Public humiliation at the picnic

It had been about fifteen minutes since Kara had turned onto the dirt road her Camry was currently rumbling down. Two women occupied the front seat, while a pair of camping chairs and several knapsacks filled the back. Wending through the dense woodlands, leaving a thick cloud of dust in its wake, the car came to a halt at a dead end.

“Beautiful day” Lisa commented from the passenger seat as Kara shifted the automobile into the park and killed the ignition.

“Good day to be outside” the dark-haired woman agreed, swinging the driver’s side door open. Thick soled combat boots hitting the sandy soil, she strode around to the back of car rendezvousing with Lisa. Camo-pants cover her thick hips, while a tight-fitting dark green tank top hugged her voluptuous breasts. Her militant look was a marked contrast to the slim figured blond Lisa, who donned a casual ensemble of daisy dukes and a white tee-shirt.

Kara fumbled with the key momentarily before the trunk popped open, where two sets of eyes turned to meet hers. Nestled in the compartment, lying face to hips with hands cuffed behind them were two nude men of similar appearance. One blond-haired and blue-eyed, the other with matching shades of brown; both wore their hair closely cropped the only covering to be found on their meticulously shaven bodies. Each also wore a black studded leather collar around their necks and had a ball-gagged secured between their lips.

With another key from her ring, Kara undid their respective sets of cuffs. “Get the gear” she ordered as the pair fumble over one another to extricate themselves from the cramped space.

Lisa looked the curious pair up and down as they laded themselves down with the chairs and bags in the back seat. “You’re just gonna leave them gagged liked that” she asked finding amusement in the situation.

“Ha” Kara laughed with a snort. “If I wanted a man’s opinion dear I would go find myself a boyfriend.” With a smirk she watched the two slaves unpack her vehicle “Sissy boys like these are better off seen and not heard.”

Trudging through the tranquil wilderness with Kara in the lead, the quartet settled in a quiet clearing at the side of a rain-swollen brook. The slaves first set up the duo’s camp chairs so that the ladies could sit in repose watching the rushing waters trickle between smoothed stones in the river bed, and listen to the birds chirping in the trees above. Meanwhile, the two men laid out some blankets on the leafy ground and set to task preparing a lunch of sandwiches and freshly cut fruits for the two women.

When the pair had dispensed with their lunches, Kara had the slaves avert their gazes to the ground while she and Lisa stripped down to their undergarments and splayed themselves out faced down on the blankets, folded arms propped up under their chins. For an hour they relaxed bathed in the warm rays of the noonday sun, while the two men massaged them with scented oils from their calves all the way up their shoulders. Lisa was more accepting of her brown-eyed man’s caress, while Kara is more domineering; never shy about doling out instruction on the proper way to ease her tense muscles. As the men worked the ladies bantered.

“Mmmm…This is so relaxing” Lisa cooed inhaling deeply as her designated servant knelt over her kneeling her back with his firm hands.

“I’m happy you’re enjoying it dear” her dark-haired friend replied with eyes closed savoring the sensation. “It took a long time to get these two’s skills up to where they are.” Opening her eyes, Kara’s brow furrowed in mild perturbance. “Easy on the hamstring bitch” she called back to her man as we worked the back of her thighs. Eyes rolling she sighed “Though they could always use a little more work.”

“You’re so mean” Lisa giggled.

“I enjoy it” Kara said closing her eyes and smiling as her manservant began laying into the lower side of her fleshy buttock. “Maybe I just have an old way of thinking about things, but I believe a slave is a slave, and they should be treated as such.”

“What do you mean?” the blond asked as her slave eased farther up her back, pulling her long hair back to begin working on her shoulders.

“Well you’ve kept subs before right?” she asked adjusting her brown-eyed gaze in her friend’s direction.

“Of course, on several occasions” Lisa answered back.

“What did you do? Cater to their precious fetishes, in exchange for the hard work and adoration they provided you?” she paused. “Kiss it!” Kara interjected thrusting her ass up slightly for her slave to put his lips upon.

“Well yeah, it was an exchange of sorts” Lisa retorted lightly.

“See, that doesn’t quite do it for me dear” she lectured. “I don’t reward my slaves. What I like is to see them shake, to know that they fear me; the power I lord over them. It gets me so wet to see man bust his ass for me all day, try as he best can to please me, only to treat him like the sad little pathetic abuse pig that he is. That its reward enough that I’ll take the second to spit in his general direction; find some meager enjoyment watching him suffer for me. I look for that quality in a slave” she finished with a smile.

“Huh” Lisa looked intrigued. “So no job well done?” she paused and shook her head as the tip of her slaves’ erect penis rubbed against the small of her back. “Wait a minute..”

Kara laughed loudly. “Ok, Ok” she admonished seeing where Lisa’s thoughts were headed. “So I do in ways cater to their fetish, it just happens to be mine as well, and they’re always reminded that my enjoyment is really what’s important here” Sighing she looked back towards the rolling brook. “I did bring a special little surprise, to reward these two for a job well done” she said smiling to herself.

Curiosity in her voice, Lisa turned to her friend. “Really, what?”

“Job well done!” Kara called out laughing heartily as a paintball whizzed from the barrel of her CO2 gun striking the blond-haired slave in his right buttock. His tormented squeal was muffled by the ball gag still fixed between his lips.

It was an hour later. Kara had re-attired herself in her combat fatigue. Lisa had her daisy dukes back on, though she still wore only her white latex bra as a top. The blond-haired slave was splayed out before them, facing away from the pair across the clearing. Arms and legs akimbo, he was bound between two trees; a series of concentric circles had been drawn upon his rear as a bull’s eye. Twenty feet to his left the brown-haired slave was bound similarly, though facing towards the pair. The Bull’s eye for him was upon his nipples, and a used soda can from the afternoon’s lunch dangled between his legs from a string affixed to his genitals.

“Try it out. Here” Kara said handing the gun off to her uncertain companion. “Just cock the handle on the side and pull the trigger.

Examining the contraption, Lisa pulled back on the side handle loading another ball into the chamber. With unsteady hands, she aimed and pulled the trigger. “Oh!” she yelped as the shot whizzed out striking the prone target high on the back, evincing another muffled cried as the slave arched his back in vain. “Did I hurt him?” she asked with concern.

“Don’t worry about him. The more he suffers, the more he knows his place.” Taking the gun from her friend she turned and drew a bead on the brown-haired slave. “I’ll show you how it’s done, but you better stay on the beginner’s target.”

“Why is he the beginner’s target,” she asked motioning towards the blond.

“Because” Kara elaborated firing off another round that splattered against the can dangling between the legs of her target. The slave squealed, not in pain but in terror. “If you miss her, you could really hurt someone.” She cocked the handle and took aim again, as the slave shook; his breathing heavy as his heart raced in fear. Another splatter as a paintball stung against his right thigh. “I hardly ever miss though,” she said nonchalantly as she reloaded. “He looks scared, but look how hard he is, wanna bet if I can nip the top of his cock” she boasted with a smirk.

The day had grown later by the time Kara had found her fill. She released the boys, quivering and peppered with paint stains and welts, from their bondage. Instructing them not to say a word she un-gagged them and permitted them to drink some water, before sending them down to the creek to wash off.

“I want you to bath each other” she instructed handing them each a sponge, as Lisa and she took a seat in their chairs at the edge of the creek.

Gingerly the two nude men tested the cool water of the stream with their feet, before hesitantly making their way out to its center.

“Hurry up sluts! We haven’t got all day” Kara called out irritated. “It’s not that cold, feels fine from where I’m sitting” she joked as they splashed out shivering into the thigh-deep water.

“I do have to be back soon, I’m meeting some family for dinner later” Lisa added quietly to her friend checking her watch. “We’ve got a little time though.”

Noting her friend’s observation Kara continued. “C’mon, lather that bitch up” she shouted, still amused as the brown-haired slave sponged at the red blotches and target on his partners behind.

“They don’t look like they’re enjoying this very much” Lisa noted, judging their enthusiasm by their flaccid penises.

“I know, isn’t it hot” Kara said sticking a hand down her pants to finger herself.

“Your incorrigible” Lisa laughed.

“You’re not done yet” Kara called out when the sopping pair turned to get out, their immaculate bodies gleaming in the waning sunlight. “I want you two to start kissing,” she said with a chuckle, Lisa bursting out laughing.

The two men stared at each other quizzically, as Kara stared on impatient.

“Do it now, or we’re just gonna hop in the car and leave your skinny asses out here like this. Homes about 20 miles that way” she said pointing east. “Take your pick.”

Nervously, the two men embraced; their lips hesitantly finding one another’s.

“That’s it” Kara laughed. “Make it sexy you two lovebirds. Get in close, squeeze his ass. I wanna see those sorry little limp dicks pressed nice and tight against one another.”

“Oh my god,” Lisa squealed. “That’s so cute” she took in the scene before her, one hand covering her mouth in disbelief.

Kara looked over at her friend, smiling with satisfaction at the look of mirth across her friend’s countenance. Her eyes strayed down to her heaving bosom, and she trailed a hand out to gently stroke the top of her friend’s arm. Hazel eyes gazed back to meet hers.

“You know, after watching all this I’d really like to take you home and scrub you down in a nice hot shower” she admitted.

Lisa blushed. “I’d love to, but there really isn’t time, I mean…” she said looking back towards all the things strewn about the camp. “There’s so much to clean up, and we have to get back, I don’t even have two hours…”

“It’s only 45 min. ride” Kara offered to surmise the situation. “We’ll leave now.”

“But what about all this,” she said gesturing to the messy camp.

Kara smiled deviously “I’ll come back for it later.”

Surveying the scene ten minutes later, Lisa shook her head. “They could have just come with us” she said somewhat astounded.

“I’d rather this be our time together dear. Just you and me” Kara replied fawning over her friend.

“I know, but you could have at least left them to clean up while we’re gone. I mean was this really necessary?” she finished gesturing at the two men. Each of the slaves, now toweled off, stood with his back to a tree pressed up against the rough bark. Their hands had been cuffed behind them around the rear of the trunks, and gags reinserted. An added length of rope had been wrapped around the front of the gags and behind the trunk, so their heads were pressed firmly to the tree and they could only look straight ahead.

Kara looked over her exposed captives, drawing excitement from the apprehensive looks she found in their twitching eyes. “Oh yeah” she concluded taking her friend by the hand and starting back for the car.