My fetish gloved lady

After a night out together, dinner, the symphony, dessert, with lots of hand-holding, and many gentle kisses on cheek, neck, and soft gentle kisses on the mouth (short, out in public kisses she liked to call them), my gloved lady and I walked in the door. Suffice it to say, my lady “dressed to the nines”, the gentle frequency of her perfume, and soft gloved caresses had put both of us in the mood for more. As we walked in the door, I felt her hand gently brush my front in a way that brought my senses to a lovely height, as she and I both realized how ready we were.

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I took off my coat and turned to take hers. She had pulled her leather operas up over her elbows and as I reached to the chair to take her coat I was distracted by her hands, pulling, and smoothing the soft leather high up onto her arms. “Pay attention, silly” she said; I notice I had almost dropped her coat from the hanger on which I had distractedly been trying to place her “evening out” coat. “Sorry I said, but I would say someone is distracting me just a little bit”. She smiled. “Can’t concentrate ever in the presence of a gloved lady! You are so bad!”

I had finished putting her coat on the hanger and had turned around. Her hands came up to my face, and I felt her lips, and the tongue pressed against, and in my mouth. Our tongues danced that lovely dance, as I felt her soft, warm, leather-gloved hands holding my face firmly, but gently. She pulled back.

Still holding my face she spoke, “honey, go in the living room, and take off your clothes. Place them on the couch and wait there for me. Please be standing at rest”. She was referring to the almost military-like stance where I stood with all of my pride exposed, feet about a foot apart, hands behind my back about waist high, my glory there for all the world, and her, to see. “I need to go upstairs for a few moments, then I think we should play”. With a light brush of her lips against my cheek, she turned and soon had disappeared up the stairs.

I turned off the hall light and walked into the living room. As was our custom, I removed my shirt, pants, underwear, and socks and placed them next to the lounging pillow, carefully moving the coffee table in front of the couch out slightly to give me room enough to stand, and to allow my lady to sit comfortably. I carefully folded my items as instructed. Pants first, neatly folder as taught, shirt, next, the same way. She liked things done neatly and carefully. Next my singlet, underwear, carefully piled, and lastly my socks. My lady wasn’t one for accepting things in neat and not done to perfection. It had taken time and several memorable paddlings before I got it right. I am not sure if it was a case of I couldn’t get it right, or if I didn’t’ want to; the thought made me smile.

As I stood there, I recalled those first paddlings and our exploration. When she first broached the topic of d/s relationship, I hadn’t been sure what it meant for either of us. I had been afraid, and unsure. It had me questioning who I was and whether I was surrendering not only myself but manhood to her. I had come to realize if anything, by surrendering myself to her, I wasn’t surrounding who I was, but was, in fact, giving myself to her freely. It has, in fact, freed me to be more myself, and I felt even more sure of who I was and what I felt. I heard her enter the room, drawing me away from my thoughts and back to her.

I felt her bare hand come around my chest as it slides across me, and her lips come to my ear; a gentle, but firm initial bite, followed by a quick, sensuous, sharp bite, made me gasp as she brought herself around to face me. In one hand she held a bag, in the other wine glass, bottle, and opener. She kissed me gently, quickly, open-mouthed and sensually, and sat done. “My” she said, “you are so ready”. She reached up, touching me, her hand wrapping itself around me. I looked down to see myself, red, big and swollen. “Yes I guess I am”, I replied. “I am a little surprised you know, I guess I was a little distracted thinking about our time together and where we have come. I think I like the results”. She laughed, still holding me, squeezed gently, and said, “I would say we have definitive proof of this in hand”. We laughed. Her hand fell away.

“Please open the bottle for me, and pour me some wine, my love, my own”. I reached down and taking the bottle in one hand, and corkscrew in the other set myself to the task. She had turned away slightly. She was still wearing her dress and blouse, but I could see she had removed her bra. Lovely heeled shoes, replaced with a favorite pair of thigh-high, black leather boots, pulled highest up as always her way, and warm, and shaped in a way that flatteringly highlighted her thighs, calves, and foot. It was pretty. She reached into the bag, pulled a smaller bag out. I knew what came next. Out came the loveliest, long, sensual pair of black latex operas, purchased with care from one of the finest “fetish latex clothiers”, in Europe. She reached into the bag and pulled out two small bottles. “Hey,” she said. “Pay attention to what you are doing please, I’m thirsty”; a chuckle. I noticed the crockscrew sat still in just touching the bottle head, the task undone. I set myself to the task at hand.

The latex dress

She reached for a bottle, and slowly, with care, spread the dressing aid over first one hand and arm and then the other. She was careful to make sure it was spread evenly, carefully, really sensuously spreading the dressing in a way that ensured long fingers, hand, wrist, and arm were well covered. “I think that is ready,” she said, carefully closing the bottle and then placing it back in the bag. My favorite moment came next. She took a glove in hand, and carefully gathered it at its wrist, and with a deliberate. delightful to watch push, slowly filled the latex fingers with hand and wrist. I loved the way gloves came to life as a feminine hand slid into them; I always marveled at how the inanimate piece of clothing came to life as its wearer forced its shape to take hold. Reaching carefully for the edge top, she slowly pulled the glove up her arm. I had the cork of the wine bottle out but had again become distracted watching the lovely transaction.

Slowly she pulled and smoothed the black latex; I loved the sound of the snapping latex as it molded itself to her arms, warming to her skin and giving shape to the muscle and sinew over which it was pulled. She had smoothed the glove to the top and took a few moments more to gently tug the top of the glove before reaching done to her fingers. I watched the fingers of her bare hand as they smoothed and pushed the latex until gloved fingers took shape. She held the glove out for a moment. Inspecting it carefully, she spoke, “I never get tired at how that looks. It looks so feminine and almost other worldly whenever I pull these on, and they feel just great!” She had a smile on her face, and her eyes sparkled. “I hope you are going to be ready to pour me some wine”, she said as she reached for the second gloved. “I have the cork out my lady, and am allowing it to air, waiting for your next instruction.”

She had started the second glove. I marvelled at how good she had become at putting on the latex. It had been a learning experience for both of us when we had started to learn about latex. She had gotten very good at putting on her gloves without help, although I must admit I missed the joy of smoothing the latex, and the extra touch of her latex hands against my own that was inevitable. The glove dressing had really been a help. Again, that lovely moment as she extended her arm; taking glove top in gloved hand, arm outstretched, I watched with delight as she wiggled her fingers, and adjusted her gloves carefully onto her hands. Both hands extended now, she announced herself very pleased with how her hands looked, and turning back to me requested some wine.

I carefully poured and handed her the delicate crystal; the contrast of latex, feminine hand against the lovely crystal was intoxicating. She took a sip. “Umm” she said.

“That is the loveliest Shares. It tastes so much better in a latex-gloved hand”; she cackled. Reaching with her empty hand, she again took hold of me, just at the head. Glass raised to lips, she rubbed her thumb gently on the underside, a shiver going through my body, as I strained against her hand. She placed her glass down and bent forward; gentle lips drew me deep. I felt her against the base of me, and then she slowly drew back, tongue and lips etching my skin and member. She stopped at the head, and rested. Her latex held me on either side; her eyes closed, I could hear her breathing through her nose, a soft moan coming from inside her. She stayed there for a moment. I could hear the ticking of the clock over the rush of the blood in my head. She withdrew, and drew on the wine. She placed the glass down.

She reached up with a hand. “Lovely”, she said. “I love you”. I replied. “I love you too oh my lady. Thank you for your care and love”. “Sweetheart” she said, “I give that to you with care and pleasure”. She reached for the bag.

Out in order came butt plug, strapon, and one more item. “Oh” I said. “I see that came”. “Yes, I wanted to surprise you. Happy?” “I couldn’t’ be happier, although, I must admit I am feeling a little intimidated”. “Oh, don’t hun. Its ok if you do, but I would sooner have you enjoy this as much as I know I am”. She had taken out the item from its bag and removed her glasses. She took some hair gel brought with her as well and smoothed her hair back; “that’s so it’ll fit better and be a little easier to put on” she said, putting done the bottle. Her gloved hand reached done for her new latex hood, again ordered from a fine European maker of fetish wear. It was a hood made of moderately thick latex, with lovely red highlights around the oval eyes, and mouth area. On top was a tube attached to which was a “pony-tail”, of black and red latex. I watched as she moved the hood upto her face. She looked up at me, and still doing so, began to pull the hood onto her face and head.

It was magical. Like the gloves before, the hood seemed to take a life of its own as it melded and molded to her face. I watched her latex hands elegantly, gently. and firmly smooth the latex over her face and towards the back of her head. She reached up and adjusted the mirror lensed eyes. I loved that look. It spoke power, and control to me. “Can you see all right”. “I can; the lenses are tinted a light yellow, and the actually let in a lot of light, I don’t’ feel claustrophobic at all. How about you, are you all right with this?” “Well, I am a little intimidated, but it’s ok”. Nervous laughter. “Good,” she said. We both laughed as the tension broke. She turned around. Please zip me shut. I reached down. There was an internal flap that shields the wearer’s head from the zipper. I smoothed it out for her. “Ok, I am going to pull the zipper down”. I slowly, carefully, pulled the zipped down to the bottom, and then smoothed it for her. “Thank-you”. She turned to face me again. She reached up and smoothed the area around her cheeks and neck before reaching up to adjust the eyes. It was very erotic. She stood up. “Rest postion”.

I bent straight and placed my arms behind me. She stepped forward. and drew me forward with one arm, behind my back, pressing my body against hers. Her other hand came up to my face and I watched her masked face come forward. I felt her lips and closed my eyes. Tongues and lips pressed urgently against each. Her breath was hot and deep. She pulled back. Open your eyes and kiss me eyes open. I did as she directed. I looked at the blankness staring back at me. Her hands came around both cheeks and she adjusted my head so that she could better see my eyes. I knew she was watching, anonymously, powerfully behind the blankness. She pulled back breathless. “That makes me feel so horny. I can’t help myself. Eyes open please”. She leaned forward and kissed me again. “Wow,” she said, pulling back. “I am really going to enjoy this”. I felt her hand reach down.

I had swollen so big. I strained; “hands to the rear please”. She reached around my body, and drew me closer again. She looked up; those blank eyes stared, and her smile broadened. I opened my mouth to talk, but she drew a finger to her lips. shoshing me quiet. I watched the finger dissapear inside her mouth. She thrust it in, and sensously drew it out. I watched as her most finger disappeared around my back. I braced as I felt it press on me; “spread your legs honey”. I did as I was told. Her finger pressed harder and slid in. I felt as she pushed and felt that lovely sensation of pain, surrender and pleasure as her knuckle came to rest against me. Her free hand reached for me and she moved closer, her finger sinking a final few centimeters. It drew back, and thrust forward, slowly the tempo increased and then I felt it against my prostate. She pushed hard and I felt a wave of pleasure as my prostate and body seemed to almost hang in space on that one appendage. She moved sidewise slightly. “I love that” she said. With her free hand she passed me first bottle and then glass. “More wine please”.

She was sitting on the table and to my side. She stretched out her hand; I stopped to watch the bottle leave her gloved hand. Shortly I handed her the wine. She took the most greedy gulp. “I am so ready for that ass”. She was breathing in a way that was almost lustful as she pulled the finger out. Opening the second small bottle, I watched her pour its contents over both latex-gloved hands. She worked the liquid carefully over her hands; repeating the same process as before with the dressing, she carefully applied the most generous amount to both hands. They shone from the liquid; it was heavenly. Swipping another greedy gulp of wine she put the glass down, put her hand in my back, and lining up her finger, pushed my body back onto her waiting for appendage. Two fingers.

She was breathing heavily, those two lovely fingers pushing in and out. Occasional manipulation of prostate combined with hard thrusts made me wince and moan almost simultaneously. I was dripping pre-cum now. A third finger. Her thrusts were getting harder, and faster. I felt myself buckle and her hand came up stopping me. Pre-cum flowed from my cock. Her hand came out, and she reached for butt plug. Lubed to satisfaction, she placed it on the table, and stood up. Her hands came up to my face. “Eyes open”, as she pressed forward. She almost was devouring me as our frantic, frenetic mouths and tongues thrust at each other. I was almost delirious with lust for her. We were both sweating, the scent of our lovemaking filling the room. Pulling back, she held my face. “I love my hood, I feel so free. Push away the table please. I did as I was told. She pushed back on me slightly, “rest position please”. I did as instructed.

She sat down on the couch, spread her legs, and drew her dress up. She was bare, fragrant, and wet. I could see her moistness, and its delightful scent wafted up to my nostrils, sending me further into that delicious delirium. She motioned with her finger and pointed. I moved in front of her and dropped down. She took my head in her hands, “eyes open unless I tell you otherwise”, and kissed me again. She drew back breathlessly. “Now,” she said. I bent forward and took her sweetness in my mouth. Her clit was swollen and standing hard and proud. I brushed my tongue over it and felt her push hard; her body shook and she moaned. The convulsions slowly subsided. “More, now, more!”. I did as I was told. My tongue slid over her clit, danced down her thighs, and across her moist vaginal lips before landing again on the target. She began to move rhythmically and soon her body buckled, she pushed hard, crushing my face against her. She almost screamed, and convulsed. Her hand held my hair. She pulled on my hair with one hand, while the other held me firmly in place. I was in pain and delirium as she expertly mixed the two. “Again, on my clit, nowhere else”. She pushed me hard against her. Shortly she buckled once more, and yanked my head back hard, my neck bent back, my body prostate, and hanging. I watched her convulse until she subsided. “Rest position now”. I did as I was told. She reached for the wine.

She drank and looked up at me without speaking. She was holding me; her stare remained unbroken. After a few more sips, she spoke. “Wonderfull. You so know how to please your lady. I am very satisfied. Please turn around. I did as I was told once more. “Lean over the table please my love”. I felt the coldness of the table. The combination of my hot sweat and its cold surface made me shiver. I felt the hard plug push for entry.

“In it goes. I am going to stroke you so deeply inside those lovely cheeks. That is what is the reward for a good sub who satisfies his lady. “Lovely, just lovely,” she said. I felt the base of the 7-inch plug against my cheeks. She left it there for a moment before drawing it back slowly. She repeated the process this way several times before telling me to push away the table and rest on my hands and knees. I pushed the table and my hands made contact with the carpet; the plug never left me. She moved my legs apart with her booted feet and I felt her pressed against the inside of my thighs. She was kneeling. The plug slid in and out, back and forth, side to side, and in a circular motion, randomly. Her other hand stroked my cheeks on both sides, running over the small of my back and up my spine. I shivered and she laughed. “I am so in control of you. You are totally mine, now and always”. “Yes”, I said. “I always will be your sub, your servant, your lover, your own”. “And I will always be your lady, your lover, your protector”. I felt a swell of emotion in me and my eyes torn slightly. She could hear my breath. “Ohhhh”.

She bent forward and I felt her hand wrap around my front. She squeezed slightly, I winced, and she laughed. Her hand slid up until it was pressed around my base, my testicles bulging forward and slightly swollen. The plug continued its joyous dance. She moved sideways slightly, and I watched her hand disappear underneath. Oh, she said, placing a finger in her mouth. “Lovely pre-cum, you are ready and so am I”. She withdrew the plug abruptly causing me to yelp. This was followed by deliberate slaps on both cheeks, and her chuckle. “Stay”. I didn’t move.

She moved forward in front of me, reached down, and balancing on my back, placed her foot in the harness and pulled it up her leg. Moving the table in front of me, she stood. “Lookup and watch your lady prepare”. I did. She stared at me through those blank eyes, never removing her gaze as she finished pulling on her artificial appendage. She dropped down in front of me, and placing a finger under my chin lifted it to her lips. A quick kiss, “ready?”. “Oh yes my lady”. She stood up, and moved behind me.

She dropped and separated my legs again. Her lovely hands came up to either side of my hips and I felt her separate my legs even more. She lubed herself and as she did I heard that soft, lustful breathing. “Ready” she announced and before I could say anything she pushed roughly and violently forward until she was pressed full bore against me. “Ohh, ohh, ugghh” I exclaimed. “You were ready, you just didn’t know it”, she chuckled. She was in me fully and rested with her arms on me, leaning over me slightly forward as the appendage pushed inside me making room for itself. “Oh, you are such a good boy”. Her hands were stroking my back; I loved that. “My latex gloves feel so good against your skin, can you feel how they slide?” “Oh yes, it’s wonderful”. “You have been so good tonight”. She started to pull back and thrust forward again; I winced once more. Again a devious chuckle. She drew back half way and thrust forward more slowly, gently. She began to develop that familiar thrusting; I felt my inside relax, and the occasional gentle brush against prostate drew me further into the gentle web of dominance and power she so carefully had created.

The thrusts began to vary. Long thrusts, drawbacks, and then slow and quick thrusts, deep and back, deep and back. The lovely pain and pleasure of what she was doing me drove me further into that wonderful space. She began to get faster, and I began to sweat even harder; my heart raced; my head wrapped in the deafening rush of blood between heart and brain. Faster she thrust, harder, deeper. I could feel myself on the verge of collapse as she pushed. Her breathing was becoming heavier and faster, the very air seemed to almost be alive with her sex, our love, and the pain and pleasure of dominance. “Oh”, she repeated softly. It began to cascade and the thrusting increased its intensity. I was straining against myself, lost in delirium, pain, and sex. She moaned deeply, I felt one last thrust and she fell against my back, her body quivered and shook, as the pleasure cascaded over her body. Finally, she drew away, and slowly withdrew from my body.

I collapsed on the floor, conscious of the pre-cum leaking from me and against my body. She was breathing heavily. “Oh my love, my own, lovely, lovely, lovely. You are such a good boy”. I said nothing, I was drained. She moved to me with towel in hand. At my side, she rolled me over, and bending down, “eyes closed”, kissed me so gently, so deeply, with such intensity and love. She began to towell me down and drew me so that I was lying between her legs, my head on her thigh. She stroked my head and ran her hand down my face. “Lovely, lovely man”, she said. She rolled me over onto my chest and finished toweling me down. “Come,” she said. She helped me to first me knees, and then up. We went over to the couch. She climbed on, stretched out, and extended her arms. I laid down in her loving embrace. She covered me with a afghan and stroked my head. “Sleep for a bit now my love”. Her hand continued to stroke me. “You are my own, now and always, and I will always be your lady, your friend, and your protector”. I fell asleep.

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