One Night of hell with Mistress

I have a need for pain

I would like to start from the beginning. I am a 43 yr old man; fit for
my age, not bad on the eyes or so I am told. I have visited Pro Dommes
since my early 20’s. I have a need for pain. Like all the rest of us, I
search the sites to fill this need. It took me several months to
contact Mistress Ella. I like pain, but she made me nervous. She is
very direct to the point of feeling she could see through me, right
into my monitor, which explains why I never even looked at her profile
until I was naked and kneeling. That has been her effect on me.
My first contact with her was just as direct as her profile. Rules she
didn’t ask but demanded were obeyed. She made it clear she would end
all contact should I FAIL.

Goddess is waiting in

Mistress Ella was more than happy to also give me her requirements
should she allow me to submit to her. She had me and I knew it.

I booked a 2 hr session with her the following Friday after work. Work
seemed to drag on. I spent my lunch not eating, but shopping for a
gift. It just felt right. I had not even met Mistress Ella yet, but
she was deep in my brain. Just her name coming up made my raging cock
feel like it could pound nails. But no joke I was nervous. I knew she
was a mature lady. There would be no frills. I was there for her
control and pleasure. She expected 110% of my attention.

A week of denial

I stopped home for a quick cleaning out and a shower. I had a 40-minute
drive from my house to Mistress Ella’s play space. I was nervous and
I so badly wanted to touch my cock. I wanted it throbbing in my hand. I
wanted to feel the silky pre-cum dripping down my hand, before running
it across my tongue. I was given strict instructions not to touch for
the whole week. It was the hardest week, as I jerk off 4-5 times a day.
I pulled into the parking lot and scanned for her apt. For a minute I
didn’t know if my legs would carry me. My palms were soaked with sweat.
With gift and card in hand, I took a deep breath and started in her
direction. A knock at the door, and a short wait that felt like an
hour, the door opened. I was barely in the door when I was pushed to
the floor. For the first time I heard her voice, not soft and sweet,
but with a harshness to it, firm. I quickly drop to the floor and
picked one foot up to kiss it. I waited for the next direction to the
other foot. Then I heard her instructing me to follow her. We passed
one door to the left that was a bathroom. She reached behind me and
closed the door. In this small hall, she ordered me to undress, as she
walked away. I carried my clothes into the room, now more like a crawl
and push inching my clothes from of me. She told me to hand her the
clothes, then she said you might get these back, or I might send you
out in a towel. my mind raced, was she kidding? How would I be able to
stop her? I was scared and my cock being the slut I taught it to be,
started bobbing. In seconds I felt a burning slap across my cock and
balls. I loved the feeling of it moving through me. I wanted another.
From the corner of my eye, I watched as she moved around the room, I was
not able to see much to the back or side to me. I felt what I thought
might be a cage. It would not be long before I knew I was correct.
Mistress Ella attached a cold heavy cuff to my wrist. I was here and
it was really going to happen. I was going to allow her to do anything
she wants with me. Next went on the leg irons, cold and heavy. She
attached my legs to the cage spreading them as far apart as possible.
Next were my wrists, above my head, she attached them to something
behind me. I was then placed in a high posture collar keeping my head
straight, not able to move.
Mistress was behind me, I could hear things moving, but could see
nothing. Next, I was blindfold. I was helpless, I couldn’t move, I
couldn’t see, and without my realizing soon I would not be able to
hear. I was closed off to all my senses, helpless. So why was my damn
cock bobbing again? This time the pain was not her hand but the
stinging of a whip of some kind.

Extreme CBT

I could feel Mistress Ella moving as she brushed against me. Then I
could feel it, something grabbing my skin, then another. I could not
keep count as the pain ran down my chest to the bottom of my thigh,
then to the back of my ball sack. The heat was starting to fill my body,
a wonderful painful heat. I so badly wanted to see her face, her eyes,
but I was in this darkness, with only my mind and the pain. She stopped
and I could only guess what was to come next, but not for long, as I
felt this cold rush over my nipples, and then shooting fire to both
nipples as she twisted, pressed, and pulled. I was beginning to melt
into the pain. It was coming from all over my body. I want to scream
thank you, Ma’am. Still, there would be more. I could feel her long
nails running down my cock, my balls. I wanted both, I tried to scream
more… hard. They are yours, mistress. Then it stopped… nothing. Where
had she gone? My brain was screaming for her not to stop, come back,
but nothing.
Then a pain I had not felt before. Mistress was stroking me with
the needle, I thought, caressing my cock with sadistic stroke. Each awaking
me to her touch as she tightened her grasp. As the needle broke my
skin, I was falling in love with Mistress. Her stokes were working. i
was hard. i could not move but surely i was dripping like a fresh
rain, stroked until i was almost ready to explode. Then Mistress
slapped my cock and balls and it ended. my mind as pleading for her not
to stop.
WOW, a sting, it rocked me to my core. Over and over again my cock and
balls were on fire. There would be no mercy for me. Her words echoed in
my head. I don’t know how long it lasted. When she stopped, she was
back stroking my cock with the needle. This time when they twisted and
pulled my cock, I closed my eyes behind the blindfold and drank it all
in. As she moved so did the pain shooting down my body. Again she took
me to the edge, again I was screaming to go on. My request would go
without my wish to be filled.
She took my hard member into her hand I could feel something tight
going around my cock, then around my waist. I could feel my cock
pressing on my stomach. She was doing the same to my balls, pulling
them hard and tight. She ran her nail deep into both of my balls. She
was taking ownership of them. I gulped and then another. my body was
fire. The pain took over my MIND. She was whipping me. I could only see
her in my mind’s eye, she was laughing at each lash. She moved all
over my body. my mind was dizzy, my head spinning. The leather cut
through my skin. I could feel what I knew was my blood running down
me. She would stop and squeeze each ball, and dig her nails into them.
THEN PUNCHING, over and over again, then whipping.
my legs were weak. my body was not my own any longer. She moved the
whip with skill and pleasure, I was sure of that. She moved down to my
legs, my chest, every inch of me was a wave of fire.
My mind wondered how long was I in this position. I prayed not long, I
didn’t want her to stop. I wanted the whip to crave each lash into my
body, each an evil kiss. Deep breath… oh the pain, the wonderful pain,
as the whip smashed into the other nipple clamps. I prayed I would not
throw up. The pain was intense. She pinched each nipple then put the
clamps back on. She continued to whip, covering every inch of my body.
Suddenly she stopped. Was it over? Had the two hours passed? Oh, how I
wished it wasn’t over. Then without a breath, a ragging pain flowed
through my body. From my chest to my feet, the pain left nothing that
was missed. Quick, quiet, it was gone. Every piece she put on my chest,
ball sac, and thigh was ripped off. All that remained was flashes of
pain flooding over my body, spreading with no mercy. There was that
word again. I wanted to thank her. I felt her let my arms drop to my
side, next my legs were able to move. Would they hold me up? She put a
bottle to my mouth, I drank, gladly willing to take in each drop.
She took the bottle away. When would she remove the collar? When could
I see these wonderful marks, my badge of honor? I didn’t cry, I didn’t
move, I took it. All of it.
Without a word she spun me around, my arms now stretched before me. my
legs again were locked in. She moved the headphone of one ear, and
whispered, you didn’t think I was done, did you? I could say nothing,
but in my mind, I was smiling. She gave me more than I expected, and I
loved every minute.
She pushed my head forward, as much as I could, in the collar. I took
a deep breath. I lost count after 103 lashes. When I came to, she
removed the collar, the blindfold, and my arms.

Mistresses into faggots near

you did a nice job. Don’t move I need to put something on your back for
the cut, I jumped, and held those bars so tight I could have lifted the
steel cage. I wanted the burning to stop as I smelled the alcohol fill
the room, Her hand sliding across my tender skin. When things calmed
down and I could stand, my eyes lowered, and I went to my knees to kiss
her feet and thank her. Ma’am, I hope my body did not disappoint you.
She said would you like to see my work. Yes Ma’am, I would please.