Put into satin panties by his secretary – part1

Hannah was happy with her life. Being in her late twenties, single and having a full-time position at a marketing firm as the manager’s secretary was plenty of reason to be happy. Her manager, Mark, could be a hard ass at times, but she was enjoying her time at the firm.

This Tuesday was quite typical. She answered calls, filed some paperwork and helped Mark throughout the day with reminders and reports. When it was already passed 5 she got up from her desk, poked her head through the door of Mark’s office and said: “Good night Mark, see you tomorrow!” Her manager looked up from his screen a little nervously and replied: “Thanks Hannah, drive safe!”

Black satin skirt

Her smooth sexy legs.

Hannah made her way down the stairs to the parking lot and started walking towards her car. Every step she took made the familiar sound of her heels on the hard surface of the parking garage. She made it to her spot, E18, where her little red Kia was waiting for her. As she dug her hand into the pocket of her tight satin knee-length skirt, she realized her keys weren’t in her pocket. “Just my luck…” she thought to herself. She slowly turned around to climb the stairs back up to the 3rd floor of the 5 story office building. The marketing firm she worked for had the whole 3rd floor which employed about 20 people.

She made her way back to the manager’s office at the end of the hall. Her own desk was visible from the hallway, just in front of Mark’s office. Hannah grabbed the keys from her desk and just as she was about to turn around to walk back towards the hallway she heard a noise coming from Mark’s office. The blinds in front of the window were closed and the lights were turned off. The door to her boss’s office was not completely closed, but not open enough to peek through. Hannah slowly started pushing the door open as curiosity got the better of her.

As the door slowly opened Hannah could see Mark sitting in front of the computer, in the dark, looking at something. She couldn’t see what he was looking at since the screen was facing the window outside. She quietly stood there for a few seconds before announcing her presence by asking “What are you doing here in the dark?” Mark almost jumped up out of his chair asking frightened “How long have you been standing there?! I thought you went home.” He really looked like a deer staring at a set of headlights. “I was, but down in the parking garage, I realized I forgot my car keys and I just came to pick those up. Now, why are you sitting here in the dark Mark?” she asked him again.

It took Mark a few seconds to respond, but when he did it sounded like a lie made up by a 9-year-old boy. “Oh… my eyes hurt a little so I decided to turn the light off while I finished this report,” he said nervously. “Which report?” Hannah countered his lie. “Oh… the sales report on last quarter, I just needed to review it before sending it out.” Mark quickly responded. Now Hannah knew for sure he was lying since she had sent that report out two weeks ago. “Alright, don’t work too late, you night owl!” Hannah said with a smile on her face as she waved goodbye to Mark who awkwardly waved back at her as she left his office.

Hannah’s mind was occupied by what she had seen the whole night. Why was Mark lying to her? Why was he sitting in the dark? He clearly looked nervous when she walked in on him… What could it be? These questions kept repeating in her head for the rest of the evening and even later in the night. She finally fell asleep only to wake up an hour before her alarm was supposed to go off at 7 am, with the same question still plaguing her. She decided that if she wanted answers to her questions, she probably needed to get them herself.

After a quick breakfast and shower, Hannah was in her red little Kia on the highway. Luckily there were barely any cars on the road at this hour and she made it into the parking garage of her building over an hour earlier than she would normally start the day. Hannah knew that Mark would come in around 8:30, which gave her 1.5 hours to figure out what her boss was hiding from her. The thought of finding out excited her so much that she climbed the stairs to the 3rd floor in record time.

The office was dark which made her certain that she was the first one in. She opened the door and turned the lights on. Her long, smooth legs carried her to the end of the hallway where she dropped her keys on her desk and hung her coat on the rack in the corner. Before she knew it she was standing in Mark’s office. She walked over to his desk and booted up his computer. Hannah had helped Mark out on a lot of occasions, the 42-year-old manager wasn’t as good with computers as she was. On numerous occasions, she would have to log in to his computer and e-mail him documents he forgot to save in the right folder. Normally she found this annoying, but this time it would come in handy. After filling out his password she started snooping around on his computer.

It took Hannah only 10 minutes to find a few interesting things on Mark’s computer. His history was clear, which was probably to cover up some of his tracks. Luckily she found his download folder and between all the boring documents she found a folder named ‘2012 reports’. The folder name was normal, but the location wasn’t. Company policy wouldn’t allow reports to be saved there, they had to be on the external server. She opened the folder and was amazed to find 4 text documents. She opened the first one and read through the 4-page document. It was a short story about a strong-willed woman who had blackmailed her boyfriend to wear panties to a party. After the party, they had had hot, steamy sex in an elevator. Hannah got a little wet between her legs reading such a sexy story!

The other 3 documents were a little different, but they all came down to a woman blackmailing a man into panties and even a bra. Hannah was now soaking through her panties under her silky skirt. She was so involved in the stories that she didn’t even hear Mark come in. “Oh, good morning Hannah. Did you need something?” Hannah was surprised to hear Mark’s voice but quickly used her computer skills to cover up her tracks. She glanced at the time. It was already 8:40, her manager’s usual time to come into the office. She closed the documents and folders while reopening a real sales report from last week. “Yeah, I needed this sales report for the end of the week, I hope you don’t mind I got it myself?” She asked while giving Mark a cute innocent smile. “Of course not. Would you mind grabbing me some coffee?” Mark replied.

Hannah was standing in front of the coffee machine, her legs shaking on her high heels. She thought of the stories she found on her boss’s computer and how aroused those stories made her. Her brain started making plans and plotting scenarios of how she could dominate and blackmail her boss so he would wear satin panties for her. Hannah was almost shocked by her own train of thought, but she couldn’t stop thinking about it.


A week had passed since Hannah found out about Mark’s little secret. She was laying in bed, thinking about what had happened and how it affected her. She couldn’t stop thinking about forcing him to wear panties. Then she decided she could always start by having some fun with him and then see how far she could take it. This thought had made her even more aroused and before she knew it, her hand slid down her satin nightdress and she began rubbing her now soaking wet pussy. It didn’t take her long to explode into a huge orgasm before drifting off into a deep sleep.


Mark hit the ‘lock’ button on the remote of his new BMW. He’d had this beast for a few months already and he still loved driving it. He was carrying his briefcase in one hand as he walked up to the 3rd floor of the office building. He made his way to the back of the hallway while exchanging “good mornings” with his coworkers. When he came close to his office he saw Hannah behind her desk in front of his door. She was on the phone. ‘Damn, she looks hot’ he thought to himself. Hannah often wore a tight black satin knee-length skirt with 3-inch heels which made her long legs look even longer. A nice white blouse with a fit cut made her perky breasts pop out. Her outfits were always sexy, but never unprofessional, which Mark enjoyed. She had a great figure and he had fantasized about her more than once.

Once Mark got close to Hannah’s desk, she covered up the phone while turning it away from her mouth and smiled at him while softly saying “Good morning, Mark.” He smiled and replied “Good morning.” while walking into his office. He put his briefcase beside his desk and noticed a thick sealed envelope on top of it. On the outside it said “Mark (private)”, no sender, return address, stamp or anything. Mark ripped the envelope open and was surprised at what he found inside. He pulled out a small black plastic bag that was closed securely with a layer of tape. On top of the plastic bag was a letter attached which was folded and said ‘read first’. Mark pulled the folded letter from the bag and opened it up.

Hi naughty Mark,

You have been doing some naughty things while you should be working, haven’t you? I heard you secretly like satin panties and underwear. Well, a lot of men like to look at hot women in sexy lingerie, but you are different, aren’t you? You probably have a lot of questions now, like how I found out or who I am. You know what… I’m not going to answer those questions just yet. I think we should have some fun instead! In the black plastic bag, you will find a nice soft pair of blue satin panties. I’m pretty sure they will fit you. Why don’t you close the blinds of your office window so you can have some privacy while you get rid of that boring male underwear and slip these lovely soft satin panties on instead? Send me an e-mail once you are wearing your new underwear.


Mark just sat there, staring at the note in his hand. His hands were shaking, that’s how nervous he actually was. He was wondering who dropped this off at his desk and why somebody would send him this? He was sure to have deleted his browsing history on the computer. Was he dreaming? Why would he do anything like this?

Hannah was sitting behind her desk, looking over through the window of Mark’s office. She could see him sitting there with the note in his hand, thinking. The suspense of seeing what he would do next was exciting her even more. She started to get the hot feeling between her legs again. Mark looked over at her and she quickly shifted her gaze, pretending to be busy on the computer. ‘Oh no, he is getting up, he must be on to something.’ She thought to herself. Mark was walking towards the door. “Uhm, Hannah, did somebody drop something off in my office?” He asked nervously. “No? What do you mean? Did you get a package? I was in kind of late today, only minutes before you stepped in.” Hannah replied with a soft smile on her face. “Oh. No, nothing, I was just wondering. Could you hold my calls? I need to take care of something.” Mark said as he turned around and closed the door to his office. Hannah could see Mark walk to the side of the window. He closed his blind until she couldn’t see through them any longer.

‘Perfect’ she thought to herself. ‘Let the games begin!’

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