Rough sex, tender love

She quietly shuts the door and is almost instantly pinned against the wall, his powerful arms trapping her hands above her head in the dark hall. His hard cock strains against his jeans and presses into her back. His teeth graze against the tender skin of her exposed neck, and he growls his desire into her ear….”You’re late, and I’ve been waiting…”

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He grinds against her trembling body, his free hand pulling and tearing her clothing from her flesh, ignoring the whimpers of fear and apprehension that escape her lips.

She opens her mouth to beg, but it is quickly filled with the warm wet cloth of her thong. Still one step ahead of her, he throws her off balance and quickly over his shoulder, landing a stinging slap across her bare cheeks with the warning to stay still and quiet.

He moves silently through the hall and into the bedroom, tossing her onto the bed on her back. Moving quickly, he pins her under his weight, his hand around her throat.

She can’t help but struggle as she feels the familiar rush of blood backing up in her head, her carotids pounding against his fingers. Her eyes fly open, meeting his steely gaze as the world darkens around her. She hears his voice in her ear, growling “mine” just before she’s gone.

Awakening in a panic, she jumps, finding herself unable to do much other than squirm, ropes digging into her sweat soaked skin. She feels his presence but not his touch, and she starts to whimper, fearing he’s left her alone.

Gaining her composure she tests her bonds for weakness, looking for something to allow her escape. She finds this hogtie tighter than she’s ever known, as her shoulders are already straining and aching with the effort. Silently cursing his skills and her vulnerability, she uses her teeth to try and loosen the ropes crossing over her shoulder.

“Oh no you don’t!” His voice scares her, and her cry is all he needs to shove the gag firmly between her jaws, his fingers quickly getting out of harms way, and wrenching the leather tight against the back of her head.

His wicked chuckle echoes off the walls, “You honestly think I don’t know better?!” He steps in front of her, smearing the bit of drool oozing down her chin as she struggles. She glares up at him, working her jaw around the ball, looking for a way to expel it.

His flattened hand crashes across her face, instantly bringing tears to her eyes and wiping her brain of all conscious thought. He drops to a knee, face inches from hers, watching as a single tear trails down her cheek. “Look at me like that again and you’ll be lucky if I ever touch you again” he pauses “Understand me?”

“When I said mine I absolutely meant it, and I have every intent to take, use, and keep what is rightfully mine. Got it?”

Grabbing her chin he pulls her head up, their foreheads touching. His free hand releases the gag. “Leggo” he urges, and she complies, letting the ball fall into his outstretched hand.

“Look at me” She hesitates, another tear escapes and runs down to his fingers. “Girl. Look. At. Me.” Slowly, reluctantly she complies, and is completely caught off guard by the love and ownership that she finds in his eyes.

Confident he has given her what she needs to continue, he engulfs her mouth with his, exploring and claiming the warmth as his own. Breaking contact he barks “Stoplight!” and she jumps, but quickly returns “Green Sir, thank you Sir.”

Such a good little cock sucker

Unable to hide his pleasure, he rocks her back on the bed, “That’s my girl, now come show me what MY slut can do with that pretty mouth.”

He quickly frees his aching cock, and a deep moan escapes her as the precum strings from the puddle that’s gathered in his boxers.

She stretches her head and neck towards him, squirming and whimpering. He chuckles again, softer this time. “Such a good little cock sucker” as he leans closer. The head of his cock finally reaches her outstretched tongue. “Atta girl” he moans as she sucks him into her mouth.

She moans around his cock, greedily sucking the sweet nectar off his smooth shaft. She feels the tension on her neck release as he loosens the knots that were just out of her reach. Once they’re loose, he begins to fuck her face in earnest, wrapping his fingers in her hair and guiding her mouth on his cock. She alternates moans of pleasure from sucking his cock with muffled whimpers of pain as circulation returns to her limbs.

Pushing deep into her throat, he takes advantage of her lack of gag reflex, but also cuts off her air, controlling her breath now as well. But the squeeze of her throat is just too much, & he jerks himself out of her mouth, slapping her face with his slick cock.

Breathless he orders, “Open and stick it out slut”, brushing his hand over the engorged head. The moment she complies he growls deeply and the first of many thick streams of come coat her face. Spent, he collapses to the floor in front of her, feeding her his come with his fingers.

Greedily she licks and sucks his fingers clean, squirming in the puddle beneath her hips. Her movement doesn’t go unnoticed, and then he’s up and stretched out beside her on the bed. He lazily begins to remove the sweat soaked rope from her body.

Tossing it aside, he wraps her trembling body in his arms and whispers “I haven’t forgotten you my love, I’ll put that soaking wet pussy to good use in a bit, and your tight little ass too. I’m far from done with you.”

She nuzzles into his chest with a gentle sigh, tucking her body against his. She is content, listening to his heartbeat. As he comes down from the powerful orgasm the rhythm slows, and lulls her into a light slumber.

She awakens to his familiar touch, his fingertips trailing across her naked flesh. She shifts slightly, moving the arm that was draped across his chest and tucking it behind her back, giving him more access. “Mmnn, hiya little one. How was your nap?” His hand continues to move lazily across her skin. “Good Sir, but I had not intended to fall asleep on you.” She replies sleepily. “Not to worry, I slept briefly as well.” His hand moves lower, grabbing a handful of her ass. “Yes, I do believe I’ll put this beautiful ass to good use now that we’ve both rested. Up you go, present to me what’s mine.”

Snapping out of her daze, she rises from the bed and stands, briefly running her fingers through her hair. Moving to the floor by the edge of the bed she kneels. She tucks her arms behind her back, lowers her head, and gently sits back on her heels. He watches her move, then approaches, facing her. Lowering his hand he brushes away the strands of hair that have fallen across her face. “Such a pretty girl you are.” He can’t hide his smile as he watches the blush creep across her cheeks.

Mentally shifting gears, he pushes his right foot between her legs, spreading her thighs. Watching her for a reaction, he presses the top of his foot into her pussy. It is immediately met with warmth and moisture that coats his foot. He smirks, knowing she’s revolting inside with her intense dislike of feet. But tonight he will push.

“My little one, you truly are soaking wet aren’t you?” He chuckles. She doesn’t answer, and he quickly snags a chunk of her hair in his hand, pulling her off her heels and pressing her face into his foot. The sudden change elicits a loud whimper as she struggles to maintain her balance. With her face pressed into his foot, she begins to gingerly lick her wetness of his foot. “That’s my girl, clean up your mess.”

Much to his surprise, she begins to lick in earnest, sucking his great toe into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. A heavy moan escapes his lips and his grip on her head tightens. This is an enthusiasm he was not expecting. Pushing her back up and onto her heels, he lets go of her hair and takes hold of her chin, aware of her labored breathing. “What is it little one? Is there something you want?”

She squirms, trying to close her legs but finding his foot in the way. “Oh no you don’t.” He barks. “Tell me. Now.”

She almost whispers “I want it all Sir…every hole filled…in the order of your choosing and also all at once…pleasure mixed with pain…I am your toy.”

Dirty toys for my toy

His audible growl fills the bedroom and his cock quickly rises. Grabbing her head in his hands he presses his mouth onto hers, his teeth pulling at her bottom lip. Before she has time to even begin to return his kiss, he pulls away. A whimper escapes her lips as he growls “Well, in that case, I want the purple dildo, the medium plug, and MY toy on the bed ready to show me how much you want this.”

She’s almost instantly on her feet and moving towards their nightstand. She retrieves the silicone dildo that most closely resembles him, the medium plug, and the lube, just in case. She carries them into the adjoining bathroom, quickly rinsing them and grabbing the towel off the bar. Folding the towel in half, she sets the requested items out on the towel and gets back up on the bed. Facing away from him she feels the color rise in her face as she begins to position herself before him.

Kneeling on the bed, she leans forward, crossing her forearms in front of her and laying her head on them. Her ass rises up into the air, and she rolls her hips down and back, presenting her most tender bits for him.

Not hearing him approach, she jumps slightly as she feels his fingers pressing into her pussy. Hearing him take a deep breath her blush deepens, knowing he can smell her arousal. She feels something pressing against her face, and opens her mouth. “Not like you need it, but get it slick” he tells her, pressing the dildo into her mouth. She sucks greedily, more out of instinct and want than a necessity.

He pulls the toy out of her mouth and roughly drives it home inside of her. Her loud whimper doesn’t faze him. Snatching up the butt plug, he moves it between her pussy lips, coating it. He grabs her left wrist with his other hand, pressing the base of the plug into her palm. “Now. Show me. You said you want it, now show me.” She whimpers, the blush spreading deeper, crimson spreading down her neck and chest. She takes a deep breath, knowing better than to make him wait, and swallows hard.

He steps back to watch as she rests her head on the bed, pulling her chest to her knees a bit to enable her to reach. He smiles as he watches her spread her lower lips with two fingers, coating them, before circling them around her tightest hole. She does the same with the plug before pushing in the tip of the plug. Rocking her hips forward, she eases the plug deeper until the flange is seated firmly between her ass cheeks.

Moving around the bed he places himself in front of her. She goes to shift as well, but his command quickly stops her. “No. You will stay EXACTLY where you are. I want that ass in the air.” He taps her face with his now stiff cock. “See what you’ve done? See what watching my little slut does to me?” Pushing the head of his cock past her lips he begins to slowly fuck her face.

She sucks greedily, pinned to the bed by the weight of his command. Her mouth moves expertly over his cock as he grabs the hinge of her jaw in his fingers. He shifts positions, stretching his legs alongside her, pinning her arms under his legs, and begins to impale her face onto his straining cock. The sound of her wet mouth fills the air, as she is unable to control the saliva leaking from her lips. He moans and increases the pace, reaching under her and grabbing the base of his toy buried in her pussy. Her moan around his cock brings another orgasm even closer, as he begins to simultaneously fuck two of her holes.

Knowing he won’t last much longer, he uses his free hand to roughly pull her off his cock. He pushes her face into his groin, and she struggles to lick his balls and the creases of his thighs, distracted by his other hand. “That’s a good girl, show me you want all of me.” He pulls the toy almost completely out, then drives it deep, feeling her cervix resist the intrusion. He repeats this motion three or four times until she yelps and jumps, lifting her face off his groin.

Using the opportunity, he grabs her arm, pulling her up and flipping her over, landing her on her squarely on her back on the bed. Snatching her ankles up in his hands, he lifts her hips and puts her calves on his shoulders. He’s now rocked her back onto her shoulders, and she can see the fire in his eyes as she looks up at him with fresh tears trailing down her cheeks.
Smacking the bases of the toys with his hand, he growls “This.” Smack Smack. “This is mine. Yes?” She nods, fighting to stay still under his heavy hand. “Say it. Tell me what you are.” “I’m your’s Sir. Your girl, your slut, your toy.” Two more heavy hits, then “That’s right. That’s my girl.” His hand reaches for his thick cock, pulling his balls up to rest on her pussy. “Open slut” is all he can say as two brushes of his hand over the head of his cock causes it to explode. Arching his lower back into her hips he watches through half-shut eyes as his come covers her chest, face, and open mouth. Dropping her legs to the bed, he leans forward and smears his half soft cock across her face.

She fails to hide her reaction, and his hand instantly grips her hair, pinning her to the bed. “Did you not believe what you said to me?” he snarls. She begins to whimper. A heavy “M-I-N-E” escapes his throat as he sinks his teeth into her shoulder, tightening his grip on her flesh as she cries out in pain.
With no choice but to relax into his bite, she feels his canines pierce her flesh. The tears begin to fall in earnest as she sobs softly, grabbing his shoulders in both hands. “Mmmmnnnn” he growls, relenting only slightly before again seizing the muscles
of her neck and shoulder in his teeth.

Her tears fall onto his cheek as she lifts her head off the bed, and almost instantly revives his cock. With a slight shake, he
releases her flesh from his teeth, and she drops back onto the bed. He roughly jerks the toy out of her pussy and replaces it with his cock, driving deep inside her as he leans forward. She arches up to meet him, wrapping her arms around his back, moaning “Thank you Sir” softly into his ear. She draws her legs up beside her, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts.

He shifts his weight and frees one arm, using it to pin her down to the bed. Supporting himself on her and his free arm, he increases the speed, full strokes in and out. She whimpers and cries softly, and he takes advantage of her open mouth, stuffing it with his fingers. She beings to moan, knowing he’s using her every hole. The knowledge builds her own orgasm, and her eyes stretch open to meet his gaze. He can see it in her face, but tonight that’s simply not enough. He stares back into her eyes, the fire in his unmistakable. Her muffled cry of “please Sir” falls on deaf ears, just as he pushes himself off and out of her.

Gathering his feet he steps off the bed and points to the low padded bondage boxes that serve as their footboard. “Down.” It takes her but a second to understand exactly what he wants. Her pussy aching and dripping with need, she clambers to obey, and positions herself much like before, except this time completes the vulnerable position. She kneels on the box closest to him but facing away, knees spread shoulder-width apart. Dropping her chest to the box, she rests her head on her
cheek and tucks her arms behind her back.

He pauses to admire her before positioning himself behind her. He slides the toy back up and down her dripping slit before plunging it deep inside her again. She doesn’t move, resolved to accept whatever he gives her. With his tugging at the plug she begins to realize his plan. He gently removes the plug from her ass but quickly replaces it with the head of his cock, teasing her at the entrance to her tightest hole. Shifting his weight, he puts his foot next to her face, and slides his cock deep into her ass. Her face tightens as her body struggles to accept his full length. Wanting to show him she meant what she said, she begins to use her mouth to pleasure his foot.

He reaches down and beings to move the toy, sliding it in and out of her pussy opposite his cock moving in and out of her ass. His groan fills the room as he finds his rhythm and she draws parts of his foot into her mouth. The cycle continues for a few strokes until his primal need to claim her as his rises again.

Dropping his leg back to the floor, he grabs her hips with both hands, leans forward, and rocks his hips forward and back, driving his cock deep into her ass. Her moans mix with his, and he feels her tightening on his straining cock. Her moans turn to whimpering, and she tightens further around him.

He collapses onto her back but continues his assault on her ass. “What is it my little slut, are you enjoying me fucking my slut’s ass?” A heavy moan is all that escapes, then suddenly her head whips back, her eyes pleading for release, her breath short. “Please. Sir. Please.” He increases his pace, visibly rocking her whole body as well as the box. Her body arches up into his and he growls in her ear “Come girl, N-O-W” and sinks his teeth into her upper back, drawing the skin taut between his teeth. He feels her whole body contract as the orgasm racks her body, her hands reaching back to grip his sides. It is simply too much, and with one final thust, his own orgasm crashes over him. Seconds later, when it subsides, he realizes he still has her flesh in his teeth and she’s collapsed under him, her heavy panting mixed with full body trembles.

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He releases her flesh from his teeth but traces his dental impression in her skin with his tongue. She shudders, and he feels her milk the last of his cum from his cock. Pressing his hands into her back he straightens up, and withdraws from her ass. She whimpers softly with his sudden absence. Gently tugging her back up to her knees he gathers her in his arms, smiling as he notices her orgasm was strong enough to push the toy out of her and onto the floor between his feet. Walking to the head of the bed with her in his arms he pulls the comforter down with his hand. Laying her in the bed first, he climbs in behind her and covers them both. She pulls herself into him with a heavy sigh and a whispered “Thank you Sir, I love you.”