My hotwife is changing the rules

Just another day as a cuckold

So I have been my sexy Hotwife’s cuck for some time now. Up to now, it has mainly been about her taking lovers when she wants and feels like it. This has evolved to the point that she has 4 regular lovers and the odd irregular chaps that visit now and again.

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If I am lucky, I am allowed to watch and from time to time join if she wants. But most of the time she shoves me off to a corner to play with myself and watch her have sex with her lovers. She has even set up a regular play date with 2 guys in a neighboring town, she leaves me alone at home, drive over for the night and have a 3 some with them. I have to spend the night alone fantasizing about what she is getting up to and then gets told all the details afterward.

All she has been getting up to make me incredibly horny and even more devoted and in love with her. I cannot explain how happy it makes me seeing her enjoy herself and how she has developed over time.

Last night we had a discussion about the way forward and after I confirmed my devotion to her she informed me that:

  • From now on she will use me for her pleasure and not will not worry about mine.
  • She will cage my cock so I cannot play with myself and she will decide when I can let it out and control when I am allowed to orgasm.
  • I am to sleep with my cock caged and my ass plugged.
  • She will fuck who whoever whenever she felt like it. She will decide what my involvement will be if any.
  • I am not allowed to beg as this irritates her and will make things worse for me.

After a lengthy discussion, she told me to wait, lie still got up and went to the shower. I could hear her flushing and cleaning her ass, this made me incredibly horny as I love playing with her ass. I had to try and control getting a painfull hard-on with the cages locked in place while she took her time. When I did eventually say something she came out of the bathroom, threw a towel over my face and told me to be patient.

After what felt like forever, I could hear her fiddling in the room. She told me to lift my legs and shoved a butt plug in my ass. She said I am to keep it in and will sleep with it from now on.

Someone has to take care of her needs

Then she told me to move down on the bed, removed the towel and sat over my face feeding her ass to me. She rode my face like never before, making me eat her ass and she fucked my tongue in and out of her ass as deep as it could go. She did this for what felt like a very long time, then moved further down and told me to now treat her pussy as I now deserve to lick and suck this too. At this point, I realized she has taken our discussion seriously and I am now totally her cuck and she will control my sex for her pleasure from now on.

After a short while of having the pleasure to eat her pussy she got up, told me to go sit on a small bench next to the bed and turned to present her ass and told me to pleasure her ass.

It was one of the most rewarding experiences playing with her ass, seeing how she enjoyed it and have to forget about my pleasure as my cock was locked up, wondering if and when I will get to play with her pussy ever again.

She really enjoyed herself, being more verbal than ever demanding what and how she wants it. This made it even better for me and she ended up taking way more than ever before and orgasm-ed countless times, confirming what she said that she will now only use me for her pleasure.

When she eventually had enough, she turned around, thanked me and said that we going to sleep now. If I behave she will let my cock out at lunchtime the next day so I can go and wank and cum as she has a lover coming around the following evening and does not want me interfering.

Plugged and caged for the night

We cuddled and she spooned me from behind. My butt plug was pushing against her leg and every slight movement she made, made me feel like I was about to orgasm. This was the best and most excruciating time keeping me on the edge for a long time. Each time I moved involuntarily after she moved, she told me to ly still or I won’t get to cum the next day.

Eventually, she told me to move away from her, leaving me laying with a plug in my butt, cock straining against the cage hornier than I have ever been.

It has been one of the most rewarding nights, constantly being reminded by the plug and the cage of what is to come, keeping me aroused. I did not sleep much having to keep quiet not to bother her and making sense of it all in my mind.

This morning she took the cage off told me to shower and then locked it back in position for the day. She has not told me when she will take it off for me to go and play with myself and if I will still be allowed to. She mentioned she might decide to keep it on until her lover comes over tonight (wonder if she will take it off then or make me show her lover). For the time being she has sent me to watch the cucksthatsuck Reddit’s groups which is one of her favorites for the time being. Her orders were to find her some good smut in order to make sure she is ready for her lover later today.

My cock has been straining against the cages ever since. Me being in a constant state of being aroused and having to work, but strangely being able to concentrate.

I cannot wait to experience what the future may hold. Just so glad I have the best hotwife around that I love with all my heart.

The next day and my cock is still caged

So she kept me locked all day, did not release my cock for lunch as she said I did not behave well enough the previous night. I was ready to explode but had to manage being locked for more than 24 hours now.

At around 7 pm her lover came over and we had supper and a few drinks. I was still caged and she kept me caged throughout. At around 11 pm she sent me to the room and told me to get naked and wait for her.

After about 40 minutes I could not wait any more, was too horny and curious as to what was going on in the lounge. Being naked and caged, I could not just walk in, so I sneaked up and could hear her moans of pleasure. I could not see but was sure she was being fucked. I stood around for a while listing to her cries of pleasure while my cock fought the cage. Oh, the pain and pleasure became unbearable. Then I heard them move, I had to rush back to the bedroom and still think her lover noticed my naked ass running away when they came around the corner.

A short while later she came into the room and removed the cage and plugged my ass while telling me she is going home with her lover. I am to keep my dick ready as when she returns she wants to ride me. This got me even more aroused and hard immediately.

I laid there for what seemed like hours slowly stroking my freed cock, plugged ass fantasizing how he is fucking her. He has a massive dick with loads of stamina and I know she loves fucking him and he loves fucking her hard. I have watched them fuck on a few occasions as he has become a regular weekly visitor.

Here we cum

Eventually, I heard his car drive-in, heard him drive away and her entering the house. I was ready to explode, the wait, the fantasies …..fuck I was going mad. She walked into the room, got naked and mounted herself on my face. I could smell and taste his cock in her, she rode my face slowly while torturing my nipples and started telling me how he fucked her in our kitchen, our bar, and our dining room. How he took her home and rode her harder than ever before.

My dick was throbbing and ready to explode, then she turned around, told me to keep it hard, she wants to ride it for her pleasure. She sat down on my dick and rode me through numerous orgasms until she had enough and allowed me to cum in her.

When she had her fill, she got off walked to the bathroom, stopped at the door and told me I deserve to sleep un-caged, but she will not feed me her creampie as she has a large pee as well and does not want to wet the bed. This was disappointing as I cannot wait for her to start training me seriously to clean her up after a good fuck. Being her devoted cuck this is one of my biggest fantasies. Having to clean her creampies and drink her juices whenever we are alone in our room.

After a night of ecstasy, I woke up with a raging hard-on this morning. When she saw this she told me to come to fuck her deep. but first I had to say morning to her pussy by licking and sucking it to a state of arousal. Then she took me deep and allowed me to empty my balls deep inside her.

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Then she asked me who will I bring back for her to fuck tonight………..fuck I am such a lucky content cuck.