My Landlord – My Master

Chapter 1
I rent a basement apartment from a thirty-something couple with two kids. Usually by ten in the morning the whole family is gone. 
If I'm horny and on a work-at-home day I'll be in the joint laundry room trying on (and sniffing and licking) the wife's (her 
name is Jenni) worn lingerie.

One such morning I was dolled up like a little whore and had just been caught by Tom the husband. (For those who care, I was 
wearing a black satin and lace teddy, matching garter belt, seemed black stockings, 4 1/2" black pumps, and shoulder-length 
blonde wig.) I was on my knees, rubbing my cock trough the satin teddy while licking and sucking the sexy crotch of a pair of 
Jenni's heavily soiled panties. I had no idea how long he'd been there but amidst my panty worship I heard a cough. Looking up 
horrified, and at the same time incredibly aroused.

I have no idea what I said but he said something like "You little fucking sissy! Those are my wife's panties..."

He grabbed them from me. He was staring down at me and I could see the huge bulge in the front of his jeans, it was only four or five inches from my open mouth.

"Have you got a thing for my wife, or will any dirty panties do?"

"Any dirty panties..." I moaned.

"I can see how hard you are from smelling them." He looked down at the saliva-moistened panties. "You want to know something else 
you little whore... these are the panties I fucked her in a couple nights ago, so not only are you smelling and tasting her 
sexy cunt, you're tasting and licking up my dried sperm."

I closed my eyes and almost came in my satin teddy.

"That turns you on doesn't it? You're a dirty little slut, aren't 

"Yessss" I whispered, eyes looking down at the floor.

"It's been a few years, but I know just what someone like you 

I heard the zipper of his jeans and looked at his crotch longingly. At any moment I was expecting to wake in my bed, 
panties and satin pajamas pumped full of a wet-dream's cum, but didn't. Instead Tom reached inside his jeans and pulled out a 
tremendous prick. I watched, as freed from his jeans it grew and grew. Finally the tip of his shiny knob was brushing my lips. I 
went to lick him and he pulled away. I looked at him begging with my eyes and mewing my need to suck his hard bone.

"Let me suck it pl-ple-pleaaaase"

"Oh no sissy, this isn't the way you're going to get it, I'm gonna give you a treat you'll love, but then I'm gonna think and 
then think some more about how to really USE you, the way you need to be used..."

He was stroking his cock, sliding his fist up and down his veined shaft, squeezing his cock head every time his fingers grasped it. 
His eyes were closed and I saw his face soften while his body stiffened. I've been on my knees in front of another man enough 
times to know he was a moment from cumming. He opened his eyes halfway and I saw him looking at me, I was hoping he was seeing a 
young willing woman on her knees, begging for a chance to suck or at least lick his hard bone, or maybe his hairy balls! Then I saw 
his left hand cup the tip of his purple glans and he was grunting and bucking his hips into the air.

"Ohhh fucker yessss..." he groaned as the cum spurt from him, I could see his heavy balls contracting and twitching as every 
spurt pumped out.

In a minute he was done. He took a half a step towards me and pulled his left hand away. My mouth was watering as I saw a thin 
ribbon of cum drip from the tip of his cock. I watched it travel to the floor and sighed at the waste. He took another small step; 
I looked up and without being asked or commanded opened my mouth.

His right hand went to the back of my neck, "Ohhhh...Yessss!" I 

"I can't believe how hungry you are for my cock..."

"...I'm such a slut, I love sucking other men's cocks..." I 

"I can fucking tell... but not today..." His right hand tightened 
on my neck. "Stroke your little sissy thing while I give you your 

I reached between my legs and cupped my balls and satin encased 
cock, rubbing them slowly. His left hand flashed into view. He 
was holding his wife's soiled panties.

"Not only are you going to lick clean my wife's three day-old 
cum-stained panties, but I've given you a fresh stringy load of 
my hot sperm to sweeten the taste."

He opened the panties and emptied the huge globs of fresh sperm 
into my mouth. I sucked it down greedily. Having had almost no 
time to get warmed up before cumming, his sperm was indeed 
stringy, hot and thick as I swirled it around over my tongue. Too 
soon my dirty feast was over.

"You loved every minute of that didn't you my little sweet 

"Yess I did, I loved swallowing your thick cum, specially the 
thought of your wife's cunt mixed in." I was trembling, a few 
short strokes from cumming and finally pumping my lingerie full 
of hot sperm.

He smiled and placing three fingers behind the now-sticky crotch 
slid it between my lips. "Suck it like a cock while I tell you a 

I sucked the cotton, extracting the pungent taste and smell. He 
moved the panties in and out of my mouth like a cock. He bent 
down and brought his mouth to my ear.

"When Jenni is really horny, and she knows a regular cunt-
thrashing fuck just wont do it..." He cupped my sensitive balls 
and continued, "When she really needs it, she'll scream out for 
me... do you have any idea what she begs for?" I shook my head 
no. "My cute, little, petite wife screams for me to fuck her ass, 
she screams for me to ride her tight ass like a street whore..."

Jenni had an incredible backside, curved, full and perfectly 
shaped, the thought of Tom fucking her ass with his huge tool 
made my head reel, and made me insanely jealous.

"Of course I do what she asks, I flip her onto her hands and 
knees, pull her panties down an inch or two, spread her sexy 
little white cheeks and bang her ass like a whore. She loves it." 
He was squeezing my balls, and rubbing his finger between them, 
almost as if he were stroking a woman's clit. "Then you know what 
I do when I'm done, when I've pumped her tight dark butt-hole 
full of my creamy sperm?"

"Hnmmm" was all I could say shaking my head no, while sucking her 

"I pull up her panties nice and tight and then roll her over. 
While she sucks my cock clean, all of my cum oozes out of her 
well-fucked ass, soaking those panties wet with my cum and who 
knows what else. She told me she loves waking up in those crispy, 
cum-soaked panties, because she says it makes her feel right in 
her place, perfectly like a woman." I was light-headed; a second 
from ejaculating when he finally said what I knew was next. "Two 
nights ago, I fucked her like that, so you're not just sucking 
her pussy and my cum, you're sucking her ass and two loads of my 

He squeezed my balls harshly and I slumped forward cumming, every 
ounce of liquid in my body seemed on its way out my cock-hole as 
I came and came and came. Shuddering with each spurt, my cock and 
balls were soon swimming in sperm as I pumped my lingerie full. 
Finally it soaked through the thin satin and began dripping onto 
the floor below me.

Tom whispered one last thing before standing, "One day would you 
like me to turn you over and ride your tight little butt-hole 
until I fill it with a couple of hot steamy loads of my sperm? 
Would you like that sissy?"

"Yess... yess... yess"

"Yes who?!" he said with authority while squeezing my super 
sensitive balls.

"Yes... ma... ma... Master..."

He chuckled and stood up. "I'll let you know what comes have no idea how exciting this is..." he turned and 
walked away tucking away his glorious cock and zipping his pants 

I rolled onto my back and stroked my hard-again cock to another 
quick orgasm.

Chapter 2

The next night I came home to find a note slid under my door. The 
hand-written letter said:

	Slave, from this day forward you must NEVER ejaculate
	except in my presence. You may masturbate, if you enjoy
	being sexually frustrated, but never cum without me.

Three nights later I came home to find another note slid under my 
door, it said simply:

	Slave, Wear something sexy and meet me in the laundry room
	at 5:30 tomorrow morning. You had better be on time.

I had almost ten hours to kill. My heart was pounding as I got 
undressed. My little cock was standing straight up! I needed 
release, but knew that I would never be able to lie to my new 

I dug through my bottom drawer and found the tiny spandex panty 
girdle a previous boyfriend had bought for me. It hadn't fit 
then, and I'd put on a few pounds since, but I thought it would 
do what I needed it to do. I shimmied into it and pulled it 
tight. I love tight panties, and spandex usually only encourages 
the hardening of my boy-clit, but luckily there comes a point 
where the tightness stops me from functioning, the girdle was way 
past that point. I pulled the satin robe around my shoulders and 
proceeded to make a light dinner.

Though my clit was no longer hard, Tom kept creeping into my 
mind, how would his cock feel inside me? How would he dominate 
me? How far was he going to take the Master-slave relationship? 
I'd never fallen into a dom-sub relationship so lightly; it was 
scary but also so exciting.

I knew I wasn't going to sleep so I figured I would at least rest 
my eyes, so around 10:00 I set my alarm, turned the light off and 
rolled over, trying to sleep. Of course, with nothing but 
darkness to keep me company my mind raced through every dark 
secret fantasy I'd ever had. At some point I did finally fall 
asleep because the alarm woke me up at 4:15.

I jumped out of bed and peeled the panty girdle off. Jumping into 
the shower I trimmed where any other girl might trim, and shaved 
my legs, before rinsing and stepping into the cool bathroom. One 
of the things I had thought about while falling asleep had been 
what to wear. I had decided though obviously not a virgin, that 
the virginal look would be sexy. I pulled out the white satin 
teddy, ironed the folds out of it and slipped it over my 
shoulders. I reached between my legs and almost snapped the three 
delicate fasteners before remembering another thought from the 
night before.

I reached into my night table and pulled out the blue tube of 
lubricant and the clear plastic plunger (once used by a 
girlfriend for spermicidal jelly) I squeezed the tube until the 
plunger was filled. Rolling onto my back I hoped I would get to 
enjoy the feeling of my Master's thick dick up my ass, as I 
slipped the plunger in. Filled with cool lubricant I proceeded to 
snap my crotch. Next came the fancy lace garter belt and lace 
topped stockings. I stepped into my 4-inch white pumps and looked 
at myself in the mirror.

Even without my breastforms or wig I was stunning. My little 
clitty was hard, but I hoped my Master would be turned on by my 
arousal and not turned off by the tiny bulge. The satin teddy was 
tight enough that I didn't need to glue my 38D tits on, and I 
didn't know if my Master wanted them or not. I shook out my 
shoulder length blonde wig and lightly ran a brush though the big 
thick curls. I looked at the veil and the little lace skirt and 
decided to go all the way, I clipped the veil into place and 
applied a liberal dose of pink high-gloss lipstick on before 
pulling the veil down over my face. I stepped into the lace skirt 
and pulled it up until the hem fell right below my curved 
backside. A quick check of the time and I stepped into the 

My heels click-clacked on the floor on the way to the laundry 
room. I opened the door noticing the new lockset. The laundry 
room was somewhat cleaner than usual. I spun around once or twice 
loving the swoosh of the skirt and veil. A moment later I heard 
footsteps on the stairs and I thought quickly, on my knees or 
standing? I fell to my knees, dropped my head and faced the door.

"Ohhh my Slave, my little pet... stand so I can see you." I heard 
him lock the door as I stood. He walked around me, and I stared 
at his bare feet and the hem of his bathrobe. "Not a virgin, but 
a virgin to me yes?"

"Yes Master... do I please you?"

"Yes, yes you do, you please me so much already..." He was 
standing behind me when he gently grasped my hips and pulled me 
back to him. Immediately I felt his hot hardness slide between my 
legs. "Can you feel how much you please me?"

"Yes Master I can, I can feel your need."

"You have no idea of my need Slave..." he released my hips and 
walked in front of me. "Kneel and look up at your Master..."

Without a word I dropped to my knees and looked up at him through 
the gauzy veil. His huge member was straining, sticking out 
through the front of his robe. As I watched he peeled the robe 
off and tossed it aside. His body was incredible, I knew he 
worked out but had no idea of the results!

"Describe the center of your attention... tell me how much you 
want it..."

I licked my lips and began to speak. "Master, your steely cock is 
all I need, the way it throbs with your heartbeat, the way the 
purple head glistens with arousal, the veins and vessels, gorging 
it with blood, making it harder and bigger with every passing 
second. For the last four days I've thought of nothing else but 
of satisfying you... I've imagined licking every inch or your 
cock's straining length. I've thought of the way your sweaty 
balls will taste and smell as I bathe them with my tongue. If you 
so desire, I will suck them and lick them with my soft tongue. 
I've imagined closing my lips around your shiny cock-head and 
sucking you into my depths. I've imagined your strong hands on 
the back of my head guiding me down as only a Master can, guiding 
my lips down your shaft, choking me, not relenting until my nose 
is buried in your curly hair, savoring the musky maleness that 
only drives me wilder with desire. I've imagined you holding me 
still as you fuck my face, using my mouth as just another wet 
hole for your pleasure, I've dreamed about giving you every once 
of control you desire, to make me do all the dirty things no one 
would ever do..."

He moved closer, his cock was less than an inch away from me. 
"Tell me slave, tell me about your little clit..."

"My tiny thing is nothing compared to your huge maleness. My 
little clit gives me a fraction of the pleasure I will get from 
sucking on your massive penis, satisfying you, bringing you to an 
orgasm with my sissy mouth, savoring your thick bitter sperm as 
you cum will shake me as no orgasm could, please stop and slide 
it between my lips, let me show you how much I wish to please 
you... I'm begging you Master, slide your manly thing between my 
lips and let me show you my devotion..."

He reached down and pulled the veil up to my nose. He was now 
unbelievably close to my open mouth.

"I love your lipstick slave, show me your pink sissy lips wrapped 
around my penis..."

I lunged at him, closing my glossy lips around his pulsating 
prick and sucking him down, groaning as every inch slid between 
them, I pulled back, and moaned out, "it's sooo much bigger than 
I imagined..." before throwing my face at his crotch, I gasped 
and groaned, sucking air through my nose.

I could feel his gorged cock-head stretching my throat as I 
swallowed him down. He dropped the veil back in place and wrapped 
his fingers in my blonde curls.

"Ohhh my sissy slave, suck it, suck my penis, suck it harder and 

He took over and I let him. I reached up to massage my Master's 
heavy balls. I swallowed him deeper and deeper groaning as inch 
after inch of his fuck-pole slid between my lips. It had only 
been a few weeks since the last time I'd deep-throated someone of 
comparable length and girth so in no time at all I had my nose 
buried in his curly pubes. I gulped air through my nose and used 
the vibrations of my groans to drive him wilder with each suck. I 
stared up at him through the veil, willing him to take me, to 
ravage his virgin bride. Finally he looked down and I smiled 
around his hrobbing prong.

"You love this sissy, you love being on your knees servicing a 
strong man like me with your soft prissy mouth, sucking another 
man's hard penis, stroking and squeezing my hairy balls as you 
massage every inch of with your expert mouth..."

I shook my head up and down and proceeded to pull back, then 
threw forward my face three times in quick succession, each time 
ending with my quivering lips wrapped around his thick base. I 
slowly pushed back against his strength until his cock popped 
from my mouth.

I nibbled on his purple glans as I cooed... "I love sucking cock, 
but I love being made to suck cock even more, to feel someone in 
complete control of every move I make, to feel a hard cock forced 
down my throat as I gasp for air, swallowing it down over and 
over again until my throat becomes sore from the abuse, the only 
thing relieving the soreness a thick stringy load of sperm 
sliding down, coating my throat..."

With one hand I was harshly stroking his cock, while with the 
other I massaged his balls, squeezing them as I bit and lapped at 
the side of his prick. He held my face steady as he slapped my 
face with his saliva coated penis.

"I hope my slave likes a nice hot sperm facial too... because I 
can't wait to leave strings of hot sperm all over your adoring 

I closed my eyes and groaned at the thought of looking up at him 
as he sprayed my face with his cum. I opened my mouth and stuck 
my tongue out, lapping at the air, trying to suck him in.

"In a minute slave, right now I think you need to learn about 
another area of your Master's body." He walked past me and hopped 
onto the dryer, spreading his legs lewdly. "Show me what a dirty 
little whore you are, I'm not going to touch you, I want you to 
lick and suck my hairy balls, I want you to worship them with 
your mouth. Then I want you to rim my musky backside with your 
wanton tongue... come... here... right... now..."

He was going to be the type of Master I loved to serve! I 
skittered over between his legs and began lapping at his balls, 
sucking one then the other between my lips, licking the soft 
hairy skin as I stroked his ever-hard penis. In minutes his heavy 
balls were dripping with my saliva. I rubbed my nose between them 
and under them, breathing in his scent. His maleness was 
permeating my nose; all I could sense was his strength, his 
desire. At one point despite his statement that he wouldn't touch 
me, he tightly held my nose to his saliva soaked balls, as I 
tried to lick them, bucking his hips against me.

"Breathe in my musk whore... smell a real man..." After a moment 
he released me, I could make out his gasps of air as he tried to 
regain control. "Ohhh my little sissy, I almost came in your 
pretty blonde hair, but all I kept thinking was what a waste!"

"Yesss Master, what a waste, I want your sperm on my face, or in 
my mouth...or..."

He patted me on my veiled head, "Go down on me slave, go down on 
your Master, run your hot wet tongue around my butt-hole, rim me 

When I did date girls the one thing that I could do well was 
worship their sexy rosebuds. They would sit on my face, my nose 
buried in their dripping cunts, tongue stroking their tight 
backside. I would give my Master my best. I reached between his 
legs and pushed up his balls with one hand while holding his 
muscular cheeks apart with the other. I lapped at him two or 
three times and then ran my tongue around his tight hole. 
Tightening the circle each time until the tip of my strong tongue 
was centered on him, I would push, pull back and continue over 
and over until my tongue was sinking into him, I wanted him to 
love me, to cherish me, to need me, so I dug deeper and deeper, 
using every ounce of experience to drive him wild. He was lazily 
stroking his cock as I tongue fucked him. I could hear him 
muttering and whispering to himself.

"If I may Master, speak louder, speak to your slave, your dirty 
words of encouragement will only drive me deeper into your 

"I can't believe what an amazing little cunt you are, sucking and 
tongue fucking my asshole like a well seasoned whore! I can only 
imagine what depths I can make you sink too, even now as you 
worship my ass, I'm picturing the nasty things I'll make you do, 
keep sucking my hole as I imagine you as mine forever."

'Forever' was all I'd ever wished to hear. I sighed contently and 
continued licking and sucking his butt. Finally after what seemed 
like hours he patted me on the head once again.

"It's getting late my little whore..." he reached down and pushed 
the veil over my head. "Look at me as I ask you this question..."

I looked up at him, savoring the view from below. I was nestled 
between his strong manly legs, his balls were an inch from my 
flaring nostrils, his throbbing cock came next, then his sweat 
glistened stomach. We locked eyes and I sank into the blue 

"My little sissy whore, I believe I know the answer, and I'll be 
the one deciding anyway, but I wonder at this point which will 
bind you to me more successfully, you on your knees as I dump a 
load of cum all over your adoring face, or you bent over, soft 
curved backside parted by my pistoning cock as I deposit my hot 
sperm deep inside your willing pussy-hole?"

I was trembling as I spoke, and looked down still embarrassed of 
what I was about to say, "If I may Master..." He shook his head 
yes. " would be my honor and deepest desire to satisfy you 
in the most intimate way possible... the thought of you taking my 
body that way, of possessing me in such a complete fashion fills 
me with complete happiness..."

He chuckled and I hoped I hadn't gone too far, I knew that part 
of controlling a slave was in maintaining an intense level of 
desire and I had just confessed my up-most desire. He jumped from 
the dryer, his cock bobbing an inch from my face.

"Stand slave, stand here..." He pointed to the dryer. "Spread 
your legs, and bend over..."

I did as commanded, standing in my heels; I was perfectly 
positioned to bend over the dryer. The white metal was cool as I 
held onto the control panel. He walked in front of me; two bungee 
cords hung from his hands. He looped them around my wrists and 
then around the heavy PVC pipe behind the dryer. I couldn't move, 
and loved the feeling. I turned my head to see him standing 
behind me, stroking his cock to an intense throbbing erection.

"Look away slave..."

I heard him step closer. He flipped the lace skirt over my hips, 
reached between my legs and unsnaped my teddy. He tucked the flap 
up under the skirt. I felt the red-hot tip of his erection 
pressed to my tight hole.

"I am not a sadist, do you wish lubrication slave?"

I had never been asked before, but surprised, answered. "Master, 
I had hoped and wished that you would desire to take me this way, 
so I have prepared myself for you... do as you wish..."

"Ohh my little pet, the things we will do together..." his hands 
rested on my hips, they tightened and he began moving his. "What 
do you wish my slave?"

I took a deep breath and started gently rotating my hips. "I wish 
to satisfy you, in the way most intimate way possible, all I 
desire is to feel you fill me with your bubbling sperm."

My tight opening had been rubbed dry by my lingerie, but as his 
bulbous head pressed into me the slippery lubrication began to do 
its work.

"Talk to me my little whore... tell me how much you want this..."

"Ohhh you're so big and hard... so big and fucking hard... I 
can't believe how good you feel spreading me, stretching me.... 
Stretching my pussy..."

"You don't have a pussy slave, what is my hard penis stretching?"

I groaned. "Your big, strong tool is stretching my tight 
asshole... sliding deeper with each movement..."

"My 'tool' I'll ask you again, what is my hard penis stretching?" 
knowing what he wanted I played the game and whispered my answer.

"Master, your rock hard penis is stretching my tight but willing 

"I couldn't hear you slave..."

I loudly groaned my answer, "Master, your hard penis is 
stretching my asshole..."

"Slave, why aren't I stretching your pussy?"

"Because I don't have a girl-pussy Master, all I have is a tiny 
little prick and a tight boy-pussy..."

"Yes slave you do... you do have a tight boy-pussy, but let's get 
into the habit of calling it what it is, all you have to offer me 
is a tight ASSHOLE, so tight and wet, and slippery, so willing, 
how many times have you been fucked up your ASS? How many times 
have you let another man have you this way?"

"Hundreds of times... this is all I ever really want, all I ever 
desire, to have a hard thick penis deep inside me, makes me 
feel... makes me so... fe-female..."

"Well slave you have found the perfect Master... all I desire is 
to fuck little sissies like you, to feel their tight asses open 
up, to stretch as I slide my penis inside them, to shake and moan 
like girls as I fuck them."

With that he heaved on top of me and forced the remaining inches 
of his penis inside me. The air rushed out of me with a 'huhhh' 
and I gasped at how full I felt. His hairy balls were pressed 
against my smooth shaven ones. I could feel him throbbing deep 
inside my stretched bowels as I tried to arch my back; I clamped 
down on him, squeezing him rhythmically with my well-trained ass.

"Fuck me Master, fuck my upturned asshole... make me YOUR 
sissy... I've never had a MAN like you, all the ones before you 
have been boys playing at being men... make me your sissy... fuck 
me please..."

"Oh my sissy-boy, I'll not only make you MY sissy, I'll make you 
my WOMAN, you've never been fucked like I'm about to fuck you... 
you'll swear my prick is coming out your mouth... when I'm done 
with you no one will be able to satisfy you like I can..." He 
pulled back and harshly sawed back into me. He was holding my 
hips painfully tight, "Work your asshole slave, squeeze your 
Master's dick as he fucks your ass..."

I blissfully did as he commanded, pushing out as he pulled back 
and squeezing down as he surged into me. In no time at all we 
were grunting and rutting like dogs in heat. I wished I could 
reach back and spread my cheeks letting him see what he was doing 
to me and finally moaned out my desire.

"Master can you see my tight asshole wrapped around your hard 
penis? I wish I could reach back and give you more of myself, and 
show you where we're joined."

"Whore... if I want, I can see ..." He slid out with a wet slushy 
sound and painfully pulled my cheeks apart, "Enjoy this sissy..."

He slammed into me with one long thrilling thrust, only to pull 
back and repeat the procedure five or six times in quick 
succession. No one had ever been able to fuck me as long and as 
hard as he was. I was mewing like a cat. I couldn't believe the 
sensations swirling around his pistoning cock. My little thing 
was rock hard and pressed against the dryer where a large amount 
of pre-cum was lubricating the area. My balls were constantly 
bashed against the cool dryer as he fucked me.

"Master please, please, please, cum inside me, please make me 
yours... I can't hold out much longer your fucking is going to 
make me come... but I want you to come in me first... please?"

"Oh slave, we'll need to work on your stamina, but this morning 
is probably not the time or the place...if you want my sperm, beg 
for it, beg for my hot stinging cum..."

I stopped tightening and loosening my asshole and just clamped 
down, breathing harshly from the exertion. "Fuck my asshole, fuck 
it and cum in me ple... ee... se, shoot your hot sperm inside me, 
pump me full, I need a big hot load... fuck me Master, fuck me 
with your steely dick... fuck my soft wet ass... make it 

He was grunting and I knew he was seconds away from ejaculating 
inside me.

"Make your sissy-boy cum, make me cum, fuck my asshole... ohhhh 
fuck...ohh fuckers... fuckers... fuck me!"

"DON'T YOU FUCKING CUM SISSY!" He slammed into me and partially 
drove his ball-sac inside and then ejaculated. "Oh my fucking 

His whole body shook as his sperm spurted into me. It was so 
forceful I could feel each individual stream as it surged into 
me. I lost count after six as the spurts got closer and closer 
together. It almost felt as if I'd gotten a hot slippery enema. 
I'd never felt so full of sperm in my entire life. He was pressed 
against me, panting as he regained his composure. He reached 
under me.

"What control you have sissy, I was prepared to spank you for 
cumming..." His cock was still incredibly hard as he held me 
tightly. "Ohh sissy... you will be the one we make ours forever, 
the two of us will make you everything we want..."

I was still panting and squirming, only wishing to finally come 
so I missed the 'we' and 'us' comments. Finally he stood, with 
his cock still firmly embedded deep between my cheeks. I knew 
then my orgasms we're going to be far and few between.

I heard a key in the laundry room door and panicked.

"Your wife Master..."

"No kidding slave..."

She walked in, still in her robe.

"Look right here slave..." She pointed to what was now obviously 
a video camera. "...and there... and there! What a fucking 
show... To see you get it from three different angles... you are 
a fucking natural. I'm so glad we found you..."

She rubbed my sweaty brow and traced her fingers around where her 
husband and I were still joined. She pulled a pair of white 
cotton panties from the pocket of her bathrobe.

"Here honey let me help you..." She knelt down and said, "Step in 
dear..." She pulled the panties up my legs and said to her 
husband, "Okay careful now Tom." She said to me, "Now tighten up 
sissy... try to keep his big load inside you..." he pulled back 
as she pulled the panties tight against my well fucked bottom.

She casually stuffed my still hard penis inside them and adjusted 
the waist. In less than a minute I was shaking from trying to 
keep from leaking and felt a few drops slipping out.

"You can relax now..."

I did and sloppy globs of Master's sperm immediately surged out 
soaking the cotton panties. My Master stood back as his wife 
Jenni dropped her robe. She leaned against Tom and spread her 
legs obscenely. I looked at her lovely body, lingering on the 
visibly soaked cotton panties she wore.

"I know how much you love soiled panties, I wore them all day 
yesterday, last night and now have cum three times in them, 
here's your treat for the day." she peeled them off and balled 
them up with the glistening wet crotch pointing out. She held 
them in front of my mouth. "Don't I taste soooo goood?" she 
whispered stuffing the wet panties between my lips.

I savored the taste and smell of her cunt. She bent down and 
gathered her robe and my Master did the same.

"We'll see you tonight slave... enjoy the day."

They turned the light off and I heard them lock the door. I stood 
there, hands tied, bent over the dryer, dressed like a bride. My 
tiny cock softened as my Master's sperm dripped down my legs. I 
licked at, and tried to force Jenni's panties from my mouth. She 
had stuffed them in with obvious glee; did I now have a Master 
and a Mistress?

What had I gotten myself into?