Our game of chastity and denial

It was just another Saturday morning just like the last twelve or so. I woke up next to my Mistress in hopes that this might be the day. She’s laying there, looking just as sexy and beautiful as the first time I woke up next to her. The strap of her silk nightgown had slipped down off one shoulder, exposing the perfect curvature of her breast. She’s sleeping with a smile on her lips. She should be smiling, after last night’s many orgasms I served her. I was beginning to think she wasn’t ever going to say, “That’s enough, I can’t take anymore.” I must have had my head between her sexy thighs for over an hour, and at least three orgasms. Then she asked for some sex, but not the way you might think. See these days; I only rarely have penetrative sex with her, most times by means of a strap-on. You see, I’m locked in a steel chastity belt, 24/7, with her controlling the only keys. She had two more orgasms by means of the strap-on and then she finally rolled off me and fell right to sleep. Sleep didn’t come quite as quickly to me. My, or should I say, “her cock” wasn’t giving up thinking that it should have been the one doing the fucking. Not the fake one strapped right over the top of it. But finally, I fell to sleep, dreaming of one day maybe I will be the one fucking my wife once again.

The sun was pouring in the window the next morning when she awoke, rolling to my side, cupping the strap-on penis and giving it a squeeze; She said to me “So dear, do you think you’re ready to have an orgasm all of your own?” “Yes Mistress,” I blurted out.

“Please tell me how long it’s been this time?” She asked. This was all part of the game, teasing me by making me count the days, weeks, or even months. “90 days today,” I told her.

“Wow. Three months, that even sounds worst yet. Sure doesn’t seem that long to me. But I have a hard time keeping track of all the orgasms I get. Well if you’re sure you want one, you know the rules of the game, don’t you?” “Yes Mistress, I do, and will do anything you want to earn my orgasm today.”

“That’s a good little slave. I have something special in store for you this time. First, get the coffee going, take off that strap-on, and cleaned it up. Then you have a quick shower.”

“Yes Mistress.” As I jumped up from bed, I got the coffee going and then attended to my shower. My Mistress was just propping up some pillows and was starting to reading her erotic book as I entered her bedroom with her coffee and a toasted bagel too.

“Go prepare a hot scented bath for me, Slave.” “Yes Mistress.” I left her side and went into the Master Bathroom and poured her favorite scented oils into the bath and filled it with hot water. I didn’t even notice her standing behind me as I was finishing running the bathwater. My heart almost skipped a beat seeing her there standing over me naked. She crawled into the hot bubbly water and laid back like the princess she is.

“Slave I want you to shave my legs and don’t you dare nick me once. Or else you may have to spend another week locked up, with no relief.” “Yes Mistress, I will be very careful, you can be sure.” As she lay back enjoying, the special attention, I was giving her legs. She would caress a nipple of hers every so often, just to take some of my attention away from my task, in hopes I might nick her and lose my chance of an orgasm today. But lucky for me, I complete her legs without one nick. She was purring as I was softly washing the remaining shaving cream away.

“Slave I want you to shave my pussy bald too. Same thing, no nicks, or 4 weeks will be added to your release. Understood?” “Yes, gulp Mistress.” As she slid down into the water, she held up her mound to me. I very carefully applied the cream, maybe taking a little too long, as she barked to me that orders was a shave, not to play with. Once she was as bald as a baby and just as smooth, she told me to get a towel and dry her.

“You know slave if you lucky, you might get to feel my bald pussy tonight, doesn’t that sound good?” “Yes, of course, Mistress, I can wait.”

“But you might have too, we will just see how well you behave today and then tonight maybe, just maybe, I will let you fuck my pussy. But that’s only if you are a very good slave all of today, understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I knew that she would push every button of mine. In hopes of breaking me and having me screw up something, and lose my release tonight. That was her part of this game we play. She pulled on a sexy gown and told me to meet her in the family room with the nail polish kit. I gathered up all the items that would be needed to give her the weekly pedicure that I have been giving her for the last three years. I was required to take a beauty school night course just to learn the proper technique of doing them. That was a long four months of lock-up practicing painting her toenails till she was satisfied I polished them to perfection.

“OK Slave, today will be blood red, I’m in a Vampire mood today, I want fresh meat tonight.” I gulped again, knowing just what she meant by that remark. I started shaking knowing she was on the prowl tonight for some fresh meat, and I would have to watch her play with him till I got my chance of an orgasm. Once the toenails had been buffed, cleaned, painted with two coats, and the final topcoat. She was then satisfied with the job I had done she said, “Slave I’m going to take a short nap, for I can stay up all night fucking if I need to. So you go about your daily duties and don’t make too much noise and wake me.”

“Yes Mistress. Two hours later, three loads of washing, and hand washing her lingerie. Fixing a small lite lunch, she woke and was as fresh as a daisy. We had lunch together and by the time I cleaned up afterward, I heard her calling my name. I enter her bedroom to find her naked on top of the covers, with legs spread wide. I could tell she had been playing with herself. The lips of her pussy were plump and wet.

“Slave I want you to give me one orgasm with your lips. Then you will know what you’re missing out on tonight when the young hunk is fucking them later.” I couldn’t protest, I soo wanted to my own orgasm later. And I would have to accept anything she wanted or requested if I was to get my dessert later.

I don’t know about you, but the smell of pussy when you haven’t had an orgasm for over three months is just about enough to make me squirt right in my belt. But that would be cheating, me and her of the game we play. So down between her sexy thighs, I knelled, breathing in the aroma of my wife. It didn’t take long and she was saying, oh yes, that’s it, yes, Yes, Oh Yes, YES,YESSSSSSSS!!!!. As she recovered, I got up and was standing next to her hoping; praying that all the teasing she had done today was just part of the game. And she would release me now. And we would fuck till dark. But no such luck for me.

“Slave, get the special oil for my pussy.” I walked over to her dresser and picked out the oil she wanted. I knew my fate was sealed then. This oil wasn’t for me. I poured a small puddle in my palm. Then once it was warmed, took two fingers and spread it all over her pussy lips. The scent is intoxicating. It is a special oriental oil that once a male smells, and he’s all hers, besides it making her pussy wet and slippery all night.

“That’s enough slave, now gather my best bra, you know the one, stockings and garter belt.” As I gather the items, I picked out some sexy panties of the same black color. She made me hook the bra over her breast. Then pull up the stockings and attach them to the garters. I showed her the panties I picked out, thinking she would be pleased that I thought of them when she forgot to tell me.

“No Slave, I won’t need panties tonight, they will just get in the way.” She stood up and walked over to the closet. I was all eyes, wondering what dress she would pick out. Oh no, not that one. I fit her like a second skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. With the push-up bra, she looks like she going to have a boob fall right out at any time. The dress stops just below her gather hooks, so anytime she is setting, anyone can see her garters. Then she bent over and picked up some 4″ black strappy heels and walked over to me.

“Slave, put these on for me.” She was holding the shoes right in front of my face, knowing with my shoe fetish I wasn’t thinking with my right head. As I took the shoes from her and kneaded down all I could smell was the specially scented oil coming from her pussy. She knew this and was playing it up to the hilt. Once I had the shoes strapped on, she then walked over to the make-up table and told me to leave here and get ready to go out.

It is bad enough that I had to shave her, and her pussy bald. Then get her fluffed and oiled. I had to dress her, all for someone else’s pleasure. Now would have to go with her and watch the show. This is all part of her plans, to drive me insane and willing to do anything for her, just to earn the chance of an orgasm. Soon as I was dressed, she was just finishing with her make-up. Oh my, she was stunning, one sexy, hot woman out on the prowl.

“Here Slave will you help me with my perfume.” Another of her games, making me dab the perfume on all the sexy spots. Knowing damn well, some other guy was going to get the pleasure of smelling it. She picked up her small handbag, and a tube of lipstick and two condoms is all she put inside. Knowing I was watching.

“Let’s go slave. I’m getting horny just thinking of all the young meat out there tonight.” As we pulled up to the club, I got out and opened the door for her. Her dress showed too much leg to anyone that was looking as she climbed out of the car. As I was pulling away to park the car, I watch her giving both the bouncers a hug. Swearing I could see the cheeks of her ass as she did. By the time I had parked the car and paid my way into the club, she was no wear insight. Then I found her. She was already out on the dance floor with some guy. Didn’t take her long to find one, hell every guy there wanted to be with her. It was going to be a long night for me. I found an open table, one of those high small table types. I ordered us a drink and waited for her to find me. Heck, I was hoping she would want to find me. But I deep down knew she would. It’s much more fun for her to tease me right in front of my eyes. Three dances later, with two different guys she finally came to my table. As she sat, the dress pulled up giving anyone a look at her long sexy legs and stocking tops. She always crosses her legs soo sexy and rocks her leg. It’s just like a sign saying, I’m horny and need to be fucked. Soon another guy walked up and asked her to dance. Before I could say anything, she was gone. Soon as the song was over, I saw him give her a kiss right on the dance floor. She didn’t protest, in fact she pulled him back to give him another. As they walked back to the table, I realized just how sexy this guy was. His shirt was half unbuttoned, mostly by my wives doing. Six pack abs, tan, and with a goatee that she just luvs. Something I never could grow. She told me his name was Rick, and she thought he was hot as hell.

“Honey, order us all a drink, I’m going to the little girl’s room.” As she walked away, I knew this was my signal to tell Rick that I wanted him to fuck my wife. We have come up with this little story, that I have a very bad back and can’t fuck her the way she needs to be. So every so often we go out and find someone that she attracted too and invite him back to our home to fuck her brains out, as long as I get to watch. I will not join in, just watch.

This is just for my torture, watching another man fuck my wife in front of me. He doesn’t know that he just thinks he’s going to fuck my wife in front of me and that’s that.

So when my wife returned from the restroom, she looked right deep into my eyes, and asked, do we have a winner or not. Never have we had a man turn down the offer to fuck my wife. Hell, I would if I was in his shoes. All I could say was, “Yes Dear.”

So after more drinks, and many dances later, I was driving home alone in our car, with my wife riding in Rick’s car. She says, she doesn’t want him to get lost. But I know she is playing with his cock all the way to our house. Once we are back home, I’m to offer them some drinks. By the time I have the drink prepared, they were already on the couch kissing. His hands were inside her bra and cupping her sex under her dress. After I served the drinks, my wife told me to go prepare the bedroom.

This is my queue to go to the bedroom and strap myself into the chair in the corner of the room. I excuse myself, and then walked up to the bedroom and undress down to my chastity belt. Then I set in the sturdy wooden chair in the corner of the room. There are locking cuffs for both of my ankles, and both wrists. I locked the cuffs around my ankles and one arm, then wait for my wife and her new friend to come to bed. I’ve been there setting way too long waiting for them. I was straining to hear any voices. Finally I hear my wife giggle as the door opens and I see him carrying her into the room. He sets her down on the bed, and he noticed me in the chair. She goes on to tell him that is quite OK, and that she will make sure I don’t interfere. My wife leaves Rick with a kiss and walks over to me, locking the last cuff around my free wrist. She reached for our steel collar. This action always takes my breath away. See, only if my collar is locked on, is there a chance the belt will be unlocked. Either collar locked on or belt locked on, this way, she is sure she can get the belt back on without too much complaining. Once I was refusing to put the belt back on, so she told me to wear the collar to work Monday. Oh Shit. I locked the belt back on.

As she locking the collar around my neck, I heard that familiar click, which reminds me every time that she is in control. Then she locks the collar to the top of the chair, so I have no other option other than to watch her with him. A kiss on my lips, I swear I could taste him.

She slowly walks back to Rick, strutting like a model. She was pulling on her dress this way and that, causing it to show more skin with every move.

“See I told you he wouldn’t get in the way of our lovemaking.” Then the part of this game that just drives me crazy. She starts this sexy striptease that she use to do only for me, soo long ago, trapping me in her web. Once she’s down to the bra, stocking, and heels, she turns all her attention to him. She removes his shirt, kissing each inch of newly exposed skin. His pants next, and finally the underwear. Oh my, his cock pops out like a jack in the box. She lets out a little squeal of delight. It’s got to be 8″ and thick as her wrist. My wife drops to her knees and takes hold of the pieces of meat she conquered. Looking over at me first, licking her lips, and then turning back to Rick’s massive cock. In one motion I see her bury her nose into his pubic hair. Her cheeks swell at the massive intrusion. Rick’s head rolls back, he can’t believe his luck in her finding him. His cock slips out of her mouth with a loud pop. My wife looks back at me with a Chester cat smile. I’m so hard in my steel prison that I’m afraid it might break, my penis that is. Back to sucking Rick’s cock and stopping only to take one ball into her mouth, then the other. Rick has his hand on the back of her red hair, entangled between his fingers, pulling her head farther down his shaft with each stroke. Soon Rick’s past the point of no return and tells my wife he’s going to cum. She pulls back just holding his cock head at the opening of her mouth and stokes the remaining shaft till he is spurting his hot cum inside her mouth.

Not till she’s sure he’s done cumming does she pull her mouth away from his cock. My wife gets up and walks over to me, kissing me and transferring all Rick’s cum into my mouth. She continues kissing me till I swallow. Then she swirls her tongue inside my mouth, just to make sure I have tasted all of his cum.

By now after watching my wife feeds his cum to me, wiggling her sexy ass at Rick the whole time, he is getting hard again. My wife says, “Ready for round two.” She back to blowing Rick’s cock, till it’s hard again. She climbs up on the bed and straddles his cock. Slowly sliding it deep inside her till it bottoms out. A little whimper comes from her throat. I know that I never penetrated her that deep before. Soon they have a perfect rhythm going and she’s bouncing from the tip to the base of his cock burying it all the way to his balls, deep inside her. I see is her tight bottom quivering each thrust, and her boobs bouncing soo sexy. Rick’s reached up and is knelling her breast and pinching her nipples. She is throwing her head from side to side and pounding on his chest with both of her hands. Then the, oh yes, that’s it, right there, yes, yes, Yessss, YEESSSSSSSS!!! I see my wife cuming while riding another man’s cock. I watch him clinch and pump his cum deep inside her. She lays her head on his chest but leaves his cock inside her love tunnel.

After what seems to be forever, she rises and pulls slowly off Rick’s cock. Kissing him and telling him how good of fuck he is. Then she asks him if he’s got another load for her. She tells him that she hasn’t been fucked like this in years and her ass is just screaming for attention.

There isn’t any guy that is going to turn down screwing a girl in the ass, especially my beautiful wives’ ass. Songs have written about her “heart shape ass.” I can see Rick’s cock getting hard just hearing her offer it to him. She reached over to the nightstand and pulls out the lube, squirted some on his cock and starts stroking him. Soon as it’s hard again, she shoots some lube on her palm and smears it over her anise. She turns around on the bed so she will be looking right into my eyes and climbs on all four.

“Rick, fuck my ass so I feel you into next week.” Rick jumps behind her and guides his cock into her ass. He’s trying to be the gentleman, slowly sliding inside her. She is having none of that. Looking into my eyes, she pushed back burring him to his balls deep inside her ass.

“Give me all you got cowboy. This filly needs breaking.” My wife is telling Rick this while looking at me the whole time. God my cock is ready to burst. I can feel Rick pumping her backside from my imprisonment. My wife is biting her lower lip and bouncing back to meet his one every thrust. Rick starts spanking my wife and that is all she needs to go over the top. She starts squeezing Rick’s cock with her ass muscles. This is too much for any man and Rick starts shooting his third load inside my wife’s ass. The entire time she was looking at me and knowing she is driving me insane. Soon as Rick finished cuming, he softens and slides out of my wife. She turns to him and tells him how great of fuck he was. Nevertheless, she is done with him and it’s time for him to leave, right now.

“What a Bitch, Rick says.” He can’t believe how cold she is. He dresses and is out the door in minutes, without even a good night kiss.

My wife walks over to me and tells me I did well. Releasing the cuffs from my wrists and ankles, she tells me to prepare the bed. I pull the steel stocks out from under the bed and attach them to the headboard. I lay my head in the holder and wait. My wife locks one wrist, then walks around the bed and locks the other. Lastly, the collar is locked in place. She petting my head telling me how well I did, and I’m very close to earning my orgasm. She pulls the hood out of the dresser and pulls it tight over my eyes and nose. Leaving my mouth exposed. She leaves me and walks out of the room. I never know if she will return tonight or leave me to my thoughts till morning. I don’t have any choice in the matter. Shortly I feel her set on the bed. I feel her playing with the chastity belt. Is tonight the night, or just another of her wicked night of teasing? The belt comes off and a warm washcloth is rubbing “her cock” I have to hold back by all my means. I don’t want this to end soon. As she is finished cleaning me, I feel her moving up the bed. Soon I sense she is setting right over my lips, I can smell their combined juice’s while she sets back, tells me to lick. I have no choice so lick and I do till she is satisfied I’ve cleaned all his cum from her pussy.

She rises and tells me to open wide. I know she going to snowball a load of Rick’s cum into my mouth from her ass. She slowly starts stroking me telling me how much she loves me. That I have to accept her offerings, or I won’t get my orgasms. Drop and the first snowball hits the back of my tongue. I swallow and then open wide again. I can’t see because of the hood, but can almost see the puddle of cum dripping from her ass, my cock is as hard as it’s ever been. God I wish I could touch it, or even see it. I haven’t had the pleasure of either in three long years. Plop, more cum falls into my mouth, she lowers her ass to my lips. I know I’m to suck out the rest and stick my tongue as far inside her as I can.

As I’m tongue bathing her ass, she is wrapping a leather shoelace around my penis and balls, tighten it till I whimper inside her ass. Few more loops and she has both balls tighten off from each other and my penis is turning purple from the tightness.

“Well slave. You’ve earned your release. I have decided that I want more cock in my ass so it’s your lucky night.” She twirled around on the bed and is holding herself over my penis, and the head of it just touching her bud.

“Who do you belong too, slave? Who owns your penis and its pleasure?”

“You Mistress, only you!!!”

“That’s right, your penis is my cock, and only mine. Now enjoy this pleasure of my ass. And if I was you, I would hold off as long as you can. The next time you get to cum it might not be as easy as this one.” Slowly she lowers herself down my penis. With the leather cord cutting into the flesh, it’s a pleasure and pain at the same time. Soon I feel her ass cheeks touching my balls, ahh the warmth. Then she continues down, putting pressure that isn’t soo nice on the tied up balls. Then she rises just as slowly and when she is a top she stops.

“Remember slave, you only cum when I tell you too. Or you will owe me your balls.” With that she drops down to my balls, crushing them again. The ride begins. With every downstroke, she is smashing my tied up balls with more pressure. The pain is almost more than I can take. She wants it this way, and my pleasure always comes with pain. She says I remember it better that way. Up and down she continues bouncing, flatting out my balls each time. I’m dying, I want to cum, I want her to quit. But I need to cum!!

“OK Slave, tell me one more time how much you love me doing this to you and soon as you convince me, I will allow you to cum.”

“Yes Mistress, I love being your personal slave, at beck and call. I will do anything you ask or tell me too, just please let me cum now!”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t want to stop right now and wait till next time to cum. You know saving your cum for me, makes me very happy.”

“No Mistress, Please Mistress, Now Mistress. I feel like I’m going to burst.”

“Ok Slave, lets me think about it for another minute of two.” I’m dying with her bouncing up and down on my penis, my balls flatting out with each stroke.

“Now Slave, Cum, fill my ass up with your cum.” I don’t wait for her to change her mind and shoot what feels like a gallon on cum deep inside her. She is pushing down with all her weight right on my balls. I can feel them pumping cum inside her. Soon as I finish cumming, she pulls off and turns around on the bed and swats over my mouth and tells me to open up again. I almost drown with the first load of cum dripping into my mouth. Soon as I sallow one, then another and another. Then she sets right on my mouth and takes the warm washrag and cleans up my penis again. I feel like I’m in heaven. She tells me I did such a good job today, that I get till tomorrow morning before the belt is locked back on again.

“Nighty night and sweet dreams.” She leaves me locked to the bed with the hood on and the smell and taste of cum in my tongue and nose. She goes to the guest bed to sleep the rest of the night and I lay there wondering, what I will endear for me to earn my next orgasm.