Our life, My Heels, Our Love.

We’ve been married 28 years now and it’s been a beautiful relationship. In the beginning, Mike had his career, speed boat, race car, and wanted to love and marry a woman who wanted to be a woman in the most feminine ways. He’s not a chauvinist, he pushes himself to the limit, he knows what he wants, and that would be me, Connie.

I’m a small woman, 5 foot tall, reasonably proportioned, with size 5 1/2 feet. I always dressed nicely and wore high heels (2″ or 3″) with some regularity. Mike’s nature is to do things to the limit and he would say, “if you’re going to wear high heels, wear HIGH heels”.

I suppose it’s a little over 26 years since the evening I sat down with Mike to discuss my idea. I wanted to do something that I could excel at and would be very meaningful and lasting to both of us in a sharing and intimate way with an ultra-feminine flair. With some nervousness, I told him I wanted to commit myself to strictly wearing high heels and become accomplished at walking with my feet severely arched in the most extreme heels. I would need his support and help both emotionally and physically, knowing it was going to take a very sincere effort and discipline on my part to tolerate the conditioning and training of my feet, ankles, and legs in addition to overcoming the obstacles of daily activities. I wasn’t nervous about talking to him; I was nervous about the commitment I was making to him, but there was comfort in Mike’s immediate interest, reassurance, and confidence.

The following Saturday, we gathered up all my shoes with less than 4″ heels and gave them to a local thrift store. That afternoon we went shopping to supplement my variety of heels. We started an aggressive conditioning program that actually went on for months. I wanted to do something right away that would confirm my conviction and decided to strengthen and deliberately shorten the calf muscles in my legs. Using a pair of platform shoes with a 6″ heel (4″ arch) and 2″ platform, Mike cut the heels off and reshaped the sole of the platforms. He helped me as I learned to balance just on the platforms, enhancing the arch of my feet and ankles and putting an incredible strain on my calf muscles to keep the unsupported heel of the shoes properly elevated. Failure to do so would cause the special ankle straps to draw unmercifully tight. The first time I wore these was the last time my heels would ever touch a floor.

I practiced four times a day for the first week, increasing the duration of each session to the extent of my tolerance. At the end of each session when I took them off I would immediately put on shoes with at least 4 1/2″ heels. The extra 1/2″ of heel would allow my calf muscles to rest and maintain the arch of my feet. These were the first of several training shoes we designed for various purposes and believe me they worked.

As the months passed and I became increasingly more accustomed to the ever-higher heels, forming the bend of my toes, arch of my feet, and bend of my ankles, we would increase the severity of the training shoes for the purpose of walk and balance. The bend of my toes was becoming more permanent and my feet were assuming a very nice arched shape. Due to the increasing immobilization, we took very deliberate care with massage, lotions, and soaking.

The last pair of trainers, my favorite, was used to teach me not to use my toes to support my balance and I continued to use them to push my abilities to the limit. They fit perfectly and with my feet securely strapped in, my instep (top of my foot) is arched forward over and beyond the demanding bend of my toes and my ankles are bent virtually to their limit. My heels are at their maximum height and close to being directly above the balls of my feet. The shoes are on a base supported by two small pedestals located just under the ball of my foot and the heel. The bottom (sole) of the pedestals are just large enough to keep the shoes steady as long as my posture is absolutely erect with all of my weight balanced strictly on the balls of my feet. Since any deviance will cause the shoes to pitch unmercifully in any direction, I only wear them with Mike at my side. As demandingly cruel as they are, as my balance improved I did master them.

You’ll notice I haven’t used the usual words associated with high heels, pain, agony, hurt, or uncomfortable. The ground rules from the start were that a positive attitude would be essential and my tolerance level had to be kept high, but we agreed pain would be addressed and corrective measures are taken. We also understood there would be some harsh consequences and I accept that sufferance. Normal things such as standing and walking barefoot is now a brutal ordeal because of my arched feet but I can tolerate and enjoy the most severe high heels for hours on end. The conditioning and training were very beneficial and also helped me learn ways to cope with the never-ending daily obstacles, including two pregnancies, the high heels present. I also want to mention that heel height measurements are deceptive. A 5″ heel has a much more profound effect on my size 5 1/2 feet than on a size 8 or 9.

stiletto heels

As for Mike and I, it’s absolutely marvelous. We have a love that is in part bonded by his admiration of my commitment to constantly endure the demands of the high heels, and in part by my contentment in knowing my self-imposed distress and vulnerability is cherished. There is a strange extraordinary sense of closeness and sensuality between us that I can’t describe. After all the years he still makes a special effort to accommodate my limitations and is always conscious of unique situations where I need assistance. He knows just how to help me when I’m wearing extremely high heels without being obvious to others and the fun and enjoyment never ends.

We are a reasonably active family with boating, water skiing, race cars, occasional camping (motor home) in addition to the regular daily activities. Over the years I have collected a variety of high heels, nothing less than 4″, to accommodate the wide variety of activities we are involved in. My favorite style is the very high stiletto heel pump with a short pointed toe and ankle strap of which I have many of different designs. I have several pairs with round toes and thicker heels for very casual dress and to accommodate activities where a broad base heel is necessary. Neither of us likes open or sandal styles but I do have a couple of pairs with platforms I wear for occasions like boating. Heel heights, without platforms, range from 4″ (normal) to 5 1/2″ (extreme) which is the highest I can find in my size. I do have 6″ heels in size 6 and we adjust the fit with foot cushions. I only wear extreme heels out when Mike is with me and I have some idea where I’ll have to walk.

Last Saturday we went out to dinner and I wore a slim knee-length skirt and 5 1/4″ heels. On the way home after dinner, we passed a theater and decided on a movie. Now, this was not part of the original plans and I had on extreme heels. We had to wait in the lobby a few minutes until the previous movie was finished. I was standing with my feet together and Mike knows I like to lean against him so he moved close behind me and lightly held my shoulders. As I pressed against him holding myself rigid, he moved just enough to lean me back so I was only on the tips of the heels without changing the position of my feet. My perilous position and his unwavering firmness is an exchange of feelings only we know and we didn’t say a word.

When we entered the theater the considerable downhill slope of the aisle forced the arch of my feet and ankles beyond their limit requiring my legs to bend slightly at the knees. Mike already had a firm hold on my waist from the side, virtually carrying my weight as we walked down the aisle. After we were seated, since the entire floor has the same slope and the seats are close together, I had to sit with my feet and ankles arched to their limit resting only on the heel tips. My knees were held together by the tight skirt. When the movie was over, Mike put an arm around me and lifted me straight up out of the seat. The seat bottoms move up and out of the way allowing me to get the ball of my feet back on the floor and he assisted me back to the aisle. Mike immediately got right behind me, held me firmly at the waist, and practically carried me up the aisle with me walking only on the ball of my feet. The very high height of the heel places the heel tip very close to the sole of the shoe. With a slope this steep, if I allow the heels to touch the floor the shoe will tend to fall over backward.

We moved along with the crowd and no one realized what we were doing. (Remember that sense of closeness I mentioned earlier!) Going down the steps toward the parking lot was another challenge due to the tight skirt and extreme heels. Holding his hand I literally roll off the edge and catch myself with the other foot without hooking a heel. It’s demanding and kind of scary, but Mike says it’s an absolute pleasure to see me do it. Now, I know all of this might sound as if it were a clumsy struggle but let me assure you we move together as though I was unencumbered and if you were watching us you would only notice our affection and confidence in each other.

A day at a large nationally known amusement park with walking surfaces of concrete, blacktop, wood, and steel, all contoured in every imaginable manner, walking across a large field parking lot at a superspeedway, or climbing the bleachers at a local race track, camping, boating, shopping, and everything else, all in high heels.

This is my life, not a story or a fantasy, and it’s been absolutely wonderful.