My loaned sex slave Charlie

I had been talking with Josh for several months and we recently completed plans for his wife Charlie to fly to Baltimore to spend a week as my sex slave. Charlie is still new to the kink lifestyle and extremely shy. This was a very big step for her to fly to an unknown place and put her mind and body into the hands of a complete stranger. Her flight arrived and when my eyes saw her coming up the ramp, my heart skipped a beat. She dressed exactly as I had requested in a tight White croched top with a plunging neckline and a matching mini skirt. She even wore the White 8 inch heels. I could clearly see her gorgeous stiff nipples poking through the holes in the croched top. She recognized me from my photo and walked right up to me. She gave me a quick hug and a little peck on the cheek. “Not good enough slut” I barked at her. I grabbed her and pulled her tightly to me and planted both hands on her perfect ass and squeezed and massaged her butt cheeks. I could feel she had also followed my instruction not to wear anything under her clothes. She was definitely braless and pantiless! I groped her all over right there in the middle of the airport. I squeezed and massaged her perfect big tit’s and ran my hand up the front of her short skirt to discover she had shaved her pussy bare also as requested. We retrieved her bags and made small talk en route to the airport hotel where I had booked her a room for the week. Once in the room, I set up my video camera to record all the events for Josh to view later. I kissed and made out with Charlie for over an hour before we uttered another word. I ordered her to strip and she was naked before me in seconds. I gazed upon the body of a true goddess for sure. Her tit’s were perfect 36b’s and her pussy was an absolutely perfect specimen. I lay Charlie on the king-sized bed and kissed her some more, slowly working my way to her neck and ears which I love to kiss and nibble on. I intended to lick, kiss, suck, and nibble every inch of this sex goddess! I massaged her boobs and pinched her nipples eventually replacing my hands with my lips. I licked, sucked, and nibbled her breasts for nearly an hour, paying equal attention to both. I kissed and licked my way down her flat, soft belly and took in the sweet aroma of her pussy as it grew hotter and wetter by the second! When I reached her thighs I kissed and teased all around her pussy until this shy young girl finally screamed “please eat my pussy sir” I need it now”! I ate Charlie’s sweet, hot pussy until she had cum in my mouth and all over my face three times. I then ordered, ” Charlie, get on your knees and suck your new master’s big thick cock now”. She hesitated and looked at the floor hiding her face in her hands. I pulled her onto my lap face down and began swatting her sweet ass hard ten times. She was crying, but through her tears, she said” I promise to be a good girl and suck master’s cock now”. with that she slid to the floor and took my hard cock in her hand. She slowly guided me to her lips and kissed my cock on the head. She then slid her mouth slowly down my shaft and back up again. I grabbed her hair on both sides and forcefully pulled her down on my cock until she was choking and gagging. I let her up for air and then forced her back down again. I started to slide my cock in and out of her mouth until I was brutally face fucking Charlie until I finally shot my load straight down her throat.

After I had touched, kissed, licked, caressed every inch of Charlie’s heavenly body and eaten the sweetest, juiciest pussy I have ever had it was time to continue her slave training. I took Charlie into the bathroom where we took turns washing each other’s bodies, paying close attention to the good parts. I turned off the water and had Charlie lay in the tub as I spread shaving cream all over her ass and pussy. I took my time and slowly shaved my new slave stroke by stroke until she was smooth all over like a newborn baby! “From now on you will keep yourself clean-shaven for your master, do you understand slut? ” “yes Master, I will keep myself completely shaved for you, Sir”. “Now understand my pet, from now on this pussy is mine, it does not belong to you and it does not belong to your sissy husband”. “Yes Master, from this moment this pussy belongs to you and only you”. “Now to make that official slave, get dressed in that tight Blue silk dress I saw in your bag, and no bra or panties are to be worn with it.” The dress fit every luscious curve of Charlie’s hot body like a second skin. We left the room and walked a few blocks to my favorite tattoo parlor. I introduced Charlie to Amber, the owner of the place. “I want this tattooed right above her pussy with cherries on either side just like all the others I told Amber as I handed her a folded piece of paper. Amber had Charlie take off her dress, and when she saw her body, Amber whistled and said” very, very nice Tim!” “get up on the table and lie flat on your back honey” she instructed Charlie. Amber got to work and was done in about an hour. In Black letters with Red cherries on both ends, the inscription just above Charlie’s pussy read ” PROPERTY OF MASTER TIM”. Amber looked at me and asked, “may I Sir”? “Yes you may my pet”. With that Amber lowered her face to Charlie’s pussy and began to lick and kiss her way all around Charlie’s pussy. Charlie moaned and pinched her own nipples as Amber touched the tip of her tongue to Charlie’s clitoris! “Thank you Master Tim” Charlie said breathlessly as Amber feasted on her sex. “i have dreamed for so long of making love to another woman and you have made my dream come true”, “I am so thankful Sir”, I would do anything to please you Master Tim”, “I will hold you to that, I said” “Now get naked so Charlie can have her first taste of another woman”, I ordered to Amber. Amber stripped off her t-shirt and her shorts along with her pretty Pink lace g-string. She climbed onto the table with Charlie facing Charlie’s feet and placed her clean-shaven pussy above Charlie’s mouth. As Charlie looked up, she noticed the same tatoo that now decorated her pussy was also tattooed on Amber’s pussy. Amber lowered her pussy to Charlie’s face and felt Charlie’s lips softly and tentatively touch her wet pussy! Charlie then became like a woman possessed and licked, sucked and nibbled Amber’s pussy like it was her last meal. Amber was likewise doing the same to Charlie’s freshly shaved and tattooed pussy. Before long both girls screamed and shuddered as they came all over one another’s faces. I took Charlie back to the room after she and Amber kissed each other goodbye and tasted themselves on each other’s lips. I gave Charlie a nice bubble bath and let her fall asleep in my arms naked. It had been a long and rewarding day for my new slave.

A pleasant surprise awoke me this morning, My newest slave Charlie woke me by sucking my cock and is now bobbing her head up and down my 7inch shaft. I pulled her off my cock and lay her on the bed. I have already cum in your beautiful mouth my pet, now I want to cum inside my new pussy. I lay Charlie on the bed and started kissing the sweet lips that had just been sucking my cock. This girl could kiss too, she shoved her tongue into my mouth and French kissed me like I never had been French kissed before. I broke away and kissed her soft neck and nibbled on her ear lobes.I sucked on her neck until I left three large hickies on her soft skin. I felt her big breasts and nibbled and sucked her nipples as I slide one, two, then three fingers into her wet pussy. I climbed on top of her and slid the head of my cock up and down her slit. Once lined up with her hole, I plunged my entire seven inches deeply into her in one quick thrust. Charlie’s pussy was super tight, but with the wetness of her arousal I slid in. to her hard and fast. Her pussy gripped my cock like a clenched fist. I pumped in and out of Charlie faster and faster until I felt her pussy pulse, constantly gripping and releasing my cock. I felt my orgasm reach the breaking point and I pumped and pumped at least a cup of cum deep inside her. I rolled off Charlie and immediately had her clean our combined juices off of my cock with her mouth. We rested and it was actually Charlie who rolled atop of me and placed a leg on either side of me and lowered her soarked pussy down on my newly hard cock. She rode me like a bull rider moving up and down so fast she was like a blur. Suddenly the door to our room opened and a sixty-some-year-old Latino woman in a maid uniform stood and stared at the bed and at Charlie and me with her mouth wide open. She stammered an apology and stated that the please clean room sign was facing outward on the door so she assumed we were out and wanted the room cleaned. She started to back toward the door apologizing the whole time. Please don’t go I pleaded, “please, please join us” This young lady is my new sex slave and she absolutely loves to eat pussy”. The woman hesitated and slowly walked toward the bed where Charlie now lay beside me. She looked at the tattoo above Charlie’s pussy and then at my still cock and her hands went to the buttons of her blouse and hypnotically began to unbutton them. “Help the lady Charlie” I ordered. Charlie climbed out of the bed and went to the maid. The maid who I later learned was named Esmerelda placed her hands on both sides of Charlie’s head and pulled her down to kiss her passionately on the lips. Charlie moaned softly and kissed Esmerelda back with true passion. I got up and went behind Esmerelda and kissed her neck from behind as I felt Charlie unbuttoning her skirt. Esmeralda’s skirt and granny panties slid to the floor leaving her in a Black garter belt and Black silk stockings. Esmeralda and Charlie stumbled backward onto the bed and were soon maneuvering into a hot 69 position. I pulled Esmerelda up until she was kneeling over Charlie’s head and still feasting on her pussy. I slid my cock into the older woman and fucked her slowly as I felt Charlie’s lips and tongue on both of us from below. I did not last too long and was soon filling Esmeralda with my load. I backed off and sat in a chair to watch Esmerelda and Charlie eat each other and suck my cum from each other’s pussy. Esmeralda dressed quickly saying she had to get back to her work and promised to clean our room first the rest of the week.

After our threesome with the hotel maid, I took Charlie into the shower once again. This is fast becoming one of my favorite things to do with Charlie. Soaping up her big, gorgeous tit’s and rubbing a soapy sponge all over her gorgeous body keeps me hard as a rock. Charlie has become a willing and eager slave in a very short time. I close my eyes and picture Heaven as Charlie drops to her knees and swallows my entire cock until her nose touches my pubes. She quickly brings me to the brink of orgasm, but I must stop here as I do not want to cum just yet. I have Charlie sit on the edge of the tub and lather her pussy with shaving cream. Shaving Charlie is so much more pleasure as opposed to a chore. Seeing the water cascading over her smooth and silky pubic mound is as glorious as watching the falls at Niagara! I towel her nice and dry and lead Charlie to the bed where I must eat her for a bit as she is as irresistible as a fine wine or juicy steak. Her pussy smells like spring rain and tastes like sweet honey. I stop abruptly and tell Charlie it is time to get dressed for a day of sightseeing. I give her an almost transparent White form-fitting dress made of fine silk that I bought in anticipation of her arrival in Baltimore. “No bra and no panties” I remind her. As the dress is pulled tight over her exquisite body, I can clearly make out her large stiff nipples and big breasts under it. It stops about one inch below the bottom of her ass, which it frames perfectly!

We leave and enter the elevator and descend to the lobby. I can feel the eyes of every man we pass as they are drawn to the glorious sight of Charlie in the tight, transparent dress. Even the girl at the front desk, a beautiful Black young lady stops and stares. Charlie remarks how pretty the desk clerk is. “Wait here just I minute my pet,” I say to Charlie as I stroll over to the desk.”Don’t say anything”,I tell her, just listen and tell me yes or no when I am done”. “My pet over there would like to have you for lunch, and I do mean have You for lunch if you get my drift”? If you agree, say yes, come to room 313 at 1 PM. “Yes, yes, and yes she say’s” “my name is Keisha, and I would love to!”

We continue to the harbor and have a lovely day touring the aquarium, the science center, Fort McHenry,and the shops at harbor place. We return to our room shortly before one and soon after there is a soft knock on the door. I open the door to find Keisha standing there shyly looking down at the floor.”Hi”, she says very softly. I invite her in and introduce her to Charlie.”I’ve never done anything like this before” Keisha admits. “I have never even been attracted to a woman or had sex with another girl before, but your girlfriend is so beautiful I could not say no to her request”. At that point, Charlie approached Keisha and gently touched her on the cheek and said” up until yesterday,I had never been with a woman before, and now you will be my third in less than two days” . “When I saw you this morning and the way you stared at me, undressing me with your eyes and your dark, exotic, smooth skin I just knew I wanted to get to know you intimately”. With that, Charlie put her hands ao both sides of Keisha’s head and pulled her in for a long sensual kiss. Charlie’s hands began sliding all over Keisha’s petite body, feeling every soft curve and stopped to feel her small, perfectly rouns boobs, and finally gripping both of her small round butt cheeks. Charlie continued by unbuttoning Keisha’s blouse and skirt and quickly sliding them off. Under her clothes, Keisha wore a baby Blue bra and matching thong. Charles unhooked Keisha’s bra and licked her lips when she saw her small, perfect breasts with big puffy nipples. Charlie lowered her lips and took one of Keisha’s nipples in her mouth and gently licked and sucked as a guttural moan escaped her throat. She paid equal attention to the other breast and then grabbed Keisha’s panties gently sliding down her smooth, silky less until Keisha stepped out of them. Keisha still wore her spiked high heels and as she stood there I remarked how absolutely hot she looked. Charlie dropped to her knees and buried her face in Keisha’s pussy eating her like a hungry lioness. Charlie then bent Keisha over at the edge of the bed and spread her tiny ass cheeks as she buried her face in Keisha’s crack. Her tongue shot out and went right into Keisha’s asshole. Charlie licked and tongue fucked Keisha until the young girl shuddered and came hard. THe girls climbed onto the bed and were quickly locked into a hot, sweaty 69. They licked, sucked, nibbled one another until both came 3 times. After a brief rest both girls teamed up to give me a mind-blowing blow job and Keisha ate my ass as I shoved my thick cock into Charlie from behind, I pumped my load deep into Charle’s bowels and sat back and watched as Keisha licked it from her as soon as I pulled out.

As we lay there in the afterglow of mind-blowing sex, we learned this was Keish’s
18th birthday. Her gift to herself was coming to our room to let loose with my gorgeous pet. Keisha said “there is one other thing I would like for my birthday”.
“What is it, I asked?” “technically I am still a virgin and I would love for you to take my cherry Sir” ” I said,” I am honored and more than happy to grant your wish, but you must agree to call me Master and become my property from this day forward”. “I agree and understand what that entails Sir” With that I told her she would need to sign a legally binding agreement and submit to getting a tattoo exactly like Charlie’s to prove her love and devotion to me.”Yes Master” Keisha replied, please take my pussy now Sir, and please allow me to eat Mistress Charlie’s pussy while you take my virginity.” I kissed Keisha hotly and let my hands explore the small, soft, sexy body my pet had already experienced. I applied some lube to Keisha’s tiny, tight pussy and slowly slid my big cock head inside the tiny young girl. I slowly and gently slid inch after inch into her hot pussy as she buried her face between Charlie’s thighs. Both girls moaned and screamed as they came. I followed soon after, pumping Keisha full of cum for the very first time! We all showered and kissed goodbye after exchanging contact information with Keisha and making arrangements for dinner and her tattoo session later that evening. After Keisha left,I bent Charlie over the bed and fucked her long and hard from behind as I tightly squeezed her big tit’s in both hands! After I came, I fell asleep with Charlie spooning me and my cock nestled against her soft ass!

We wake at 6pm and as has become our custom we immediately get into a 69 position and I once again feast on Charlie’s delicious pussy as she greedily sucks my cock. After we both cum, we shower and dress for the evening. I have another gift for Charlie in the form of a Navy Blue Satin dress with ruffles top to bottom and a neckline that goes all the way to her belly button. The hem of the dress is two inches below her pussy. Charlie slips into the dress and applies her makeup and perfume. We meet Esmerelda and Keisha in the lobby and head off to the tattoo parlor. Once in the shop, Amber immediately has all three girls strip after locking the front door. Before long, Esmerelda and Keisha are branded with my Property Of Master Tim tatoo. I have a special surprise for Charlie tonight. I tell her to climb up on the table and tell her that Amber also does piercings and she is now going to get her nipples and her clit pierced. Amber rubs and licks Charlie’s nipples to get them nice and hard and before long she sports three new piercings. Amber inserted beautiful Amber colored earrings in all three of Charlie’s new holes and Esmerelda and Keisha share my cock. I decided to also have both of my nipples pierced also on a whim. As Amber worked on me, Charlie and I made out with some hot French kissing as we watched Esmerelda and Keisha do the same.

We all dressed and took a walk around the city. We ended up at Keisha’s home as it was only a few blocks from the tattoo parlor. Although my cock is fairly large,I still wanted to see Charlie experience a true monster cock. During our partying and erotic conversation at Keisha’s place, Keisha mentioned that she had an ex-boyfriend who was extremely well endowed. They had petted and played a bit, but she would not let him fuck her as she did not want to chance to become a teen mother. I asked Keisha if she would call him and see if he would like to join our little party. Keisha dialed the phone and invited her ex Tyrone to come party with her and her new friends. Tyrone gladly accepted and was soon knocking on the door. Tyrone and Keisha kissed and hugged and he rab his hands all over her petite body. I explained to Tyrone that all three ladies present were my slaves and did whatever I instructed them to. “Damn man, you gotta teach me how to do that,I would love to have three sexy bitches who do whatever I want whenever I want”. I agreed and told the three ladies to strip and they immediately followed my order. Tyrone was in awe as he saw the matching tattoos that all three ladies displayed. Some ladies enjoy being told what to do and achieve great satisfaction form being ordered around and sexually used I explained. “Ladies, please welcome our new guest properly” I ordered. All three ladies stripped Tyrone and Keisha began kissing him hotly as Charlie and Esmerelda dropped to their knees and played with his cock. I watched as Tyrone’s dick grew from about three inches soft to an eye-popping twelve inches long and a girth of around three inches. Keisha whispered hotly in his ear” remember that tight little pussy you wanted so badly, well Master Tim has given me permission to fuck you tonight as I am now on the pill.” I broke in and said” Tyrone my friend, you can fuck all of my slaves tonight, but please take Charlie first, She has never had a cock like yours and is eager to have the experience.” Hell yeah” Tyrone said. Charlie was already soaking wet from sucking Tyrone’s monster cock and he easily slipped it’s head into her as he bent her over on the bed doggy style. Charlie moaned loudly as Tyrone slowly slid inch after inch of his massive cock slowly into her pussy. Charlie’s pussy stretched wider than it ever had to accommodate this huge Black cock. Esmerelda sat at Charlie’s head and guided Charlie’s face toward her pussy. Charlie was now impaled on a huge Black cock and was eating a hot wet pussy at the same time. I had Keisha sit on my lap with her back to me as I eased my 8 inch cock into her tight little Black pussy. Charlie began moaning louder and louder as Tyrone finally bottomed out with his entire twelve inches buried in her pussy. I had Keisha lay on her back on the bed and she slid under Tyrone and began licking Charlie’s pussy and Tyrone’s cock as he started sliding it faster and faster in and out of Charlie. Esmerelda screamed as Tyrone’s tongue pushed her over the edge and she came violently. I began fucking Keisha missionary style as she recovered and got up to come behind me and began eating my asshole. I came hard shooting shot after shot of my cum into Keisha as she continued to lick Charlie and Tyrone. Charlie was screaming ” Fuck Me!, Fuck Me, Yes, yes,yes, fuck me with that big Black dick, Fuck me harder, fuck me harder, I love your huge Black dick in my pussy, Tyrone, Oh Fuck, I’m gonna cum,Oh Yes. Oh Yes, Oh Shit Yes! Tyrone stiffened and came hard shooting shot after shot of his Black seen into Charlie’s convulsing pussy. Tyrone pulled out with an audible Pop noise and Keisha greedily licked his long thick cock clean and caught the cum that had begun running out of Charlie’s pussy like a river. We all collapsed in a heap and rested for a while as we gently caressed each other.

My gorgeous and sexy new slave awoke me again with an amazing blow job today. Charlie asked if we could take it easy today due to her pussy still being very sore from Tyrone’s huge Black cock last night. I agreed and told her I would take her shopping today for some sexy lingerie and dresses. Charlie’s face light up when she heard this. A moment later there was a light knock on the door and Esmerelda let herself in with her passkey. She was dressed in a sexy French maid outfit and carrying a feather duster in one hand and a flogger in the other. I told Esmerelda Charlie was too sore to play today and she said: “That is ok Master TIm, perhaps I can take care of your needs and please you in new way’s today”. With that, she stripped me naked and had me lay face down on the bed. She produced four restraints from her cart just inside the door and went to work attaching them to each of my limbs and then to the four corners of the bed. Things were quiet for a few minutes and suddenly I felt a sharp sting on my bare ass, then another and another as Esmerelda turned the tables and gave her Master an exquisite flogging. I also felt the sting of her flogger on my upper thighs and back. With each swat, my cock got harder and jerked beneath me. She then removed her panties and straddled me on the bed. She lowered her pussy until it touched my sore back and began grinding it against the welts on my back. Harder and harder she rubbed herself back and forth wetting my back with her juices until I felt her pussy spasm over and over as she came all over my back. Esmerelda released me from my restraints and immediately flipped me over and swallowed my cock in one swift movement. She licked, sucked, and nibbled my cock until I exploded in her mouth. She climbed up and kissed me with my cum still in her mouth and shared my load with me. Next, she straddled my waist and slowly lowered herself until my cock was buried inside her completely. The sixty-three-year-old maid rode me harder and faster than most women I had been with who were one third her age. She quicked her pace almost to a blur and we came together. Charlie not wanting to be left out crawled between Esmerelda’s spread thighs and licked her clean inside and out and then licked my cock clean of our combined juices. We all showered together in the huge shower stall in our bathroom. Esmerelda dressed in her regular maid uniform and kissed both Charlie and I goodbye with a hot French kiss. Charlie dressed in a tight Black leather mini skirt, fishnet pantyhose, and a transparent Black blouse and I slipped on my trousers without bothering with underwear and a button-down shirt, We went out on the town stopping at Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, and Nordstrom’s where I dropped a thousand dollars on new bras and panties along with several garter belts, stockings, and body suits for Charlie and several pairs of gorgeous panties for myself. I also spent eighteen hundred dollars on six new dresses for Charlie in various styles. The dresses were all very, very short, and hugged Charlie’s hot body like a second skin. We returned to the hotel room and modeled our new things for each other and snapped hundreds of photos to upload to Fetlife and sent some to her husband back in London. Charlie ended with a super short and super tight White Satin dress on. I had her kneel on the bed and pulled her big tit’s out of her dress and hiked the hem above her perfect ass. I reached for some KY Jelly and spread a generous amount on her asshole and my cock. “today I finally take your ass my pet”. I said as I slowly eased my cock into her very tight little asshole. After allowing her to get sed to me being where no cock had ever been before, I started slowly sliding in and out of her ass lovingly as I grabbed her big tit’s and pinched her long hard nipples as I gradually increased my pace until I deposited the first load of cum ever into Charle’s virgin ass. After cleaning up, we dressed for dinner and Charlie took my breath away when I saw her in the Red latex mini skirt and matching red latex corset.
We had a romantic candlelight dinner and returned to our room where we stripped and went to bed spooning each other as I stroked Charlie’s sexy body all over.

I woke on the morning of day seven to a warm, wet mouth on my cock. I first thought Charlie was waking me in her usual way, but got quite a surprise when I opened my eyes. Keisha was nude and stretched between my legs devouring my shaved cock and balls. Her thin Black body and her small firm titties were a very welcome sight. Next to Keisha, I saw Esmerelda face first in Charlie’s pussy making her moan and thrash around. Keisha soon had me cumming in her talented mouth and Charlie soon screamed “I’m cumming”,Oh God Yes!,Eat me baby, eat me” I lay there and rested as I watched Esmerelda and Keisha lick, kiss,and caress Charlie from head to toe. Keisha straddled Charlie’s head and lowered her sweet, young, Black pussy onto Charlie’s mouth. Charlie stuck out her tongue and licked the wetness from Keisha’s dripping pussy. Esmeralda busied herself with sucking on one then the other of Charlie’s big perfect breasts. I was hard again in no time and slid between Charlie’s spread legs as I ran my hard cock up and down her slit. I found my target and plunged balls deep into Charlie’s hot pussy. Charlie was in heaven as the three of us sent pleasure to every part of her body all at once. Keisha grabbed her own boobs and squeezed and massaged them as Charlie’s lips and tongue pushed her over the edge and she came all over Charlie’s face. Before long a familiar feeling began deep in my balls and erupted out the end of my cock as I pumped my cum deep into Charlie’s spasming pussy as she came with me.

The ladies dressed and kissed Charlie Good Bye. “We wanted to give you a proper send off knowing you will be leaving for London today girlfriend,” Keisha said. I spent the next two hours taking photos of Charlie in all the lingerie, dresses, blouses, and skirts I had bought her. Now I had plenty to keep me busy in-between visits from Charlie. I dropped her at the airport at noon and returned to my car to weep alone. I would however soon be talking to Josh about setting up regular visits every two months where Charlie would be returning to spend a week with her Master. I also began thinking about arranging a little trip for Josh to visit himself due to the subtle hints he had been giving me during our frequent emails during Charlie’s visit. I have been around and lived the lifestyle long enough to know that Josh was curious about M/M sex and I intended to be his teacher and also his Master in time.

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