Prison slave

Sarah had always had things easy in life. She was cute when she was little, and she developed into a drop-dead gorgeous girl when she grew up. She was tall. She had long blond hair and green eyes. Her tits were perky and perfect and her ass was tight and lean. She made the second-best looking girl appear homely. Her parents always made sure she had everything she needed and most things she wanted. She went to the best high school in town, drove a fancy car, and wore the nicest clothes. She was an only child, so she never had to seek attention at home, and her good looks meant that she never had to seek attention elsewhere either.

But Sarah had one little problem. She was never attracted to the good guy. She always found herself seeking out the bad boys. In grade school, it was Scott. He was always in detention when he came to school at all. He was always able to get cigarettes, and he was very immature when it came to the way he treated Sarah. But that’s just the way most 6th grade boys were. Soon after the start of her 7th-grade year, Scott moved away to live with his father. It wasn’t until her freshman year that Sarah again found her new trouble maker.

Zachary was the total opposite of Sarah. While Sarah was beautiful, popular and involved in numerous clubs and teams at school, Zachary was not so attractive. He was somber, quiet, and reclusive. He was considered a goth by the other students, and there were very few goth kids at Perkins High.

But Sarah couldn’t resist it. She just had to seek Zach out when school was out. She didn’t associate with him in school, but she found ways to spend time with him in the evenings and mornings. Sarah’s parents didn’t know what was going on, and few of her friends noticed, but she was spending more and more time with Zach as the year went on.

Zach was a dangerous kid. He lived with his alcoholic father, who had a fanatic interest in guns. Zach had also acquired a taste for guns, and spent a lot of time practicing his aim at his uncle’s farm on the weekends. During the week, he liked to listen to heavy metal music and play violent video games. Only a girl as beautiful as Sarah would stand a chance at bringing out any positive qualities from a kid like Zach.

Surprisingly, Sarah didn’t take on any of Zach’s interests or personality in their short time together. She certainly did teach Zach a few things about human anatomy though. Sarah knew something that the other girls didn’t know about Zach. He was well hung, and had stamina. He was a sophomore, but he was being well instructed in the ways of physical pleasure by Sarah.

It all ended one day when Zach’s father tried to kill himself in a drunken stupor. He had been drinking all day on Christmas day, and decided it was time to splatter his brains on the ceiling of his living room. He called his brother to say goodbye, propped his 12-gauge between his knees and pulled the trigger. Much to his dismay, nothing happened, So he checked the chamber and discovered that there were no shells in the gun. He had taken a large pull of tequila, just before the attempt, and on top of all the earlier drinking, he was fast approaching a blackout. But that didn’t stop him from trying to find his box of shells. He stumbled out to his garage and finally found a box, but he was too late. His brother had called the cops, and they were already battering down the front and back doors.

One of the officers kicked in the basement door, and was surprised to find Sarah triumphantly riding Zach like a rodeo bronco in Zach’s basement bedroom.

So ended the strange love affair between Zach and Sarah. Zach’s father was institutionalized, Zach was shipped off to his grandmother’s house in California and Sarah was crushed for weeks until she came across her new love, Eric.

Eric had the appearance of all that is good about a teenage kid. He was tall, good-looking, athletic, and reasonably intelligent. Usually, Sarah wouldn’t have felt any attraction to such a kid, but Eric had a dark side that she must have sensed. Eric’s appearance and outward impression belied the fact that he was abusive. His father abused his mother and Eric learned at an early age that women were not to be respected.

Even before they started dating, Eric would make snide comments or act in disrespectful ways toward Sarah. If a group of friends had gathered, Eric would poke fun at Sarah, but in a different way than the other boys that were trying to test her to see if there was a mutual attraction. Eric would pick at any flaw Sarah had. If her shirt had a mark on it or if she had a pimple, he would pick on her for those things when the other boys would have avoided the flaw. Sarah was like a moth to a flame. She found herself helplessly attracted to Eric because of his character flaw.

Within the first month of dating, Eric had already lost his temper and pulled Sarah’s hair, tearing some out by the roots in an argument. A few weeks later, he pushed her into a wall and threatened her. A month later, he finally hit her. It was an open hand slap, just above her ear, but it nearly knocked her to the floor and made her ears ring. After each fight, he was extremely apologetic, and Sarah always accepted the blame for the fight.

This relationship stayed intact for the rest of Sarah’s high school days. She was voted Homecoming Queen her senior year, but Eric, a linebacker on the football team, wasn’t voted as the King. Instead, the good looking and very likable running back was voted as Sarah’s King. This infuriated Eric, and Sarah knew he was hurt and angry, which always meant that he was going to take it out on her. After the dance, Eric waited for Sarah in the parking lot and ordered her into his car. He sped off, even before Sarah could shut her door. As they headed for Eric’s house, Sarah’s cell phone rang. It was one of her friends, asking if she was going to be okay. She said it was nothing to worry about, but she knew better. Unfortunately, she thought she was in love with Eric, and couldn’t imagine life without him.

When they got to Eric’s house, he began berating her for ignoring him at the dance. He was very loud, but his parents didn’t try to intervene. Sarah was not defensive and simply tried to diffuse the situation by apologizing to him and begging him to forgive her and that she’d do anything to make it alright again. But that wasn’t enough for Eric. He finally lost all control and punched Sarah right in the left eye. She flew onto his dresser and then onto the floor. Eric was stunned by the way Sarah crumbled and fell. He could see that he had cut her cheek, and she laid on the floor, holding her ribs.

Eric’s mother finally came into his room and helped Sarah onto his bed. She was in severe pain. her eye was beginning to swell, but it was her rib cage that really hurt. Each breath was a new experience in pain for her. Eric’s mother helped Sarah to her car and drove her to the doctor, telling her the whole time that Eric was sorry and didn’t mean to hurt her. It was a great indoctrination into the battered wive’s syndrome.

When Sarah’s parents arrived at the ER, they were in shock. Their gorgeous princess had been beaten and put into a very demeaning class of victims by a boy they had trusted. Sarah was only 17yrs old, so her parents pressed charges against Eric, in an attempt to protect their daughter and achieve some retribution.

Eric was arrested and his parents couldn’t get him out of jail until the following Monday. Two nights in jail was a big life changing event for Eric. He had all-American looks, but in a jail, those looks don’t make friends like they do in high school.

One particularly scary inmate took a special interest in Eric. He announced that Eric was going to be his bitch, but another equally intimidating inmate also laid claim to the new kid on the block. In reality, neither of them was going to act on their threats, as the county jail wasn’t a place where things like that were going to happen overnight. However to Eric, it was all too real and likely. He immediately set out to befriend anyone he thought could help him keep his anal and oral virginity. Little did he know, the inmate that he ended up befriending was going to impact his life in a very different but much more detrimental manner.

Eric was befriended by Wally. Wally was a many-time loser, who had sampled jail cells all over the state, and had a few short stays in prison before he met Eric that evening in the county jail. Wally specialized in small-time jobs. He would knock over a convenience store just as quickly as he’d grab the purse out of an unlocked car. But Wally always got caught. Fortunately for him, he was a big, likeable guy, and he knew how to handle himself in jail, so he rarely if ever was victimized while incarcerated.

After Eric bonded out, he agreed to take the necessary anger management classes and counseling, and eventually, the District Attorney’s office dismissed the charges, much to the dismay of Sarah’s parents. Had they known that Sarah was once again seeing Eric within a month of the assault, they would have been even more dismayed. But Sarah was crafty and sneaky enough to get her way without being discovered.

But you don’t take an battering instinct out of a boy. Especially one that has gotten away with it when he had been caught red handed. Even worse, Wally was out of jail too, and he and Eric felt some camaraderie from the whole incident that built itself into a true friendship. Eric looked up to Wally and Wally saw himself as a crafty mentor for his new young friend.

It wasn’t long before Eric helped Wally with a small burglary. After that, Wally showed Eric how to pawn some stolen electronics. Within a few months, Eric had a handgun and he and Wally were planning to hit a convenience store when they presumed it would have a large amount of cash. Eric enlisted Sarah to drive the getaway car, without her even realizing that he and Wally were going to rob the place.

But remember that Wally always got caught. This wasn’t information that Eric had before agreeing to the job. So he and Sarah picked Wally up one Sunday evening and drove over to the convenience store under the guise that Wally was going to get them a case of beer. Wally and Eric went into the store while Sarah waited behind the wheel of the car. She didn’t suspect a thing until a police cruiser pulled up and parked right next to her. The two cops got out and started entering the store when she saw them pull their guns and aim them into the store.

When Sarah’s gaze followed the point of the gun, she saw Wally and Eric standing in the store with their hands up. She panicked and started the car, putting it in reverse and flooring it. She didn’t see the car pulling in behind her, and she ricocheted off of that car and into the support that held up the canopy over the gas pumps. The collisions set off the airbag in her car, which caused her to punch herself in the chin with the back of her right hand, knocking her unconscious.

When she came too, a female police officer was telling her to sit still until paramedics could arrive. She was dazed for awhile, but no serious harm was done, so the female officer placed her under arrest for armed robbery and hauled her down to the jail. So began Sarah’s living hell.

Sarah didn’t take well to confinement. She immediately shut down emotionally. The other girls in the jail scared her beyond comprehension. None of them looked pleasant. They were dirty, scarred up, smelly, loud, tattooed, and just down right repulsive. Most of them were drug addicts or clearly suffered from mental illness. She had four other females in the holding cell with her. Two of them called her barbie and laughed about wanting to help strip search her. The other inmate didn’t speak english, but looked at her like she was the next meal.

Sarah’s parents pulled some strings and they were able to get her out of jail within a few hours. But their attorney warned them that it didn’t look good, and that with Wally’s record and Eric’s participation, Sarah was in jeopardy of going to Jail for conspiracy to commit armed robbery. The attorney told them that there were other robberies, possession of stolen property and other offenses that the cops were investigating as well. If any of those stuck, Sarah could go to prison.

Sarah was under house arrest until her trial. Without her knowledge, the District Attorney had worked a plea with Eric so he’d testify against Wally. But the bombshell was that Eric planned to turn on Sarah as well. He was smart enough to sprinkle the D.A.’s office with enough information to make them and eventually the jury believe that Wally and Sarah were the main players and that he was just the dumb jock that got caught up. In the end, Eric received 6 months in jail, while Wally received 5 years in prison and Sarah received 2 years in prison.

Sarah was transported to the women’s penitentiary the day after her trial ended. There, she was stripped, searched, showered and issued her prison issue uniform. It consisted of cotton panties the likes of which she had never even considered wearing, baggy blue jeans, thong sandals and a blue long sleeve button down shirt. She wasn’t even given a bra. She was back in shock by this time, so the lack of a bra didn’t even impact her at the time. She was having an out-of-body experience for most of her introduction into prison life.

As she was led to her cell, she slowly realized that every inmate she saw, stared her down. After that, she avoided eye contact, and tried to stay as close to the guard in front of her as possible. When they got to her cell, she stepped in and sat on the bottom bunk. The guards walked off, and she was left alone, but the cell door was open. About 15 seconds later, a body appeared in the doorway.

The body belonged to Betty. The other inmates called her “Bad Betty”. She was a large, black woman with many years of incarceration under her belt. Few of the girls dared to challenge Bad Betty, and fewer cared to consider a second try after they got out of the hospital. Betty was about 6′ tall. She had a lot of meat on her bones and lots of scars and tattoos on her meat. He teeth were either gold or gone. Her nose was flat, due to a incident in the cafeteria that ended when one of the guards had to use his boot to kick Betty off of a less fortunate girl that had failed to pay her back for some favor.

“Welcome to my house you little cunt”, said Betty.

Sarah just looked up at Betty with awe on her face. She nearly peed herself and it was all she could do to avoid throwing up.

“My name is Betty. The guards probably won’t agree with me on this, but I happen to own this joint. I own the food, the activity yard, the warden and all the little white girls that get to visit. Therefore, you are now my property. Do you know what that means?”

Sarah slowly shook her head from side to side, still holding the deer in the headlights look on her face.

“That means that you get to learn how to eat pussy. Unless you already know how to eat pussy that is. Do ya?”

Sarah again slowly shook her head “no”.

Betty smiled. “Oh, that’s good. I love the virgins. And you little white virgins are the best pussy eaters. Its like your mama trained you, then wiped your brain clean so you wouldn’t remember a thing until a big black pussy was right in front of your nose again.” Betty laughed a big laugh and then walked away.

Sarah looked down on the bed and realized that she had now peed her pants. She put her face into her hands and sobbed.

That’s when a bell sounded, and the inmates started going back to their cells. Sarah just sat their in her own urine and cried until two girls walked into the cell with her. One of the girls was a rough looking dishwater blond. She was overweight, missing most of her teeth and just stood inside the door, looking down at Sarah. The other was a fairly attractive looking older black woman. She had short black hair, but she was tall and looked to be in very good shape. She didn’t look as mean as the other girl, and she looked like a saint compared to Betty.

Sarah looked up with tears streaking down her face and tried to introduce herself, but nothing would come out of her mouth.

“Save it honey”, said the black woman. We’ve got plenty of time for introductions. My name is Wanda. It looks like you need to get cleaned up a little bit.”

“What the fuck”, said the white girl? “She pissed on my bed? You little bitch!”

Wanda turned to the white girl. “Settle down bitch. Its her first day. Give her a break and give me my blanket.”

Wanda called the guard and had him bring another pair of jeans for Sarah. Wanda and the white girl held up the sheet so Sarah could change in privacy.

“Thank you,” said Sarah.

“Oh, she can talk,” Wanda chuckled. “We all had our first days honey. Mine was so long ago, I don’t remember it, but I had it. So did ol’ white trash here,” as she motioned to the white girl.

“My name is Shannon, not white trash.”

Wanda rolled her eyes and smiled at Sarah. “I’m told you are Sarah Miller. It may surprise you to know that I already know you, but word travels fast when a pretty little thing like yourself is in trouble. Believe me. There are many here, who want a piece of you. The warden always places pretty things with people like me. However, I don’t know how Trashy here got in my cell,” again Wanda chuckled. “I must have pissed off one of the guards.”

“You knew I was coming? I wasn’t convicted until yesterday.”

“Yeah, but the wardens always know when high risk prisoners may be coming. That way they can take certain precautions to avoid messy incidents from occurring when they do arrive.”

“I’m not high risk. I haven’t even had a speeding ticket before.”

“It’s not you that presents the risk to anyone. It’s all of us that present the risk to you. Honey, there are some bad bitches in here that would crawl over broken glass to taste your pussy. There are even meaner ones that would chain you to the floor and force you to eat them out until you passed out. Trailer trash here is safe for the most part, but you are fresh meat, and of a very prime grade. The Warden wants to keep you as fresh as possible.”

“As possible? What does that mean?”

“Well, she has her own interests at stake. She has political aspirations, but she also has some very deep secrets that she doesn’t want to publicize. I can protect you from the monsters that are the inmates, but there is nothing I can do about the Warden, as she holds the keys to the front door of this place and the guards wield all the power she commands. You see, I’m favored by the Warden because I’ve been able to deliver in the past. I don’t sample the goods before she gets her fun.”

Sarah began to shake and tear up again. She wondered what kind of hell she had fallen into. She just wanted to wake up from a nightmare and feel the comfort of her own bed and room again. But she wasn’t asleep, and she knew it.

A guard came back to the cell and spoke quietly with Wanda. The Wanda turned to Sarah and said, “good news, the warden wants to see us.”

The warden’s office was huge. She had it tastefully decorated with very nice furniture and art. She had a treadmill in the corner and a bowflex set next to it. Two guards stood behind Wanda and Sarah as they waited for the warden to enter.

With a rush, the warden came in. She was sharply dressed in dark pant suit with a silk white blouse and black leather high heels. Sarah guessed she was in her early 40’s. She was average height, had her dark curly hair pulled back in a pony tail and work librarian glasses which made her look smart. Behind the glasses, she had big kind brown eyes. She smiled kindly at Sarah, and Sarah nervously smiled back as the warden’s eyes slowly surveyed the new prisoner from head to toe.

“I see you have met Wanda. She’s our best greeter here at my prison. She always takes very good care of my special girls. I hear you have met Betty too,” the warden shook her head. “She’s a real problem her for us. She’s very unstable, but I can’t seem to get any of the other wardens to take her off of my hands. But don’t worry, Wanda will keep an eye on you. Wanda knows how to get her sugar around here, and she knows that I have big plans for my newest little teenage prom queen.”

Sarah almost corrected the warden to stay that she was homecoming queen, but something made her think twice about speaking at that moment.

“My name is Warden Keller. I’ve been the warden her for six years and before that I was the assistant for four years. We have a very good record here at my prison, but pretty girls like you can sometimes cause problems that I like to avoid. Therefore, I’ve started a special program to keep you busy and out of trouble. If you do good work, obey the rules and avoid causing problems, you will serve your time and be out into the real world on no time. Once free, you can find some rich man with a little cock and live happily ever after. If you don’t do as told, you will spend the rest of your life, lost in the system like that piece of trash we stuck in your cell with Wanda.”

“I wondered about that Ma’am. Do you think we can arrange to have her moved anytime soon,” asked Wanda.

Keller smiled at Wanda. “She’s being moved as we speak. I’m thinking that Betty may be a good roommate for you two, but I’d like to hear what Miller here has to say about my program first. You see Miller, one fight in my prison guarantees five more years in maximum security. And putting Betty in your cell pretty much guarantees a fight. So let’s see what we have in store for you.” Keller sat down at her desk and opened up a file folder. She scanned the contents. “Oh my. I can see that my people have had their eye on you since your arrest hit the scanner. Someone seems to have hand picked you for my program months ago,” Keller smiled.

Sarah got a cold chill and a empty feeling hit her stomach.

“Well, lucky you. You get to hang out with troop “A”. These are the finest girls I have to offer. If you are smart, you will do everything you can to stay in that troop. I call them my little girl scouts.”

Wanda nodded with approval. “I used to be in that troop. It really wasn’t that bad, although I haven’t had much of a taste for pussy since then.”

Keller continued, “You will still technically be in Wanda’s cell when you aren’t busy. And Wanda’s experience with troop “A” should help you learn your skills.” Keller handed a sheet over to Wanda. “Wanda, go over this with Miller when you get back to your cell. Now for one of my favorite parts of being the warden. Inmate Miller? Strip.

Sarah felt dizzy and immediately felt all the blood rushing to her head. She stood motionless for a moment, then looked down at her belt line. She slowly unsnapped her jeans, let them drop to the floor, unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the floor and stood still once again with her pants still around her ankles. She felt totally humiliated and vulnerable.

“No panties huh? I have a stiff penalty for being out of uniform Miller. But mmm mmm, don’t you look yummy.” Keller looked at Wanda, “I’m afraid you have some work to do on her Wanda. That hair just has to go. I can’t have hairy little girls running around in my prison. Have her waxed as soon as you are dismissed.” Keller picked up a long wooden rod and walked around her desk toward Sarah. She put the end of the rod to Sarah’s labia and gently opened her up. “That’s finger-lickin’ good Miller. Wanda, I can’t believe you haven’t sampled that yet. You are such a good little protector.”

“Thank you ma’am,” said Wanda.

Keller continued her inspection, “Oh, and those titties. You may be the prize of the whole prison system Miller. Step out of those jeans and spread your feet to shoulder width. Now bend over and grab your ankles.” Keller walked around behind Sarah. She licked her index finger and very lightly put it to Sara’s anus. Sara flinched and let out an almost inaudible gasp. “Oh, do we have an anal virgin here? My my, the things you are going to learn here Miller.”

With that, the warden ordered Wanda to take Sarah to the waxing room. “And her clothes can stay here. She won’t be needing those,” Keller said with a wide grin.

Wanda and Sara were led down to the medical ward by the two guards. Sara was completely frazzled by being paraded in front of people while totally nude. She had heard of waxing, but had never had one before, but Wanda assured her that the pain was worth it.

Sara crawled up onto the exam table and Wanda told her to put her legs in the stirrups. Wanda then covered Sara with a sheet, which Sara appreciated as the room was a bit cold. Sara looked around and there were various medical related items in the room.

A few minutes later, a female that looked like a doctor walked in to the room. She ordered the guards to restrain Sara, and the guards put 4 point leather restraints on Sara to keep her arms and legs from moving. This made Sara even more nervous. The woman then removed Sara’s sheet, leaving her totally exposed once again. Wanda just looked on.

“Oh, what a nice one we have here, huh boys?” said the lady and the guards chuckled.

Wanda spoke up, “the warden ordered a waxing.”

“Oh, that will be fine, but first I need to fully inspect the little bitch for any STD’s. We know how these little tramps get passed around before they come to us, don’t we boys?” said the lady.

Sara just closed her eyes and tried to imagine that she was somewhere else. But she felt the lady touching her and looked down between her legs to see some shiny metal being inserted into her.

“This is just a speculum so I can do a thorough inspection on you.” The lady shined a light into Sara’s pussy, and probed her with a wooden prod. Then she removed the speculum and greased up her glove before inserting two fingers into her. Sara felt nothing sexual about it and just tried to pass it off as a standard vaginal exam. But this lady was much more thorough than any doctor had been before and the exam too a long time. Plus, she was restrained and there were three onlookers this time, which totally freaked her out.. Then the lady did something no other doctor had ever done. She lubed up again and inserted her finger into Sara’s rectum. Then she pulled out another device and slid it into Sara’s rectum. “Just a rectal speculum sweetie. Don’t mind me,” and she chuckled. “Hmm….seems like someone might need a little cleansing.”

The lady left, and came back with an enima kit. “I like my girls squeaky clean. Put her in the basin boys.”

The two guards unstrapped Sara, and she got off of the table. They led her over to a square shaped porcelain unit in the corner. “Hands out,” said one of the guards. Sarah complied, and they shackled her wrists with some iron shackles. Sarah looked down and could see that the drain was just a big open hole in the basin. One of the guards hooked a cable to the chain between Sara’s schackles. Sara looked up and saw that the cable went over a pulley hooked to the ceiling and led to a winch near the wall.

“Bend over sweetie”, said the lady.

Sara flinched as she felt the tube being inserted into her anus. The lady pumped something, and Sarah could feel something filling her up. Then the lady released the fluid, and Sara felt the strange sensation of warm fluid entering her body. It didn’t take long and Sarah felt bloated and full. She looked at her tummy and saw that it pooched out. Then she began to feel discomfort. “Oh my….I think I’m going to explode”, she said.

To this, the lady and the guards just laughed.

Wanda said, “hold it in honey. The good doctor is just making sure that you are nice and clean. Let it to its work. She’ll let you go in a minute.”

Sara sighed lightly, grimaced and wriggled a little, but nothing helped relieve the pressure.

After a few minutes, the lady stepped back over to Sara and said, “now hold it in sweetie. I don’t like messes. I’m going to deflate the ball and pull out the tube, but keep holding it until I say you can release.”

Sara waited until the tube was out and then tightened her rectum as much as she could. To her embarrassment, a little fluid squirted out as she stood up. Then one of the guards cranked the winch until Sara’s hands were above her head and there was a small amount of tension on the cable. Then the lady said it was okay to let it go. Sara fought it though as she was terribly embarrassed to do it in front of four people. Finally, she was no long able to hold it in, and she gasped as she emptied herself into the basin.

One of the guards pulled a hose over to the basin and started spraying Sara down with cold water. He rinsed out the basin as well. The lady then ordered the guard to let Sara down, so the winch was released and Sara’s hands were allowed to come back down. She stood there demoralized.

“Bend over again sweety,” said the lady. Sara complied and the lady once again inserted her fingers and the speculum into Sara’s anus. “Oh, much better now. So pink and healthy.”

Sara was led back over to the exam table and put back int the stirrups. The shackles were removed and she was again strapped down with the leather restraints. The lady dried her off, and began waxing her, tearing little patches of hair off of her as the wax cooled. With each rip, Sara would cry out in pain and beg to be let free. After about 5 or 6 rips, Sara began to swear at the lady and the guards, cursing them for torture and telling them that her parents would see that they were fired. But the three of them just laughed and the lady seemed to take even more pleasure in the activity.

It took about 20 minutes and Sara was completely smooth.

The lady stood up with a smile on her face. “Gorgeous. I suppose the little bitch is going to the girlscouts?” Wanda nodded he head. “Well, I hope she can take it. She doesn’t have much meat on her bones. Well, you had better get her over to metalworks.”

With that, Wanda and the guards escorted Sara to another department. As she entered through the door, she was confronted with a machine shop and several men, wearing welding masks, holding various tools and working with different shapes and sizes of metal. A small man glasses approached and quietly measured various parts of Sara’s body. Then he looked at another man in the room and said, “Get me a temp set, size 3″.

The other man, a greasy, scary looking man went into a back room and came out holding a set of metal shackles and chains. The bespeckled man took them, and started putting them on Sarah, to which she took great offense. She was stricken with fear by their rough and heavy appearance. There was a thick waist belt that was hinged and fastened by a padlock. To that, there were four shackles connected by chains for her wrists and ankles. Then there was a very thick metal neck collar that was connected to the rest of the set by a thick chain. It had a heavy “O” ring on it which was for a leash or to be used to chain her to something else.

Sara began to fight and kick at the man, but the guards quickly tackled her and held her down as she screamed and spat at them. Another man came over with a bit gag and the guards fastened that tightly in her mouth, with quieted her and stopped the spitting. When the guards stood up, Sara was left lying on the concrete floor, chained like a slave in the 1800’s. She stared at the guards with such hate in her eyes that Wanda knew Sara would be able to handle her ordeal.

The guards roughly picked Sara up off of the floor, and began to lead her next appointment.

Sara was very angry and was fighting the guards with every bit of her strength. As they pulled and pushed her down the corridor, she was doing her best to make it as difficult as possible. But her restraints were heavy, and she couldn’t even raise her arms more than slightly above her waste due to the length of the chains. The shackles didn’t fit very well, and they were chaffing and bruising her wrists and ankles and her left ankle was even beginning to bleed from a small cut.

They came to an elevator and when the door opened, the guards shoved her in. She fell in a heap, and lay panting through her gag. She was drooling heavily, and her hair was sweaty and matted. It was a short ride down, and when the doors opened up, the guards roughly picked her up from the floor, but by now, she was worn out and didn’t have much if any fight left in her. The guards half carried and half drug her naked body to down to the end of the hall and through a large set of double doors.

There, Sara looked up and was horrified by what she saw. There were contraptions, machines, cages and equipment that made the place look like a mediaeval dungeon. On top of that, there were all kinds of people around the room. Some were clearly guards, others were women that didn’t appear to be guards. Some women were just cleaning the place. They were polishing shiny metal things, mopping the floor or wiping down equipment. But the women that really concerned Sara were the women that appeared to be the subject of torture. As her eyes panned the room, she saw women in cages, in chains, in wooden stocks. There was one woman who was suspended in mid air, in a spread-eagle.

The guards waited and held Sarah as a large black man approached. He was well over 6′ tall with thick arms rippling with muscle. Each of his thighs were as big around as Sara’s whole body. He wore a tight black shirt and tight black pants, and Sara could see that his legs weren’t the only thing about him that were unusually large. One of the guards said, “Hi Mack. This one is a spirited little bitch. She’s probably going to give you a lot of trouble here.”

Mack reached out his large hand and put it up to Sara’s throat. “Is that right? Well, don’t worry about us. We have some special things in mind for this pretty little piece of chicken meat.” His hand firmly gripped Sara just under her jaw bone. “Can you walk or do we need to drag you?”

Sara did her best to say that she would walk, but it was barely discernable due to the gag.

Mack gave an evil chuckle, “well, that wasn’t so hard was it? You might take all the fun out of this. Thanks for bringing her down guys. We’ll call you when she’s ready to go back up.”

As the two guards left, Mack hooked a leash to Sara’s collar and began to lead her through the room. “This is the prison dungeon. If an inmate really screws up, the warden sends her to us for special treatment. I’ve been the Master her for 10 years, and in that time, we’ve only had one general population inmate sent down here. She had assaulted a guard for the third time, among other things, and the warden had simply had enough. Unfortunately, she wasn’t tough enough to handle what we can dish out down here, so now she’s over at the state hospital.” Mack shook his head in shame, “I don’t think she’s ever going to be able to get out of there. She’s a real nut case now. No, the warden knows that its dangerous to send a girl down to us that doesn’t already have some spunk and spirit. If a girl is just mean and crazy, this isn’t the place for them. They will go completely over the edge 100% of the time. But girls like you? We bring you along real slow. If you have what it takes, it comes real easy. If you don’t have what it takes, well, there is always the state hospital.”

Mack led Sara to the very middle of the room. Sara’s eyes looked all around her. The room was huge. She estimated its size to be about the size of a football field. The ceiling was at least 20 feet high. Everywhere she looked there were different, scary looking things.

“Stand still”, Mack said. He bent down and picked up a heavy chain that was attached to the floor at Sara’s feet. He attached the chain to Sara’s collar with a padlock, and removed the leash. “You have some freedom to move around here”. Mack pointed to a bucket off to the side of Sara, “over there is your bathroom”. Then he pointed to the concrete floor and said with a grin, “this is your bed, couch and easy chair. Enjoy your stay at the state penitentiary. I know I’ll enjoy working with you.”

With that, Mack walked off. Sara just watched him go, with a total look of disbelief in her eyes. Then, from behind her, she hears Wanda’s voice in her ear. “Don’t worry girl. Just cooperate with them and things get way easier. Trust me. I made it through, and now I have the run of the place. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. Don’t fight them or they will break you. Cooperate and you get to keep your spirit. If you refuse they will take even that from you.”

The next 24 hours was very hard for Sara. Wanda had left, and now all Sara had was her eyes, ears and nose to teach her what she needed to do. She watched the dungeon workers punish other girls. She watched girls being raped, whipped, shocked and forced to do all kinds of things to each other. All the while, she could only drool through her gag. She had a terrible need to go pee, but she kept holding it until she thought she was going to burst. Then, she shuffled over to her bucket, squatted and let it go. It was the only form of pleasure she had experienced for nearly a day. But with it came humiliation too. She felt like an animal. All human dignity had been torn away from her. Now she was even forced to relieve herself like an animal. At least, she though, they gave her a bucket. But that was more for their convenience than hers. This way, they didn’t have to clean it up.

Two minutes after she had used the bucket, Mack returned. He had two females with him that were in chains similar to hers. Both were very beautiful, and looked to be content with their situation. One of them even smiled at Sara. But Sara just sat on the floor in her chains. She looked at the three of them without any emotion on her face.

“You filthy slut,” Mack grumbled. “You’ve soiled your area without first seeking permission.” With that, he picked up the bucket and poured it over Sara. Sara ducked as the warm urine splashed over her. “Okay girls, clean her up”. One of the girls went over and uncoiled a hose. She turned on the spigot, and began spraying Sara. The other picked up a long handled scrub brush and some soap and began scrubbing Sara down between sprayings. The water was very cold and Sara began to shiver and her teeth chattered. She was in agony half way into this very embarrassing event. “Next time ask for permission bitch,” said Mack as he walked away.

When the two girls were done washing her, they grabbed some towels and began wiping her down. “I’m Amy,” said one of them. She had short blonde hair and was very beautiful. She was about the same size as Sara.

“I’m Terry”, said the other. She was much taller than Amy and Sara. She had muscular arms and legs, and had the appearance of someone you would see in sports on t.v. She had reddish brown hair that went half way down her back. “You can trust us. We won’t hurt you intentionally, and Master Mack won’t force us to do his dirty work for him. He makes us clean up around here, and do some kinda mean things to the girls, but we don’t torture. He says we can remove your gag now.” With that, Terry unbuckled the gag, and slowly pulled it out of Sara’s mouth. Sara worked her jaw and liked her lips as soon as it came out.

“Oh, thank you so much. What the fuck is this all about? Are they going to kill me or torture me?”

“Probably not,” said Amy. “These girls,” Amy motioned around the room, “are here because they either refused to cooperate or they just screwed up. Screwing up is bad, but eventually you get out. The ones that refuse aren’t so lucky. They are forced to do things that are so bad that they beg for the chance to cooperate. There’s another part of the dungeon that you can’t see from here that is reserved for the really difficult girls.” Amy and Terry looked at Sara with fear in their eyes.
Terry added, “you are so gorgeous that we really want to help you. Master says we can if you agree to behave.”

Sara nodded in agreement, “anything to get me out of these mother fucking chains. And if anyone comes at me with a gag like that again, I’ll rip their cock off.”

Amy shook her head, “you don’t understand Sara. Chains are on you almost all the time from now on. And even when they take them off of you, you can’t free yourself of them. The physical chains get set aside, but the mental chains are there for the rest of your life. You will understand in a few weeks.”

Sara shook her head and laughed, “you two are nuts. No one is going to chain me up for good. I’ve only got a 2 year sentence.”

Amy and Terry looked at each other sadly. Amy said, “well, that’s good. Just cooperate and you will be out of here in two years then.”

Sara didn’t know how to react to that, so she just said, “well, can you at least get me out of this place?”

Terry responded, “not really, but we can unhook you, from her and give you a tour and answer all your questions. With that, a guard came over and unlocked Sara’s padlock and the three of them went on a stroll around the room.

“We call this the dungeon,” explained Amy. “Mack may have told you that this is where the girls are punished. There are other places on the grounds for discipline, but this is where you end up if you have really made the warden unhappy. This girl,” Amy pointed to a thin redhead in a very small cage on the floor, “bit her holder so bad that she had to have stitches. She’s been in that cage for a week.” Sara looked at her. The girl was very pretty, but she was dirty, her hair was matted down and she just peered back at Sarah through her bars. Amy continued, “she should be getting out any day now, but she can’t speak to anyone, nor can we speak to her. She only gets out of the cage once per day to go potty. Other than that, she eats and sleeps crammed into that thing. My guess is that she will have obedience training after this.”

“And that girl,” said Terry pointing to the girl that had been suspended in the air when Sara first arrived, “she refused to go on a field trip. So, they brought her in yesterday and strung her up.” The girl was now fastened into a large wooden chair. The chair had metal brackets to hold her neck, forearms, wrists, waste, thighs and ankles in place. “That’s the electric chair. It doesn’t kill you, but it sure does get your attention,” said Terry. The girl in the chair had a ball gag in her mouth now, and she was covered in drool, all the way down to her hairless pussy. She had electrodes attached to her in several places, and another girl in chains like Sara’s was controlling the electrical impulses from about 10 feet away. Sara could see that there were wires that were coming out of the girl’s pussy and from under the seat of the chair. “No one can take more than about 15 minutes of that,” said Terry.

Terry and Amy went on and on, telling Sara about each of the girls in the room. They even introduced her to some of the other girls that were wearing chain sets like theirs. For the first time, Sara took note that the other girls’ shackles looked much nicer than hers. Their shackles appeared to fit better and actually had some sort of lining.

“Why are your chains so nice,” asked Sara.

“These are specially made for us because we are girl scouts,” said Amy. “You will get yours today or tomorrow. The little guy measured you didn’t he?”

Sara nodded.

“Well, that was to make your custom set. We have to wear these nearly all the time as our mark of submission to the warden. If you wore those for more than a couple of days, they would tear you up so bad that you would be scarred permanently, get infections and fungus and all kinds of problems would occur.”

Sara didn’t know what to think. On one hand, she welcomed the idea of getting rid of her heavy set of irons, but on the other hand, she didn’t like the idea of wearing any restraints nearly all the time.

“But as you can see, they don’t chain us up all the time,” said Terry, as she raised her arms up to show that her movement was not restricted. Sara had already noticed that the chains between their ankles and the chains from their waste to their wrists were not there.

The dungeon tour continued for more than an hour. Terry and Amy could see that Sara was getting worn out. They could tell that she didn’t want the tour to end, probably because she feared what was in store for her next. “Don’t worry,” said Amy, Master says you can come back with us now.

Terry and Amy took Sara out of the dreaded dungeon and down the hall. “We’ll show you where we get to spend most of our time,” said Terry.

On their long walk, Sara began to feel much more at ease. She was exhausted, scared, nervous and confused, but Terry and Amy had an incredible way of helping her feel a little less vulnerable and a little less in fear.

Sara could tell they were deep underground as they walked through the different corridors. There was a damp, cool, feel to the air. There were no windows, and there was little sound. The doors that they passed were heavy metal doors that appeared to be securely locked., but there were not many doors. Just long passageways with overhead lighting and the occasional fire extinquisher.

Finally, they came to an open door that was guarded by two very well built female guards. Both women were over 6′ tall and looked like they could have won any body building contest they entered. Sara immediately feared them, but they didn’t make eye contact with her, nor did the seem to acknowledge Terry or Amy. They just let the three prisoners walk through the doorway, and into the room. Once inside, Sara could see that the room was equipped for somewhat comfortable living. The large room had some tables, with chairs, some upholstered furniture, a television and even a couch. There were several extremely beautiful women in the room. All of them had the same restraints as Terry and Amy. Other than the two guards at the door, they appeared to be unguarded and unmonitored. As Sara looked at each one of them, they peered back and smiled at her. Sara felt a huge wave of relief wash over her.

“Hello girls,” said Amy. “This is Sara. She’s going to be training with us for a few days. Ginger has asked us to show her around, so lets all meet back here in 15 minutes, after we show her the rest of the place.”

Terry led the way as the three walked through the social area and back to the rest of the suite. “Here is the bathroom,” said Terry, motioning into a doorway. Sara looked in. There were several toilets, a large mirrored sink area with about ten sinks and a large open shower area. “This is where we clean up. As you can see, there isn’t any privacy, but you will get used to it.”

Amy then pointed to another room, “this is the sleeping area.” Sara looked into that room and was amazed to see that all but the area immediately inside the doorway was one huge bed. The bedding must have covered over 400 square feet, and went from wall to wall. There were pillows and blankets folded neatly all over the bed. “We all sleep together. Again, it takes a little getting used to, but after one night, you wouldn’t want it any other way. We all agree that we feel much safer in numbers.”

Terry and Amy went on to show Sara the small food prep area, the dining room, the exercise room, and something they called an interview room. They didn’t go into much detail on anything, and when Sara questioned what the interview room was for, they just told her that they would explain more later. Then they led her back to the social room. Now there were nine girls sitting around, apparently waiting for them.

Terry sat down on the floor and Amy introduced Sarah to each of the girls. The names went by too fast, but Sara could see that each of the girls was stunningly gorgeous. Everyone seemed as upbeat and happy as Terry and Amy too. When the introductions were done, all the women lined up in two rows of six. Terry had Sara stand in the middle position in the front row, and told her to follow along. They all faced the doorway, and Sara felt strange about the militaristic feel that the group had suddenly taken on. She just looked at the door, and kept her eye on the guards. She wondered if they were going to come in and do something.

Then, Sara saw the guards step aside as a gorgeous woman strolled into the room. She was of average height with long curly brown hair. She was wearing a leather corset, a short leather skirt, tall button up black leather boots, and she held a black leather riding crop. Her body was exquisite. She had tanned, smooth skin, and her finely toned muscles made her look like she belonged on the cover of a fitness magazine. She had dark brown eyes, and a strong jaw. When she entered to room, all the girls knelt, so Sara did too.

“Hello girls,” she said. “I see we have a new one today. This must be Sara.” She placed the end of her riding crop under Sara’s chin, and pressed her chin up, until Sara’s eyes met with hers. “Oh, but aren’t you a pretty young thing,” she said. “My name is Ginger. I am your Alpha mistress. You will treat me with absolute respect and honor, or I will make you rue the day you were born. You shall call me Mistress Ginger when I address you. If I don’t address you, you shall keep those pretty lips firmly pressed together. You will learn that I like my girls to be obedient, but I like them wet even more.”

Sara didn’t know what to say. She just knelt there, feeling like an animal in her chains, exposed and kneeling before this beautiful woman.

“Amy,” Ginger called. “I think you can unchain her a little, but let’s fasten her to Beth for a few days, so Beth can show her some of the finer points of being a girlscout.”

Amy stood up, “up you go Sara,” she said. She was handed a key by Ginger and went about removing some of Sara’s chains. “Come over here Beth,” she said.

An extremely cute girl walked over to Sara. She had almost orange hair and very white skin. Sara could tell that Beth was nearly as young as she was. Her skin was as smooth as butter, and although she wasn’t in the same type of condition as Ginger, her body was gorgeous. She was much softer than Ginger, but she didn’t have one ounce of extra fat on her body. Her breasts were perfect too, with nice big nipples. Her eyes were green, which gave her a look of ferocity that was in direct contrast with the soft, kind, smile on her face.

Beth stood in front of Sara and looked deeply into Sara’s eyes as Amy locked their chains to each other. On chain ran from Sara’s neck collar to Beth’s. Another ran from her waist belt to Beth’s. Their wrists and ankles were left unchained, but each still wore the cuffs on their ankles and wrists. Then Amy took Sara’s hands, and held them behind Sara’s back. Sara felt Amy locking her wrists to the back of her waist belt. This confused Sara a little, since she had been unchained to begin with, and now she was even more severely restricted. But something in Beth’s eyes told her not to protest.

“Beth will be your hands for you for the next few days,” said Ginger. “If your nose itches, Beth will scratch it. She will feed you, bathe you and wipe you. But don’t worry my little angel, she’s the best little girl we have, so you are in very good hands.”

Sara’s mind was thrown right back into a whirlwind. She wondered how long this was going to last, how she was going to tolerate this and what Beth had done to end up here. But that didn’t last long. Before she knew it, Ginger had left the room and the other girls were all around her, reassuring her that everything was going to be fine. They were caressing her shoulders, whispering calming words and nodding their heads in an attempt to calm her down. Soon, Beth had her by her elbow and lower back, and was ushering her to sit in one of the chairs.

“It really will be okay,” said Beth. “Jackie did this for me,” she said pointing to a beautiful smiling black woman standing nearby. “I’ve done it for two girls since getting here too. I really love it. We will become best friends, and you will learn so much. It will do nothing but help you and make you very happy. We are the luckiest girls in the prison system. I can guarantee that.”

One of the girls brought Sara a cup of water and Beth helped her drink it. Then another girl suggested that Sara should have a sponge bath to help her relax, so they took her into the showerroom, and two of the girls helped Beth give her a warm sponge bath. “We can’t get you under the shower until your good shackles come. These wouldn’t do well in the wetness and would probably end up rusting or staining your beautiful skin,” said Beth.

Sara felt absolutely wierded out by the attention and the touching, but after a few minutes, she just closed her eyes and let it happen. After a bit, she actually grew to appreciate and enjoy how the girls handled her body. Beth patted her dry with a towel and then said, “we had better get you some rest. Let’s go to bed for a nap, then we can have dinner with the rest of the girls.”

Beth led Sara to the bedroom and motioned toward a pillow and blanket. “Right there,” she said.
Sara was speechless. She was about to go to bed while chained to a beautiful naked girl. But she was very tired and had been through so much, that she just crawled over to the pillow and covered up with the blanket. It was the most comfort she had experienced in a long time, and she was out, as her head first came into contact with the pillow.

When Sara woke up, Beth was holding her in her arms, and they were covered by the blanket. Sara could feel Beth’s warm, smooth body close to hers, and she could feel the chain and restraints as well. Beth was still asleep, and had a look of peace on her face. Sara moved a little to relieve some pressure on one of her wrists, and Beth started to come out of her sleep.

Beth’s eyes opened up, and a kind smile formed on her beautiful face. “You looked cold,” Beth whispered. “I hope you don’t mind. Besides, I have trouble keeping my hands off of beautiful girls like you,” and smiled even bigger.

Sara felt shy and embarrassed. She didn’t know what to say, so she just quietly said, “no, that’s okay.” Then she immediately felt like she’d insulted Beth, but Beth didn’t seem to take it that way. Sara hadn’t felt intimacy like this for a long time. Even when she was happy with Eric, she didn’t feel the connection that she had suddenly come to know with Beth. Then there was the period of house arrest, which only left her with her two hands for pleasure.

Beth threw off the blanket, and helped Sara get off the bed and back on her feet. Sara felt like a paraplegic when Beth had to help her get to her feet, but things had just begun, and Sara was about to learn a whole lot more.

“Now its dinnertime,” said Beth. “We are much luckier than the general population. We don’t get as much food, but what we do get is very healthy and very good..” Beth led the way to the dining room, and Sara followed at the end of the chain. In the dining room, the other girls we all seated at the long table. Sara and Beth sat at the end, facing each other. Soon, women in prison uniforms started bringing in food carts. They set trays of food down in front of each girl. The women in prison uniforms were not pleasant looking women. They reminded Sara of the type of women she saw when she was in jail. They had greasy hair, they were unhealthy looking and most of them had scars and tattoos. That made Sara realize that several of the girls at the table with her, also had tattoos, and each of them had the same tattoo. Sara didn’t realize it until now, but each of the girls had the exact same tattoo. It was a symbol that looked like a pyramid. Some girls had it on the front of their pelvic area, and others had it just above their tail bone. As Sara wondered about the tattoos, Beth offered her a fork full of salad. Sara accepted it and munched on it. Beth continued to feed Sara and give her drinks of water from her cup throughout the meal.

“Eat up,” Beth said. “You always have to eat everything as Ginger has us on an exact diet, and if you leave something out, you won’t be able to keep up.”

As the girls ate, they chatted in a friendly, even lively, manner. Sara concluded that they were all very good friends. When they were done with their meals of salad, fish, fruit and water, the workers cleared the table, and the girls all went out to the social area. There Sara was able to talk with the other girls for the first time. First, they had her tell them about her childhood, school, growing up and other personal stuff. It made Sara homesick and sad to talk about her life, but the girls all seemed so supportive and positive, that she was able to get through it. Then she was asked to explain how she had ended up in prison. When she told them how she had been duped into driving the getaway car, the all moaned and rolled their eyes about how their deadbeat boyfriends, husbands or brothers had led them astray. There was a general consensus that they would have all been able to stay out of trouble if it wasn’t for some guy that came along and screwed things up.

Then each of them gave a short intro about themselves. A short description of their childhood, later life, etc…, as well as how they had gotten sent to prison. The stories varied greatly. Some had good childhoods and bad marriages. Some had bad childhoods and went straight from school to the penitentiary. Some were middle class, some were low class and one, Beth, was high class. Trinity had killed her fiancé while defending herself from an assault. She made the mistake of shooting him when he was very drunk, unarmed, and asleep. Jina had embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from her employer to support her husbands gambling habit. Terry worked for a drug lord in San Diego as his secretary/cruise director on his yacht. Laura had tried to poison her father to death because he was pimping her out to some friends of his when she was in high school.

They talked shop for hours. Then Ginger came back to the room. Everyone lined up and kneeled again when she walked in.

“Its time for sleep girls,” announced Ginger. “Amy, Terry, Alex, and Trinity are going on a two-day trip tomorrow. The crew will be in at 5:00 a.m. to get you ready. The rest of you have normal duties. Beth, you and Sara will report to me at in the exercise room after breakfast.”

With that, Ginger walked out of the room, and the girls started heading back to the bedroom. Sara actually saw some humor in calling it the bedroom, since the room was totally filled with a bed. She thought that would make other bedrooms, more like rooms with beds in them. As they walked toward the bedroom, Sara asked Beth what Ginger meant by a two-dayThe ice slave trip.

“Well,” Beth explained. “We have certain duties and obligations here, in return for our special treatment. You see, we don’t have to worry as much about typical prison life. We don’t run much risk of being abused, beaten or raped by other inmates or guards because the warden wants to keep us fresh, clean and attractive. But there is some payback for the special treatment. The warden has a side business that includes using us as prostitutes or slaves if you will.”

Sara was immediately stricken with horror. She had seen so much in the past few days, that she didn’t think it could get worse, but the thought of being sent to a brothel, a party or put out on the corner made her sick to her stomach.

“But its not like you might think,” explained Beth. “Usually, it’s extremely glamorous and we actually look forward to most of the trips. I’ve been on a few where I didn’t want them to end, if you can believe that.”

“You mean to tell me that you like being used as a whore,” asked Sara defiantly.

“No, I definitely don’t like that feeling, when I get that feeling, but honestly, as long as Ginger likes you, that feeling rarely comes over you. We just had a girl paroled that Ginger didn’t like, and she got sent on most of the bad trips. Ginger doesn’t like Trisha either, so as long as you don’t do what Trisha does, that will help ensure that you start off on the right foot with Ginger. We all expect Trisha to take over as the ‘dirty whore’ as Ginger used to call Shannon.”

“So,” Sara asked. “We aren’t sent off for sex with dirty old men all night?”

“Oh no,” Beth chuckled. “It’s nothing like that.”