into her mouth. While her mouth was full of his warm cum, she covered his cock with her mouth and sucked his cock deep into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down, sliding around his cock, using his own cum to make his cock slick. She wrapped her hand around the base and moved it up and down, meeting her mouth so that all his dick was being stroked. She took him all the way in one more time, Hitting the back of her throat so hard she made herself gag. And then she did it again. And he came. Exploded down her throat, moving his hips, trying to fuck her throat. She sucked and sucked, pulling on his dick with her mouth. Slurping and licking, not letting any cum get away. While he was focused on her mouth, she moved her hand down to her clit and started rubbing her pussy while she finished the blow job. She took some of his come and smeared it over her pussy lips and dipped her finger inside herself a few times. She came back to her clit and with each stroke of her pussy, she sucked on his cock some more. Moving her head back and forth, she shoved two fingers in her pussy. Using her teeth to graze the sides of his cock, she felt him start to harden again. She used her mouth and sucked him every which way she could, tossing her head from side to side, ducking her chin to make some resistance against him. She felt him come back to full hard. She broke the rules when she dragged him out of the chair and mounted his cock. She dropped her wet, dripping hot pussy down to the base of him and started moving her hips and back and forth. And she added a little bouncy move, an up and down thing that had him going deeeeeep into her pussy. She suddenly stopped and ground her pussy down on his cock. He knew she was about to cum and since the rules were already broken, he flipped them both over, turned her so that she was on her hands and knees and entered her from behind. He grabbed her shoulders and bent his back over her, moving his hips and pounding into over and over, He used his position to grab her boobs and give them a ggod squeeze and to nip at her throat. She tilted her head and arched her neck at him. He drew back and plunged his hard cock deep into her at the same time he sank his teeth into her throat. Her body started shaking, and then moved to what can only be called a tremor, before the orgasm earthquaked over her entire body. She screamed, a deep guttural scream. He just kept fucking her. He leaned back and sat on his feet, causing her to lean back. He flexed his hips and pushed into her again and again. She came again. He felt her sticky cum shoot out of her. He held her against him with one hand, and with the other, he reached down and rubbed her clit. She jerked, and spread her legs for him. Her hips bucked against him, moving her up and down on his cock. She felt fantastic. Sitting on his cock, she was tight and slick, and was making herself do that bouncy thing with her hips. She reached between their legs and captured his balls in her hand. Without warning, she slowed everything down. She caressed his balls, so gently, and lifted herself up and slid back down, s-l-o-w-l-y. She moved her hips just a little bit back and forth, still moving up and down his cock slow enough that he could feel the need building in him. He needed to take her. She changed tactics again, and this time, pressed back and down. That was his cue. And this time, he wasn’t playing. Grabbing her hips, he lifted her up and slammed her down and pulled her back on his cock. He did it again, and again. Her body was quivering, she started cumming so fast she couldn’t keep up. He didn’t stop. He turned her over on her back, threw her legs over his shoulders and grabbed her hips again and pulled her against him only to push her away. In..out…in..out…she screamed in pleasure with just a touch of sensuous pain thrown in, he gave one last push and he released a huge load of cum in her eager pussy. He held her still body in place as he pumped more and more cum into her. When both of them finished cumming, they just stayed there for a minute or so. He held her close to his body and she crossed her arms over his, just long enough to catch their breath.

After a few minutes, she got up and disappeared into the curtains. And he went back to the waiting room. Just like the rules said they were supposed to do.

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