My Cuckold…..Your thought of fondly today

You need to be put in the corner of the room sitting somewhat comfortable. I let out a moan of pleasure as I title you “cum catcher” across your chest in bright red lipstick.
I place you in a blindfold and cuff your wrists behind your back. You are wearing a black low cut see-through chiffon top, it’s low enough to expose your nipples…with the matching puffy skirt. Silk garters and black lacy panties, black patten leather pumps. You are a beautiful sight of worthlessness, you will bring me to heights of unimaginable happiness.

My sissy toilet

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The dinner party was small just a few very close friends. You tried hard to listen to the voices and figure out who I invited, but you were not sure. As all the guests arrived I gathered them into the room where I placed my sissy toilet. I proudly announced that once the cream pie has been completed this is where everyone is to be cleaned and cleaned thoroughly. They all agreed and the party started.
I placed the first pussy in front of you, told you to please her as best you could. And you may be rewarded with a full pie later. I watched your tongue go into her. Her smiles of delight let me know that you were doing your job well. Her legs were shaking as she gripped your head and orgasm-ed on your face. Next, I introduced you to her husband. His cock was large and thick. As you took his cock you started to gag. Hearing you choke while deep throating him was absolute bliss to me. My cunt was getting creamy already. He did not want to cum yet, and he backed away, went and played with the other guests. The second cock was not as large, but he knew how to face fuck. His rhythm was methodical and your head movements matched him. You are a great cock sucker. You sucked him to well and he shot his load in your mouth, you swallowed him like a good slave should moaning, and when he was done, clean you whispered thank you mistress!
One of my friends was a smoker, I grabbed his cigarette and took a long drag blew the smoke into your face. You inhaled deeply I know you are ready for this it’s been hours since your last cigarette. When I finished I put the lit butt in your mouth made you chew and swallow it.
My pussy was too creamy after that I needed to be cleaned. I put my pussy on your mouth, it was still warn from the cigarette. It was a nice feeling. I turned and also made you lick my ass. as you were licking my ass you felt a second cock touching your cheek. I turned your head and had you suck him. Has he got harder from you doing such a good job. I bent over and opened my ass for him. He fucked me right there in front of you. You could feel the movements of us but not witness this real man fucking me. He exploded between my cheeks and has had a huge load. Four squirts! He withdrew his semi rigid cock and placed it in your mouth for cleaning. You could taste his cum and the dirtiness of shit from me. A flavor you know well. After he was clean he opens my ass wide forcing your face between my cheeks. His cum was still warn and you devoured it like a starving dog. Mum you are my dog! Your tongue was deep in me as I bowed down to let out every drop and just a bit of shit. It was not much but it was enough to let you know the difference.
The first pussy you ate had just received her husbands’ deposit. She laid down in front of you. I had to bring you to your knees and place your face between her legs. This was hard to do because your hands are cuffed behind your back. I had the ass fucker hold you in place. This was a delicious sight. Your skirt was just above your ass and your black lace panties were exposed. I took a riding crop and spanked your hard. You were not expecting this and let out a yelp but quickly said thank you, mistress. I had to spank you three more times, it makes my body ripple with delight.
You cleaned her well, she was an orgasmic mess, her husband was excited to see another lick her clean. Soon after they thanked me right in front of you, you heard the words of encouragement they bestowed upon you. I watched you smile at this.

The other couple

The other couple was washing up. I heard them in the water closet. He was pounding her hard. I opened the door and watched them for a bit. I gave a movement to them to follow me into the room where you still sit. We laid close to you, close enough to touch you. He laid down on his back, she mounted him in the same position. I was licking them both. His cock was deep within her their juices were mixing together and flowing down and out of them. I uncuffed you and placed you between their legs I had you continue where I left off. I went and grabbed your favorite strap-on. Had you spit on this and fucked you while you licked them. They watched me fuck you, deeply and in sequins. Our bodies become one fuck machine. She came first, loud and out of control, he removed his cock and squirted just in the outside of her. It also squirted on your face. She grabbed your head and guided you to all the spots where his seed spilled. She said lick me here, open your mouth and she put a finger full of cum in it. You sucked her fingers, and her cunt clean. When the cum was all gone these two also thanked me for having such a good slave. You sat up in anticipation of being released. I let you sit there while the lasts of our guests left. I grabbed your hand and led you to the water closet put us in a hot shower and washed you down. I looked you in the eye, no words need to be spoken, then I kissed you passionately.