My Goddesses Birthday

Soft licks, delicately placed, lifting the haze of morning slumber. The warm morning sun shines through the blinds, warming your nakedness. Your mind shifts from the dream world to pleasure as your eyes slowly open. “Good morning Goddess.”, I think to myself as you begin to stir. I watch as a soft smile covers your face and your eyes begin to close again. Slowly your legs spread further, inviting me… I slide my hands under you and softly suck your outer lips into my mouth. I can feel your pulse on my tongue… I can feel it quicken as I move my attention inward, my soft licks becoming longer. From the bottom of your vagina all the way to the top, making sure to stop just before the clitoris. Long licks, top to bottom, until I see your mouth open ever so slightly and your breath becomes deeper. This time I let my licks touch your clitoris ever so briefly. A soft moan escapes your lips and I feel like I am in heaven. My licks are coming faster now and my occasional touches on your clitoris are more frequent. Your soft moans increase and I can feel your hips begin to gyrate ever so slightly. Your most divine nectar drips onto my tongue and I savor it, my excitement nearly overwhelming me. I bury my tongue as deep in your vagina as I can, my nose pressing against your clitoris, and my face covered with your excitement. I breathe in your scent and move my mouth over your clitoris. Sucking it softly into my mouth for several seconds before finally licking it at an ever-increasing speed. Flicking it, licking and sucking harder and more feverishly, your hips rising off the bed. Your soft moans growing louder as I begin to draw circles on your clitoris. Clockwise, then counterclockwise… I watch as you grab the sheets and your head arches back. I begin to trace letters on your clitoris spelling the words, “I love you Goddess”, until I feel you lift your hips fully off the bed, pressing your pussy to my face… a small rush of cum hits my mouth and I eagerly swallow it. I keep licking wanting to make sure you get every last drop of pleasure from your orgasm until finally, my licks begin to soften again and stop when your eyes open and you look down at me between your legs.

“Good morning Goddess!”, I say smiling, my face covered with your juices. I move up and cuddle my naked body against yours, my hard-on pressing against your thigh as I begin to delicately caress your beautiful body. After several moments I ask you, “Shall I start the shower Goddess?”. You smile and respond, “Yes my dear”. I love the fact that your eyes follow me as I stand up and make my way to the bathroom. I lay out the towels, place the bath matt down on the floor and step into the shower when it is warm. I begin to rub the soap in my hands so I am ready when you arrive. As you step into view I marvel at the beauty of your naked form, and as you step closer I smile warmly, inviting you in. As soon as you step in I place my soapy hands on you and begin to slowly and thoroughly soap your body. Head to toe, using the opportunity to massage your entire body in the wonderfully relaxing warm water. Finally I soap the front of my body as well and begin to rub up against you. My body pressing against yours, the soap allowing your bodies to slip and slide. As my body rubs against yours, my hard cock slips between your legs and brushes against your pussy. You smile at me and then turn around. “Wash my hair”, you say teasingly laying your head back. I grab the shampoo, pour a little out and begin to massage your head, softly and seductively, when to my surprise you reach back and grab my cock with your soapy hand. I continue shampooing/massaging your head as your hand ever so slowly begins to squeeze my cock. Suddenly I realize where I am… standing in this warm shower naked with you, your hand wrapped around my cock… and my excitement begins to overwhelm me! I move the shower head over you, and watch as the hot water cascades over you, rinsing the shampoo from your hair. Moving the showerhead back down onto our bodies I reach for the conditioner. Your hand begins to move over my cock and I let out a slight moan from the newly found pleasure. My head has become slightly hazy from arousal and I have to concentrate as I massage the conditioner into your hair and scalp. After several minutes you turn to me and press your body against mine. Your hand still stroking my cock very slowly while I massage your scalp. Felling your breasts pressed against me is like heaven and even the slightest movement feels amazing. Slowly I reach over you and move the showerhead onto you. Your eyes close and your hands move to rinse the conditioner from your hair. Your body still pressed against mine as I watch you. When the conditioner is gone, I begin to place soft kisses on your neck. Nibbling and ever so slowly making a trail down your neck, your clavicle, onto your breast, then your nipple… down your stomach and finally on your mound. Kneeling here in the shower kissing your divine naked body I am truly happy. I smile when you turn around, place your hands on the shower wall and push your ass out towards me. I know you love having your ass licked and to be completely honest I absolutely love it too. I place my hands on your ass and gently pull your cheeks apart. I can see your beautiful asshole, and as the hot water rushes down over your body, I press my face between your butt cheeks and begin to lick your asshole. Softly at first and then more firmly, until I finally push my tongue inside you. I place my hands on your hips and after several minutes the muscles relax and my tongue pushes deeper. I am tremendously aroused and can barely contain myself when I feel your hand on mine. You direct my hand to your vagina. As you begin to rub your clitoris I slowly ease a finger inside you. Then I slowly insert another and the moan that escapes your lips seems to run right through me. I’ve positioned my hand so the fingers are facing the front of your vagina and I can stimulate your g-spot. I slowly fuck you with my fingers, occasionally stopping to rub your g-spot while I continue to fuck your ass with my tongue. It doesn’t take long before my fingers are buried deep inside you and I am focusing on your g-spot. As another orgasm washes over you I can feel your asshole tighten around my tongue. Your orgasm seems to last for a long time and I love the sounds you are making as your body is overrun with pleasure. I slowly slip my fingers out of your vagina and continue softly licking your asshole, as you bask in your post-orgasm glow. Slowly you stand tall and turn around, looking down at me on my knees, a contented smile on your face. You turn off the water and I begin to dry you. Once you are completely dry, I follow you back to the bed, where you lay face down and close your eyes. On the nightstand next to the bed is a container of body butter. When I open it, wonderful smells of coconut and vanilla escape. I take some in my hands, being sure to rub them together to warm them and then slowly begin rubbing the butter all over your body. Massaging each part of your body thoroughly. I massage the back of your body for an hour before you finally flip over and I continue. Slowly massaging your hands and arms, spending nearly 20 minutes just on your breasts, ever so often slightly pinching your nipples. Then moving down to your feet, massaging them for a long time, releasing all of the tension, then slowly working my way up your legs. My hands brushing your vagina lips as I rub your inner thighs. Finally, after 2 hours of massage, I clean my hands, and my attention centers on your vagina. Both of my hands rubbing your beautiful vagina, until your hot wetness invites me to stick a finger inside you. Slowly a warmness builds inside you, as my fingers and hands work feverishly… until finally, the sunshine of orgasm washes over you again.

While you lay there feeling content and happy, my hands find their way all over your body, making you feel wonderful as you soak up every ounce of orgasmic energy. After a few minutes, your eyes open and you say, “I’m hungry!”. We both laugh and move to the kitchen where you sit in your robe and watch me cook for you naked.

When your breakfast is ready I serve you at the dining table. I sit at your feet while you eat, massaging your feet and kissing your beautiful calves and legs. Every so often you reach down and place a piece of fruit in my mouth, and I am wonderfully grateful. When you are finished, I quickly wash up the kitchen and the dishes. When I turn around I see you smiling. “Come here my little slave, and bring that wooden spoon with you”, you say to me still smiling. As I approach you explain matter-of-factly, “You’ve been an absolutely wonderful slave this morning, but that doesn’t mean you will get out of your regular spanking. You know how I LOVE seeing your ass bright red and we need to keep you in your place don’t we.”. “Yes Goddess! Thank you so much for your attention to my submissive needs!”, I say very enthusiastically. I know you love spanking me, and to be honest, I love it too. I hand you the wooden spoon and lay across your lap as I’ve done many times before. You carefully place my cock between your legs and grip it tightly between your thighs before taking my arm closest to you and pulling it up behind my back. Then you begin. SPANK SPANK… My ass instantly begins to sting, but I absolutely love when you use your hand on my bare ass! After each SPANK I beg you, “PLEASE Goddess! PLEASE Goddess!”. It is our ritual. You love hearing me beg and believe it reminds me of my place. You are SO right, and I love doing it! SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK! Left than right cheek, warming my ass so the real spanking can begin. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK… they are coming faster now. After each one, you can hear me begging you. 10 then 20 more… finally you stop and rub your hand over my ass, soothing the stinging. “I think we’re ready.”, you say softly. I can hear the excitement in your voice and it makes me so happy! You pick up the wooden spoon and begin to spank me again. This time much harder. “PLEASE Goddess! PLEASE Goddess! PLEASE Goddess!”, I beg you after each spank. You continue without pause… SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! My ass is quickly turning bright red and as I begin to squirm slightly you tighten your grip on my arm. The strength of your conviction excites me tremendously!! You give me 20 more spanks before stopping to rub my ass which is now practically on fire. “Thank you Goddess!”, I say so happy to have a break. Suddenly you start again, harder again than before. You must be truly excited today and even though my ass stings beyond belief I am so happy! I grit my teeth and do my best to keep begging you, “Unnnnhhhh PLEASE Goddess! Ohhhh PLEASE Goddess! Nnnnnff PLEASE Goddess!”. “PLEASE WHAT!?”, your question startles me and I stumble to answer. “Please…. uhh… Please let me make you happy”, I finally get the words out. Releasing my arm you grab the hair on the back of my head and pull my head back as you continue… SPANK SPANK SPANK! “I want to try something new with you.”, you say to me still continuing to spank my ass with the wooden spoon. “YES Goddess! YES Goddess! WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY!”, I blurt out. “Beg me!”, you say as the spanking continues. “PLEASE Goddess! PLEASE!!”, I beg and plead truly wanting nothing more. “Very well.”, you say releasing your grip on my hair. You rub my red ass softly and your loving touch makes me so incredibly happy! My ass is still on fire as you instruct me to stand up. “What a good slave!”, you say smiling with an evil grin at how red my ass is.

Now before we start, I need to make a few phone calls. Hearing you say that brings a smile to my face, I know exactly what you expect of me and I love it! I fetch the phone for you and then sit down on the floor behind your chair. My ass still stinging as I sit down, reminding me of my utter devotion to your divine wishes! You push your ass out the back of the chair and I inch forward until my face is buried in between your ass cheeks. As I lick your asshole I can hear you speaking with one of your friends. It is Julia and she knows I am your devoted slave, so I am not surprised when you begin to tell her about what I’ve been doing for you this morning. “In fact, he’s licking my ass as we speak! It feels so nice, having his tongue worship my asshole.”, you say with a smile in your voice. “Yes lunch sounds nice. I had other plans involving my little slave here, but I can easily push those till later this evening. What time? 1pm? Excellent!”, you say before hanging up. “Well my dear it appears I have a lunch date. We better get started!”, you say as you stand up and smile down at me.

“Get my present from the closet and set it up at the end of the bed.”, you say rather firmly. “Yes Goddess!”, I quickly respond. I bought your present nearly a month ago and as soon as it arrived you opened it, choosing not to wait and instead to start using it right away. It is a sex machine that I had shipped from the US. It has an electric motor that drives a long metal shaft forward and back. At the end of the shaft is an attachment point for various size dildos to be attached. It sits in a metal frame with many adjustments allowing you to set the angle, depth and height. A small knob on the control box controls the speed. As I set up the machine at the end of the bed, my eyes wander to watch you get ready. A lacy black bra, garter belt with stockings and no underwear. You know it is my favorite! Seeing your beautiful body this way instantly excites me! You step closer to me and ask, “Are you ready my little slave?”. “Yes Goddess!”, I quickly respond. “Very good. Now bend over the foot of the bed my dear.”, you say to me in a bit of a loving whisper. I quickly comply and you fasten wrist and ankle restraints on each of my limbs. Using a bit of rope you secure me very tightly in place. Next I watch as you walk around behind me and spread a big gob of lube on my asshole. Then suddenly I can feel something cold pressing against my ass. It is the dildo on the end of the machine. I do my best to relax as you ease it inside me. It takes a few minutes but once it is in place I hear you make a few adjustments on the machine before turning it on very low. Instantly the machine begins to humm and push the dildo in and out of my ass. very slowly… I smile when you lay down on the bed in front of me and spread your legs, your pussy inches from my face. I reach out with my tongue, but I can’t reach you… you’re just ever so slightly our of reach. I look up at you and you smile, teasing me and gyrating your hips. You move yourself closer and I reach out again with my tongue just barely touching you before you pull away again. I want to worship you so badly. I watch as you turn the dial on the controller and the machine begins to run faster. Pushing the dildo in and out of my ass as if I’m being fucked. I struggle to accommodate it as your hand reaches down and begins to rub your pussy. You are so close to me but I cannot reach you. I watch as you rub your clit, a wetness starting to form and lubricate your fingers. You slip a finger inside you and ask me, “Do you want me?”. “Yes Goddess!”, I eagerly respond. “Do you want to lick me?”, you say inching yourself closer and then pulling away as I reach out with my tongue again. “Oh yes Goddess! Yes PLEASE!”, I say pleading with you. I want to taste you so badly! Everything today has excited me and I’ve had no release. You are releasing the primal urges deep inside me. Your teasing continues until I am almost constantly straining against my bonds to reach you with my tongue. Your pussy is so close to my face, I can see your fingers glistening as they slide in and out of your beautiful pussy. Your magnificent scent filling my nostrils and driving me wild! I watch as you orgasm, inches from my face. Suddenly you open your eyes smiling, and look at the clock. You realize you must leave if you are going to be on time to your lunch date. “Sorry my dear, I must go.”, you say to me very contented as you wipe the juices from your pussy across my face and up under my nose. I suck your fingers briefly, before you pull them away and slip a sun dress over your lingerie. Your taste in my mouth, your scent in my nose, the sex machine fucking away on my ass as I lie here completely bound and naked. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited!! I see a bit of your cum drip down the inside of your leg as you pull your dress down and the thought of you at lunch with no underwear dripping with cum is almost too much for me. I feel an orgasm approaching, but it quickly leaves as you give me a nice good spank on the ass before turning the machine up just a bit faster. “I’ll be back in an hour or so slave. The thought of you here struggling for me will keep me terribly aroused and happy!”, you say placing my phone on the bed directly in front of my face before walking towards the door. “In fact, I might even tell Julia about this one. I’m sure she will appreciate it!”, you say with a smile as you rush out the door.

My cock is rock hard and I am terribly excited, but I miss you already! After awhile my ass turns sore from the constant fucking, and I begin to squirm and struggle against my bonds. After a few minutes I realize you have tied me very securely and I resign myself to being stuck here as the machine continues to fuck my ass. I begin to groan and images of your pussy inches from my face flash through my head. Quickly my thoughts turn to you and the cum on the inside of your leg, imagining how sticky it must be as you eat your lunch, thinking of me here. Suddenly my phone beeps and when I open my eyes I see a message from you! “Just ordered lunch. So wet thinking of you there getting fucked.”. My cock is extremely hard now! I can barely contain myself. Another 10 minutes passes and I receive another message from you, “Just told Julia about how I left you and she couldn’t believe it! You are truly a wonderful little slave!”. As I finish reading your message my heart fills with warmth. I love that you are so pleased with me! It seems like an eternity passes before I receive your next message, “Decided to have a few drinks with Julia, may be a bit later than I originally thought. Hang in there my sweet!” Your message fills me with common submissive mixed feelings. I so wish you were here to release me and yet, I love that you are enjoying yourself and if I am being honest the fact you are making me stay here longer fills my submissive heart with lust and happiness. My ass is incredibly sore and yet my cock is rock hard and my heart is happy. Finally after another 30 minutes another message comes through, “Coming home now. Had a beautiful lunch. Be prepared! I’ve invited Julia over to see you.”. I can hardly believe my eyes! I’ve heard you tell Julia many things on the phone while I sat and worshipped your ass, and she always gave me a coy smile when I saw her at social functions, but she’s never seen me as a slave. I am excited by the idea but also very nervous. I know the restaurant your at is just around the corner. You will be here any minute! Thank god! I need this machine to stop!

I can hear as you both come in the front door, laughing and giggling. You’ve obviously had a few glasses of wine. I’m terribly nervous, but also so excited to have this machine stop. “Where is he?”, I can hear Julia’s voice. “He’s in the bedroom, let me show you.”, I hear you answer excited to be showing off your favorite toy. As you both step into the room, my heart nearly stops as I wait to hear both of your reactions. “Oh my! You weren’t kidding when you said he was tied up and getting fucked in the ass!”, Julia half gasped in delight. You step close to me and begin to rub your hands on my back and my ass. I love the feeling of your touch!! “His ass is still red from his spanking this morning.”, you happily point out. “This sex machine is amazing!”, Julia says to you as she steps further into the room where I can see her. She looks down at my face and smiles at me. I feel so exposed and yet also so proud to be on display as your prized possession. “How long has he been there like that?”, Julia asks still watching the expressions on my face as the machine continues to fuck my ass. “Oh my nearly an hour and a half!”, you say realizing the time. “Why don’t you turn it off for him?”, you say as you hand the controller to Julia. She turns the knob and the machine’s pace quickens, she flashes me an evil grin before slowing it down and finally turning it off. You quickly untie me and let Julia know I will most likely need a few moments to regather myself. “When you’re done cleaning up here my dear. Come out to the living room and serve us some drinks.”, you say turning out walking out with Julia. My body is terribly stiff and I struggle to get moving again. I quickly clean the machine and put it back in the closet. After cleaning myself up and taking a few minutes, I nervously walk out to the living room naked. “Oh my dear, can you bring us a few glasses of the white wine.”, you say before continuing on with your conversation as if this is an everyday occurrence. Julia’s eyes follow me as I walk into the kitchen. When I return with the wine I very politely hand the glasses to you an Julia. “Thank you my dear! Oh my! Where is your lovely hard-on?”, you say as both of you look directly at my cock. “Down on your knees my dear.”, you say pointing directly in front of you. I quickly comply and you just as quickly pull your skirt over my head and push my head down between your legs. “OH YES!! That is very nice! Not too fast my dear, I need to concentrate!”, you say rather playfully. I lick and suck ever so softly on the lips of your vagina, listening as you continue your conversation with Julia. Occasionally I stop to get you both more drinks, but then I am quickly back down on my knees under your skirt. Every so often I’ll here you stumble over your words for a moment and feel a short whack on my head letting me know to behave. After nearly 2 hours of drinking wine and chatting, Julia mentions that she should get going and let you continue your celebration. You quickly remind her that she’s had too much to drink to drive anywhere. why don’t you lay out be the pool for a few hours and I will have my slave here make us dinner a bit later. After much deliberation, Julia finally agrees and I am told to fetch her a towel and a cold glass of water. I show her out to the pool area, place the ice cold water on the table and lay the towel down on the lounge chair for her. She smiles and jokingly asks if I have any brothers. I smile back.

Back inside I can see that the days’ events have excited you tremendously! You lead me back to the bedroom and begin tying me to the bed, face up, legs spread and arms secured tightly over my head. “It’s time for my birthday fuck!”, you say with a big grin. I am startled when you SMACK me across the face, “REMEMBER! YOU MAY NOT CUM UNTIL I GIVE YOU PERMISSION! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”, you say very loudly and firmly almost knowing that you need to get through to me in my primal lust filled state. ‘YES Goddess!”, I respond quickly. The warmth of your vagina as you ease it down onto me is almost too much. You pinch my nipples hard to bring me back from the edge and then begin to grind down against me, your eyes closing and your mouth open as you begin to moan. The first orgasm comes very quickly and I love watching the expression on your face when it comes. You ride me quickly to 2 more, before moving your extremely wet and swollen pussy over my face. To my surprise instead of lowering it down onto my mouth, you grind it down on my forehead, then down over my nose, mouth and chin. Back and forth over my face. As you get close, your hand comes down and begins to rub your clit vigorously. A spray of cum hits my face as you lean over me and grab the headboard to steady yourself. I think to myself, ” I LOVE YOU, Goddess!!”. You look down at me and I can see you are still filled with lust as you slide down over my cock and slip it deep inside you again. As you clench your pussy muscles and gyrate your hips I begin to beg, “Please Goddess may I cum? Please Goddess may I cum?”. “Not yet my dear”, I watch as your face contorts slightly and your mouth opens and then returns to normal. This orgasm is being elusive! Finally, you reach down and untie my hands while you continue to bounce on my cock. Our bodies are covered in sweat and our genitals are wonderfully sticky. I instantly reach for your breasts, my hands on you the last needed ingredient. You grab the vibrator from the nightstand and put it on your clit and continue fucking me until I hear your moans grow louder. I grab your ass, helping guide you up and down on my cock, struggling not to cum until I finally hear you say it, “You may cum slave! Oh God… you may cum! Ohhhhh!!!! Fuck!”. I let go and cum with you, bucking and pushing into you as much as I can! “I LOVE you Goddess!”, I repeat over and over in between loud moans until you collapse on top of me. Our sweat covered bodies sticking to one another. We lay like this for several minutes… until suddenly you feel my hips begin to gyrate. Instantly you look me in the eyes as if to say, “Naughty Boy!”. But I do not stop. Struggling against my bonds to thrust up inside you. I wrap my hands around you and hug you tight to me, savoring the stickiness of our bodies and the wonderful feeling of your breasts pressed against mine. I struggle to thrust like this for several minutes before I even sense you might be close. Then I grab your ass pulling you down tight to me with each stroke. You let out a moan and I do my best to sit up so I can reach more of your ass. I bite your neck and when I think you’re ready, I slip a finger into your asshole. Again you look at me as if to say, “Naughty Boy!”, but I can see the lust in your eyes as well. I push my finger in deeper while I guide your hips with my other hand, desperately trying to keep thrusting in rhythm. My hand slides off your hips and up your back to your neck where I gently pull you close to me, push my finger deeper inside your ass, quicken my thrusts and whisper in your ear, “Julia is in the doorway watching us.”.