Punished and locked by Master

“Show me”, he ordered.

She got down on her knees before him with her chest to the ground, as she’d done every day for the past six weeks, presented her backside to him and held her cheeks apart so he could inspect her. Six weeks ago he had taken her to the piercing salon and there had given her two labial rings on each side.

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He ran his hand over her ass and along her slit. She was already wet just from the thought of his touch. “Good girl. These are healing nicely. I think they will be ready to use soon.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir”

She brought her arms down, laid her head on her hands and waited. Every time it was the same, but different; she never knew what implement he would begin with, or whether it would be light, hard, soft, abrasive, gentle or rough.


Open palm on the bottom of her backside.

“Mmmmmmm…” she quietly moaned. Barehanded spankings were one of her favorites.

Smack! Smack! SMACK!

“Silence, slut”

She bit her lip to stifle a slight whimper.


He built a slow steady cadence, warming her up for what was sure to be an intense scene. Her flesh shook with each stroke. Every impact sent waves of delicious pleasure and stinging pain through her. He would build up the speed and intensity, then pause a moment, rubbing her ass, and slide a teasing finger down her slit to her swelling clit.

She pushed her ass back onto his hand desperately wanting to beg for more but not daring to utter a sound until told to do so.

He knew what she wanted. He moved slightly to her side, grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back violently.

“Tell me what you want, slut!” he barked at her, “Beg me for it.”

“Oh please, Sir. Please, please spank my ass more Sir. Please.” Smack! Smack! Smack!

The leather paddle

“Oh yes! Please Sir! Please give me more, Sir. I’ve been wickedly bad. Oh please, please spank me harder, Sir. Please teach me to behave, Sir.”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“What have you done behind Master’s back, you little whore?”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Tell me slut! Confess your misdeeds to Master and you will get exactly what you deserve.”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“I was a bad girl last night, Sir.”


“After you left me Sir, I wanted more. My dirty little pussy wanted more, Sir.”

Smack! Smack!

“What did you do, slut? Tell me!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

She choked back a sob.

“I’m so sorry Sir! You didn’t tell me I couldn’t but I didn’t ask permission either Sir.”

Smack! Smack! Harder and harder each time. Her body rocked with each blow. The labial rings vibrating against each other sending her frenzied clit to the brink.

“Have you done something to disappoint your Master, whore?”

Smack!… Smack!

“Yes Sir… I took the red dildo from my drawer Sir. My cunt was just SO hungry for more Sir. I couldn’t help myself, Sir. I took the dildo and I fucked myself with it until I came, Sir.”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

He paused a moment, pulling her head back farther so he was speaking directly into her ear, “Is that all, slut?”

She whimpered, “Yes, Sir.”


“Then what do you say to Master?”

“Please, Sir. I’m so sorry!”

SMACK! It was the hardwood paddle now.

“Sorry for what? You filthy whore!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh! I’m sorry for being such a dirty little slut, Sir! Please, please Sir, make me feel it Sir. Make me sorry for being so bad Sir! I deserve whatever punishment you see fit to give me.”

He released her hair and unleashed a volley of assaults upon her ass. The flesh was bright red, deep purple welts were already well raised across both cheeks. She cried out with the pain has he took his other hand and roughly tugged upon the new rings in her pussy.

“Is this what you want, slut? Are you sorry yet?”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Aaaaaah Hhhaaaaa.. Yes Sir!” her sobs going unchecked now.

Sliding two fingers inside her and holding the left two rings between his thumb and the edge of his forefinger, he growled at her, “Your dripping wet cunt doesn’t seem very sorry!”

“Aaaahh…. Oooohhhhh… Please, Sir!”

His left hand now pinching the welds on her ass, he thrust two fingers of his right hand into her pussy to work her G-spot. “You’d rather fuck an inanimate piece of silicone than be a good girl for your Master, eh?”

“Aaaah!! No, Sir!” she sobbed, “My cunt only wants you, Sir. Only what you will give it. Oh god. Oh Sir, I’m sorry for being such a naughty little slut, Sir. Oh please, pleeeeeeeeeeease!”

He released the rings from against his thumb and thrust a third finger into her cunt, fucking her vigorously with his hand.

“Unh… Ooooohhh… Siiiiirrrr…. Oh please, Sir! Sir, I am going to cum soon Sir! May I? May I please cum Sir?” she was breathless and half delirious with arousal by now.


Smack! Another open-handed slap right in the centre of her ass cheek.

“AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” she screamed out. She sniffled some and he could see the tears streaming down her face, yet still she ground her ass back against his hand.

“Who lets you cum, slut?”


“You do, Sir” Another sob, then quietly, “ Oh pleeeeeeeease!”


“Who fucks this cunt, slut?”


“You do, Sir”


“Who does this cunt belong to, slut?”


“It belongs to you, Sir”


The slut can’t cum

“Oooooooohhh please! Please Sir! I need to cum Sir! I need to cum for you, Sir!”


“Not.” Smack! “Yet!” Smack!

He took his fingers out of her pussy and positioned himself behind her. With one hard, fast motion, he thrust his cock, balls-deep into her. Her ass was glowing red as he grabbed her by the hips and started pounding the full length of his cock into her cunt. The rings in her labia rubbed along his shaft with each thrust, his balls slapped against her throbbing clit each time.

“Oh! Oh! Ooooooohhh!!!!” she moaned, “Oh fuck! Oh pleeeease, Sir!”

He fucked her harder, faster.

“Who do you want? Who do you want to cum for, slut?”

“Unh…You Sir! Only you, Sir! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!”

“Mmmm… That’s what your Master wants to hear.”

Reaching one hand under her he pressed and rubbed her clit between two fingers, “Now show me how good you want to be, and cum for me baby. Cum now for Master.”

“Aaaaahhhh! Oh GOD!” Her body began to quake and tremble as her orgasm ripped through her body. She rocked back against him, meeting his thrusts and grinding her ass against him as her cunt erupted with its orgasm. Her juices covered his hand, his shaft, dripped from his balls and down her thighs, soaking the sheets.

“Aaaaaaah! Ooooooh! Yessssssssss! Thank you Siiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr!”

Wave after wave of release continued to course through her as he kept on pounding her pussy. He grabbed the back of her hair again with one hand, pulling her head back roughly as slammed his cock deep inside over and over again until at last he held her all the way down on his cock and emptied a massive load into her cunt.

He held her there as his orgasm slowly ebbed away from him, her body still convulsing slightly from the force of her’s. He released her hair and ran his hand slowly down her back and gently rubbed and soothed her burning ass.

“Thank you Sir! Oh thank you. Thank you Sir, thank you. Thank you, oh thank you Sir…”she was babbling, breathless and nearly incoherent as he slipped his cock out of her. He guided her to lie down on the bed and continued to gently stroke her back, ass and thighs.

“That’s my good little girl,,” he cooed at her, “That’s it, just breathe and relax .”

He lounged beside her, pulling her close, kissing her forehead and running his fingers through her hair. She let out a spent, exhausted sob.

Propping himself up on one elbow he wiped a tear from her cheek and brushed the hair away from her face. He stayed like this a while, gently caressing her and stroking her, eventually getting a cool cloth for her backside.

“Do you feel better now my little girl?” once he felt she had come down a little

“Mmmm…” with a small contented smile, was all she could manage.

He held her to his chest, again kissing her head and stroking her back, letting her continue to come down and regain some of her composure. Finally she raised her eyes to him and said clearly, “Thank you Sir.”

“Good girl. You’re welcome. You like being my good girl, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir, always.” She looked at him with absolute adoration and contentment as she nuzzled closer into his chest.

“That’s good. Then there is something we must talk about.” He hooked a finger under her chin so her eyes would meet his. She saw there a note of seriousness.

The gift of being locked

“About what, Sir?” An edge of apprehension in her voice.

“I know that last night wasn’t the first or even the second time, that you’ve let your cunt control you without my permission. Am I correct?” His question was stern but not a reprimand.

“Yes. You are correct Sir” she lowered her eyes sheepishly.

“I know you like being my good little girl, and I want to be able to trust you when I’m not here. But I just don’t know if I can trust that cunt of yours.”

“You can, Sir. I promise! I won’t let my cunt control me again unless…”

“Hush,” he interrupted her with a finger to her lips, “I’m going to make sure that I can. I’ve bought you a present my pet. Wait here.”

He got up and left the room, returning shortly with what looked like a square hat box. “Stand for me.”

Immediately she stood, hands clasped to the back of her neck, feet shoulder-width apart. He smiled at this and something about that smile sent a ripple of fear through her. Placing the box on the bed, he removed the lid and lifted out three items made of shining silver.

“Do you know what this is?”

“ummmm… No I don’t’ think so Sir.”

“This, my precious little girl, will ensure that naughty little cunt of yours doesn’t get out of hand while I’m away.”

“Away Sir?” sudden surprise and distress were very plain in her voice and her eyes.

“Yes little one, I have to leave in two days for a business trip. I’ll be gone for five days.”

“Five days Sir?! But what…. How will…”

He cut her off again, “You’ll be fine. Don’t you worry about a thing, everything will be just fine.”

It had been just over a year since he had collared her and in that entire time, they had never been apart more than forty-eight hours. He saw the fear and anxiety in her eyes and so he gently stroked her cheek giving her a tender kiss. As he did this he carefully slipped the hinged and padded ring of silver around her hips, stepped back slightly and brought the open ends of the ring together in front of her. They snapped together in the center with a sharp click.

“A perfect fit. I had it specially made just for you. You see? Everything will be just fine. Think of it like having my arms around you all day long.”

She couldn’t help but smile at that thought and relax a little.

“Just think little girl, with this on, you won’t need to worry about your cunt controlling you and doing something that would disappoint me while I’m away.”

He brought over one of the other two pieces. It was long, curved and fairly flexible. It was about 1cm in width except for a small, oblong portion in the middle at the bottom of the curve. It swelled out to about 2cm in width. The wider section was about 3 or 4cm long. He held this piece to her cunt and fit one of the ends into a clasp at the front, to the left of her navel. Like the belt, it locked into place with a sharp click. At the widened portion in the center, there were what looked to be a pair of slots. These he fit onto the front left and back right labial rings she wore. They clipped into the grooved slots in the metal very firmly. Going behind her, he snapped the other end into its lock on the back right-hand side. Once again, the sharp click as it closed. The remaining piece of metal was the same, but fit the opposite sides and the front right and rear left labial rings. The two pieces crossed directly over her cunt and clit. They fit so that she could easily enough pass water, but were snug enough that she could not get so much as a finger in her pussy or around her clit.

“Beautiful” he said, “What do you think little girl? Go look in the mirror. I think it suits you. It says that you are MINE.”

She walked to the full-length mirror and took a closer look at her new adornment. It was beautifully made. There were three small keyholes on the front, and she presumed two on the back. Above the center lock was their monograms. Hers intertwined into his. It wasn’t terribly uncomfortable, though it would take some getting used to.

She touched the top of the belt, it was cool and smooth. Then she ran her hands down the cross pieces to her pussy. The way they were shaped, she wouldn’t even be able to rub her clit enough to get off. But it was beautiful, she couldn’t argue that. She really wasn’t sure what to think about it. At first, she pouted at the thought of being completely chaste for nearly a week. Then she remembered what he said about it being like his arms were around her, and again that thought made her smile. She was never so happy as when she was in his arms. It was her safe place, nothing could hurt her there, and she was completely cared for. She knew this would make him happy. She knew this would be a gift for her to give him. She knew this was a test for her. She smiled.

“Yes Sir, it is beautiful.”

“I’m glad you like it. You’re going to have the next two days to get used to it, then you will be wearing it for the full five days I am away.” He came up behind her and put his arms around her, caressing her breasts. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and looked at her in the mirror as he said: “And when I return if you’ve been really really good for me, we’re going to go get your nipples pierced.”

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Again, she smiled. “Thank you, Sir.”