My Daddy’s likes (pleasure in short commands)

It was dark already, the total darkness of a Wisconsin winter evening. I silently went to my bedroom. I was tired.

Find your little near ?

Quietly I opened my bedroom door and slipped in. I walked over to my night table and was taking off my earrings, when I heard something. Someone.

I twirled around and in the darkness I could just see the outline of a large man sitting in a chair beside my bed.

He was here. Daddy

I stopped moving and simply waited for instructions.

“Get naked” was the growl and I immediately began to take my clothing off. My blouse was first, then my bra, leaving me naked from the waist up. He grunted His pleasure at seeing my nipples grow under His gaze. I was His slut.

My skirt was next, leaving me in pantyhose and boy cut panties, which left the bottom of my ass cheeks exposed. I was also wearing my high heels. 4 inches of slut.

“Turn” was His order and I did so.

I bent at the waist and slowly hooked the top of my pantyhose in my thumbs and peeled them off. I was exposing myself for Him. I remained bent over as I kicked the hose from my feet, clad only now in my sexy panties. They were red lace and He had bought them for me only just last week. I quickly put my heels back on. I knew my Daddy’s likes.

I stood there, bent over, bum facing him, waiting for orders.

“Spread” he said and I did so, spreading my legs as far as I could. My legs were shaky in the heels and my dew was beginning to eek out from between my legs.

“Turn”. I did, my eyes now more accustomed to the darkness.

He was naked. His cock was large and flat against His belly, His hand wrapped around it, stroking gently.

“You are late” he stated. I whimpered a bit, knowing that could be bad news for me.

“The class ran late Sir” I defended myself.

He nodded. Excuse accepted.

“Kneel” he ordered and I immediately dropped to my knees.

“Crawl” he ordered and I began to crawl to him across my bedroom floor. My tits swayed as I moved forward and my eyes were only on Him.

I stopped right before Him and bowed my head. Waited.

I could hear His hand softly stroking His cock. I could hear His slightly uneven breathing. I knew He had been waiting for me for a while.

“UP” he ordered and my head snapped up, looking Him in the eyes. His hand went deep into my blond hair and he pulled my head forward.

“Suck” he said as the head of His meaty cock slipped across my lips.

My mouth opened automatically. He pulled my hair and my head forward and His beautiful cock slipped into my mouth and began to rub against the back of my throat.

I struggled not to gag as I felt it hit the back of my throat and slip inside. My ability to breathe was cut off, no air could get around His tool.

My eyes rose to His and I silently worshiped him. His cock went deeper and I accepted it, like a whore should. I am His. Totally and completely.

“My cum first today Daddy’s Toy” he said and I nodded slightly.

My hand came up and I cupped his big heavy balls, stroking them lightly with my finger tips.

Beside his chair I had already seen his big thick leather belt. I would be punished for my lateness, but first He must be pleasured.

He sat back and nodded at me, and I knew. It was up to me to bring Him his pleasure.

I leaned back on my slut heels and caressed my tits. I pulled on my nipples until I bit my bottom lip with the pain/pleasure. I slid my hand down and caressed my thick pussy lips under the red lace. My fingers then went to my mouth and I tasted my juices.

I pushed my mouth forward and my little kitten tongue stretched out, licking all over his Daddy shaft. I felt his body twitch.

As I took him in my mouth, my tongue circled his meaty cock head, then I sucked in it gently. I slid it into my mouth then and down my throat. My greedy mouth movement sucked him in deeply as my small hand caressed His heavy ball sack.

on her knees giving a blowjob

I could read Daddy’s moans. I could read Daddy’s body movements. I knew he was close to cumming deeply into my mouth and down into my tummy.

He suck his hands into my hair, his fingers grabbing my head. He pulled me forward and his big heavy Daddy cock sank deep into my throat and he moaned. I felt his ass rise up out of the chair a bit as he shoved His cock deeper and deeper into my mouth and I struggled to take it all.

I felt it then. His first blast of nectar. Then another. Then another. I drank from his fountain of Daddy juice and he slumped back, spent.

“Good girl” he moaned and I smiled. No matter how badly He would beat me now, I already had won my prize.

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