Push in baby, push into mommy [incest]

As her mind came slowly out of her deep sleep, she could feel someone sitting on the side of her bed, stroking her head softly, lifting her dark red hair off of the pillow. She wakened, and found herself staring into beautiful eyes, eyes that were as green as hers. Her hand came out from under the covers and slid into the dark red hair on his head, the same shade as hers. Her hand grew demanding as it forced the head to lower, until the lips were placed on hers.

She groaned deep in her throat as the kiss deepened, feeling his tongue slide into her mouth like a probing snake, seeking her arousal. They kissed until she could feel her nipples full and engorged on her chest.

She pulled back and smiled at him. “Hi, mommy’s boy. How are you this morning?”

With a smile Elmer stood up and undid the top of his pajamas, watching her face as each button slid open, exposing more of his chest. Daria watched him, her lust for this boy growing as each inch of flesh was revealed. He opened the top and let it slide off his shoulders, onto the floor. Her hand reached out and she caressed his chest, sliding down to his slim stomach until it reached the edge of his bottoms.

She could see his arousal, his cock already rising to show off. Her finger slid into the edge of his bottoms and she slid them down, watching as his rod was exposed. Her mouth was dry and she licked her lips, wanting, waiting. The pajamas dropped to the floor and she could see him all naked, his cock rising proudly for her. As he kicked the puddle of cotton away from his ankles, she lifted up the covers, her smile an invitation for him to join her under. He slid in beside her, but did not want the covers over them, he needed to see her all, naked, his beautiful mother.

His mouth dropped to hers again, kissing her an erotic hello. His hand went to her breasts, her nipples already engorged and waiting. His fingers twisted her nipples, his ears listening for the groan deep in her throat that he knew would come. He knew just what to do with his mother’s beautiful tits, knew just what would make her experience the most pleasure/pain.

His mouth followed his hand and he spent several minutes sucking on the breasts that had suckled him as a child. He drew the nipple hard into his mouth and felt it expand on his tongue. His teeth closed gently over it, the bite becoming harder as her hands on his head encouraged him. He went from one tit to the other, his mouth enjoying one nipple as his hand enjoyed the other.

Her hand grasped his fingers and pushed his arm down. He knew what this pretty, panting woman needed. She wanted her son’s fingers buried deep in her hot wanting pussy. He teased her a bit, still leaving his mouth on a beautiful nipple, his hand sliding to her tummy and circling her belly button. He found the top of her mons and teased it a bit, rubbing around and around. He felt her legs open like the wanting slut she was, waiting for him, opening her whore cunt for her son. She had taught him well.

He felt his mother’s hand on his cock and he shifted his bottom to allow her access. He loved to feel her soft hands caressing his throbbing cock. It got so hard thinking of his mother that his cock hurt and he jerked off with her tits and bare cunt filling his mind. Her hand began the stroking motion that he loved so much, up and down, pausing at the head for small sweet strokes.

He felt her pussy now, felt the wetness on her thighs. His finger found her clit, swollen and hungry for his touch. His fingers began the swirling motion that he knew would drive his mother to distraction.

He felt his mother move, and he knew what she wanted. He lifted his hips and, as he had felt many times before in his life, felt his mother’s mouth enclose itself over his hard cock. “ahhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss mom, your mouth is so hot, hot hot hot slut mouth yessssssssss” he moaned as he felt the expert way that she took him in.

Her tongue moved like the snake, wrapping itself around his cock, each flick burning, jetting exquisite feelings to his brain. She lay still, allowing her son to fuck her mouth, feeling his hips begin to buck, hearing his excitement. “Gonnnnnaaaaa cuuuuummmmmm mommmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” his head shot back as he pushed his cock as far into his mothers mouth as he could get it. He felt it hit the back of her throat, then slide down. “YEAAAAAAA aaAAAAAAA aohhhhhhhh fuckkkkk yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” he yelled as he felt the cum pulse out of his cock and down into his mother’s throat, down into her belly. His mother’s mouth worked hard, swallowing all of her son’s seed into her mouth, like a good slut should. She continued to suck and lick him until she felt him soften in her mouth, then let his cock drop out, and he fell back into the bed.

She rolled over to him and kissed him, letting him taste his spend that was still on her tongue. Her hands wrapped around him and she held him, her son, cradled him to her breast. “I have missed you my darling.” She whispered into his ear. She smiled “You came fast, you were waiting for mommy, weren’t you?” He nodded, his face buried in her chest. He was a shy boy, self confident only when pleasuring his mother, for after all this time, he knew just how to treat her slut body.

Her hands dropped to his buttocks, and she fondled his sweet ass. She felt his cock stir against her belly and smiled. Younger boys had amazing recuperative powers.

She felt him push her back on the bed and watched as her boy crawled between her legs. She opened her legs for him, offering herself to him, her very being to her child. Their eyes locked and he stared at her while he lowered his face, finally dropping his eyes to her bare cunt just seconds before his mouth touched the slippery folds.

His tongue extended from his mouth, licking up the salty taste of her wetness. She groaned, and wiggled her ass, pushing her pussy into his hot sucking mouth. “Make me cum baby, make mommy cum all over your face baby. Mommy needs you baby, been waiting a long time to feel my boy’s mouth on my hot cunt baby ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaa baby lick me, lick my slut cunt baby yessssssssss yessssssssssss ohhhhhh mommy’s boy licks cunt sooooo good, don’t you baby?”

His hands grabbed her legs and pushed them back, so that they bent flat against her tummy, leaving her cunt all open to him. He blew on her pussy, and she groaned, feeling the cool air on her clit. His tongue began a journey, from her clit to her sexy asshole and back up, stopping at her opening to push in, like a little cock.

He pushed on of her legs over his shoulder to free his hand for her tit. The nipple was big, and rock hard. His fingers twisted it, making it burn, sending signals to her cunt just as she had done a little while ago to his cock.

His tongue was everywhere, sucking, licking and biting his mothers cunt. His hand dropped down and swirled in the wetness. “AHHHHHHHHHh yessssssssssss baby, fuck mommyyyyyy” she moaned, feeling 2 of his fingers enter her cunt. His fingers did as they had been asked, starting slow, then faster as he finger fucked her cunt. He pulled his wet, slippery fingers out and slid one into her tight ass, fucking it until he felt her hips start to fuck with him, equally timed motion. He moved so that his cock was close to her hand, expecting her to begin to stroke it like they had done many times before.

She shook her head no, and brought his face to hers, kissing him deeply, tasting herself on his lips. She hugged him and whispered in his ear. “It is time baby. It is time for you to fuck mommy the real way. With your cock baby. Mommy wants your cock in her.”

His breath became ragged, he was going to push his cock into his mothers cunt, the very place from which he had come. His cock was harder now, harder than it had ever been. She kissed him again and then, gently, began to move him so he was in position to mount her. She lay full out on the bed, and brought her son to lay on her, her arms wrapping around his body, pulling him tightly to her. Her hand reached down and grasped his cock, guiding it to her pussy, wet and waiting. She placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her cunt then put both her hands on his bum.

“Push in baby, push into mommy..ohhhhh yesssssss baby, do you feel your cock going into mommy’s pussy? Hot cunt baby, mommy’s hot cunt just for you ahhhhhhhh yes baby, that’s it. Pump baby, pump harder. Ohhhhhh fuck I feel your cock in me baby, harder, mommy’s slut cunt wants it harder baby. Pound it into me fuccccccckkkkkkkkkk POUND IT ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yesssssssssssss ohhhhhh mommy’s man. FUCK ME baby, FUCK meeeeeeeee yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” Her legs were back as far as she could make them go, her son between them with his cock firmly in her wet cunt, pumping as fast and as hard as he could.

“Feels good mommmyyyyy ohhhhhh it feelssssss so wet and tight and soooooooooo hottt and good ohhh mommyyyyyy yessssssssss. Can I cum in you mommy? Can I cum in your cunt????????” “Yes baby boy, cumm in my hot cunttttt oh fuckkk baby, cummmmmm cummmmmm in me deep, yessssss make mommy a baby little one do IT FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK OHHHHHH CUMMMMMMINGGGGGGG BABYYYYYYYY!!”

She could feel it. She could feel her boy’s big hard cock spew hot cum into her cunt. Deep into her cunt. She heard him moan and felt him push into her deeply, leaving his cock as it poured into his mother, before collapsing on her breast, whimpering.

“Shhhhh baby, oh that was so nice for mommy. Thank you baby, for making mommy feel so good. Mommy loves you baby, loves you so much. You gave mommy a nice cum baby, so sweet. Your cock is so nice in me baby, so nice in mommy. I love you darling.”

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