Obedient wife [sex games, control,kinky]

I was a bit in a hurry, as was warned not to be late for a meeting. As requested I was dressed in leather mini skirt, see-through mesh blouse with just black bra under and short leather rock jacket. Of course sexy high heels and sheer black pantyhose -no pants, no cotton gusset, just a flat seam. Managed to get into a small, cosy cafe.
Just a few people inside, but my eyes were looking for him, Mr Allen. In the corner I have noticed tall man with grey hairs dressed in white shirt and elegant black trousers.
His tanned skin and stubble showed both his age- around 60 plus and relaxed lifestyle. I walked to him my sexy way, he stood up and welcomed me with kiss. I immediately felt his strong perfumes.
– Hi, I am Robert but call me Mr Allen, he smiled. – you look wonderful- he quickly eyed me up and down.
– Hello I am Paris, and you can call me Paris,
– I will call you slut Paris during our entire session – ok?
– Sure, understand- I said, and quickly thought – so game has just started, felt wet already…
We sat down and Mr Allen offered me a drink, I took Kir Royal, he stayed with a white wine.
– Is your husband at my place?
– I hope so – I answered
– Do not worry, he is well taken care of by my sub, you’ll see him soon. The reason why I asked you to meet me here, before we go to my apartment, is that I need to start first session eye to eye, and anybody else would disrupt this part of session. So your husband told me that you were not obedient enough and thus deserve proper discipline session to correct your behaviour- right- he looked into my eyes?
– Well, yes- I admitted,
– Ok slut Paris, I asked you to call me proper way, that’s a part of your correction process.
– Well, yes Mr Allen – I repeated correct way.
– Time to start, follow me- said strictly
– yes Mr Allen- once we stood up Mr Allen moved to the counter to settle the bill, and bartender gave him a small key. I noticed others were staring at me while I was following Mr Allen through doors with sign „Staff only”. I was a bit scared of where we were going. At the end of corridor Mr Allen opened another doors to pretty large toilet. He locked doors using a small key.

– Take your skirt off, jacket and bra slut, I want you stay only in pantyhose and that sexy heels in front of me- said with confidence.
– yes Mr Allen- I quickly took off my clothes and Mr Allen packed my bra into his leather bag- you do not need this anymore- he added.
– Stand over toilet and show me how you pee- he asked
I was a bit confused with that humiliating request of Mr Allen, but after quick hesitation started to pull my pantyhose down.
– No no, stop, you will pee through your tights, that’s the main reason I requested you to be in in tights, Paris.
That was crazy, how shall I do that ?- asked myself in thoughts, its too much, but ok I was expecting kinky things when my hubby told me about this session- I will try Mr Allen- I said.
I bent my knees standing above toilet with my heels, pantyhose and mesh top- it took me a while to pee as it does not come easy when I am not in privacy, but finally it came, irregular stream fell wetting my hose then into toilet, I moved my butt closer down not to splash my pee.
– Very good slut, Mr Allen said with smile – you will stay like that just to remember you are at discipline session and your full obedience is mandatory.
Luckily I was wet only in the crotch area and my pantyhose were so sheer so would dry quickly hopefully.
– It’s not the end, now I want to pee and need you to taste my liquid.
No that’s too much!- I thought – I never gonna do that, no fucking way! – Sorry Mr Allen but I am not ready for that, I said.
– Hmm, such unacceptable behaviour needs punishment, you are aware of that? – Mr Allen was upset.
– Yes Mr Allen, I suppose so.
Mr Allen took of his belt- put your hands on wall and bend over so I see your wet ass exposed proper way. – He told me.
I turned back to expose my ass for spanking. And immediately I felt a pain of his leather belt hitting my buttock. – Ouch ! I screamed.
– What you should say, slut? – Mr Allen asked
– Thank you Mr Allen I answered correctly. And right after that felt second hit and then few more. I tried to be as silent as possible and was afraid someone is outside of the toilet and can hear the sound of my spanking.
– Ok, Paris, now I will pee and you will keep my penis such way I am not splashing my pee on the floor. – He unzipped his trousers and I noticed his large dick.
I did my best to hold his cock correct way. He finished and said to me- now you suck it completely clean, Paris – no excuse this time.
I knew I cannot fail this time, and touched the tip of his cock with my tongue just to check, felt no special taste, just few drops of his urine. I swallowed that and took big part of his apparatus into my mouth. It was really massive device and immediately got much bigger- Mr Allen was excited about my blowjob. He put his belt around my neck to hold me while keeping his dick deep in my throat; I felt chocked and started to cough a bit.
– That’s enough, you are really good at that- he put trousers on- Dress up with skirt and your jacket. You do not need your bra; my place is just after small park.
When we left room and moved through cafe, I felt my pantyhose still wet and bartender was looking at me strange way. I wondered how many girls Mr Allen used to invite here?
We crossed the street and went through small park on the way to Mr Allen’s apartment. While passing by wooden bench, he suddenly stopped.
– Ok, before we go into my place there are few things we still need to do, take of your skirt. – He ordered
What? Shall I remove my skirt and stay in my wet pantyhose only, there may be some people passing by and see me like that- I quickly thought- but I knew this is part of the session and I can’t screw it up. Ok, its just 100 m and we are in the building. I quietly took off my leather skirt and stayed with short jacket and pantyhose. Shit- that is fucking embarrassing sexy- I thought.
– Like that Mr Allen? I asked sweet way.
– Yes, show me your ass now – he ordered strict way and I turned curious what is he planning for me now. Is he going to spank me here?
No, Mr Allen pulled my pantyhose down and I felt his finger in my rectum, fuck what is he doing?
– I got some beads I am going to put into your ass now, they are quite heavy so you must keep them in carefully, but in worst case you will catch them in you tights – that is another advantage of your apparel, Paris- he joked.
Ouch. I felt first cold metal bead in my butthole- pretty large and heavy, and just after second one; I guessed they must have been size of golf ball. I felt so stretched and uncomfortable. I cannot drop them here…
– And last thing, slut Paris, I will collar you so I can keep you on a short leash – I wish you got right appearance once we come to my place and you meet my sub, your husband and others.
Others? What kind of others is he talking about- I thought but just said quickly- yes Mr Allen, thank you.- I was such a slut, thought to myself. And just before we moved, an older man approached, he was just 20 m away when he noticed me half naked, and he suddenly stopped and stared at us. But Mr Allen grabbed short leash attached to my neck and said- let’s go.
This was just a short distance when we entered through heavy doors to the building and entered the elevator, no one was there. I was lucky. But suddenly, I noticed Mr Allen took his hand to block the lift doors- It’s my neighbour, we shall wait for him.- he explained
When young man entered the lift, he smiled- Hi, thanks for letting me in, oh I see you have a beautiful companion- young man said.
I felt such ashamed of that situation, standing with wet pantyhose and just jacket with metal beads in my ass and collar on my neck. Young man tried not to look at me but he could not resist that. He left one floor before us. Finally Mr Allen pressed the ring by the doors to his apartment. Doors opened and I have immediately noticed young lady dressed similar to me, just black pantyhose, heels and open bra exposing her nice pierced tits.
– This is my sub Sylvia and this is slut Paris- Mr Allen introduced me. – Say hello to slut Paris, Sylvia – he ordered and Sylvia immediately crouched down by me and started to lick my hosed pussy. Oh such a nice welcome – I thought
After few seconds she stood up and Mr Allen guided me into large room where I noticed my hubby in companion of another guy, nicely dressed, similar age to my husband. My husband was smiling to me and once we walked to him, he wanted to give ma a kiss but Mr Allen pulled my leash and said- No, say hello to gentlemen, slut Paris. I immediately squatted while both men released their cocks from trousers. I sucked them each hello for a while. Last signs of my lipstick marked stranger’s cock. – My name is Thomas, I heard about you from your hubby.- he said.
After introduction, Mr Allen bound my hands and my tits with nice hemp rope. I was totally in trouble not being able to control myself. Fully prepared to be a sex toy.
– Ok, now you will get your small prize, Paris – Mr Allen said and Sylvia cam to me with huge magic wand. She touched my clit and my juices started to leak. Right after she ripped my pantyhose exposing my pussy, I felt that beads in my ass were about to fall down; she kept them in with hand and started to finger me with second one while licking my clit. God I felt like in heaven. Once her fingers were rubbing my point-G, felt so full in my ass, I started to squirt as hell, dropping rain of my juice to the floor.
– Ok, Paris, before you earn another one you got some challenges- Mr Allen said, – say thank you to sub Sylvia- he added.
– Instead of saying anything I just kissed her and went on my knees to lick her pussy. She was in ecstasy too.
Mr Allen came to me with nylon hood in his hand- ok we put this on your face- and he pulled stocking hood on my head. I felt humiliated a bit but I was tight up, so what shut I have done?
Then he guided me to a bench and put my head against it so I was exposing my ripped hose ass. – Ok Sylvia, take beads out from Paris ass and put this buttplug instead- he instructed while choosing an appropriate crop for spanking. After Sylvia exchanged toys in my butt, Mr Allen started to spank my but with various tools. I felt my back being red and warm from that. My husband and Thomas were just looking. Felt both pain and pleasure. After that I thanked to Mr Allen. I knew the final is close and my hands were tired in ropes. Mr Allen took a glass dildo and made me cum again, and again. Finally he removed buttplug from my asshole and said- now, your ass is prepared for serving our gentlemen. I felt two big cocks in my back. I felt each of them in my as, they changed and did it again and again. Mr Allen brought his big dick just in front of my hosed face, I started to lick it through nylon and he pushed it like he was trying to puncture sheer fabric, but he couldn’t. I cummed again being fucked in the my ass by hubby and Thomas. Sylvia took Mr Allen’s dick and milked it right on my hosed face, then my hubby and Thomas removed condoms and did the same with Sylvia assistance. Three bulls left their warm semen on my hosed face and hair. Sylvia removed my hood quickly and cleaned me with paper towel, but not much left. I felt exhausted.

– Ok, Paris- Mr Allen said.- your obedience training was successful, I return you to your husband now. Hope he will instruct you further and if problems occur, please come back to me for another session. I will try to help.

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