My wife loves to tease and deny me

My wife is an incredibly sexy woman. It’s just a fact, one I love.

She’s blonde, with lovely blue eyes and a voluptuous body that I crave. I can spend hours worshipping her full round ass cheeks, or adoring her heavy, swaying breasts and their full thick nipples. She uses her body to drive me crazy. She says I’m pussy-whipped — and I have always had to admit she’s right.

Amzing ass in lingeries from behind

I love our sex life. We spend a long time teasing each other before we start serious touching and caressing. Sooner or later, my cock finds its way into her pussy and we fuck and fuck until we cum. We use toys, porn and lots of oil. Things have been very hot for me lately, and I think most times for her also.

On my birthday, I got to choose the sex we’d have. I chose one of my favorite fantasies — to be teased and teased for a long time with no mercy. At the end, of course, I did get to cum, and it was wonderful. My orgasm was spectacular; I felt almost like I’d been turned inside out, my cock bursting after the long hot teasing session in jet after jet of cum.

One night, she came out again in the outfit she’d worn that night when she played an escort she herself had hired to tease me. It was a tight black dress that hugged every curve — except that two holes were cut in the top to allow her amazing breasts to hang free. God, she was so hot! I felt my cock stirring as I watched her.

We got a little high and I reached for her … but she pushed my hands away. “This is my body. I decide when you can touch me,” she said with a sexy smile, bouncing her breasts at me. “Behave and we’ll see.”

Then … she reached over and began teasing my cock as we got high and watched an XXX-rated movie. She stroked me slowly, teasing, spanking my balls, making precum ooze from the head and slide thickly down the shaft. She moved one damp finger to my lips. “Taste,” she said. I did.

She then grabbed my feet and pulled them apart, tying them to the foot of the bed. A pillow lifted my ass and my aching cock into the air. She moved to the side and grabbed a thick vibrator, then began teasing her pussy. She put down the toy and tied one of my hands above me. “Stroke my cock slowly while you watch me and wish that you could touch my soft skin and my breasts. You’ll do anything for my breasts, won’t you? For my ass? Do it!”

I took “her” cock in my hand and began stroking it. She dribbled some oil on it. “Slowly! If you cum, you won’t be having sex with me for a month!” That sent a chill through me … and though I was already desperate to cum, I slowed my hand.

“That’s better,” she said. Then she leaned over and began caressing her breasts just out of my reach. “Watch them while you stroke it. Watch me pleasure my pussy with this fat cock.”

She pumped it deep inside, and I could hear the low sound of the vibrations working inside her. Her eyes were half-closed and she moaned softly.

I didn’t need the instructions. I was mesmerized by her body, her moans as she watched me and slowly pumped her pussy, the long thick shaft appearing and disappearing as she teased her clit and watched me watching her, until she had a huge orgasm, shaking and trembling, her breasts shivering with pleasure. Then she smiled at me … “That was fun, wasn’t it?” I had to agree as she added more oil, then grabbed my hand and tied it to the other side of the bed.

Then she began tormenting me in earnest. She leaned over me, her amazing breasts barely brushing my skin. I moaned, begging for her touch. Her fingertips teased her cock, and I could feel it swelling even more as her fingers swirled around the oiled head, driving me crazy.

“Please baby, please, I need to cum sooo bad,” I moaned. “Mmmmmmm,” she said. “We just got started! Besides, I love hearing you beg. But do you really NEED to cum … or do you just WANT to cum? Don’t say you need to … I don’t believe you. You just want to cum.”

“But keep begging,” she said with an evil grin. “Maybe I’ll let you cum. But it’s my cock, and I can do what I want with it. What I want now is to tease you without mercy. Your moans and begging for release is like music.” I always loved to hear her talk sexy to me, and her words just made me hotter and hotter.

She stopped, and I moaned louder. She gave me a few more tokes and then resumed her teasing. “Watch my body while I do this,” she said. “You really need my breasts and my ass more than you need to cum, don’t you? If you had to give up your orgasms in order to see my naked body and touch it once in a while, you‘d do it, wouldn‘t you?”

I moaned a loud “Yes!!!” and she continued, letting her breasts sway near me, the erotic sight driving me wild with lust. Her hand slowly stroked me, then abused my balls, then resumed the stroking, making me thrash and pump my hips. I still hadn’t touched her, but my hands were dying for the feel of her body and my lips for the taste of her soft ass cheeks and her hard nipples.

Her hand moved even more slowly now, driving every nerve in my dark and aching cock insane with need. The head looked like a balloon. She seemed to know when I was close and slowed even more, then suddenly removed her hand, leaving my cock twitching, trying to get some friction from the air. She laughed as she watched me, my incredible frustration delighting her, since she was the cause and the effect was just what she had planned.

She got her toy again and slid it inside, leaving her cock jerking and pulsing, slick bubbles of precum oozing from the head. She pumped the thick shaft into her wet hole, moaning with pleasure as she made me watch her cum again, her orgasm even more spectacular than the first. Her body shook with pleasure, eyes closed, mouth open, breasts jumping as her release slowly subsided. She smiled at me. “That was hot,” she said. “That cock is so nice and fat. It makes me cum so good.” She rubbed the head on my lips, making me taste her juices.

I moaned, begging her to end my torment.

She spanked my balls again, spending at least 10 minutes working them over until they ached. I couldn’t escape her; I closed my eyes and let the pleasure-pain wash over me as she worked, a smile of satisfaction and lust on her lips..

Then she reached down again. Her hand began pumping me, still slowly, now twisting around the head. The pleasure was unbelievable and I just knew the frustration was almost over. But again, she stopped and started, wave after wave of need and desire swelling almost to a peak, but always ending in disappointment before I could find release. Tears filled my eyes and she watched them spilling down my cheeks, her merciless teasing almost — but not quite — too much to bear.

She leaned over me, her blonde curls bouncing, her full round breasts hanging so close! And yet so far. My hands opened and closed, imagining how wonderful it would be to feel them overflowing my fingers, soft and full and heavy. “Ohhhhhhh god, lover, please! Please!” I begged again. This time she laughed and resumed her torture. My balls were full to overflowing, precum was streaming endlessly from the swollen red head of her tortured cock, and I was desperate to cum.

animateg gif of teasing

I had no idea how much time had passed. I only knew my need was so strong I thought I might be able to will myself to cum — and looking at her body in that dress was driving me so crazy I actually believed it was possible. Suddenly, her fingers and then a slim toy teased my ass. I groaned, “Noooooo …” and she laughed again a nasty snicker. “You didn’t think I was done, did you? This is way too much fun.” The tip of the toy slid inside me as she jacked her swollen meat, using just her fingertips, just enough contact to make me thrash and moan with pleasure but nowhere near enough to make me cum, as desperate as I was for orgasm.

“I never knew you had such a nasty streak,” I said to her, panting with desire and frustration. She just smirked. “Get used to it,” she said. Then she stroked me, squeezing my balls and then sliding her slick hot hand up the shaft to twist the head, over and over as she teased my ass with her toy. Her fingers, as they had been most of the night, moved occasionally to work on my nipples, which she knows doubles my pleasure … and my frustration. My entire body was on fire, twitching and moving, aching, pleasure overloading my nerves and my need to cum making me wild and frantic.

Then … to my horror … she let go of her tortured cock and set the little toy aside.

“Well, that was fun, wasn’t it, sweetie? I loved it.”

“But I’m tired, and it’s time to go to sleep. I don’t think you’re going to get to cum tonight” She smiled. “And remember what I said? If you cum without permission, like sneaking off and jerking my cock — and it IS my cock, not yours — I WILL know and sex will be over for a month. That’s ok, isn’t it? You had fun, I had LOTS of fun …

“And there’s always tomorrow.”

I lay there, disbelief filling me. Everything felt swollen, thick and heavy, my balls aching and blue with a huge load of cum and my cock — her cock — sore and swollen and red. I couldn’t believe she wouldn’t let me cum, though the thrill of what she’d done to me made me shiver with pleasure. My desperate need to cum slowly subsided, although it took half an hour for her cock to shrink back to sort of normal. I was weak and drained — and every nerve felt wonderful.