My chastity journal

Half-day in chastity

There I was, locked up myself in the chastity device again with my GF having access to the code to the safe where I put the key but she was at work until the morning. I went to sleep knowing she would be home around 10:00 and come on skype. I woke up and looked at the time, 6:00 and I felt this terrible feeling in my balls, they were going to explode (I know, the well-known feeling everyone warned me about.) I walked to the water tap, let out a long sigh, and turned on the cold water. Aaaaaaah that’s cold but, it did relief. I smoked a cigarette and went back to sleep.

It was 9:00 in the morning when my alarm went off, I turned it off knowing it would go again at 9:30. After the 2nd time my alarm went off and snoozing it 3 times it was 9:50 and my gf could be home any minute, yeey! I would be released again. Waiting took a long and at 10:30 she finally came online, she was broken and really wanted to go to sleep. When she was ready and said nn I asked her for the code. “No, I’m tired and want to go to sleep,” she said. “Please” I answered with a slightly begging voice. “No, and if you keep continuing I’m just gonna mute you,” I asked twice more until she was about to mute me and then I said ok, I’ll stop. She didn’t mute me, told me her alarm was set for 3 hours later, and went to sleep. I rolled another cigarette and watched some television.

It was nearing the time I had an appointment and I was feeling pretty horny. At 14:00 my appointment had arrived and I had a talk for 50 minutes and then went back to my laptop. My GF was still sleeping and her alarm should go off in 10 minutes, finally… 15 minutes later I looked at the time and noticed her alarm didn’t go off yet, the thought of that made me feel helpless but all I could do was wait. 15:00 her alarm started softly and went gradually louder but it didn’t wake her up! How long was this gonna last? After her alarm had been screaming through my laptop speakers there was movement. She looked at her laptop and grabbed behind it to stop her alarm. “Hello,” I said while she was still looking at the screen and then fell back on her bed and went to sleep again. 5 minutes later her alarm went off again and again the hope she would wake up and give me the code. She reached behind her laptop again and turned off her alarm and… fell back on her bed and fell asleep again. This kept on going for about an hour after which she turned off her alarm once more and reached to her laptop. “Hello” I heard her saying. “Did you mute me?” I asked. “Yes, you were rustling with your tobacco package so I muted you.” That was the reason she didn’t hear me. I asked her for the code again. “You’re getting it later,” she said. I let out a long sigh and reached for the remote of my tv which was lying next to a couple of toys. “I wouldn’t use those if I were you,” she said. “Oh don’t worry, I won’t” I answered. “Actually I think you should if you want the code, get the vibrator.” I have this thin vibrator on batteries which looks like a wand. “If you want the code you’ll have to keep going until I say you can stop,” she said. I could do nothing but do what she said. 30 minutes went by when I finally saw the code appearing on my screen! I could finally do what I have been waiting for!

Decided to go public

I went to my work as usual and finished all the things I needed to do. 15 minutes before I was going home by bus I went to the toilet and put the ring of my chastity device on. I slid the penis cage on and put the lock through where it was meant to be. Hesitating for a minute and a long sigh came out, then I pressed the padlock click. No way back anymore now, I had left the keys at home on purpose so I had to stay in the device the complete hour I had to go by bus.

Once home the first thing I did was grab the keys and take the cage off but then I thought why not lock myself up again and put the keys in the safe so I’ll have to wait until my gf comes home again, it’s what I did. She came home and we talked some on skype. Then it was time for her to go to sleep again so I explained what I did and asked her for the code again. “No, you shouldn’t have been so stupid to lock yourself up in it again then.” I asked her if I would get it in the morning then (she has an early and a late shift tomorrow.) “Maybe” she said. I told her not maybe but that I needed it. “If I think about it” she answered. I told her I actually want the code now, she kept saying no 3 times and then gave in. I entered the code on my safe and unlocked it. I left the door open but didn’t take the keys out. Now I’m still sitting here thinking if I should close the safe or leave it open, remove the cage or leave it on. I’m going to bed in 15 minutes, I’m actually too tired to get the cage off now so it’ll prolly stay on.
I think I’ll wait with closing my safe until I wake up in the morning or maybe when I wake up because I need to go to the toilet and I feel normal. If I close it, it would mean I would be locked up for another 20 hours. Let’s see what happens.


Yesterday I “played” with my chastity cage again, I locked myself up and put the code to my safe in carlilock and put the duration on 3 hours with member voting on 3 hours so people could choose to add or subtract 3 hours to my session. My gf went to sleep (after she used the friendlink to add 0,25 days) and would leave for a double shift at work before I woke up and wouldn’t be home for another 16 to 17 hours so in the worst-case scenario and she would give the code directly when she came home it would take over 24 hours that I’d be locked up. An hour later I looked at the time remaining and it went up to 12 hours, some members added and some subtracted time. Then it was time to go to sleep, I fell asleep pretty fast. Early in the morning, I woke up from some noise out of my laptop, my GF was getting ready for work. I was so tired that I looked at my laptop and couldn’t ask if she would actually give me the code before I fell back asleep.

4 hours later my alarm went off, time to get up and get some things done in the house. Shit! I completely forgot, I have the cage on, my safe is locked and my GF is gone to work, the only thing that could help me now was the website. Quickly I logged in and was hoping for the best. I typed in my password and went to the time remaining page hoping to see 0 weeks, 0 days and maybe a couple of hours left or preferably even a couple of minutes but that didn’t happen, it said that I had about 10 hours left! going over the options I decided to turn off voting, nobody was able to subtract time but also not add so the time wouldn’t get longer. After having felt horny the whole day and 9 hours later I looked at the page again, I actually didn’t want to finish before my gf came home on one side but on the other side I was ready to do it. I went to the extend time page and hovered over the button to add time up to the current running time, should I press it or not. I lingered for a minute and looked down yes, it was definitely ready to finish, I held my finger on the mouse button and was actually hoping it would twitch and press the button. I closed my eyes and tried to empty my mind when it happened, it clicked… There was no way back now. Quickly I went to the time remaining page again and saw that it was just a bit less than 1 day remaining, I would surely have to ask my gf the code now!

Finally, I heard the sound of someone coming on on skype, it was my gf. I asked her how her day was, she had a good day but was very tired and wanted to go to sleep. I asked her for the code and explained what happened after she went to sleep and while she was at work. She told me she would give me the code but first I had to do a couple of things for her in a game she plays for her. Ready as I was to get out of the cage I told her I’d do it. While playing she kept falling asleep and I had to keep her awake by talking because once when she’s sleeping for 15 minutes nobody can wake her up anymore. After being done with her assignment I asked her for the code again which she gave me and fell asleep right away. Luckily I was out and could do what I was craving for!

Even more fun (in chastity again)

I came home from work and after saying hello to my gf she told me to do the same thing in the game she’s playing as I did earlier. I told her I didn’t want to and of course, she didn’t forget about before and told me I wouldn’t get the code to the safe if I didn’t. I told her too bad for her because I didn’t lock myself up but, she promised me there would always be a next time when I would be. She told me her sister was coming over so she would go socialize with her and then come back online.

I was really horny again and decided to look at how much time was left on the carlilock website. With 3 hours and something minutes remaining I decided to put on my cage again and go to sleep for an hour. I picked up my laptop and webcam which I use as a microphone and put it next to my bed and fell asleep. An hour later I woke up seeing my gf was still not on, I put my laptop back on the desk and watched some tv. Another hour later my gf came back online and 10 seconds later I heard the ringing sound through my speakers, I picked up and said hello. I can’t hear you I heard out of the speakers, I forgot to pick up the webcam and attach it again. I stood up to get it and attached it. “Hello” I said again, “Ahh, see I told you would do it again, now go play the game or no code” my gf said. I told her I wouldn’t need it anyway because I would get the code in an hour anyway, something I shouldn’t have said. I heard some clicking of her mouse and she said “No, you won’t, look at your time remaining.” It said 6 hours, I completely forgot that she had the link to add time but at least I would have the code just before I went to work I told her. After having talked for over an hour with her she said “Oh by the way, you’re going to have fun tomorrow.” I didn’t know what she was talking about. “Look at your time remaining” she said and planted headfirst in her pillow and fell asleep. I rushed to the page to see what she had done, time remaining: 1 Days, 7 Hours, 41 Minutes. “Nooooo” is all I could say at the time, I fell a shiver going through my body, not a bad one but a good one. She didn’t say anything back, it looked like she actually fell asleep. “Hello” I tried in an attempt to wake her up but nothing. I hang up on skype and rang her again, after hearing the connect tone 4 times she picked up and told me somewhat annoyed “Do that again and I won’t pick up, I want to sleep.” Another shiver went through my body thinking she would actually leave me locked up today and let me go to work like that. “Can I please have the code?” I asked knowing she always makes me say please when I need something from her. “No and if you keep on talking I’ll mute you, nice night.”

So here I am, was planning on wearing the cage for 3 hours to have a good orgasm (I noticed it feels better even after wearing the cage for a short time) last time I had an orgasm was yesterday and I’m not going to get any for another 22 hours if I’m lucky. When I get home from work my gf will be gone so no relief for around 50 hours in total if she’s in a good mood when she comes back from work and not feel mean and click the link a couple more times and decides not to give the code.


Sunday I put the chastity cage on in the morning again and put the key in my safe and my gf is the only one with the code. Every time I did that she gave me the code in the evening except that Sunday. I asked her for the code before she went to sleep and she said no. After begging a couple of times she came with an offer, I had to tease myself with a vibrator until she said I could stop and I would get the code. As I put my faith in her hands I started playing with the vibrator. She said she was going to put the dog downstairs and that I had to keep doing what I was doing. As soon as she left her room I turned off the vibrator, panting because I was close to getting an orgasm. 5 minutes later she came back and I was watching tv. Ahum it sounded through my speakers, that’s not doing what I told you, no code for you! I begged her to give it to me, I told her I was close to an orgasm and wasn’t sure if it could bring me off and that I actually didn’t want to come without her being there. She told me that was a bad excuse and that I wasn’t convincing her. Please, I’ll go on with playing until you say stop but it didn’t help. She kept saying no code for me. At one point she made me an offer, she would give me the code but I’d have to go in the chastity cage again on monday evening and I would get the code the next evening because I work on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I said the deal, that’s not too bad anyway. I shouldn’t have said that because I got a reply to that, alright, it goes on Thursday and you’ll get the code Sunday. I begged her twice to be not that cruel and then gave in. I got my code and I got my release. After that I asked her what would have happened if I wouldn’t have given in, how long she would have left me like that and she casually answered oh, I’d have given you the code 5 minutes later, it’s just sweet how you beg…

Yesterday evening we played an online game together when all of a sudden she said you’re lucky that I don’t mention to you that it’s Thursday, I asked her why? knowing well why she said that. You made a promise remember, and I NEVER break any promise. I said I didn’t know what she was talking about, big mistake because she immediately reminded me of it of course and said well, go get it. Now I wished I had just shut up. Go on, you promised she says. Slowly and trying to stall I put the device on. When it was on I had to put the combination in the carlilock website again so she could be my keyholder there. I gave her the login to my 2nd account so she could see what time I had left and shredded all the files that had the password and the code. Now my faith was totally in her hands again. And now I go to sleep she said and I don’t want to hear any complaints or I’ll just add a day.

This morning she woke up and I didn’t mention anything about last night hoping she would have forgotten, the time remaining on the website was 1 day and 6 hours. She started dressing because she needed to go out while on cam and I looked away to the tv. Look! I was ordered or I’ll add 1 more day. I had no other choice then to look how she was getting undressed and changed to her daily clothes with the chance of no relief. Then I told her I could make the remaining time less anyway when she was dressed. Ok she said and did something on her laptop, there you go she said. I asked her what there? Go look at your time she said. I opened the page and clicked on time remaining. An unwelcome message told me 4 Days, 18 Hours, 15 Minutes, 38 Seconds left. I thought as a keyholder it was only possible to add 12 hours or subtract 6 hours a day, which would give me the code maybe 1 or 2 days later if I would fuck up and started being mean to her or not obey, how wrong was I. She has me in her power totally.
Now I need to go, I’ll speak to you later oh and I can tease you much more. She typed some kisses and hesitating I typed some kisses back. I don’t want to stay locked up for this amount of time and in the meanwhile be teased with no chance to finish so I better obey and do what she expects and then she hung up and went offline.

I’m fearing tonight, she has used a vibrator on cam before with me watching but at the time I could join in, the panting made me very horny. Tonight she might do it again and make me watch and listen but this time I can’t join in and she’s not going to let me do anything afterward either leaving me horny to the top and making me wait until Sunday if I’m lucky and do whatever she expects but I’m afraid there will be a point I can’t take it anymore and I will look away when she tells me to look so those 4 days may be the actual time I will be locked up if not longer.


It all started 2 days ago, I locked myself in my chastity cage again. In the evening I asked my gf for the code. She kept saying no and I already saw myself going to sleep like that and go to work the next day, I became aroused by the thoughts of it. Just before I was about to sleep she did give me the code to the safe where my keys were locked in. Because I was really sleepy at the time I slowly bend towards the safe and typed in the number she read out. Click, the safe opened and I got my keys. I fell back on my back and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up from my alarm set to get up to get ready for work. Still half asleep I grabbed the keys and without thinking too much I put them back in the safe and closed it. There I had to go to work in my chastity device.
There was the bus coming, I got in and looked at people while I was walking to the back of the bus. Thoughts ran through my head, what if one of those girls would ask me to go to their home and then and then asked me to drop my pants and if I would say no they would undo them. I know I have a girlfriend and I know it would never happen but the thoughts made me highly aroused. After getting off the bus I walked to my work and every step I did I was reminded of the hard metal device locked around my penis. At the end of the day I went home and turned on skype. No girlfriend online, and then I remembered she was going to the cinema, I sent her a message asking what time she would come back, in 4 hours I’ll be back home was her reply. 4 more hours to spend, I went for dinner and then for a bit of sleep.

I woke up from a familiar sound, I had a message on skype. My girlfriend was finally home! After asking how her day was I asked her if I could have the code. “Why do you want the code? I gave it to you last night didn’t I?” she replied.
I explained to her what happened, that I fell asleep without taking the device off and locked the keys back in the safe when I woke up. “That’s your own fault, you’re not having the code,” she said. I said “Oh well, I’ll just wait till the timer on the website times out” There was only 1 day left. My girlfriend typed something on her laptop and said “Good luck on getting out tomorrow.” I think I knew what she did but I asked her why? “Go look at your remaining time.” I opened the website, logged in and pressed the remaining time. 4 days and 12 hours left. I felt a shiver going through my body and my penis started to grow and tried to escape the metal device. “Nooooo” I shouted and asked her if I could please have the code now. “No, you were prepared to wait until tomorrow earlier, you’ll get it tomorrow” she replied. I explained to her what the changing of time did to me. She played herself down on the bed and started typing kisses. I begged her to give the key while typing kisses back. “I love you,” she said and “nice night,” I begged her once more for the key. “Stop it or I’ll just mute you” she said and closed her eyes.

My alarm went off, time to go to work. I looked at my screen and saw that the light was on in my girlfriend’s room, quickly I opened the chatlog but unfortunately, the kisses from last night were the last things I could see. I’m going to have to go to work again in my metal cage. About an hour ago she came back on skype. “Good morning,” I said. “I have to run” was her answer. I asked her for the code so I could unlock myself when I got back home. “No, you’ll manage without,” she said. I asked her quickly if she would be logging in on her phone while she was gone. “No, you’ll only beg for the code” she answered and logged out. There I was, at work getting aroused again and this time it felt like I was edging on an orgasm. I really couldn’t stand thinking of her being gone and I could not contact her. I sent her an SMS asking to come online and if I would be annoying her too much she could add 1 day every time. Apparently, she liked the idea, she came online and started talking with me. I wonder if she will let me out when she gets back, on one side I want to remind her as soon as she gets home but on the other side I’m afraid of the consequences, is she only going to punish me if I mention it while she’s away or does it count too when she is back home. I am sooo ready to have an orgasm right now…

Once again

I haven’t locked myself up for a while in chastity but thought 2 days ago it was a good idea to get the device again and lock it on again. That evening I asked my girlfriend if she could copy/paste something, she thought she had to paste me the code to my safe but I told her that I changed the code and found another site similar to carlilock but more temper proof. She didn’t want to take the login to the KH account in the first place but when I said I’d give it to someone else she got a bit annoyed and said fine, copy/paste it so I did. I had set the release timer to 2 days and the tease/punishment time to 24 hours so if she would log on every day she could lock me up for as long as she wanted, there’s only 1 difference with carlilock, you can reward or punish only once every 24 hours so I have to watch what I say/do to her or she will just click on punishment, it’ll add 24 hours and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Yesterday she had an early shift and came home around 19:00, we talked a bit and then she fell asleep on the sofa. an hour later my laptop suffered from a blue screen of death so I lost the connection with her on skype. Another hour later her laptop logged her out. I decided to go back to the website and check how many time I had left. 1 day and somewhat hours and I would get my release. This site also has another option that carlilock doesn’t have, you get the opportunity to gamble with your remaining time, if you win your time gets cut in half but if you lose you get half the remaining time added. the chance you win is 25% or you can use points (which you obviously have to buy) to make the win chance higher. I clicked it once… You lost that gamble! there went my time from 1 day and somewhat hours to over 2 days. I decided not to gamble any more because it would go over 3 days and my girlfriend still didn’t chose punishment or reward.

A couple of hours later my girlfriend came back online, we play an online game for a bit and I wasn’t sure if I should ask her to go to the website. Just after midnight I decided to ask her, “Since I’ve been a good boy today can you please go to the website and choose reward” she asked me why she would do that and I said to her that I’ve been good, haven’t pestered her and haven’t been a smartass and I told her that there was over 2 days left anyway so if I would be a bad boy the next day she could always add a day more and keep it running until she wanted to. She was in a good mood and agreed with me so I got my reward. 1 day and 4 hours left now. Around 2 am she asked me if I didn’t need to go to sleep because I had work the next day, I told her that I would go to sleep when I wanted to but apparently she had other ideas about that. “Remember the other day when you asked me to tease you and I was too tired?” she asked and I nodded. “I’m not too tired today, you get 2 choices either you go to sleep now or I’ll show you what I wanted to do the other day. She picked up her laptop and went upstairs, put her laptop down and went to the bathroom. She came back and I still wasn’t asleep. “Alright, I see you made your choice then” she said. “I am trying to sleep but I can’t just fall asleep like that, it takes a while” I told her with fear of what was to come. “Alright, let’s see if you can sleep after this,” she said and walked off so I couldn’t see her anymore. A minute later she came back in the oh so sexy black with a red outfit. As soon as I noticed I turned my head away. “No, you’ll have to look now or I’ll add another day tomorrow,” she said. I had no other option than to look while my penis was already pushing hard against the chastity device. “What is wrong, don’t you like this outfit?” she asked. “I do… but it looks too damn sexy” I told her. “And this is just the beginning,” she said, “you know, I can make it much worse.” Looking at the time I thought she would be tired by now and would want to go to sleep so I tried her out “naah I don’t think you can” I said. That was a big mistake, she went out of sight of the camera again and I looked away. When she was back she told me to look at the screen, already knowing what she went away for I kept looking at the tv. “Look and keep looking until I say you can look away or I will add another day to your lockup period tomorrow” she demanded and then told me I was her slave and bitch now. I felt so frustrated, humiliated, and powerless but on the other side so good. This time there was no backup code at her side, there was no way of cheating off time so I was totally at her mercy, I could beg whatever I wanted but she couldn’t give me the code even if she wanted to. She was holding something blue in her hand… it was her vibrator. “You are going to keep looking now” she demanded while she slid the vibrator inside and turned it on. while I was watching she went inside and out, inside and out. She started panting, softly at the start and then louder. I felt sexual arousment going through my whole body. My breathing went heavier and my penis pushed itself through the chastity cage, even more, where it could, then all of a sudden she stops. “That was fast,” I said. “I’m not done yet” she answered, I looked at her with the most frustrating face ever. A minute later she turned her vibrator on again and started going in and out again, panting even heavier than before. My penis started twitching, wishing I was inside her or not be locked up, that would have been fine too but it wasn’t, I was forced to watch her get an orgasm while the earliest time I could get one would be the next day. The panting was getting heavier and heavier until she had a loud screaming orgasm. my penis couldn’t get harder and I found myself humping the bed which of course didn’t do anything. After she was done she asked me “Satisfied?” the state I was in was definitely not the state of being satisfied. “No” I snapped at her. “Ah, what’s the matter, poor baby,” she said. “You damn well know what,” I said. “Well, there’s nothing you can do now so guess I’ll go to sleep now, I’m tired” she gave me a kiss and said she loved me, I’ve been in the situation before where I joked and just said uhuh and it came back at me (she knew it was a joke) so I said I loved her too as fast as I could and gave her a kiss back. she turned around and fell asleep. There I was, horny like hell needing to go to sleep because I had work the next day and no chance of relief.

Today I woke up (of course too late) and just missed my bus. I decided not to give her the pleasure of being able to add more time so I went to the website again and pressed gamble, I lost! now there was only a slight chance that if I would gamble again I would still get an amount of time remaining shorter then when she could add time again. I hovered over gamble and… clicked, you lost that gamble! so at the time of writing now I have 1 day, 14 hours, 17 minutes
left and don’t dare to gamble anymore. I’ll have to be nice tonight again when my girlfriend comes home and hope she’ll reward me again so I’ll only have 14 hours left which means I would get the release at 7 in the morning tomorrow. It’s getting very frustrating…

A day with my girlfriend

One day I decided not to put on the device and while she went to walk the dog I decided to handcuff myself naked to the bed. When she came back she sighed and laid down on the small part left on the bed and gave me a kiss. She started teasing me a bit by playing with my penis. Then she got the small vibrator and started playing with it in my ass while still stroking my penis. After what was about half an hour of teasing (I think, couldn’t track the time) I asked her to take me. She undressed and took place on top of me. Slowly she guided my penis inside her and started moving slowly. “Faster” I kept asking, she went faster once in a while and then slower again. After about 5 minutes she stopped. “Where is the device,” she asked me and I felt a tickling feeling going through my body, she wouldn’t… I thought. “Actually, I haven’t come myself,” she said while holding the device in her hand and smirked. She started moving again and the only thing I could think about was I need to orgasm, I need to orgasm. She started moaning louder and louder, she was close to an orgasm. COMMON I was shouting to my body and then it happened, she got her orgasm. I pushed my body and moved in and out as much as I could and luckily I got an orgasm out of it, I started moaning and she looked at me in a strange way. She unlocked the handcuffs. “What if I wouldn’t have come?” I asked her. “You would have had the device on now then” she answered.

A couple of days later when she had another day off I asked her if she wanted to practice again because she didn’t do it for a while (as she can’t make me come with a blowjob we call it practice). She agreed but, I had to be handcuffed to the bed and put a gag on. I have a ball gag and a panel gag but she doesn’t like the panel one because it looks like a gimp mask but I did still ask her if I could use that one as I really can’t say anything with that one if I take my mouth before I put it on or put a sock in my mouth. “If you must” was her answer. I stuffed a sock in my mouth and put on the panel gag. I layed down and put one hand to one corner of the bed and the other one to the opposite corner. I felt the cold steel of the handcuffs closing around my wrists, click, click, click. The sound of handcuffs made my penis go hard. “Is it ok like this?” she asked and all I could say was hmmpf hmmpf so instead I put up my thumb. She got up and got her earphones and phone, put the earphones in my ear, and put on music. Then as a final, she got a scarf and ordered me to lift up my head so she could blindfold me. As I had no choice I obeyed and let her put on the blindfold. I couldn’t see, hear or talk anymore well, all I heard was metal through the earphones. I felt her mouth closing around my penis, so warm. Her tongue stud running from the top to the bottom of my penis. Once in a while she stopped and then went on. Until she stopped completely, not knowing what was happening I tried to ask what she was doing but all I could say was still hmmpf hmmpf, and if she would have said something I couldn’t hear it anyway. there I was laying tied on her bed not knowing what was going to happen. After what felt like 5 to 10 minutes I felt her sitting down on the bed. COOOOOLD, apparently she went to go get ice cubes because I felt something cold running over my belly leaving a watery trail. Then I felt it against my penis, running slowly down to my ballsac, and then felt it there for a while. Then I felt something going around my ballsac, omg… OMG, I hope she isn’t… I feared the worst. It felt like half a ring, my penis grew in fright of what it was. She was putting on the device! I tried to say no! but all I could bring out was a hmmph again. After trying for about 15 minutes my penis didn’t want to go flaccid and I felt she was getting it off again. I didn’t feel any movement on the bed anymore and my penis started to go flaccid. Then it happened, she held my penis by the foreskin so it couldn’t get hard, put the ring on again and quickly constructed the rest around my penis. The music stopped and the blindfold got removed. “There you go, all done” she said. I looked down and there it was, my penis doing his best to get hard but couldn’t, she put on the chastity device and locked it. She unlocked one of the handcuffs while saying have fun. I tried to grab the keys but failed. “Oh no, you are not getting the key” and she went downstairs. A couple of minutes later she came back and gave me the keys but when I looke through them one key was missing ofcourse. I got the gag off and the only thing I said to her was bitch! “Tssk, who is wearing a chastity device?” she said “yea, you so you are my bitch!” and she was right, I was her bitch now…