My roomate

We had been on a special project at work, Andrea and I. We spent quite a few hours together, some of them very late hours. It became a logistical problem the distance between our apartments. Sometimes one of us would get an idea and would call the other only to have one of us travel during the night to pursue the ramifications of the idea. It wasn’t good for a company to put the two of us, a 27-year-old male with a 29-year-old female, both attractive and worldly, on a project that would cause us to spend so much time together. Unfortunately, the project warranted our talents and we were the best for the job.

Mistress is waiting for you near ?

I pointed out to Andrea that the distance between our apartments caused us to lose many ideas and much time. She suggested that one of us find an apartment closer to the other. I pointed out that this would not be easy. “Perhaps”, I said, “we might consider rooming together at my place the bigger of the two with two bedrooms”. She informed me that she had just bought a three-bedroom condominium on the outskirts of town in the suburbs and was not about to cancel her plans for moving in, in two weeks. “besides”, she commented, “now my place is bigger.”

I assumed that this was an offer and I was wrong. I made the oral gesture of paying for half the rent and even part of the down payment. She was quite amused by my offer and firmly rejected it from a number of points of view.

Primarily, she pointed out that life had taught her that a woman sharing living quarters with a man turned out to be a housekeeper for both. She did not need that and besides it could be uncomfortable at the company, two executives living together in sin.

I sensed that her protestations were really not that strong and proceeded to convince her to try it. As a matter of safety I told her that I would keep my apartment and in essence, would ‘crash’ with her. She insisted that the only thing I share with her would be food and telephone bills as a way of ensuring that I was not buying my way in. With all points agreed on, even the understanding that sex was not part of the deal, I started to ‘crash’ with Andera.

Andera was an upcoming executive, slightly older than me. She was well thought of at the office with a reputation of being able to hold her own with any person male or female. She had been with the company for just three years and had moved along very well.

Rumor had it that she would be a vice president soon. In essence, on this project, I was the tag-along executive rather than her.

She was about 5′ 11″ tall with a great body capped off with a very elegant and austere face. Her long black hair only highlighted the sheer beauty of her face.

She was relatively untouchable as her reputation went. No one had scored with Andrea. The normal male reaction to this is to accuse her of being a lesbian, goodness blesses the male ego.

She gave no quarter and yet sought no quarter. Actually I found this to be untrue and that she gave more than she accepted. The truth was that she wouldn’t stand for any of that “you female me male” shit. If you dealt with her as an equal, which I did, she was quite amenable and helpful. Often she bought me lunch or we did it dutch. Feeling that this was consistent with her role as a coworker and not a female out with a male, I found no objection to this and she seemed to appreciate it.

I ‘crashed’, really lived, with her for almost three weeks before the eventful night. Our re.lationship was purely professional and a little fraternal. I was really getting used to her. And, true to her word, she would not be the housekeeper. I had no problem with that.

What was weird was that Andrea had a room that was off-limits to me. On one of her bedrooms was kept locked and that was part of the deal. I felt that our relationship being the way it was didn’t entitle me to pry beyond her privacy. She appreciated the fact that I accepted it that way.

Really I couldn’t believe it myself but I had been a good fellow and had not tried making a pass at Andrea. Truthfully, it was in the back of my mind but I let the project and our careers have the forefront in priorities.

On one weekend I returned early from visiting my parents in another state. I entered the condo, which seemed unoccupied. I walked down the hallway towards Andrea’s room to see if she was in. I noticed that the door to her secret room was slightly ajar with a red light emanating through the doorway.

I shouldn’t have but I just couldn’t help it, I remained silent and tiptoed toward the room.

Before I reached the door, I heard a cracking sound followed by intermittent loud gasps and screams. I stood still for a moment realizing that I better be prepared to assist the person screaming — Andrea.

All sorts of ideas were running through my mind of how Andrea could be in trouble and how I could assist her. I took off my shoes and returned to the kitchen and grabbed a nice size knife with which to either defend Andrea or be the aggressor. My training in the army was not forgotten.

I crept quietly toward the door and realized that I should assess how many people were inside first, where they were located and how they were armed. I stood outside the door with my heart pounding feeling the adrenalin coursing through my body awaiting the conflict about to beset me.

I had to keep reminding myself that I was very emotional right now since I had strong feelings for Andrea and could not let my emotions override good tactical maneuvers to rescue her from her plight. Hearing those screams and the cracking sounds, which I recognized then as the sound of a whip striking, I was tempted to throw tactics and caution aside and just storm into the room. However, good training paid off and I controlled my emotions.

The door was open enough to see into the room. I saw this tall woman dressed in black leather pants, high black leather boots and silver bracelets around her biceps, nude from the waist up, whipping another woman who was trussed up in chains hanging from the ceiling.

Each time the strange woman in leather put a lash to the back of the other woman, the victim, who I recognized by voice and by sight to be Andrea, would recoil her body and let out a gasp or a scream with intermittent pleas for a cessation to her punishment.

I waited, during which time Andrea was struck three more times until I knew that the room contained only Andrea and this bitch who was punishing Andrea. This was the moment I decided. I burst into the room screaming, as I had been taught, with the intent of scaring the woman and immobilizing her and yes killing her if necessary. Screaming was a necessary element of throwing the other party off guard and it worked well.

The bitch jumped when I charged in screaming and turned white when I grabbed her and immobilized her holding the knife to her neck.

Before I could say a word, Andrea was screaming to me,”Don’t hurt her Don. Release her.”

I was stunned at that moment.

Andrea repeated her entreaty not to harm her. “Just release her, it is not what it looks like”, Andrea implored.

I scanned the room defensively and noticed that there were no other occupants and that the room seemed to be designed as a dungeon of torture and being used for what it was designed for. It had all sorts of implements for punishment and instruments of restraint.

I took the whip from the bitch and told her to kneel in a corner of the room facing the wall with her hands on top of her head and that if she moved I would kill her. She was frightened and obeyed.

I moved toward Andrea and asked her what was going on. As I questioned, I started to unstrap her from the chains that were holding her.

“Don’t unstrap her,” the bitch yelled. Andrea looked at me in sad eyes and whispered,”Do as she says.”

“You want that bitch to whip you?”, I questioned. She didn’t even answer but while avoiding looking at me nodded her head up and down toward the floor. With her head still bowed to avoid my face, she explained,”The bitch as you call her, is Dominique who is a very good friend”. “I don’t want her hurt in any way.” “You weren’t supposed to return until tomorrow”

“This is one of my things”, “I realize you are shocked but I will talk with you later.” “For the moment I have to ask you for a real favor and that is that you wait in the living room until we are done.”

I was about to ask her, “You mean you are going to let that bitch whip you more?”, but I realized that it was exactly what she wanted. Andrea was not trussed up and being whipped against her will. I whispered to Andrea, “Call me if you need me. “All I need is your understanding for a while”, she responded

This was a side of Andrea that I had never imagined but yet explained a lot about her aloofness to her co-workers. Being a true friend it behooved me to do as she requested and to respect her needs and wants.

I left the room and after pouring a drink, sat in the living room waiting for an explanation. It was very difficult to sit there hearing that whip strike Andrea and those screams that were coming from her with each lash that struck.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Dominique emerged from the room and told me to come into the room so that I could watch. I told her that I couldn’t. She threatened that if I didn’t come in she would be merciless with Andrea. She reminded me that Andrea was doing this voluntarily and not being blackmailed or anything else. Andrea was into the scene, as she explained. Reluctantly I followed Dominique into the room and sat down on a stool as instructed.

“Andrea”, Dominique said, “to reassure your friend that you are doing this voluntarily I want you to beg me to continue”. “If you don’t then I will never see you again.”

Andrea started, “Please Don, try to understand”. Then she really got started, she begged Dominique to continue and be merciless with her.

“Very well Andrea”, Dominique commented.

“Are there any doubts in your mind that Andrea is doing this voluntarily or that she needs this,” Dominique questioned of me.

Now Dominique was really enjoying herself.

My surprise entrance seemed to be the capping event of a perfectly enjoyable evening. Each time before she struck Andrea she would explain where she would whip her and how the pain would feel to Andrea.

It was difficult to watch, to say the least. Andrea would recoil with each lash of the whip Her body was sweating now and the room was filled with the humidity of her sweat and the moisture coming from her heavy breathing. Her hair had fallen limp and was hanging loose around her head and neck.

Dominique sensing my empathy for what Andrea was enduring seized upon it. “I will go easier on Andrea if you acknowledge me as your mistress and do whatever I command, no questions asked”, Dominique said.

Andrea lifted her head and spoke, “Don, leave, this is not fair to you and Mistress Dominique shouldn’t ask this of you”. “It’s my thing, not yours”.

My gut reaction was to leave. After all, this was Andrea’s thing, not mine. I left. I no sooner passed through the portal when I heard the loudest crack of the evening followed by a bloodcurdling scream from Andrea. Dominque was not kidding. She was fulfilling her threat.

I returned to the room in outrage. I started to ball out Dominique. Andrea stopped me.

She reassured me that she was doing this willingly and that by me remaining I was only making it worse for her. She could endure what Dominique would give her. I told Andrea that I could not let her suffer this way. Andrea urged me to leave reminding me that she could stop it at any time by just saying a code word. Dominique was her mistress and she had to obey. Again she pleaded with me to go.

I felt too strongly for Andrea, whether she be doing this voluntarily or involuntarily. I asked Dominique what I had to do. “Submit to me totally as I told you”, she told me.

“Start by kneeling and kissing my boots”.

“Will you go easy on Andrea?” , I asked Dominique.

“Yes, slave”, she responded. I realized that the slave she referred to was me.

I knelt down at her feet and kissed her boots reluctantly. “This is really working out perfectly”, Dominique said. “I needed a male slave now, a new one that is, and fate had delivered one to me.”

I had submitted to Dominique realizing that even if I threw her out of the apartment tonight it would only be another occasion where Dominique would deliver her threat or even worse to Andrea. I reminded myself that Andrea wanted this.

I wished I could just satisfy myself by telling myself that it was Andrea’s bed and she should lay in it by herself. Instead, I found myself being caught up in a spider’s web with a new role in life as a slave to this black leather adorned bitch.

“Thanks to the mercy of my new slave I am going to release you, Andrea,” Dominique said. “I believe you have had enough for the moment.”

I was instructed to release Andrea and then to truss her up in this chair where at least she could rest her weary body. Andrea was relieved to have her arms come down from over her head. In reality, she collapsed into my arms. I trussed Andrea into this soft chair where I could strap in her arms and legs as instructed. I was even allowed to rub her body with some cold water on a washcloth.

“Now slave Don you will give me a message”,

Dominique ordered. “I don’t know how to massage anyone”, I responded. “For your sake and Andrea’s you had better learn quickly and learn well”, she retorted. “Remember you have now submitted to me and you are now my slave”. “Should you violate our agreement, I will make mincemeat out of Andrea

“OK”, I responded. “OK?”, Dominique responded with outrage. At the same time as her outrage, she hurled that whip around so that its full impact struck my back. I recoiled from it and in an instant was about to knock her flat.

Dominique didn’t flinch in the least. “Go ahead and do it”, she goaded. I let my arms drop knowing well the consequences to Andrea and the pact that I had made with the devil.

“From now on you refer to me as Mistress Dominique the same way that another piece of shit refers to me”. “I am going to leave the room for about fifteen minutes”. “In that time you speak with Andrea and memorize your expected rules of behavior”. “When I return, I will expect better service from you”.

Dominique left and I moved quickly to Andrea and started cooling her body and wiping her dry as I started to speak with her. “Andrea”, I said, “I realize that people have their things but this woman is mad”. “How can you subject yourself to this?”

Andrea answered,”Don why did you have to show up unexpectedly?” “Why didn’t you call first?”

“I knew you wouldn’t understand and that’s why I never told you about my scene and Dominique”. “So you better understand, let me tell you that I begged Dominique for weeks to become her slave”.

“I first met Dominique through other friends in the scene and was completely enthralled with her”. “From the first meeting, I knew that I had to be her slave”. “I appreciate your feelings for my well being but there are only two things I want from you at the moment.”

“First I want you to forget what you have seen and never reveal this to anyone”. “Really I know you wouldn’t though”. “Second I want you to leave”. “I can endure whatever Dominique will do to me.”

I insisted that I couldn’t leave her. Resignedly she gave me the rules of conduct as a slave. She told me that when Dominique entered or left a room that I must kneel. I must greet her by kissing her feet and then her ass.

I must always address her as ‘Mistress Dominique’. I must never question any of her wishes. The list went on and on but was easy enough to remember.

Dominique entered the room and for Andrea`s sake, I knelt down and greeted her as instructed, first kissing her feet and then the cheeks of her ass. “Excellent”, she said, “the makings of a new and good slave”.

“Does Mistress still wish to be massaged?”, I asked Dominique. “But of course”, she responded.

I knelt at her feet and begged for permission to prepare her for a massage. She permitted my request and I started undressing her. Dominique was equally as good looking as Andrea just a little bit taller. Dominique, through concerted efforts, had made herself up with makeup to be the bitch that she really was She was alluring yet frightening to look at. One look at her face would make any person realize that in any relationship with her, she would always be the dominant one.

It shouldn’t have happened under all the stress but I started getting a little bit of a hard-on. Sensing this would happen Dominique had me undress so that I too was nude. I started massaging Dominque’s back as I thought I had seen massages given. “Harder you shit”, she yelled. I started kneading her deeper and she responded. She started moaning from my efforts which only made my hard-on even bigger than before.

I moved reluctantly down toward the tops of the cheeks of her ass. I didn’t realize it too consciously but I wanted to do it without any regard for Andrea at this point. Dominique offered no outcry nor resistance and I arrived at the dead center of her beautiful cheeks.

Dominique was obviously athletic and she had what I call a ball’ ass. Her cheeks were firm and rounded. They were like melons in shape or small bowling balls, very symmetrically round.

I kneaded her ass deeply as she wished and.she responded again with those deep groans and moans. I was getting carried away and bent over a little and kissed the right cheek of her ass.

Dominique flew into an outrage. “You fucking worm”. “How dare you think that you can have sex with me or enjoy yourself at my expense?”. “I am going to give you your first whipping”.

“You can go fuck yourself bitch”, I said.

“Really?”, Dominique said. She got up from the table completely nude and ran over to the wall and grabbed a broad leather strap. She pranced right over to Andrea who was tied up in the chair and ordered her to bend over so that she was now in a position where she had her head down on top of her knees. In this position, Andrea’s back was exposed for Dominique to whip.

Again she proved her dominance over Andrea “Andera should I whip you”, she questioned.

“Yes mistress”, Andrea answered.

Dominique didn’t even wait for a response form me. She unleashed a series of blows across Andrea’s back which really must have given Andrea some real hot stings.

I couldn’t stand it any longer and I knelt at Dominique’s side and begged her to stop whipping Andrea. “Get on the table and prepare for your punishment your shit”, she ordered.

I lay on the table awaiting Dominique to administer the first punishment of this kind that I had ever endured, She used the broad leather strap that she had used on Andrea. I held tight for the onsuing blow to come.

There is no preparation that you can make for this. There is no psychological preparation for pain, burning and stifling. There is the endurance of these quantities but not the preparation that would make them unfeeling.

It was difficult to judge whether she was being light or heavy with that strap it is the first time. She was through making sure that all parts of my posterior endured the feel of that strap.

Soon my body was sweating and I was wondering if she would ever stop. From the corner, Andrea’s voice came over loud and clear. “Don, mistress will not stop until you beg her to”,

I could have endured more but what the hell I had already been humiliated in this weird game so why go through more than I had to. I begged her to stop. Finally, she said, “fine, I’ll stop”. “Just say the word `change’ and I will end your punishment and fulfill the rest of what you deserve on Andrea.”

I knew she meant it and couldn’t do it to Andrea. I endured the rest. Remarkably she hadn’t broken the skin but sure left me with a lot of redness. She was good at this and well-practiced.

I resumed Dominique’s message, never touching what I was not ordered to. Dominique seems -ed to be enjoying it. Finally, Dominique told me to lick her ass.

I moved closer to her ass and was getting my hardon back again. The bitch had not even showered for this, I could still smell the aroma leftover from the chocolates that had recently left her.

Knowing that Andrea would be punished if I didn’t obey I forced myself to insert my tongue into her anus. Strangely I found myself twisting my tongue and trying to drive it as deeply as possible into her body. I even placed some pillows under her cunt so that her ass would stick up higher and spread itself more

naturally. Dominique was in heaven with my antics and turned over so that her cunt was exposed to me and ordered, “Lick my cunt you shit”.

I started in on her cunt which now had the three of us moaning. Dominique was moaning from the sensual touch of my tongue while Andrea was moaning from seeing the scene and wishing that she were in my place and finally I was moaning because I would have eaten Dominique by my own free will let alone under duress. Dominique came in my mouth and I was about ready to come. “For a piece of shit you did well”, she said. “Not as well as Andrea, but practice will make perfect”.

“To show you my hearts in the right place slave Don, Andrea will eat you and relieve your pent up emotions,” she said as she eyed the rock hard penis I now carried. “Andrea”, she continued, “don’t you let a single drop escape your mouth”.

Andrea was released and lay on her back on the table ready to receive me. Her face was filled with emotion but not the right kind for a girl about to receive a nice big and fat juicy cock into her mouth.

“Don”, Andrea said, “you shouldn’t be forced to do this”. “You have endured enough for me already and I appreciate it”, “Just leave and let your mind in peace.”

I shoved my cock into Andrea’s mouth. She reacted instantly and made my cock come alive All of a sudden I felt something funny in my rear end. The bitch was shoving a dildo up my ass.

As she made the final entrance after some playing, I exploded into Andrea’s mouth. Andrea true to her instructions gathered up every drop of semen in her mouth and swallowed it. Still, she sucked and licked only to cause a second, albeit smaller, eruption into her mouth.

After Andrea and I showered and bathed Dominique, we were allowed to shower together. In the shower, Andrea laid the big surprise on me. Dominique was moving in with Andrea. “Don”, Andrea started, “you have done enough for me already and there will be no extra punishments for me if you do not come here again”. “So once again just forget about this scene and be a friend”.

“I’d love to Andrea”, I countered, “but the fact is about an hour ago I stopped doing anything for you and was doing it for my own enjoyment”. “I really am a slave to Dominique now whether or not she punishes you~~. “As a matter of fact towards the end I was doing things on purpose to get you punished and as far as Dominique moving in that’s fine with me”

“Why you bastard”, Andrea started, “I have been getting the hidden beat off me to your enjoyment”. “You rotten son of a bitch”, she continued, “I knew there was something about you that I liked”.

“We can really have a great time the three off us”.

And so it went. Dominique moved in and Andrea and I served her to the best of our ability. We both love Dominique and both love watching each other suffer. We finished the project but our relationship has only just begun.


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