Pleasuring my daddy

Here comes my man

She was kneeling. She hated kneeling but it was where he put her and she loved to please him by following his orders. Her back was to the door and she faced the wall, waiting for him to appear. Hearing the door open, and then close again, she started trembling. The thought of him, of his control of her, always made her tremble.

He walked in, stepping behind her and cupped her face with his hand while tugging softly on her hair. “Hello girl, how are you today?” A soft moan escaped before she answered him, “Fine Sir, I’m fine, thank you.” Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a blindfold and slipped it on her eyes, tugging it down over her hair. “That’s my good girl, ” he said. “What are you moaning for girl?” She shook her head, feeling small already, just with those feel words, the tug of the hair, the blindfold.

“Nothing Sir, just a silly response to you being here.”

He chuckled, liking the smallness in her voice, the trembling of her body. “Ah but responses aren’t silly, girl, they’re the point of the thing, as it were. If you didn’t respond, you wouldn’t be very much fun, now would you?”

Again, she shook her head, knowing that her ability to please him was more than half the fun for him, that and the fact that he could have her do just what he wanted without fear of recrimination made for an excellent power exchange. She gave freely to please him because her pleasure depended on his.

“You are a dumb little cunt aren’t you?”

Trembling more, she whimpered and whispered, “Yes Sir, your dumb little cunt” He came around her and stood in front of her. She listened for his next words and instead heard the sound of his zipper sliding down. She felt her body clench and herself get wet just with that tiny sound. Whimpering she tried to press forward with her head to lean against him. A sharp tug of her hair stopped her.

“None of that now. You go where I WANT you to go, besides, I don’t think you deserve this, do you?”

She moaned, knowing that he was stroking his cock in front of her blindfolded face, wanting to feel it in her mouth more than anything. “Yes, Sir, I mean no Sir, oh Sir” her need was evident in every syllable.

He smiled but answered sternly, “Which is it you dumb little cunt? Yes Sir or No Sir?”

“OH. Please, Sir, it’s whatever you say, Sir.” She felt even smaller now that he was talking to her sternly, just like her daddy used to when she was disobedient. She sniffled a bit, feeling lost and small and little girl like.

He knew exactly what he was doing to her, and smiled with her obvious need to please, getting harder as he stood in front of her. “You want to suck don’t you, little girl? You want this hard throbbing cock in your mouth?” He brushed it against her lips then stepped back, sliding his hand up and down the shaft. “My baby wants a pacifier, doesn’t she? Tell Daddy what you want, little girl, tell me exactly what you want.” The precum glistened on the tip of his cock and on her mouth, but she knew better than to lick it without permission.

Please daddy, let have your cock

“Please, please daddy, let me suck you” she felt his fingers tangle in her hair and then felt her head being pressed down against his leg, felt his heavy balls resting on her head in the back. She whimpered and put her hands down, now on all fours. With a sharp tug, her head was pulled up to stretch her neck, the tip of the cock pressed against her mouth.

“Open up little girl”

Moaning she opened her mouth and felt it slide over her tongue, the taste of precum making her eager for more. Holding her mouth open was difficult but he hadn’t said she could suck, only to open for him. Then she heard the door open behind her and she started trembling, wondering who it was. She heard the sound of another zipper sliding down and whimpered then felt daddy’s cock slam into the back of her mouth, pressing down her throat. The sound of a belt being undone came next and she heard “Suck girl, don’t you dare stop until I tell you otherwise.” Crying she started sucking on him, as she felt her legs being spread and her cunt get wetter.

Grunting as she felt a hard, thick cock push into her cunt, her face pressing into her Daddy’s legs, she started to shake harder than before. “Good girl, good dumb little cunt, suck Daddy, suck him harder.” His hands tugged her face on and off his cock, as the man behind her slammed into her cunt again and again.

She felt a ripple run through her body, needing to cum but knowing that she wasn’t allowed to do so without permission. She moaned louder, around his cock, sucking urgently, milking it with her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Two hands wrapped around her waist and then she felt herself be pulled back hard against the body behind her as it slumped against her with a heave, then she felt the cock pull out and a splash of hot wetness hit her back and asscheeks. “Cum babydoll, cum for Daddy” She came, in a trembling mess, nearly losing her balance as she did so. Saying this, her Daddy thrust down her throat, tightening his grip on her hair. He held himself like that, cutting off her breath as she rocked back and forth in pleasure. The sound of the door opening and closing was heard just after that, and she felt yet another cock sliding into her wet cunt, making her try to moan around Daddy’s cock.

Gag a little for me, my dumb slut

Knowing that she would choke soon, he held his cock in the back of her throat. She began writhing around, hips bucking as the other cock slammed into her harder and harder, moving suddenly from her cunt, and pressing against her anus. Gasping, she felt it press firmly into her sphincter and then start a speedy rhythm slapping her ass with each thrust. Daddy pulled his cock back into her mouth and started his own rhythm, pushing her back and forth between them. “Cum you dumb bitch, cum if you ever plan on cumming again” With that he pushed against her throat again and then pulled out, splashing cum all over her face. Opening her mouth with a shaky breath, she started moaning, “I’m cummingggggg ohhh gawdsssss yes please Daddy let me cum again” She felt the cock in her ass spurt hard as he slammed into her one last time, then felt him slide out, as she shook with the need to orgasm again. “Cum slut” Giving one last cry she whimpered her way through yet another orgasm.

”Thank you Daddy, thank you. “ She felt her arms weakening and lay down on the floor as she heard Daddy zipping up.

“Well babydoll, you made $40. Aren’t you pleased?” With a chuckle, he started walking out of the room. “I’ll see you later my good girl, clean up and get back to work.”