Put into satin panties by his secretary – part 2

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Mark sat on his desk chair with the note laying next to the pair of royal blue satin panties. The panties were very nice. He picked them up and just caressing them made the blood run down towards his manhood. He was alone in his office with the blinds closed. Hannah would not put any calls through so he should have some privacy.

“This is crazy.” Mark thought to himself. Why would he put on a pair of panties that he received from a total stranger in a mysterious envelope on his desk. Who was this person and why did they send him this envelope? Did the person go through his computer history? The longer he thought about it all, the more questions he came up with. It seemed crazy, but he couldn’t put the thought out of his head.

He slowly began to bend over, looking around his office once more to make sure no one could see inside. He started untying the shoelaces of his leather cognac-colored pointed shoes. The shoes came off and the matching belt was unbuckled next. Next, Mark undid the button on his dark grey slacks, unzipped the zipper, and let the pants slide down his legs and fell to the floor. He stepped out of the pile and neatly folded his pants over the back of his desk chair.

Mark was beside himself. His mind was racing, trying to fight what his body was doing. It seemed like he was running on autopilot and this flight was fuelled by his arousal, that was one thing he was sure of. He was very aware of himself as he stood behind his desk in just his underwear. Feeling vulnerable, he decided to pick up speed and get dressed quickly again. In one swift motion, his black checkered briefs came off. His member came even more to life in anticipation of what was coming. Mark picked up the blue satin panties and held them out so he could easily step into them. The sensation of sliding those soft panties up his legs was wonderful. As soon as he pulled them all the way up, the soft material wrapped around his manhood like a glove wraps around a hand. He was surprised to find that they were actually his size and he was amazed at how amazing the tight soft fabric felt against his buttocks and now rock solid shaft. He had thought about satin panties, he had touched pairs of his ex-girlfriend’s, but he had never worn them before. He knew he would never forget this moment of pure ecstasy, a sensation he was sure he only felt because to this wonderful garment.

Suddenly, Mark remembered his current situation. He was standing in his office without any pants on, wearing only a pair of women’s satin panties and his white button-up shirt. He quickly put his pants and shoes back on and fired his computer up. It was time to send this mysterious person a message back. He opened his corporate e-mail account and clicked the “Compose new e-mail” button.


I’ve done what you asked of me. Now tell me who are you and why you are doing this?


On the other side of the office door Hannah was too distracted to get anything work-related done. She just sat in her chair, staring at the covered up windows of her manager’s office, fantasizing and thinking of what was going on in there. Would he go through with it? Would she soon receive an e-mail? Hannah was smarter with computers than Mark, that was a fact. She grabbed her personal smartphone and opened the inbox of the [email protected] account she had created. The top of her screen had a notification showing she had one new e-mail. She could hardly contain herself when she saw that the e-mail was from ‘M. Adams’ with an empty subject line. Bingo!

Hannah had already thought of the second step of the process; she wanted Mark to depend on her. She knew she had to be careful not to throw him into the deep too soon. She would have to take him there one step at a time, little baby steps so he wouldn’t be scared, but soon there would be no turning back. Those thoughts made Hannah have warm feelings in between her legs again. She had started to drip in her own satin panties that she decided to wear especially for the occasion. And they weren’t just regular satin panties; they were the exact same cut and colour that her boss was wearing as she toyed with his mind… and more. She had decided to buy two pairs to make the experience even more enjoyable for herself. Hannah was sure she was blushing because of her horniness, but luckily there was nobody around to see it. She started tapping away on her phone, coming up with a reply.

Inside the manager’s private office behind his computer sat a confused and increasingly horny man. “What am I doing? Maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all… What if somebody would find out?” These questions kept repeating themselves in Mark’s head. But his logical thinking was no longer in control, his desire to be submissive and wearing panties had taken over. He was so deep in his thought that he almost jumped up out of his seat when the new e-mail notification sound filled his office. He saw three new e-mails in his inbox, but he couldn’t care less about the first two, a report and a boring newsletter. The third e-mail was the only e-mail he was interested in.

Dear Panty boy, 

You made up your mind quite quickly, didn’t you? I’m happy to hear you received my present and decided to follow my instructions. Though I’m not impressed by your attitude, but I guess we will have time to work on that. For now I want you to pick up your old underwear, put it in the envelope and reseal it. You will take the sealed envelope down to the parking garage and put it under the right rear wheel of that fancy BMW you drive.

Once you have been a good panty boy and done my bidding, you can send me an e-mail back addressing me with Mistress. We can have some fun if you behave, though if you are going to misbehave I’ll simply stop replying and you can wonder for the rest of your life what could have been and who it was that contacted you. I’m sure you will have plenty of sleepless nights over that. 

Now chop chop, get going. We don’t have all day!

Your new Mistress. 

Mark’s heart was racing. Instead of answering questions, he only had more questions. Who was this mistress? What did she mean with “we will have time to work on that” and having to address her as “Mistress”? He was in a mixed state of confusion and arousal and the new e-mail had only intensified both.

But the seed that his new Mistress had planted had worked. He couldn’t possibly stop now, he would never find out what was in store for him or who was behind all of this. He decided that getting rid of his briefs wasn’t going to expose him and nothing really bad could come of it so he would play along. Maybe he could find out more in the next e-mail if he did as he was told.

The secretary was sitting in front of her desk, not working, just thinking about the e-mail she had just sent to her manager and keeping an eye on his office door to see whether or not it would open. The waiting made her even more excited. She felt as if she was a large feline that was in the midst of stalking her prey, hungry and alert. The corner of her eye registered a movement, but unlike a cat that stays cool and collected, Hannah nearly jumped as she saw the door open and her boss step out. It was a good thing that her poker face was on. She quickly recovered from her daydream and in the four steps it took Mark to reach her desk she felt in full control again.

Her manager wearing his dark suit and his fancy shoes. A big sealed envelope was being squished between his elbow and side.

“Did you manage to figure out who that envelope is from?” Hannah asked him with a friendly smile on her face. Mark was caught off guard.

“Envelope? Oh, uhm… yes, I did, thank you.” he said and smiled in return, trying to maintain his cool after Hannah’s unexpected question.

“Are you stepping out? Do you want me to cancel your 11am appointment?” Hannah continued.

“Oh no, I just forgot something in my car.” Mark quickly responded.

Hannah wanted to push it a little further. She knew he would get nervous if she focused her attention on the envelope he was clenching under his armpit.

“Alright, let me just grab that envelope from you. Post room, I assume?” she said as she stood up and started moving towards Mark. This had had the desired effect because her manager almost jumped back, eyes growing wide with panic.

“No! I mean… I got it, thanks!” Hannah had never seen Mark so uncomfortable and embarrassed, but she was enjoying every second of it.

“Alright then…” she replied, backing away from her manager. Mark took this opportunity to turn around the head to the end of the hallway. His chatting partner was left behind, staring at his behind as he quickly made his way out of there. She was very aroused again.

Mark was very aware of his new underwear. He could feel the satin panties with every step he took.

Mark was very aware of his new underwear.

In record time Mark made it to his BMW in the parking garage. He could feel beads of sweat starting to form on his back and forehead. He wasn’t sure if that was because of the speed he had rushed down the stairs in, or if it was because of the nervousness he felt in the pit of his stomach. He looked over his shoulders to see if nobody was looking at him and quickly crouched down to put the sealed envelope under the car, near his right rear wheel. He stood up and looked around again to make sure that nobody had seen him. Mark felt like a weight been lifted off of his shoulders now that he was no longer carrying around the sealed envelope with his black briefs, and his secret, inside.

Hannah was sitting behind her desk, still daydreaming, when she saw her manager approach in the distance. As soon as he was within earshot she said, “Mark, I’m going to grab an early lunch from that new cafe downstairs. Do you want anything?” He was walking at a rapid pace and didn’t slow down while giving his brief answer.

“No, I’m good.” he replied as he vanished back into his office and closed the door behind him.

On her way down to the cafe, Hannah took a detour. The detour led her through the parking garage and soon she was doing the exact same thing that Mark had done just a few minutes ago. She looked over her shoulder to make sure that nobody was able to see what she was doing and she kneeled down, grabbed the envelope from under Mark’s silver BMW, and ripped one side open. She titled the envelope to one side and a pair of black checkered briefs slid out and into her hand. She opened her purse and stuffed her new trophy inside. While exiting the parking garage she found a dumpster and got rid of the envelope. She was smiling to herself; the first step of the process was now complete.

Knowing that the length of her lunch break was the least of her manager’s concern at the moment, Hannah took advantage of it. She spends a good 40 minutes sitting by the window of the cafe, enjoying the daily special, delicious three-cheese panini and rich tomato soup. She was feeling on top of the world as she headed back upstairs to her desk. The door to Mark’s office was still closed, as were the blinds. Clearly he was not in the mood for a lot of work today, Hannah thought to herself. Maybe he had been productive though. To check on how Mark was doing she grabbed her phone and opened the special e-mail account she had set up. She was kind of expecting it, but it was still exhilarating to see that it had actually happened; she had a new e-mail!

Dear Mistress,

I’ve done as you asked and put the filled envelope under my car. Why are you doing this? How do you know all this about me? 


Hannah was glad to see that he was listening to her. She had quite some work to do to make him really submissive, but she was sure it could be done. She sat and thought for a while before she started rapidly typing on her phone again. The next step of her plan was going to make sure he wouldn’t back out. He was already screwing himself by using his real work e-mail and Hannah already knew that Mark wasn’t very smart when it came to covering up his tracks, which was good news for her. This stupid behavior would only make it easier for her to push him in the right direction.

It was probably the least productive day that Mark had ever had, but he didn’t care. He was intrigued by his new office secret and aroused all day. The clock hanging on the wall of his office read 4:05 which meant that it wouldn’t be long before the day would be over. There was still no word from the secret Mistress and Mark was starting to get anxious. “Maybe this was it?” He thought to himself. Then, as if his new Mistress could read his mind, the sound notification played to indicate a new message was in.

To my Panty Boy, 

Good to hear that you are finally following my directions, though you keep asking me all of these questions. I’m not even sure you are really wearing the panties I gave you. Maybe you have gone commando the rest of the day. A modern man like you must have one of those fancy phones. Why don’t you snap me a photo so I can see how they look on you. Make sure to get the full shot.  Use that big mirror in your office, I’d like to see your smile and new panties at the same time.

Better not keep your new Mistress waiting.

Mark’s heartbeat went through the roof. His new panties were now almost too small for his pulsating manhood, captured in the blue shiny satin. The idea of sending this unknown lady a picture of himself wearing the panties made him even more aroused. His rational thinking tried to push through, his brain screaming at him that this was a bad idea. But before he realized what was happening, he was holding his phone in his hand while positioning himself in front of the mirror. He fumbled with his belt and pants and they were soon resting on his ankles. With his left hand, he lifted his white shirt up so the panties could be seen. Mark raised the phone with his right hand and positioned the camera so that his new soft panties were in view, as well as his beet-red face. The phone faked a ‘camera sound’ that let Mark know the picture was taken.

Still standing in front of the mirror with his pants around his ankles, Mark hit the share button next to the photo. He chose e-mail and filled out [email protected] in the receiver field. Without hesitation, he pressed send and the phone made a notification that the e-mail was sent. Mark was almost in shock, his body running wild on adrenaline. He became aware of his surroundings again and quickly picked up his pants and buckled his belt one hole too tight to firmly hide his secret. He sat back down in his office chair. The realization of what he’d just done began to strike him. “What did I just do? This is outrageous! What if somebody finds out? What if I lose my job? What about my friends?” These thoughts flashed through his mind and he started panicking. He had goosebumps all over his back and arms, the beads of sweat starting to roll down his spine. His horny state was taking over, the panties were having an even bigger effect on him than he could ever imagine. What was he going to do?

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