The last thing I remembered was I was attending my weekly hypnotherapy
session to quit smoking, and now I’m looking out the window of a train
and my wife is saying to me you better not panic or you’ll be in real
trouble, as I hear this I look down and to see my legs clad in nylons
with a skirt above my knees, then she says I know your secret now after
finding several crossdressing stories stored on your computer, So with
With the help of Lisa (my hypnotherapist and her friend), we started to program
you with subliminal messages and commands so you will act and do what you
are told. WE have been working on this for several months and it has
been working well, so with uttering a single keyword you can be put
into a trance or made to do whatever your told or dress however I
desire, like in the outfit you have on now. Just so you know we are on a
train to San Francisco, we have a hotel room waiting for us there where
we will spend a few days before returning to our home in Chicago, and
just to keep it safe and it interesting you have been programmed so that
you will act feminine but aware of your surroundings and actions however
you must be given the programmed word twice a day to keep the programmed
thoughts going or you’ll just end up reverting to yourself but as a guy
in a dress, not knowing how to act or what to do, and just plain looking
silly I’m going to put you back into a Trans now “*******” something
unintelligent was said to me.

Again I awake with my wife next to me but this time we are in a
compartment on the train. She says to me it is now 7 pm and the
programmed word and commands have been given to you your good until
tomorrow morning. I wanted to ask a question but can’t seem to get it
out. She looks into my eyes and says I know what you want to ask honey
but just enjoy your adventure since you wrote it!

I go into the bathroom look in the mirror and see that my face is all
made up, my collar-length hair has been highlighted and styled in a very
feminine style and my fingernails appeared to have had fake nails
applied about ¾ of an inch past my fingertips and are painted a deep red
matching my toenails and the lipstick that’s on my lips. Looking back in
the mirror I see that I have two shades of pink eye shadow on my eyes,
mascara on my lashes and eyeliner on my eyelids, there is the foundation on
my face and blush on my cheeks.

I return to the compartment where I look myself over in a wall
mounted mirror to see that I have high heeled sandals on, nude stockings,
and I’m wearing an above the knee rounded neck white dress with pink
flowers on it. I reach around behind me unzip the dress and step out of
it to see that the stockings I’m wearing are pantyhose with white lace hi
cut panties under them and a matching bra which contains prosthetic
breasts that appear to be attached to my chest, I remove my shoes and
pantyhose and hang the dress up, go to a pink suitcase open it and pull
out a pink frilly nightdress and put it on, it reaches just below my
crotch, I return to the bathroom and start to wash my makeup off using
some creams and soaps I find in a makeup bag in the bathroom. I have no
though about doing this I just seem to do it like I have been doing it
all my life, as my wife, watches in amusement.

After leaving the bathroom I return to the main part of the compartment,
where I do a little exploring I find that the suitcase contains nothing
but feminine articles of clothing nothing even close to male clothing in
it, skirts, dresses, blouses, several items of lingerie including,
panties, bras, girdles, and several pairs of pantyhose and stockings in
different colors and shades. After looking through it I figure these are
apparently going to be my things for the next few days I got into bed and
went to sleep.

I awake the next morning and after a bout of panic, I calm down and try to
reassess what’s happened to me the day before as I wandered around my
compartment dressed in a nightdress with a bra and panties on! Suddenly
the door opens and my wife enters the compartment says good morning and
asked me how my night was, I replied how you think! And where are my
clothes? She said in your bag, of course, I said no my male clothes?
Suddenly she said something and I seemed to freeze unable to move or
speak. My wife then said” listen closely this is your warning you will
obey me or you’ll be in some real trouble” you will continue this
adventure with or without my help and it will be a lot easier with my
assistance versus without! Do you understand and just to make sure I’ve
deiced that you will wear something uncomfortable for your trip from the
train to our hotel” she then says something un-understandable to me. I
turn and walk to the bathroom like a robot where I wash up shave brush my
hair and start making up my face, foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, and bright red lipstick. With my wife watching, (I’m amazed considering
I’ve never used makeup before! or not that I know of) after finishing I
walk back into the compartment where my wife has put out some clothes for
me to wear, a pair of cotton panties, a high waist open bottom girdle,
some hold-up stockings a long line bra, followed by a white lacy ruffled
blouse and below the knee-length skirt. I begin removing my nightdress
panties and bra and then without even thinking I put on the new panties
and longline bra, pull the girdle up, and zip it up the side making it
really tight on me, I sit down with some difficultly because of the girdle
and put on the stocking s rolling them up and attaching them to the six
garters on the girdle, put on the blouse, a pair of open-toed pumps then
I step into the skirt and pull it up and zip it up the back. While doing
this I see my wife put on a tee-shirt Jeans and sneakers.

A few minutes later I hear an announcement that the train is coming into
San Francisco, we pick up our suitcases, purses and makeup kits and we
leave the compartment. My wife starts walking to the exit (the whole way
I keep yelling in my head to stop! but I keep going) I notice that as I
walk the girdle keeps my thighs together causing me to swing my hips when
I walk, the skirt is really narrow and restricts my legs causing me to
take short steps. Once at the exit I have to be helped off the train by a
porter because of the restriction of the skirt, he smiles at me and tells
me “have a nice day mum “and hops back onto the train and it pulls away.
We set off walking to the hotel, me wiggling along with short steps
trying to keep up with my wife thanks to the girdle and restrictive
skirt; I also feel the pull of the garter on the stocking with every step
of my high heeled feet.

After what seems like a lifetime I wiggled into the hotel and up to the
front desk with my wife where a young girl who watched us walk-in
asks”can I help you, ladies?” My wife tells her we have a reservation and
after looking it up she is handed a key, a bellhop grabs our bags and were
off to our room me falling behind wiggling and swaying all the way
trying to keep up!

Once in the room, my wife turns to me and says having fun yet? I go to say
no but my mouth says “yes “and she says good because now the real fun
starts we are going shopping, “let’s go” and the next thing I know I’m
walking out the door behind her!

We spent the day wandering the streets of the town walking everywhere, or
at least my wife was walking I on the other hand just seemed to wiggled
along, with the feeling that every set of eyes in town were watching me!

We finally returned to our hotel for a quick dinner, renewal of the
control word then back to our room.

Once back in our room my wife said something unintelligible to me and I
began to undress removing my shoes, blouse, skirt, longline bra,
stockings and thank god for the girdle, I slipped on a nightdress and walked
into the bathroom and once again take the creams and soaps out of a
makeup kit and began washing my face. After that, I return to the main
the room, where I was asked, do you understand who’s in charge here or would
another day in a hobble skirt and girdle be necessary, I quickly said
“no” and went to bed.

The next morning I awake to my wife putting on her shorts and a
comfortable top and pair of sandals, she again says something
unintelligible to me; I popped up out of bed walk to the bathroom shave,
shower and sit down and started Appling makeup again! (I felt like I was
just an observer watching myself do this!) I fixed my hair then returned
to the bedroom where my clothes were laid out for me, this time it was a
pink floral, bra, satiny high cut matching panties, white pantyhose, pink
strappy high-heeled sandals and a pink floral sundress. I find myself
putting my arms through the straps of the bra pulling it on adjusting the
cups around my breast forms them fastening it behind my back, next I pull
the panties on then sit down, roll the pantyhose on one foot at a time,
rolling them carefully up my legs and adjust the panty portion around my
waist, I put the high heeled sandals on my feet and fasten the straps
around my ankles; last I pull the sundress over my head and adjust it.
(What have I done?)My wife hands me a purse and we walk out the door. As
I walk I realize how light the dress feels and how the billowy above the
knee skirt catches the breeze with every step I take, we go to breakfast
where I’m given fruit, tea, and juice while my wife eats eggs bacon and

After breakfast, we’re off again this time to art galleries some small
stores and a street fare, all I can think about is making sure the next
breeze doesn’t lift my skirt up. So far no one has seemed to read me but
that’s all that goes through my mind as I walk down the street with my
skirt billowing in the breeze.

We return to the hotel for diner and while walking back to the room my
wife says something unintelligent to me and I suddenly stubble in the
heels and have a hard time walking in them, I also feel the satin panties
caressing my behind, the weight of the breast forms on my chest and the
silky feeling of the pantyhose on my legs, when we reach the room I ask
what did you say to me? She laughs and says I just wanted to remind you
of my of the power of my commands and your programming, I just turned off
your feminine programming letting you be a guy in a dress so you could
see what could happen to you if you give me any problems, then she
giggles, I rush into the room hoping no one saw me and feeling totally
silly dressed as I was, I hear my wife say something unintelligent
again, and I feel confident and at ease with myself and my manner of dress.
My daily programmed word is then given, and my wife looks at me smiles
and says well the programming is still working! I then go through my new
the nightly routine of makeup removal and getting ready for bed.

The next morning begins once again begins with an unintelligent word and
I’m up and off to do my new morning routine of shaving, showering doing
my hair and putting on makeup. After that, I return to find my clothes for
the day, this time it’s sheer baby blue panties and bra with satin
panels and lace trim, black pantyhose, and above the knee denim dress and
a pink scarf, I step into the panties put on the bra adjusting the cups
over my breasts forms then I sit down and pull the pantyhose up my legs,
put a pair of high heeled sandals on my feet, stand up, and put the denim
dress on and button it up the front, then tie the scarf around my neck.
My wife looks at me and says perfect let’s go and once again we’re off to
breakfast and then shopping and art galleries.

While shopping my wife takes me into a lingerie store and starts holding
up various lingerie items for me to see, panties, bras, stockings then
Teddies, as she is showing me a sheer yellow teddy with white lace trim a
the clerk comes over and asks if we need help, my wife answers right away
saying that she (pointing to me) loves this teddy but would like it in
pink, the clerk looks at me and say a “c” cup? Which is quickly answered
by my wife yes a “40 C” the clerk walks away only to quickly returns with
the item and holds it up for me to see, I look at it and realize that
it’s so sheer you can see through most of it, My wife turns and says let
go and try it on she takes it from the clerk and hands it to me. Again I
feel compelled to put it on and walk to the changing rooms and go into a
small booth with my wife she has me take off my dress and bra and put the
teddy on over my panties and pantyhose, she adjusts the straps and then
points out the lace around the leg openings and across the butt saying
how cute it is when she explains how the crotch snaps open for the bathroom
use and other reasons, all’s I can think about is how sheer it is and
that you can see through most of the garment other than the bra cups, I am
told to take it off and redress. After stepping out of the changing room
the clerk approaches and asks “well?” and my wife says it fits her
perfectly, do you have it in any other colors? The clerk says it comes
in White with pink trim, pale blue with dark blue trim, black with red
lace trim and red with black lace trim. My wife says great she’ll take
the pink and white one and the red with black one, black with red and
she’ll need some stocking to go with those, whatever you think a
gentleman would like to see her in! The clerk takes us over to where the
stocking is and first shows us a pair of black stockings with which she
says have three silicon bands in them at the top behind the three-inch
red lace-trimmed top so they stay up without the need of a garter belt,
and they also have a seam up the back and should look really sexy with
the red and black teddy or black with red teddy. She next shows us a pair
of white stocking again with silicone bands to keep them up plus a lace
the pattern throughout the stocking, saying these would great with the pink
teddy, my wife says fine we’ll take them! After making the purchase we
walk out the store and my wife leans over and whispers to me you’ll look
so sexy in those! A chill runs down my spine!

We finally head back to the hotel for dinner and after giving me my
the programmed word I start my nightly routine before going to bed.

I awake to the day I thought would never come the day we’re to head home,
I once again am given my command word and off to the bathroom to do my
the new morning routine of shave, shower, fix my hair, and put on my makeup.
After coming out of the bathroom I’m met by my wife who says, “what
should we wear?” then she says “I know” and goes over to the bags from
the lingerie store pulls out the red and black teddy and the black
stockings and places them on the bed she go to the pink suitcase and
pulls out a pair of spike-heeled pumps and places them on the bed next to
the lingerie, I walk overstep into the teddy sit down take the stockings
and roll them on one at a time up my legs, only to be told by my wife to
“straighten your seems” after doing that I put the pumps on and stand up.
My wife says “now go look at yourself in the mirror” I walk over to the
mirror and see myself standing there in a practically see-through teddy
with my stockings stopping just below the black laced leg opening of the
Teddy, I’m told to turn around which I do and see the black lace ruffles
across the back of the teddy! (I’m trying not to look but can’t help
myself) my concentration is broken by my wife who says “you know that
looks so sexy on you maybe you should wear just that home and nothing
else” (in my head I am screaming “no” but nothing is coming out of my
mouth) she laughs and says “I guess maybe not we don’t want you
arrested” she then pulls a red blouse, black jacket, and skirt out of the
case and says put this on. After putting the skirt jacket and blouse on,
I’m told “now you’re all business on the outside and sexy on the inside”.
My wife puts on a pair of jeans some flats and a tee shirt and denim
jacket and we’re off for the train station. Walking to the train station
I keep thinking about the sheerness of the teddy and how it leaves
nothing to the imagination if my skirt blows up or if someone sees up my
the skirt I’m in big trouble, I am also very aware of the feel of stockings,
trying discreetly to keep them up and the seams straight, as well as
concentrating on walking in the spiked heels!

Finally, we’re on the train and on the way home, as we’re sitting in the
observation car watching the scenery go by my wife says something
unintelligible to me and I am suddenly fully aware of how I’m dressed and
scared about it. My wife says you have been released from your
programming for a little while so I can tell you something and let you
squirm a bit, I have known about your cross-dressing for a while and just
ignored it until I read all the crossdressing stories you have saved
and written. After reading them I spoke to Lisa and With her help and
subliminal programming you are going to experience them all because I
have had fun and you took to the programming so well. I think we’ll
continue this. I looked at her and said “All the stories?” and she said
“yes all” with a big grin on her face “in fact I think I’m going to enjoy
having a maid! So you just sit there while and think about it and your
future while I’ll go get some drinks. She stood up and walked away
leaving me sitting there contemplating my future and Hoping she would
give at least give me the programmed word again before we got off the

The end or is it?


Thankfully before getting off the train my wife gave me the command word
to return my confidence and be able to leave the train and return home.

On my return home I was given command as I walked into the bedroom,
realizing how I was dressed I took of the jacket and blouse followed by
the shoes, I looked up and saw myself in our large full-length mirror
standing there in a red teddy with black lace ruffles and thigh-high
Black seamed stockings and fully made up! I wondered how it came to this
and reviewed the last few days in my mind, I had been programmed by my
wife and her friend the hypnotherapist! I couldn’t believe it! I was suddenly awakened by my wife who walked into the room gave me a bottle of
solvent smacked me on the ass and said here you go sexy for your boobs
and walked out. I took the teddy and stockings off then went to work
removing the breast forms.

The next week fell I back into a normal pace, my wife went to her job as
a nurse every day while I worked at home doing my job over the internet.
I work for a foreign company with its office out of the country so my
work was done via the internet and phone.

Over the next few days I had tried to talk to my wife about what had gone
on but she would just say “don’t worry about it sweetie everything is ok”
or “not now” and change the subject.

On Friday I tucked my still feminine hairstyle under a ball cap and went
to Lisa’s office for my usual hypnotherapy session, feeling very
uncomfortable with what Lisa now knew and had done to me but wanted to
confront her! I walked into the office opened my mouth to say something
and suddenly Lisa shouted something unintelligible and I froze, she
walked up to me looked me in the eye and said “forget it sweetie you’ll
always do what your wife and I tell you to do it without question thanks
to you post-hypnotic programs” she smiled and said “sit down girlfriend”
I did what I was told and my hypnotherapy session started. I later walked
out the office feeling refreshed and eager to get home to make dinner and
get ready for my wife’s return home.

Once home I peeled some potatoes got a roast ready set the table and then
went to get dressed for dinner. I walked into our bedroom went to the
the bathroom turned on the shower stepped in and started shaving from
my eyebrows down, After that, I got out of the shower walked over to the
vanity found the breast forms and some glue put them on them began to
make up my face (what was going on?) foundation, blush, pink eye shadow
mascara and eyeliner painted my nails and walked into the spare bedroom
where the pink teddy with the white trim, and white lace patterned thigh
high stockings we bought on our trip were laid out next to a pink satin
maids uniform with a white apron and petticoats. I found myself putting
the Teddy on , rolling the stocking up my legs, putting the petticoat
around my waist and then the maids dress on followed by a pair of pink 4
inch pumps, I brushed my hair and went back to the kitchen to check on
dinner set the table and make salads.

At five O’clock my wife walked in and I instinctively curtsied to her and
said “dinner would be ready soon mistress” (where did that come from?)
she kissed my cheek and said be a good maid and fetch me a glass of wine.
I again curtsied and went and got her a glass of wine and took it to her
in the bedroom where she was getting changed. She looked me over said “I
see you saw Lisa today! Good!” now let me inspect you shall we, I stood
still while she walked around looking at me, she suddenly lifted up my
skirt and looked underneath, then said don’t you just love the teddies
you bought? They’re so cute, especially with the lace ruffles! Now go get
diner served and let’s eats.

Once in the dining room I served my wife her dinner then went to sit down
only to be told oh no you’re the help and have to eat after me! Now stand
over there pointing to the corner, I stood there while she ate, and every
once in a while moved when she asked for something. After dinner, I ate
my diner in the kitchen then cleaned up, I was called out to the living
room where my wife was watching TV and told that I could sit at her feet
and massage them, which I promptly did.

While massaging my wife’s feet she told me that I had now been programmed
to be a maid on command and she had ordered me several maids’ uniforms in
different colors. She went on to say that she and Lisa were looking
through all my stories to see what other things I had read about that
they could do to me! (At this point a chill went down my spine as I
thought about some of the stories I had read and kept, would they really
do all those things I had read about?) We went to bed where I was given a
pale blue baby doll nightie. After taking off my maids uniform and
removing my makeup I put on the pale blue panties of the nightie then
the top which didn’t even come down to my rear and climbed into bed I was
given a kiss by my wife and an unintelligent word (command) and went to

The next morning I awoke early showered shaved then sat down at the
makeup table and began to make my face up foundation, blush, eye shadow,
eyeliner and lipstick. I went to the third bedroom where I found a gray
maid’s uniform laid out with peach panties matching bra and gray

I dressed in the uniform found a pair of 3-inch heels put them on and
went and made breakfast and served my wife in bed. She informed me I was
to clean the house while she was away at work. I vacuumed, washed the
floors, and dusted and did the laundry.

My wife called me and I was informed that we were dining at Lisa’s. On my
wife’s return home I was told to get ready and sent to the third bedroom
where my outfit for the evening was laid out. Upon entering I see my
outfit on the bed, so I remove my maid’s uniform clean up redo my makeup
and start to dress in my outfit a pair of bright peach satin and lace
panties with matching satin and lace bra, a satin garter belt and suntan
hold up stockings, this is followed by a peach with white lace trim
billowy party style dress, a pair of white high heeled sandals and to top
it off a white large-brimmed floppy hat. I put the outfit on and then
join my wife who was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans a blue tee-shirt and
sandals and out to our car we go, my wife opened the passenger door and I
get in smoothing my skirt underneath me then swinging my legs into the
car, the door is closed and we drove off.

On arrival at Lisa’s, I was hesitant to get out of the car but when my
wife opened the door and said let’s go I stepped and walked with my wife
to Lisa’s front door. After ringing the bell we are greeted by Lisa who
is also in shorts and a tee-shirt, Lisa invites us in and says to me you
look great! Peach suits you, all’s I can do is demurely say thank you and

We go out into Lisa’s yard where I end up making drinks and serving them
to the women. After serving the drinks I sit down with the women who
begin to inform me that over the last few months through hypnotism, they
have programmed me with certain key phrases that will make me act in
certain pre-programmed ways, for example, one phrase will have me wear
whatever clothes my wife puts out for me, like what I’m wearing now,
another phrase makes me feel comfortable and confidante with what I’m
wearing and act feminine, and yet another phrase can make freeze in my
tracks but be aware of everything being said to me! They went on to tell
me things that had programmed into me, like being able to put on makeup
and fix my hair, things I will say and do like when I was in the maid
uniform how I will curtsey and call women “Mistress”, As well as being
able to make me blank out until I’m woken like I was on the train! Lisa
suddenly says you know maybe we can even program him to be a little girl,
they both giggle then my wife says diapers and all? Lisa looked at me and
laughed again and said of course! After they regain their composure I
was sent off to the kitchen to make the salads, as I walked past Lisa she
flipped my skirt up and said wow! Garter belt and everything, “how sexy!”

The rest of the evening was pretty normal other than me wearing women’s
clothes that is, we ate dinner sat around had wine and talked until it
was time for my wife and I to leave. When we went to leave Lisa gave me a
big hug and a kiss then a pat on my butt and said good night sexy!

On our return home the usual nightly work is given and I’m going through
the nightly routine of makeup removal and putting on a nightie and
getting into bed.

Once again I awaken early shower shave, put on makeup, put on another
maids uniform this time in pale blue with pale blue panties and bra white
pantyhose and pale blue pumps, I again make breakfast and serve it to my
wife in bed and after she leaves for work clean up before going into my
office and sitting down at my computer to do what work I have to do for
the day the whole time still wearing the maid’s uniform. Shortly before
my wife returns I prepare a nice dinner for her and wait for her arrival.

Upon my wife’s arrival, I greet her at the door and told her “dinner is
ready mistress” she patted me on the cheek and said thank you, sweetie
went and washed up and returned to the dining room and ate.

After dinner, I was given a command and went and did my nightly routine
then returned to main room wearing a pair of tap pants and a camisole top
and cuddled next to her watching T.V. the rest of the night .

The following morning I once again get up early shower return to my room
apply makeup and put on my outfit for today a mid-calf narrow black
leather skirt red turtle neck top, black open bottom girdle, long line
bra and black hold up stockings and black leather knee high heeled
boots, I wrestle into the girdle roll the stockings up my legs and attach
then to the garter tabs on the girdle, then put on the black long line
bra, followed by the skirt, the top and then the boots before making
breakfast for my wife and serving it to her.

While eating breakfast my wife tells me that we need some groceries from
store and hands me a list, gets up and leaves for work.

I head out to the store to pick up the groceries on the list and as I
teeter in the heels on the boots down the lane to the store I feel the
tight sensation of the girdle and longline bra, the caressing of the
stocking on my legs, the pull on the garters of the stockings and the
restraint of the long narrow leather skirt forcing me to take shorter
steps, it seems to take forever for me to walk the three blocks to the

After picking up my groceries I got in the line and waited for my turn to
pay for my items as I reached the cashier she suddenly looks at me and
say’s I know you don’t I? I just shake my head no and look down and start
playing with my items, she then says sorry it’s just you look like this
guy that used to come in here all the time but I haven’t seen him in a
while! I just smile pay for my items and leave hoping that the clerk
doesn’t put 2 and 2 together. I then teeter and wiggle my way home taking
small steps home.

Once home I receive a phone call from my giving a command that suddenly
makes me realize what I’m wearing and allows me to remove my makeup and
go and change out of the clothes I have on and put on my male clothes,
after that I did some of my work on the computer before once again
tucking my feminine hair style under a hat and heading to Lisa’s for my
regular Friday session.

Once at Lisa’s office I’m greeted by her with a big smile on her face and
she asks me how things are going I look at her and tell her “you damn
well know how things are going” and sit down, Lisa says hostility
doesn’t become me and starts my session, I wake up a short time later
feeling relax. Lisa tells me that we’re done and to have a nice day, as I
walk out the door she says see you at the Halloween party sweetie and my
blood runs cold! My whole trip home all I can think about is what going
to happen to me next? I return home, nothing, lounge around go on the
internet nothing and then my return home, we sit and talk for a few
minutes about our day ten I asked, What is Lisa talking about a Halloween
party? She tells me not to worry about it and then asks if I want a pizza
changing the subject and then we order the pizza. After dinner we have a
nice night and go to bed early, still no programmed words women’s
clothing or anything just a normal night and we even make love.

Saturday morning starts out fine and relaxing until I see my wife in the
spare room going through some boxes I walked in and asked her what she was
doing and she said checking our costumes for tonight. I asked what our
costumes were. And she just smiled and said you’ll find out later and
just smiled and laughed. A chill ran up my spine! She then pushed me out
of the room and locked the door. I spent the rest of the day doing things
around the house raking the leaves and cleaning the gutters.

Around 3 in the afternoon my wife called me in the house and told me it
was time to get ready for the costume party, I again asked what my
the costume would be and was greeted with a laugh and some unintelligible


I heard my wife say something then I seemed to come out of a trance or a
sleep or whatever I was in, the last thing I remembered I was in our
guest bedroom trying to find out what she was going to dress me in for
Lisa's Halloween party and now I was sitting on what felt like a giant
pillow with something in my mouth and something tied under my chin, I
tried to get up but I was restrained looking down I saw a seatbelt across
my lap and between my legs keeping me seated. I now had on a pink dress
with a white lace trimmed pinafore on and I had the sensation of moving I
looked to my right just in time to see a mirror passing by my side and
looking in the mirror I see that I am dressed as a little girl and I'm in
an adult sized baby stroller being pushed by my wife dressed as a sexy
Nurse, White Dress with little red crosses on it white thigh hi
stockings, and little nurses hat, I now realize what she's done! Just as
it hits me I am wheeled into a large banquet room full of people dressed
in costumes and of course everybody stops to look as we enter the room,
all I can do is suck on the pacifier in my mouth and look around. I'm
wheeled up to where Lisa also dressed as a sexy nurse is with some other
people and we stop. Lisa bends down looks me in the eye and says "oh how
cute, what a little doll" and pinches my cheek. I reach up to stop her
and discover my hands are in fingerless mittens and are basically useless
, Lisa then says to me have a "fun time sweetie" and goes back to talking
to her friends and my wife while I just sit in the stroller.

Finally my wife leans in says something to me then unfastens the straps
holding me in the stroller and lets me up, as I get up I realize the
dress I have on is very short and has a satin and nylon net petticoat
under it pushing the skirt portion out and away from my legs and as I
stand I also realize that I have a giant cloth diaper on and from the
noise, plastic panties over that I look around only to hear my wife say
go mingle meet people honey if you want (I just want to hid) I
tentatively walk towards the door  ( more like waddle with the thick
diaper between my legs) only to be stopped by a group of women who look
me over and 'say how cute!' One of them then lifts up the bottom of my
dress and says to her friends "oh look at lace covered plastic rumba
panties he has on over his diaper aren't they cute!" She then pats me on
the butt and say Auntie will change you if you need changing honey just
call me! I can feel my face burning red with embarrassment, the women
walk away laughing as I make it over to the area by the door and see the
mirror again and get a good look at  myself, I have on a pink dress with
little animals on it with capped sleeves, a real short skirt a white lace
trimmed pinafore tied around my waist with a big bow in the back, under
the skirt is some kind of nylon net and satin petticoat that is holding
the skirt out away from me reveling the large bulky diaper that is
covered in a plastic rumba panty with tons of lace across the rear, on my
feet are a pair of pink lace trimmed socks and pink Mary Jane shoes,  my
head is covered in a matching pink bonnet, in my mouth is a pink pacifier
and my face is made up with pink eye makeup and pink blush on my cheek.

I'm brought to reality by my wife who say pretty costume isn't it I got
it from one of your stories I just look at her as she took my hand and
brought me back to our table and sits me back down in the stroller and
straps me back in and says something to me, the whole time I just keep
sucking on the pacifier, until she pulls it out of my mouth and replaces
it with a bottle which I for some reason hungrily suck on, as a crowd
forms and women start taking turns feeding me the bottle.

It then announce that the costume parade is about to start and everyone
in the contest should line up my wife stuff's the pacifier back in my
mouth and wheels me over to the line and as the music starts she wheels
me around the room in the stroller for everyone to see then up and across
the stage as our names are announced with the other entries.  I feel very
embarrassed but just can't seem to do anything but suck on the pacifier
and watch everyone look at me as I'm wheeled around again then over to a
table where Lisa and some other people are seated, my stroller is pushed
against the table and my wife sits down next to me and starts chatting to
everyone at the table as the waiters and waitresses start serving dinner.
I just sit there unable to say or do anything while everyone eats and
enjoys their meal except me, one of the women at the table say what about
him? Lisa's interrupts and says I'll take care of him with a big smile on
her face. Lisa leans over says something unintelligible to me ties a bib
around my neck, pulls the pacifier out of my mouth and begins to spoon
feed me my dinner from some jars that she pulled out of a diaper bag on
the stroller and I hungrily and happily eat it as she feeds me, someone
asks what's going on and my wife just says he's just staying in character
for the contest and they all laugh as I sit there with Lisa feeding me.

After the diner my wife whispers a command to me then lets me out of the
stroller, as the music and dancing begins, at one point I'm even dragged
out to the dance floor for a few dances. Finally as the night is coming
to an end and they start announcing the winners, third place goes to a
couple dressed as Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein, second
place went to a Playboy bunny and an elf and first place went to my wife
and me! I'm wheeled up on stage to loud applause and shouting! I hear one
woman yell out does baby need changing? I'll gladly do it!  My wife
thanks her and says it okay she can handle it, we are given a plaque,
coupons for a spa weekend and a hotel stay!

Finally it's time to leave and I'm back in the stroller and rolled out
the hotel and into the busy street where everyone passing by looks and
laughs at me while my wife and Lisa try to hail a cab, finally after what
seemed like forever, we have a cab and are on the way home and hopefully
an end to this nightmare.

As I sit there between the two women sucking on the pacifier I can't
believe how I'm dressed and what has happened to me in the last month and
a half then it to add to it I suddenly feel myself going in my diaper can
this get any worse? Just then the cab pulls over to the curb and both
women  pull me out, set the stroller up put me back in push me down the
street for several blocks passing people who looked laughed and pointed
at me as we went along, finally we reached our house where I was pushed
in and let out of the stroller I took a few steps around the house before
I was told to stand still while my wife undressed me she untied the
pinafore pulled off over my head unbuttoned my dress had me step out of
it, pulled my petticoats down and had me step out of it lastly she had me
lay down on a plastic sheet on the floor where she removed my shoes and
socks then pulled my plastic rumba panties off, as she did this she felt
the diaper and realized I had wet it she stands up and called for Lisa to
come though, as she stood there waiting for Lisa I looked up to get a
perfect view up her nurses costume, I can see up her costume, white lace
panties, thigh high stocking wow ! Lisa arrives and now I can see up her
costume also, thigh high fishnet stockings and no panties! Suddenly Lisa
looks down and say naughty baby! Looking up nurse's dress isn't nice!
Then my wife tells her, "he wet his diaper" the both laugh then knee down
unfasten my diaper remove it and wipe me down my wife then powders me,
puts a disposable diaper on me followed by a pair of pink plastic pants,
she then sits me up pulls a pink shirt over me lays me back down and
pulls the tail of the shirt under me and then snaps it to the front of
the shirt (I'm now in a onezie!)  Lisa then says baby was bad and has to
go to bed now for being bad and looking up our dresses and will miss the
fun and pulls my wife to her and starts kissing her and groping her while
I just lay there sucking on a pacifier, they both look at me and start
laughing, then say "baby to bed" I get up walk to bed climb in and go to
sleep while listening to them laughing.

I wake up the next morning realizing I'm lying in the spare room in a
diaper, plastic pants with a onezie on, I get up walk through to the
master bedroom to find Lisa and my wife entwined in each other's arms my
wife looks up at me and say come on and join us I climb into bed and lay
between them, The women then start talking Baby talk to me and start
rubbing their hands all over me and my diaper, each then cuddle up to me
and go back to sleep.

A little while later I'm awoken and told to go make then some coffee and
serve it to them in bed, I head to the kitchen listening to my plastic
pants crinkle as I walk.  I make the coffee serve it to them in bed then
I'm told "baby take a shower" and go to the bathroom take of the onezie
and then the disposable diaper, looking down I realize not only are my
legs and chest shaven but now my crotch is completely hairless! I take my
shower and after drying off I call my wife and ask her for some clothes,
she walks up says something I don't understand to me then hands me some
clothes and walks away, I take the clothes and start to put them on only
to realize that I just put on a pair of cotton panties, a pair of white
tights, a training bra, a white peter pan collared blouse and a red plaid
jumper dress and a pair of saddle shoes, I'm dressed as a catholic school
girl! My wife and Lisa come into the room; Lisa fixes my hair and then
steps back and looks and says perfect! My wife then tells me that this is
my costume for today while I answer the door and handing out the
Halloween candy.

I spend the rest of the day serving my wife and Lisa drinks and snacks
and answering the door and handing out candy to kids at the door, a
couple of the neighbors also come to the door with their kids look at me
laugh and leave.

The day finally ends, Lisa leaves and as we're about to go to bed my wife
says something to me a command and I suddenly feel silly in the school
girl's outfit, head to the master bedroom take of my uniform and finally
put on my own pajamas and climb into bed my wife joins me wearing a sexy
nightie and we have a night of passion!

The next morning as I wake up I wonder if it's over or are there more
programs to be fulfilled

The end or is it?


Well it's Monday morning and Halloween is over, I've woken up to an empty
house and in my own pajamas.  After getting out of bed and making
breakfast I go to the bathroom and take a shower. After the shower I am
puzzled as I find no clothes out for me and I now seem to have a choice
of clothes for the first time in weeks but what to wear? Maybe my wife's
had her fun and has given up on her posthypnotic suggestions on me! I
grab a pair of my briefs some jeans, socks and a tee shirt and put them
on, however after a while they just don't feel right I don't know why?
Maybe it's my shave legs, or shaved body? but the clothes just don't feel
right, after a while I can't take it anymore and go looking for other
clothes to wear, finding a pair of lycra cotton mix panties, pantyhose
and a camisole I put them on and then put my jeans and tee shirt back on
and feel much better and return to my little office to complete my tasks
for the day, A little while later my wife walks into the house and after
hugging me asks me about my day I say it was fine (leaving out my choice
of underclothing) and hoping maybe she wouldn't notice. After dinner I go
into the bathroom and remove my clothes and put my pajama's and get into
bed, She never mentions anything about my clothes and climbs into bed, we
talk for a little while about the upcoming week and our anniversary on
Saturday and how we had planned to renew our vows, then we go to sleep.

The rest of the week seems mundane other than I believe without
programming I am still wearing lingerie, and trying to hide the fact from
my wife who seems preoccupied with her work and tying up loose ends
before our trip. Thursday for some reason seems lost to me I remembered
getting up talking with my wife over breakfast then she says something to
me and next thing I remember we're sitting eating dinner and my wife is
telling me that we're all set for our trip to Florida on Monday, as she's
talking she asks me are you listening you seem so out of it today!  I
just say I seem to of lost a day. She just smiles and says that happens.
We clean up after dinner then get ready for bed, I once again put on my
regular pajamas without anything being said to me and go to bed and
sleep. Friday morning seems to go as usual except my wife is off of work
and getting ready for our trip, while I have an appointment to meet
someone reference my job, I put on my Dockers, a polo shirt and my
baseball hat to cover my still highlighted and long hair and head out, I
find it odd not wearing hose or any kind of lingerie but figure my wife
has had her fun with me and has tired of it and I'm not going to risk her
finding me in it.

Friday evening I arrive home to find my wife has made me a drink and a
nice dinner with a great wine then we retire to bed for the evening as
she tells me we have a long day tomorrow I can't figure why as we are
just renewing our vows then going out for a nice dinner then home to get
ready for our trip on Sunday.

Saturday morning I am woken by my wife who tells me that Lisa is her for
me and doesn't want to wait all day, I start to ask why when my wife say
something I don't understand and I find myself walking out behind Lisa to
her car, we get to Lisa's car where she opens the door and gives me  a
big grin, I get in she shuts the door and then climbs into the driver's
side and we're off to where I don't know but I don't have good feeling.
A few minutes later we pull up to a beauty parlor and stop, Lisa grins
again and says "in you go" and I open the door and just walk right in,
with Lisa behind me. She immediately says he has an appointment to the
receptionist and takes me to a back booth where three women are waiting
for me. I step in, the curtain are closed and Lisa tells me to sit and
just after I sit down she says something I don't understand and I feel
myself go limp, one girl removes my shoes and socks then pulls my sweat
pants down and off while the other unzips and removes my sweatshirt top,
the chair is tilted back and I see one of the girls open a box and take
two flesh colored mounds out and after putting some type of liquid onto
then puts them onto my chest and holds then for a few minutes. The other
woman rubs my legs a few times then starts spreading some type of cream
onto them after a few minutest she wipes the cream and any hair off, once
she completes that she starts working on my toes, filing my nails then
polishing then a light pink color, the other woman releases her hands
from the flesh colored blobs on my chest to reveal two life like breast
forms, and if I had to guess I now have  C cup breasts.  An apron is then
tied around my limp form and then the woman starts washing my hair, after
that she start putting curlers into my hair, and then puts my head under
a hair dryer, while the third woman starts working on my finger nails
first putting some type of forms on them then applying some type jell,
she then takes some kind of heat gun and uses it on my nails until they
appear dry, removes the forms and files the nails into a perfect oval
shape about a half inch past my finger tips,  after that she polishes the
nails the same pale pink to match my toe nails, After my nails are
finished the dryer is removed, the curlers are removed then my hair is
combed out and then sprayed with tons of hairspray. Last a cart is pulled
up and one of the women goes to work on my face, foundation, blush, three
shades of pink eye shadow, mascara, and finally a pale pink lipstick, I
have a bad feeling about this but I seem to be helpless to do anything.
My sweats are put back on me as well as my shoes and then Lisa gives me a
command and I am up and following her out the door to her car I can't
believe what just happened! As we're walking out to the car I feel the
breast forms bouncing and jiggling, suddenly Lisa looks at me and says
someone needs a bra huh? I just climb into the car and try to hide as
Lisa gets in the car and drives away.

A few minutes later we stop again this time in front of a bridle
boutique, this has just gone from bad to worse, but I seem just to be a
passenger in my own body as Lisa says to me come on walk in and I do.
Once inside we are met by what seems like an army of women, they steer me
into a small room and before I know it I'm naked and Lisa is telling me
that I will do whatever they tell me to do, and say "see you in a little
while" and walks out. The women then go to work, first a white satin and
lace boned corset is wrapped around my waist and breasts, its then laced
up and tightened, a woman wraps a tape measure around my waist and then
tells the woman behind me 'one more inch" and she start tightening the
corset more, at this point I feel like I'm going to be squeezed in half,
but luckily for me she stops and ties it off, I'm measured again and the
woman says "perfect". I'm then seated and a pair of white sheer shiny
stockings are pulled up my legs to my knees, I'm stood up them the
stocking are pulled the rest of the way up then attached to the six
garters hanging from the corset, this is followed by a pale pink bridle
garter that is  pulled up my right leg to the top of my stocking, I am
then told to step into a pair of panties that are pulled up my legs to
just below the corset looking down  I see a pair of silk and satin
panties covered with lace on the rear and around the leg openings. At
this point a photographer steps into the booth and starts taking
pictures. I am again seated and a pair of satin white high heeled pumps
with a strap across the top of my foot is put on my feet. After that I am
led over to what looks like a pile of fabric on the floor and told to
step into the middle of it, then the mass of fabric is pulled up to my
waist and attached to my corset, it feels like it weighs a ton looking
down it I see a mass of nylon net and taffeta covered in satin that seems
to go out several feet in all directions from my legs. Then a woman
appears with a wedding  dress she carries it over to me and with the help
of two other woman it is lowered over my head and my arms are put though
the lace ¾ length lace sleeves, the dress is then adjusted over the
bridal slip and then the dozens of tiny buttons up the back are buttoned
up all the way to the lace neckline a train is attached to the back of
the dress, a veil is then put over my face and pinned into my hair and
I'm led over to a mirror in the showroom. Looking in the mirror I'm in
shock as I can't believe how I look! what I can see of the makeup though
the veil seems to be perfect, then looking down I see the dress is a
white satin with a lace top from the top of my breast forms where it
becomes lace to my neck and over my shoulders and down my arms, turning
around I see the back satin part scoops down to just above the corset but
is covered by lace going all the way to my neck and shoulders the dress
also  has a giant bow just above my butt with a long train leading from
the bow to the ground, The train goes out about six feet behind me!
Walking in the dress in almost impossible between the four inch heels on
my feet and the weight of the slip and the train. Just then Lisa
reappears in a blue bridesmaids dress and say "perfect!" grabs my arm and
says let's go!  With the help of the women in the shop I am led out to a
waiting limo and with difficulty put in the back, Lisa climbs in and
we're off.

We arrive a little while later at a small church where I am helped out of
the limo to the sound of a camera clicking and people standing outside
the church owing and awing! Lisa says up the stairs and in now dear and I
find myself moving as if I was a robot being controlled (I am) grabbing
my skirt had pulling it up to walk up the stairs and into the church.
Once in the church Lisa say hold this and hands me a bunch of flowers and
I take them in both hands and hold them in front of me. Lisa leaves me in
the foyer and walks down the aisle to the front of the church.  I hear
the wedding march and suddenly I'm on the move slowly walking down the
aisle with the photographer taking pictures the whole way. As I walk down
the aisle I feel the corset holding me firmly the garters tugging on the
stockings and the silky smooth feeling of the stockings massaging my legs
and I can't help but to enjoy the feeling. Upon reaching the front of the
church I find my wife standing there in a tux and a minster standing
waiting for me. Upon reaching the alter, the minister starts the
ceremony, I can't believe it I'm being married again but this time I'm
the bride! I hear the minister say to my wife do you take this man to be
your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold in sickness and in health
till death do you part and my wife says "I do" he then asks me if I take
my wife to be my lawfully wedded husband to serve and obey to have and to
hold in sickness and health till death do you part? I suddenly catch
myself saying "I do!" He then asks for the ring a gold banded ring with a
large stone is then put onto my ring finger. The minister then pronounces
us husband and wife and says you may now kiss the bride and with that my
wife leans in and plants a big kiss on me, we then turn around and walk
out the church arm and arm or I should say she does I seem to struggle
with weight of the dress/slip and, train just try to keep up! We finally
reach the door where the photographer insists on more photos and we take
several pictures outside and around the church. After the photo shoot  we
are able to climb into the limo, my wife that is, me with Lisa's
assistance getting the large dress and train into the car, once in the
car my wife or should I say husband says "baby speak freely", I feel my
head clear and I "ask what are you doing to me ?"And then I asked how did
you get this dress for me?  she says helping you live all your fantasy's,
"you know the ones you wrote and saved on your laptop" and then she tells
me that she had picked the dress out weeks ago for me and that on
Thursday I had gone for a fitting so that it would right for today" "now
enjoy yourself my lovely bride and says "baby be my bride" and I go back
to how I felt before and not being able to ask questions.

The car stops and the door is opened only for me to see we are not at our
house but at one of the large  hotels in town, I get out of the car with
Lisa's and my wife and am taken into a reception room where I see several
people seated at tables waiting for us. I can't believe it I am actually
having a wedding reception! We have the dinner then to my total
embarrassment we have to do the garter thing where I have to sit in a
chair while my wife reaches under my massive dress and pull the garter
off of my leg then throw it to the eligible men in the group. I then have
to throw the flowers to all the single women. Lastly I do the bridal
dance with my new husband and we are finally able leave.

Walking though the lobby in my dress I am again met with oohs and aahs by
people in the lobby as I struggle to walk in the dress and the giant slip
under the dress, walking past a mirror I see myself and it looks like I
don't have any feet and am just floating because of the size and length
of the dress!

We make it to honeymoon sweet where I'm led in by my now husband who then
grabs me tells me how beautiful I am and starts kissing me. Finally she
says I'll help you out of that and starts unbuttoning the dress for me
and I'm able to take it off followed by the giant heavy slip! I'm left
standing there in heels a corset, panties and stockings and my new
husband grabs me again and starts kissing me and telling me how sexy I
am, then she breaks her hold on me smacks my rear and tells me to change
for bed by putting on the gift she has left for  me in the bathroom I
turn and walk into the bathroom and open a box there and pull out a white
teddy covered in lace trim and pink ribbons, after removing my corset
panties, shoes and stocking I step into the  teddy pull it up fix the
cups over my breast forms and the spaghetti straps over my shoulders and
return to the main room where my new husband is now standing in a pair of
boxers and a tee shirt she then takes me to bed for our honeymoon night.


I've just woken up to someone knocking on the door, after hearing the
shower running and realizing that I'll have to answer the door I pull a
cotton bathrobe over my teddy and go and answer the door, Upon answering
the door one of the bellhops wishes me a good morning and pushes a cart
past me and into the room, he then uncovers the plates revealing a giant
breakfast on the cart walks to the door says congratulations Mrs. Johnston
on your marriage and leaves.( I find it odd that the bellhop referred to me
as Mrs. Johnson (My wife's maiden name) but don't dare correct him! Within
a few minute I am joined by wife Chris who has dressed in jeans, sweater
and winter boots and we have breakfast.

After breakfast  Chris says something  to me I guess a control word and I
find myself signing documents I can't even seem to read or understand,
before taking a shower, going through my morning routine of shaving, making
my face up, fixing my hair and putting on the clothes laid put out for me.
Today since it's the beginning of winter I have a pair control panties,
bra, gray sweated tights, a black and gray turtleneck belted sweated dress
and a pair knee high heeled boots on. After getting dressed Chris again
uses a control word stopping me dead in my tracks unable to move. Chris
then comes up to me gives me a big smile grabs my chin looks me in the eyes
and says to me we're going to have so much fun now! I've decided that from
now you're going to be the wife in this relationship and those papers you
signed were drawn up by our attorney. The first one is a name change form
you will no longer be Robert you'll be Roberta, Bobbi for short, and you'll
be using my last name not yours, the second paper is a permission slip for
a doctor friend of mine to give you some minor surgery and breast implants
as well as remove all your facial and body hair. "So no more glue on boobs
for you or shaving your face and body hair every day!" She then looks deep
in the eyes and says "thank you for all of this I never would have thought
of it without finding your computer on that day and reading all your
fantasy stories and that website you were reading!" "Oh and by the way I
gotten new job and a big pay raise so I sent an E mail to your work saying
that you were quitting effectively immediately, so you don't have to worry
about that anymore, you'll just have to worry about being the wife in our
relationship and keeping our house clean and yourself pretty and me happy!"
I just stood there taking it all in. I felt a tear roll down my check but
there seemed to be nothing I could say or do about it.

A command word was given and I was released and able to move again. We
grabbed our suit cases and purses and left, her in jeans, sweater and
winter jacket and me in my sweater dress, tights and a long pink winter
coat she give me.

Upon arriving at home we were met by my wife's friend Lisa my
hypnotherapist who takes me into the living room where she began another
hypnotherapy session and next thing I know I'm in what seems to be a
hospital with a sore chest, throat, lips and face. At first I had no
knowledge of what has happened to me, but then I remember what Chris told
me, but I can't believe that Chris has actually had surgery done to me! But
it looks like I am wrong.

I'm visited by both Lisa and my wife a little while after I wake up and am
informed by them with big smiles on their face that everything went well!
Including the other things that Lisa brought up while I was having my
surgery, they told me I should be out in a few days and wearing bras a few
weeks. My wife then tells me not to talk for a few days until my throat,
lips and chest heal some more and then leave.

Over the next few days I'm checked several times by a doctor and nurse who
change my bandages and check my new breasts and face each day until finally
Chris and Lisa return for my unveiling, The bandages are removed and I can
finally see what been done to me looking down at my chest I see two round
fleshy glop's on my chest, the doctor then explains to me that they are
still swollen and that I should wear a sports bra for the next week or two
until the swelling goes down more, I still can't believe that this has been
done to me but it has! I go to speak only to find my voice comes out in a
higher pitch, I clear my throat and try speaking again and again my voice
comes out higher than normal pitch! with that my wife pats my hand and say
that while I was under besides giving me breast implants she also had my
vocal cords shaved my facial and body hair removed and in a last minute
inspiration my lips filled out, I'm then given a mirror and looking in it
to see I now have a set of plump feminine lips! Chris smiles and says those
lips will really look nice when you put some lipstick on them! Once again
I'm given a command word and find myself getting up putting on the sports
bra sweatshirt, tights, a denim skirt and a pair of wedged boots and my
pink coat before being lead out of the clinic.

The ride home is in the wrong direction or seems to be. I'm taken to a tall
condo building downtown where it is explained to me that this is our new
home and that our house in the suburbs is being sold!    Upon entering the
condo I find a beautifully decorated condo overlooking the lake, I’m shown
around the condo and finally the master bedroom, where I have my own
closet. Opening the closet I discover nothing but skirts dresses, blouses
and racks of high heeled shoes and boots. I’m then taken to a second
bedroom where upon entering I find an ultra feminine room done in pink with
a canopy bed with lace trim and stuffed animals everywhere, upon opening
the closet in this room Chris points out several Maids uniforms in
different colors, costumes and ultra feminine clothes, I look at my Chris
and see a big smile on her face, she then says I hope you’ll enjoy your
occasional play room Bobbie!

I spent the next week recuperating and learning the layout of our new place
and getting used to my new chest, face and voice.

After my recuperation time at home I’m taken to Victoria’s secret where I’m
fitted for bras, and end up purchasing over a dozen bras all different
kinds, styles and colors! My sports bra is tossed away and now I’m wearing
my first bra that isn’t holding breast forms, I’m dragged over to the
panties section where my wife starts tossing panties into a basket saying
that I’ll need dozen pairs of these to match my bras, then she tosses in
some garter belts stocking and pantyhose, Finally we make our purchases and
I walk out feeling the satin of the bra rubbing against the skin of my new
breasts and the electricity it’s sending though my body.

The next stop is a beauty salon where Chris informs them “Bobbie is going
for a new look! Hair, makeup, nails the works” the woman at the counter
looks at me smiles and says “great” I’m then lead back to a chair where my
hair is washed, dyed, and  permed. While this is going on my fingernails
and toe nails are shaped and painted a light pink. Last she goes to work on
my face, plucking my eyebrows, putting foundation on my face then blush,
eye shadow, mascara and finally lipstick, as she doing my lips the woman
doing my make up compliments me on my lips saying you have such beautiful
lips and how she wishes she had lips like mine (if only  she knew). After
she is done she turns me around to the mirror where I get my first look at
the new me, I have short curly reddish blonde hair, large lush red lips,
and an almost doe like look to my eyes which have been accented in shades
of pink! The woman then explains the look to me and how to recreate it. We
return to our new condo where I’m informed that we are going out for dinner
and dancing and I should get ready, a command word is giving and I find
myself taking of the clothes I had on all day, putting a pink push up bra
on, pink lace trimmed Garter belt, high cut pink control panties, white
lace stockings followed by a floor length pink satin dress with a slit up
the right side almost to my hip and pink strappy high heeled sandals. After
getting dressed me return to find my wife and Lisa dressed in very feminine
tuxedos. I seemed to be on auto pilot as I wrap a stole around my
shoulders, grab a small clutch purse and take my wife’s arm and am lead out
of the condo.

We arrived at a club I had never see before and were take in and right to a
table along the dance floor where we sat and had wine and dinner and
watched people dance, then Chris grabbed my hand pulled me out the chair
and onto the dance floor her taking the lead with her arm around my waist
and her other holding my hand. When she finished Lisa stepped in and took
over this went on most of the night.

Later on we are approached by a gentleman who taps my wife and says “may
I?” Chris says sure and steps to the side the man takes my hand puts his
other arm around my waist and starts to dance with me! Chris then leans in
says something to me and now I feel like myself again and horrified as I
find myself being held close by a stranger, a man yet! And being lead
around the dance floor by him. I managed to make it though the dance with
him, and after the music ends  flee back to the table Chris and Lisa are
at, sit down and lean in and say to Chris how could you do that to me, they
just laugh and sip there wine and say enjoying your new status?

Finally we leave and head out to the car and all’s I can think about is how
with every step I step with my right leg I feel like I am exposing myself
to the world with the slit up the side of the dress!

Once we arrive home I’m able to get undressed and ready for bed. Going to
my dresser all’s I can find is in my new wardrobe to wear to bed are
teddies. Baby dolls and night dresses.   I select a satin floor length
nightdress and a pair of matching panties and get dressed for bed; it’s an
odd feeling haven the satin of the nightdress rubbing against my body and
“my new boobs” this is the first time in couple of weeks I haven’t had to
wear a sports bra or any kind of bra, I feel my boobs jiggle as I walk and
the weight on my chest as I lay down to sleep looks like I’m not going to
be sleeping on my stomach anymore.

Chris comes to bed gives me some kind of a command to me and goes to sleep.
The next morning I awake, get up shower then automatically sit down and
apply make up to my face before putting on a comfortable bra panties along
with a pair of sweater tights and a sweater dress followed by a pair of
high heeled shoes, then go through to the kitchen and make breakfast for
Chris, taking her a cup of coffee while she gets ready for work.

After breakfast Chris gives me a kiss pats my rear and says have a great
day princess and walks out the door. I can’t believe this a few months ago
I was reading and writing stories for Fictionmania and now I’m living the
stories. And living the life of a wife! And thanks to Chris and her
hypnotherapist friend I don’t think I can turn back or even want too!