Put into satin panties by his secretary – part 4

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Mark was feeling anxious. “How did this woman get my private phone number? It wasn’t listed anywhere, was it?” He was confused by the situation and was now standing in his bathrobe staring at his phone. He almost dropped the phone when it vibrated and notified him by an onscreen notification that the unknown number sent him another text message.

That’s no way to talk to your new mistress. I’ll have to punish you for this. How about you become even better friends with your new underwear? You can wear them the whole night so you wake up nice and hard for me. Sweet dreams, pantyboy!

Mark was reading the message that Hannah sent him while she was pleasuring herself. This was going too far, playing around at the office was one thing, but now this secret stalker was bringing it into his own home. Well on second thought, the office was probably worse since he could lose his job. At home he did not have as much to lose apart from his dignity.

Hannah was laying on the couch recovering from her orgasm. It had been the biggest one she ever managed to have. She was enjoying this special arrangement that she was working on way too much. Every small success, and big orgasm, gave her fuel to go on with her plan. She wanted to see how far she could push her new panty lover. The sheer power she held over him turned her on as nothing had ever done before.

While Hannah was still laying on the couch she started looking for the brand new phone she had just dropped. After some awkward fishing around the floor with her dirty hands she found it. Her hands were still covered in her own juices as she grabbed the phone from the floor. Awkwardly like you handle the remote when you have chips fingers she pressed the unlock button to see if there had been any new messages. Unfortunately, there was no new message. Hannah was a little disappointed that her new naughty sex toy had not replied yet. “Well it’s time for a shower anyway.” Hannah thought to herself as she rolled off the couch and made her way towards her small bathroom.

Wearing his normal boxers, Mark was now laying in bed with his phone on the nightstand. He used the alarm function on his phone to wake up every morning. He was just laying there now, staring at his ceiling. Mark had a mixture of emotions and thoughts flowing through his mind. Though it had been an eventful and tiring day, he couldn’t fall asleep. The time passed on as he was staring into the darkness off his room.

All of a sudden the room lit up by the screen of his phone. He always had his phone on silent during the night so nothing would wake him up, but the phone would still display the notification on the screen. Mark felt a knot in his stomach, it was probably his new friend texting him. Should he look? He didn’t want to… but he had to. It didn’t take long before Mark rolled over to grab his phone and read the new text message.

My naughty panty boy, when I tell you to do something, I would like to receive an answer in the form of ‘yes mistress’. Don’t think by not replying to me this will go away. I got a great photo of you posing in your blue satin panties. Unless you want me to e-mail them to your coworkers, I’d advice you to send me some photo evidence of your night wear within 5 minutes. Don’t keep me waiting or your workday will be very awkward tomorrow…

“Shit!” Mark thought to himself. She had him by the balls and she knew it. He should have never texted her that photo. Well it wasn’t just the photo, he also should have never put on those blue satin panties. It was all too late now anyway, she had him right where she wanted him and there was nothing he could do but cooperate.

Mark had shivers running up from his ankles all the way to his neck as he slid the soft satin blue panties up his hairy legs. Once the panties made it all they way up they had a firm grip on his balls and now half-hard manhood. He started to have a love & hate relationship with these soft satin panties. He just stood awkwardly in his bedroom with his panties on. He grabbed his phone and aimed it downwards so you could clearly see his, now fully hard, manhood’s shape through the blue satin.

Hannah was feeling great after that massive orgasm she had endured less than an hour ago. She was now laying in her double bed as she awaited her new play thing to respond to her threatening message. She knew she was pushing it, but on the other hand, what could he do except for doing as he was told? It wasn’t long before the unfamiliar sound of her new phone echoed through the room.

I’m sorry mistress for the delay. Please do not share that photo with anyone!

After reading the short apologetic message, Hannah tapped on the attachment. She was looking at a bulge covered in blue satin and beneath that a pair of hairy legs. “It’s something… but there is definitely room for improvement.” She thought to herself.

Hannah decided enough progress was made today, and her boss, maybe not her boss more her new pantyboy, needed his rest for what was in store for him tomorrow. She did not reply to the message. She left Mark in the unknown wether or not his photo and text were satisfying.

It was a rough night for Mark. He had some weird dreams and every time he woke up his cock tried to poke right through the soft satin fabric of the panties. It was like torture, having to wear the panties the whole night. Usually his alarm rudely woke him up in the morning, but not this morning. He was laying in his bed, wearing his new underwear, staring at the ceiling when the annoying sound blasted through the room. Mark quickly tapped the screen to shut it off and jumped out of bed. Mark felt that he needed to clear his head and decided to have a quick shower, maybe that would freshen him up.

Compared to Mark, Hannah had a great night sleep. She woke up rested and ready for the day. Though it was earlier than normal, she knew it would be worth it to make it into the office early. As she was getting dressed, she picked up a bag from her drawer. It was a fancy bag from one of the classy lingerie stores down town. It contained two pairs of pink satin panties and a matching bra.

Hannah slid one of these soft satin pairs up her legs. The matching bra was next to give her boobs a little lift. It felt really good, it definitely was a great set. The other pair was still in the bag and she grabbed it and stuffed it in her big purse.

The rest of the normal morning rituals quickly followed, including a light breakfast and checking her personal email. Hannah grabbed her second phone and spy gadget, the binder with a hidden camera. It was vital that she would beat Mark to the office and place the spy kit so she could gather even more blackmail material. The thought of it made blood rush down towards her wet swollen lips covered in the pink satin panties. There was already a small wet spot starting to form on her brand new pair of panties.

Before Hannah stepped out the door she admired herself in the mirror. She was staring at a confident woman who was wearing a black satin skirt just covering the knees. On top was a thick satin blouse with frills down the front. She made sure the pink frilly bra was not visible through her clothing. Once she was done admiring herself she double checked that she had everything she needed. In her big purse she found her new phone that she had bought yesterday, the bag containing the second set of matching pink underwear and in a separate plastic bag she carried the modified binder with the security camera installed. She was really excited about today and decided it was time to send her prey one more text to make sure he had the right mindset for what was to come.

The quick shower had done Mark good, he was feeling a lot better than when he had woken up. He walked back into his bedroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Now what was he going to wear today. Mark spotted the blue satin panties on the floor, he wasn’t sure if he should wear those today. His trail of thought didn’t take long. What was he thinking? Being forced to wear the satin panties was one thing, but now volunteering to do so? Was he out of his mind?

Mark got finished dressing in his normal clothes, the blue satin panties were still laying on his bedroom floor. Even though he wasn’t hungry, he still decided that a breakfast was in order. After his breakfast he headed to grab his coat and phone so he could head out. Once Mark picked up his phone, he got a surprise, another message.

Good morning Pantyboy. I hope you had a nice night sleep. Don’t forget to wear your favorite new underwear today, I will require you to show me once you made it into the office. Just a simple ‘yes mistress’ will do for now. Understood?

A big knot was starting to form in Mark’s stomach. She really wasn’t going to let this go. He just stood there in the hallway thinking of a way out of this. Time passed on but Mark couldn’t think clearly. It wasn’t long before Mark was back in his bedroom taking his pants and underwear off. He bent over to pick up his blue satin panties and slid them up his legs. “God they do feel amazing.” Mark thought to himself. Though that thought only lasted a split second before he forced it out of his head. This is madness, he had to come up with a plan to put an end to all this.

Hannah was sitting in her little red car on her way to the office when she heard her new phone ring briefly. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green she grabbed it out of her purse. It was reading a short but simple message; Yes mistress.

She couldn’t help it, but Hannah had a huge grin on her face. She was happy with the new balance of power between herself and her boss. “A big improvement” she thought to herself. A loud honking noise reminded her that the traffic light had been green for a while now. She quickly lifted her arm to motion a ‘sorry gesture’ while speeding off towards the next set of lights which was near the office building.

The blue satin of Mark’s panties already started to show a wet spot under his office clothes. Luckily for Mark you couldn’t see that he was wearing a pair of satin panties, he made sure of that by staring at himself in the hallway mirror before heading towards the elevator. Mark was claiming to hate this new ordeal, his hard member was definitely not agreeing with him. He was nice and hard and ready for an exciting day. While in the elevator he almost jumped at the sound of his phone, that’s how nervous he was.

Good boy. Now hurry up to work. I left you another surprise. You don’t want your secretary to find that envelope now do you?

If Mark was nervous before, now he was seriously anxious. The seed that Hannah had planted, was definitely working. Mark was standing in the elevator anxiously looking at the slow progress this machine was making. He was now afraid that his secretary would find the new envelope on his desk, he had to beat her to work!

Little did Mark know that Hannah sent this text as she was walking through an empty office corridor. She had the modified binder under her arm and walked straight to her manager’s office. She found a great spot on the shelf for the modified binder. She placed the binder so that it was angled perfectly at her pantyboy’s face and upper body while he would be working at his desk and a little bit of the surrounding area. After positioning the camera and turning it on, she proceeded to pick up an envelope from the cabinet and wrote ‘for my pantyboy’ on top of it. She opened the envelope and filled it with the satin goodies.

Hannah left the envelope on Mark’s desk and double-checked her spy camera to make sure Mark wouldn’t notice. Though it didn’t matter, there was nothing he could do about it. “Blackmail is a beautiful thing.” Hannah thought to herself.

If Mark didn’t get a speeding ticket this morning than today was definitely his lucky day. He had raced to work and he even went through a red light. The last thing he wanted was for Hannah to find the envelope and ask him questions about it. He was now running up the stairs to their office floor. With a high pace he walked through the hallway. Once he came close to his office he already saw his secretary sitting behind her desk.

“Good morning boss! How are you?” Hannah asked with a smile on her face.

“uh.. Good morning, good. So uhm, have you been here long?” Mark replied.

“I just got here, though your office door was open, did you not close it last night or…” Hannah queried her manager.

“Oh yeah, I wanted some fresh air to go through.” Mark lied as he walked into his office.

“I just stuck my head in this morning, the mail came early today it seems.” Hannah said with an evil smile on her face.

Mark was now really nervous. “Yea just hold my calls, I got some business to take care off.” The manager said as he closed his office door behind him. He quickly rolled down the blinds so his office windows were now covered so he had a little bit of privacy.

Hannah grabbed her phone and tapped on the Security Cam application. She put her earphones in and stared at her screen that was still showing the logo of the app while it was loading. It wasn’t long before she was now looking at a nervous man staring at an envelope on his desk. She could hear his footsteps through her headphones as he approached the desk. She started getting excited, this secret camera was a great investment!