My stepfather is my bitch – part 4

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Dressing for Dinner

Looking for a kinky and aggressive mistress near ?

I brushed my hair firmly as I smiled into the mirror. Wearing a thousand-yard stare, my mind was wandering on the things I would love to do to my Daddy, now a plaything under my cruel heel. The idea made me so hot every time I thought of it and I honestly couldn’t put my finger on what it was that was making me so aroused and flush with power. Was it the fact that Daddy and I were keeping something so sinister from my loving mother, his wife? Was it that he was a spineless wimp for me and I was making up for lost time where I could have been doing this for years now? Could it be that I was attracted to my stepfather for demonstrating how much he truly loved me?
HA! Well, I knew for sure it wasn’t that last one. No, I didn’t see Daddy as a man anymore, if I even saw him as a person was doubtful, actually. I mean, the things I was going to do to him I couldn’t imagine doing to a human being so clearly I had put Daddy far down the evolutionary ladder sometime between when he knelt before me that first time today and as I sit here planning his complete degradation and destruction.
No. He was a person no longer. And part of me wanted to keep that fact from my dear mom while another part was screaming to see him ‘outed’ before her as a demonstration of my sheer and absolute power over him. I knew I must be damp by now as my mental pendulum swung back and forth over what to do with dear daddy.
I looked at the clock on my vanity. Plenty of time to get daddy ready for dinner. Not that it was all I was going to do with him, of course. I stood, made sure my attire was appropriate for mom’s birthday dinner again, grabbed my phone and left. I felt a distinct sadness at the fact that I would not be able to make the clicking sound as I was wearing my sneakers again but I was sure to come up with something.
And then it occurred to me. I turned, went to the back of my closet, and put a couple of things in my purse before leaving my room to go see daddy.
And get him properly dressed for dinner.
I walked into his ‘private’ study as though I had lived there all my life. No longer dear daddy’s. As a matter of fact, anything daddy would have again would only ever be with his stepdaughter’s permission.
A permission that would come with a steep price. Always.
His look said it all. The fear, the adoration, and the pleading. I drank it in as I stood in the doorway with a blank stare.
“My drink, daddy.” The order was plain and delivered coldly.
“Yes, Miss Jane.” He got up from his chair and almost made it to a completely upright and standing position.
A position he would never be comfortable with again. A position he had no right to use in my presence.
“Stop. I did not say you could STAND, did I, bitch? Haven’t you learned ANYthing from earlier?” I was shouting at him in a tone he never heard come from his tender little baby girl.
A tone he was going to get used to. And fear.
Trembling, my drink in hand, he dropped to his knees and looked at me with pleading, sad eyes. A cow’s eyes. The eyes of an animal begging for his very life.
God, so delicious. I was so hot and bothered I couldn’t stand it.
“Better. Now crawl to your dear daughter.” My smile was wicked.
“Yes, Miss Jane, thank you…”
He stumbled, trying to balance the drink as he crawled using one hand towards me. He would get more practice so I could be a little forgiving of his ineptitude.
This time.
As his right hand landed near my foot he began to lean back a little to balance himself. He was getting ready to hand me my drink. With my hands on my hips, I quickly moved my left foot and promptly stomped on his right hand. The wince he made was lovely.
I smiled again as he struggled to keep his balance and reach me with the drink.
I took the tone of the loving daughter happy to get a present from her loving father.
“What did you bring me, daddy?”
“A drink, Miss Jane. I wasn’t sure what you like but I know you have had virgin margaritas for our dinner parties, so I made you one.”
“Virgin? Daddy dear, there is nothing virgin about me anymore.”
The sour look on his face was painful and he turned a pale shade as the cut sunk in.
“If this drink contains no alchohol you will suffer, bitch.”
The sadness and shame practically emanated from him and his face was a portrait of agony.
“Yes Miss Jane, I assumed you would prefer it with alcohol.”
“Good girl.” I patted him condescendingly on his balding head.
“Thank you, Miss Jane.” His gratitude was genuine. Daddy was indeed learning his place.
I sipped it with a winning smile. Moments like these must be cherished.
“I am guessing that mom wouldn’t exactly be proud of her loving husband fixing a margarita for his underage daughter? It is pretty repulsive to know that you would stoop so low just because his daughter was… well, what am I to you, now?”
His mind raced, I could tell from the look in his eyes. I decided to show a tiny bit of mercy and give the bitch a hint.
“I think I would like to hear you say it again.”
He lit up and blurted it out.
“Mistress! You are my Mistress!”
“God, that is sick. You sound so proud. That’s the same way you told me how happy you were when I made the soccer team.”
I decided to mock him using my best impression of his ‘happy’ voice. Bring him lower, ever lower.
“‘Golly, Janey! I am so very happy and proud you made the team!’ Or, well, in this case, ‘Golly, Miss Jane, I am so happy you whip my fat ass, make me your bitch, and let me serve you as a slave!'”
His eyes were puffy and he was starting to tear up. Meanwhile, I was generating some hot moisture of my own as daddy was torn apart.
“Thank you, Miss Jane.”
“And then you THANK me for it, you perverted old man! Have you any idea how fucking disgusting you are to me? To think I used to sit in your lap while you told me stories? If I knew then what I know now there is no WAY I would have gotten so close to you, fucking worm. A little bitch like you? Never. You probably were all loving and shit but Jesus I had no idea you were such a spineless little fuck.”
I ground my shoe onto his right hand and took a leisurely sip of my margarita.
“To think I could have just whipped your ass or slapped you in the face to get you to drive me to the mall instead of treating you like any other loving father? All this time you have been this useless, pathetic…”
His face was contorted and he was groaning from the pressure on his hand. My face was flush and hot.
“…Disgusting piece of shit!”
I slapped him with my free hand. And I was getting too happy to hear the next words from his mouth.
“Thank you, Miss Jane.”
My voice went back to the ‘smiley happy’ little girl that I was for my daddy just yesterday.
“Okay. Let’s get you dressed, dad.”
“Yes Miss Jane, thank you, Miss.”
I laughed down at him, my foot still pressed hard on his hand.
“Don’t thank me yet, bitch!”
I slipped my foot from his hand. And then I said the single word that would continue to paralyze him with fear.
“Yuh… yes, Miss Jane.”
He hurriedly removed his clothes, pants last, while he trying to remain kneeling or prone on the floor. Daddy was improvising but knew better than to try and stand in my presence without express permission. I continue to wonder how far I can go with this and my dear ol’ daddy keeps impressing me with his obedience.
“Hurry up, bitch! Mom will be home soon and we have a few things to do, still!”
“Yes Miss Jane, I am sorry…” His voice trailed off, panting a little, and as I saw him in his boxers I saw the constant tent and damp spot in front.
Daddy really was getting off on all of this.
“Underwear… hurry…” I was tapping my foot impatiently.
“Yes Miss Jane, thank you.”
And there he was. Naked again before his dear daughter.
“Fuck, you really are useless as a man, you know that?”
“I… that is, I think I do, Miss Jane.”
My open hand flashed to his face, to the exact spot I was whipping earlier. The marks were still there and looked nicer than ever.
And I added another to his collection.
“I told you about thinking, asshole! You don’t do that anymore around me! I am telling you that you are useless as a man. Believe me, as a real woman I can tell you the truth. You are useless as a man. Only ever a bitch. Your mouth, maybe, and tongue or something, but that tiny excuse of a pecker is good for nothing except leaking and letting me control you, you sick fuck.”
My disgust was like a thing alive.
“Yes Miss Jane, thank you, Miss.”
“Jesus, if you could only hear yourself. Well, that will come later… anyway… you just thanked me for pointing out that your dick is useless. Seriously? What kind of man would do that, do you think?”
A trap. I was loving these. Any way he answered this would end poorly for him.
“I, I don’t know Miss Jane. I think, No, I mean…” He caught himself. Too late.
SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! That spot was going to be purple at this rate.
“No man, Miss Jane. A man wouldn’t…”
He was learning, a little every time. And I was learning something too.
That I was going to love doing this until he was completely broken and discarded.
“Whatever, you fucking whore.” I turned to my purse and took them out with a slight smile.
I held them up to his face and asking him a question as I might ask why the sky was blue.
“What are these, daddy?”
“Oh, well, they are…”
“Yes? What are they, daddy?”
“Your panties, Miss Jane. Those are a pair of your panties, Miss.” His blushing made his face look like a rainbow or reds.
“Exactly! They ARE! And wanna guess where they have just been, daddy?” He knew.
“I, I imagine you were wearing them, Miss Jane.”
“Correct! I was wearing these earlier when I was fucking you up in the kitchen! And your loving little girl was VERY happy with daddy back then. Here…”
And I moved them slowly towards his face. He leaned back, just a little…
Too much.
“Sit still, daddy!”
I brought the panties back up.
They were close enough to smell. And they did. And HE did.
He smelled me. Aroused, happy, and filled with the juices of my hungry sex.
“Deep breath, daddy. Smell your little girl.”
He was almost crying as he inhaled me, the panties an inch from his face.
“Yeah, you really made you little girl happy by showing her what a repulsive piece of shit you really are. How does THAT make you feel?
“Whatever. I don’t care. People have feelings and bitches have… well who CARES?”
I leaned back and held the panties out with one hand casually.
“Now put them on, bitch.”
The order paralyzed him.
“Do not make me wait, bitch. That mark on your face is already going to get a few questions from mommy when she gets home. Don’t make them black and blue, asshole.
He reached out gingerly, defeated and sad, and took the damp and slightly crusted panties from me. He slid them on, stretching them out ridiculously.
“Fuck, you really are a fattie, huh? Yeah, that isn’t going to work. Not because you are gonna fuck your wife but because you can’t fit into the kind of clothes…. well… never mind THAT for now, whore.”
The panties were nearly spitting on him. Daddy isn’t fat at all but of course, he is nowhere near as small as I am. He ruined the panties, as expected, but they were on. A pretty, frilly, pink, pair of my wet panties on my dear ol’ dad’s pasty white ass.
“I bet mom would just LOVE to know why you are wearing those!”
My daughter was cutting him to pieces again. And I was drinking it in again.
“Perfect. I have another surprise for your outfit, bitch.”
Reaching into my purse I could feel my dear daddy tense up and practically panic.
But he stayed right there, unmoving and obedient.
“Here we go, daddy. I have used it a few times but it is too small for me to use it anymore. It should be a good starter one for you, though.” My smile was devious and cruel.
I paused for effect.
His eyes went wide as though he had seen a ghost. Not exactly.
It was big. Too big if he never had one before, that was for sure.
The Dildo was about 7″ long and thick. It fit nicely into my strap on harness, but daddy didn’t know about that either. Yet.
I stroked it lovingly.
“Here it is, dad. My first. I had my first real orgasm from this guy. It didn’t take my virginity, but it could make me cum like a waterfall.”
I was glowing from his agony and shock at everything that was happening now.
This was another breaking point. He stood there when I did so many horrible things to him, used such vile language on him, had him sniff my panties, and now this.
A fake dick.
I stroked it slowly, up and down, letting him wonder what I might have planned for it and see if he would bolt, or say ‘enough is enough’, or something.
I looked down and saw his answer.
“Fuck. You really make me sick. Here I was thinking you might just say ‘No’ to me, your little girl when she holds up a well-used fake cock to your face. And you STILL have a hard-on. Disgusting.”
I didn’t hold my contempt and the thoughts that went through my mind at this made some of what I did earlier seem like something from Sesame Street.
“That does it. I am going to destroy you, bitch. You know that? I am going to fucking completely destroy your perverted ass!” I was losing it on him.
“I, I am sorry Miss Jane.” He was sobbing.
But he was still there.
“Suck this fucking dick, faggot!” I shoved it in his mouth, hard. He opened wide and slurped on it, all the while his pleading eyes met mine in some desperate attempt for me to end it or otherwise show him mercy.
“Yeah, make Mr. Dildo here really happy! Deep throat it, you sissy whore!” I was angry and it fueled me as much as my arousal.
With a loud ‘POP’ I took the cock out and dangled it there for a second, still slick with my daddy’s spit.
“This isn’t where this goes for tonight, though. Want to guess where my dear ol’ dad is wearing his loving daughter’s fake cock?” My smile and the plan I hatched earlier were cruel and unforgiving.
His eyes showed me he knew the answer.
“Exactly, daddy! Move the panties to one side and bend the fuck over, NOW!”
He quietly turned, moved my stained panties slowly to the side to reveal his ass crack, and bent over cleanly at the waist.
“Thank you, Miss Jane.”
His ass went up and I did what I didn’t think I would be able to when the idea occurred to me.
Coated with my daddy’s spit, I shoved the thick cock into his ass. His moans and grunts were painful and I could tell that nothing this big (if anything at all) has been there before.
I just took my dad’s anal virginity.
“Good girl. Take your little Princess’ cock like the obedient little bitch you are.” I put a hand on his lower back and cooed in his ear.
“Fucking faggot. You are going to make everything perfect for mom and me tonight, all the while wearing my cum-soaked panties and with a big, thick, cock in your ass like the bitch you are. You are going to buy a vibrator next so we can make that thing rattle in there while you do your chores or on ‘Date night’ with mom… until she figures out what is going on, anyway.”
“Thu… uhn… thank you, Miss Jane.”
“HA! And you are going to thank me for it, too. Precious. And do you know what’s going to happen for dessert? After the cake, that is?”
He clearly wasn’t focused on anything but the dick now-buried deep in his ass.
“I, no, Miss Jane, I…”
I smiled at my favorite part of the plan.
“You are going to take that mouth that you lovingly adore my mom with and suck your own ass off that dildo tonight. What do you say, bitch?”
“Thank you, Miss Jane.”
Just lovely.


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