Reddit’s hotwife fantasy vs. hotwife reality

During the last few months, I spent some (alot!) time researching my hotwife and cuckold fantasies I came up to the conclusion that Reddit (and other social forums) is an amazing source for valuable information on my urges as well as other kinks. The list below is the stuff I have collected over time and hopefully, you will be able to use it for your own good.

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I have forms the insights in a list of questions and answers for ease of reading.

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1. Do you still have sex? Does she still enjoy it?

Absolutely! The sex is even better! He loves it when I make him ‘clean me up’. When we have sex, I tell him every detail about fucking another guy and he can’t get enough of it. Even with the other men, it will always be his cock, his body, and his touch that I crave.

Sometimes hubby role plays the other guy. It is very hot and a lot of fun.


2. Why do so many men want their loving wife to become a Slut for other men?

We both have had this fantasy for some time now. Here is why :

  • Wives are HOT
  • They have a great sex drive
  • Husbands want to please them and help them grow sexually and as a person.
  • Just the thought of sharing them with other men drives us crazy.
  • They want to feel owned beyond belief and this will take it to the next level for them.
  • They and we are very eager to explore this fantasy and beyond.

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3. hotwife fantasy vs. hotwife reality

So you have decided to storm into the new adventure, here are some things you need to get ready for :

It’s all about you – Make sure you’re both absolutely sure that you know what you want out of this. You might want to do that in order is to just get it out of your system, do not just go along with it for the other partner, because it will go wrong if you are not doing this for you. Remember once you have been fucked, you stay fucked, you cannot be unfucked. I hope that makes sense.

Have fun, look after one and other and stay safe.

You have to work in order to find the right partner – You are going to have to be comfortable being ultra-sexual. Not pretty, not smart, not beautiful. You need to be ultra-sexual. You need to be confident in seizing opportunities and taking the lead in terms of trying to strike up some type of relationship. What most hot wife’s want is zero to hero in no more than two meets, three at the most but he should be worth it.
For many women, they still see it as a “man thing” to pursue a sexual rendezvous in order to hook up and fuck, we can dress it up however we like but this is the normal goal. If you’re one who’s not averse to asking a guy out, or overtly flirting with a guy, making the first move, etc., then you will stand a better chance of success in your pursuit of a bull.

Open your mind and you will have the time of your life – You are going to choose exactly what you are looking for (big cock/ small cock / aggressive /tender/black/white / etc.). You are going to have a little flirt in parallel of your life while having the confidence of a loving hubby who supports you. Enjoy it all and accept it all.

Be choosy but not too choosy – Not all men are equal and few of them think too much about themselves. You are on a quest for fun extra-martial sex. You are not looking for a replacement husband. When you publish your ad on dating and social sites talk about who you are rather than what you want from a potential bull. They don’t want to hear what they could and should be doing for you. They want to know what your availability is like, your sexual interests, goals, what you want out of your meetings, is it a wham bam or long-term fucking relationships, do you want hubby included or not? Will hubby be there? You can tell them what things you want in a man, but don’t write about all the ways he can serve your needs. In fact, your profile should be 75% about you, and 25% about the type of fuck body you’re seeking. You may put no heavier than, no younger than, no older than, no black guys, no white guys. Whatever your limitations are.

Some guys will fuck you because you are easy. Then never see you again. Don’t take this to heart – So your gonna get dumped after the first fuck. Sadly you will only know this has happened retrospectively. It will happen if you continue with your lifestyle. Getting dumped is no big thing. How you deal with it is. It’s not personal. Hey your goal was for extramarital sex, you got that. Don’t go into it with gooey eyes, remember how you found each other, remember that you always have hubby in the back. Every guy doing this will say you are the first, you might be but he might lie a lot. Keep your goal in mind and remember you are the prize.
So it happened and it was fantastic, get this straight, some guys only want you once. Not all one night stands were made equal. Some can be exciting adventures which will leave great memories, while others may make you feel dirty. Knowing how to recognize when a one night stand is coming your way to decide whether this is really what you want at that given time with that particular guy. Then plan to never see him again, then if you do it is a bonus.

Bulls will let you down same like any other men – they will wank behind the keyboard and talk forever, they may cancel repeated meetings, cancel last minute, or simply do not show. And those are only the logistics disappointments that can be resolved with confirmation messages and such. They really ugly stuff appears on play time. They might be lousy in bed, be sloppy, smelly, unattractive and tons of other wrongdoing.

You have entered the lifestyle, please don’t treat the man you have just met the same as you would have treated a vanilla one. The same holds true in the world of internet sex dating, social media sex dating and personal ads. Men who cheat and lie, as well as women who do the same, are scouring the internet dating sites, so caution and reasonable suspicion is a must.
A quality potential fuck buddy or Friends with benefits should know better than to feed you verbally and written bullshit, but you might not always be able to decipher the true meaning or his intentions

Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster – True, you came into this thing just for the sex but behind the scene there are people. You can’t even start to think on all the options that might pop around you; you might want more from your fuck body or vice versa, you might get envy of him fucking other women, hubby might not be up for it and more and more. Just like any other relationships…

4. How do you find a nice slutwife?

Just like you find any companion. Dating and meeting. My husband likes to say many women are just Sluts wanting to get liberated. And he is probably right. He found me. We have also discovered that many of my female friends over the years have had that Slutty side that we helped release.
I think as you get to know a woman, you can tell how liberated she is by listening, showing interest in her, and asking the right questions. If you determine she does not have that quality, meet more. You will find one.
However, if you want a shortcut than the clubs and advertising may be quicker, but I assure you, there are plenty of us loose, that don’t do the clubs or online. One of best friends looks sweet, is a mother to three (grown), goes to church every Sunday and will suck a stranger in a heartbeat if she is in the mood. (Or my husband tells her to.) So some of the really slutty ones do not look the part. In fact, I love the fact that our vanilla friends have no inkling of what throbs under my dress (and it is not panties or bras.)

As for money, the sluts we know are sluts because they are, not for any money. If money is involved they are whores, or mistresses, or kept women which I have no problem with. And even I have played the whore on occasion. But Sluts just love being sluts.

Remember that age has nothing to do with it. Keep looking, you will find one of us.subreddits


5. How to deal with the first solo date?

Neutral Location not far from home  – Will allows you to leave. If budgets don’t allow a hotel; then his place, again you can leave. Neutral locations give you the option to bolt if you have to.
Do not stay for drinks and chit chat after – hubby is perfectly good for that. If the fucking business is finished early, be polite but don’t overstay. Have your fun, a little cuddling and then leave. it puts the relationship where it should be.
Set your boundaries and limitations – make sure those are clear before the meeting


6. How to convince my wife to be shared?

If she truly has no desire other than for you then the best you can do is talk to her about how much it would turn you on and then maybe  she’ll be OK with performing for your pleasure but it is her body/choice and if she says no you must support her in that; if you try to push her you could damage what you both have.

If she has a desire and is just struggling with the reality part then you might want to start slow and work into it; in this case, it’s a whole new relationship and way of thinking for her so you must graciously accept this finest of gifts she offers and go at her pace. For example, You might start by having her fantasize about another man while doing you; You can then go slowly into things like having her do sexy chats or having another guy as an observer, maybe in the bathroom while you shower with her. Maybe see how she feels about having another guy watch her make love with You or maybe touch her at various levels of intimacy while she makes love with You. Again the prevailing theme is that it must go at her pace and if fantasizing is as far as she can go You must applaud her for this even if you are not fulfilled.


7. How to deal with a pouting husband when you are going solo?

Keep him in the loop – If this is your thing then share with him your plans, let him help you get prepared, let him help you think about what you want to do on this specific date. Agree with him on the general time frame and text him when you arrive and when you leave.

Share with him afterward – I believe each couple has their own MO. Some take it into humiliation, some into role-playing the date and any other form. Unless your agreement is to ignore it all together do your part and play along with hubby as well.


8. Does a bull have to be well hung or is it more about attitude?

In my experience, it depends completely on what the couple as a whole needs. As a bull, it is, of course, our job to take charge of the situation, the room and the people in it, and in so doing enjoy the couple to our fullest extent. The majority of that though is really dictated by the couple.

Does she get off on being degraded? Then that’s what we do. Does the hubby need to be put in his place? Then we do it. Does her inner slut need to be ridden harder? Spanked? Passed around? Just enjoyed? We do what we need to be naturally reading the tells given off by the couple, but especially the woman because the sense of power for hitting the mark is quite intoxicating.

Yeah, we are in charge but we wouldn’t be there if we didn’t spark a realization that there was a need not being filled at home. They innately sense they have a need to be filled, we seem to be able to read that need clearly at some level and home in on it, this is what differentiates us from others I think.

Realistically if a bull were to approach every couple the same way and ignore or fail to read (even if just subconsciously) the couple then the bull risks failing to provide a more dynamic experience for all involved and probably wouldn’t get many repeat engagements.

9. Does your husband/boyfriend help dress you for a date or to attract other men? Is he willing to spend money to buy you Slutty clothes?

Her side: My hubby makes sure that I dress appropriately for the encounter and for the man. Each one of my playmates is individual and have their own particular taste and fantasy. Hubby makes sure I dress the way my playmate wants, he even goes clothes shopping for the fantasy I am to fulfill for the other man. Hubby spends time with my playmates socially, like watching football, BBQs, etc. He knows exactly what they want and he makes sure I give it to them. It’s great, no guesswork on my part.

His side: One of the most satisfying aspects of cuckolding in my view. I used to love spending the whole day with my ex-wife helping her prepare for a date. Usually, Saturdays, shopping in the morning, a completely new outfit. Shoes, dress, accessories, perfume and of course expensive lingerie. Saturday afternoons hair and nails, I’d get some odd looks from other women in the salon whilst I waited for her sometimes up to four hours. Then an evening where not much was said at all, just bathing her helping her with whatever was required then making sure everything was perfect on a final check before she went out.

sleeveless black cocktail dress

10 Did you have a set of rules to guide you?

Here is a great example :

  1. We will stop doing this if the other wants us to
    Either one of us can put a stop to this, at any time, for any reason.
  2. Our relationship comes first
    Playing should never interfere with the time we have planned together. We will only allow play occasionally, as a way to enhance our sex life together. We will stop if this is no longer the case.
  3. Get permission
    We do not play without the other’s okay. Play should be viewed as something we do as a couple together. Whether it be in the same room or apart, we participate in the entire process together.
  4. Ask and answer all questions
    Full communication is the cornerstone of our play. If we have a thought or feeling you need to share it with the other as soon as possible. Whether it be positive, negative, fantasy or related to real activities or a combination of the two (positive or negative). It won’t work if we don’t communicate. 
  5. Avoid intimacy at all costs
    We will not engage in “dates”, romantic activities, cuddling, or anything resembling aspects of a romantic relationship with those we play with. Those types of activities only for us. If a play friend tries to engage in those activities with us (or expresses romantic feelings for us) we must break all ties with that person immediately. If we feel emotionally attached in any way we must stop. When we are done playing, we leave. We do not stick around to hang out/chat/have a few more drinks, etc.
  6. Playfriends stay outside of normal life
    We will not play with people we have had romantic relations with, friends within our social circle, or people we work with. Any communication with a play friend must be related to playing or arranging play. We will not be engaged in non-sexual hanging out/communication (phone conversations, text messages, facebook, email, etc). They are playfriends, not friends.
  7. Be open about your desires
    We will accept that asking for, or offering a “pass”, will be a normal part of our relationship. If we want to play, we will ask. If you have a fantasy or desire for a particular person, you should share that with each other.
  8. Sleep at home
    No sleeping over at a play friend’s house under any circumstance. Home is where we sleep (even if the other person is out of town).
  9. Home is where the heart is
    No playing over at our house (unless we agree in advance). We will never play without each other present in our master bedroom. Our bedroom is our sanctuary.
  10. Safety first
    Condoms must be used during all play. We should always have details (address, email, phone number, name, etc) about where each other is, and who we are with before any play starts.
  11. No “on-the-fly” changing of the rules.
    We cannot change the rules during a “pass”. We must be sober, and in each other’s company to change the rules..

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