My chastity belt journey


Apart from hearing about chastity belts in the stories about the knights and the crusades, when I was a child. I had not come across any other reference to chastity belts until recently. About eighteen months ago while searching the internet for a high-security software protection utility for software I had written. I had forgotten to enclose the search string in quotes, so it searched for the individual words. I ended up on Altarboys site looking at an entirely different kind of security than that which I sought. At that time I still had an image of chastity belts that had been formed when I was young. I was amazed to discover that they still existed and were still being made and worn. The pictures of the belts for women still fitted that image in my memory, but chastity belts for men? The belts for the men looked remarkably similar to those for women and at that time I had the concept that the purpose of a chastity belt was to prevent the wearer from being penetrated. Such was my ignorance then, I assumed a male chastity belt also prevented the wearer from being penetrated, i.e. they were for homosexuals. However, after reading some of the text, it gradually dawned on me that the male belts controlled the penis and denied its access to the wearer. This was a big turnaround for me and took quite a while for me to grasp the significance of this (to me) new concept. At this stage, I had no intention of ever getting involved with chastity belts in any way. Because the male belts I had seen at first were so like the female ones, I still tended to think of them as being, or at least looking a little bit effeminate. Also, my first associative impression that they were for homosexual play still lingered.

Then one day I saw a picture of a Walter Goethals belt. This was obviously male. No front plate like the ladies belts, but a stainless steel tube whose function could not be doubted. Although I still had no use for one. I could, however, identify with the Goethals design. Some months passed, and as we began the run-up to Christmas I became aware that my wife had become enamored with a particular ring. Although this ring was not in the Elizabeth Taylor league, it was not trivial either. I did want to give her something very special, to show her my feelings for her. The ring somehow seemed woefully inadequate for this purpose. I realized that even if I got one ten times the price, still it would in no way demonstrate my feelings for her. It was simply a matter of changing some numbers in a bank account and had no real significance for me. I wanted to give her something that demonstrated a real commitment, but could not think of anything suitable. At about this time, some long-standing friends were about to celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and as part of this process had decided to undertake a re-affirmation of vows ceremony. Although my initial reaction to this was not too positive, once I had again seen those vows, I knew what it was that I had been trying to do. I wanted something to demonstrate that the vows were not just theoretical, or just symbolic like a wedding ring. The idea of a chastity belt seemed to fit my requirements exactly. How to introduce this subject to my wife posed a difficulty, however. Given my own pre-conceptions, I assumed that she would have a negative opinion of chastity belts and that she would regard them as an ancient form of repression. After some thought, I ended up simply telling her what it would mean to me. It is just my way of re-affirming or enhancing our original vows and was effectively a ‘super wedding ring’ but whereas my original hardly worn wedding ring was purely symbolic, the chastity belt was also theoretically functional. It was of course consensual, and my choice, but still, she was perturbed that it might make her party to something repressive or unkind. This was after she realized that this was a serious suggestion on my part. She thought about it for a couple of days, then we discussed it again. By now she was way ahead of me. I had only gotten to the stage of wanting to ‘give myself’ to her. I had not thought through all the implications. She had. Although still bemused by the idea, she realized most or all of the problems that might occur in such a lifestyle. This in itself was proof that she had been giving it some serious thought. For instance, I had in the past ‘fussed’ her for ‘attention’. Wearing a chastity belt would make me completely dependent on her and therefore it was quite possible that it could cause disharmony between us if I wanted attention and she was not in the mood. So I needed to assure her that from now on any sexual activity had to be her choice, and her choice alone. I would live by her decisions. Given the manner in which I had introduced the subject of chastity belts to her, it could be no other way.


I went to meet Walter at his home to be fitted with his new ‘heavy locking’ chastity belt. When he first handed it to me I was immediately struck by the weight and quality of construction. This was the first time I had ever seen a real chastity belt. Walter showed me some of the other designs he makes. We went to the fitting room and I put the belt on. It was a strange sensation. Walter quickly adjusted the belt to suit me, although truth be told it needed a little adjustment. I was amazed that despite its somewhat Gothic appearance, how comfortable it was. Walter then took me back to my hotel. After having an exploratory trip around Antwerp I went back to my hotel for an evening meal. At that time I had been without sleep for about 30 hours, so I decided to go to bed. I put on the belt and went to sleep, It was that comfortable and I was tired. I awoke at sometime between 10 and 11 pm. After checking all was well, I dressed and went for a walk around the block. After less than about 100 yards or so I noticed some very uncomfortable chafing between my legs (caused by the front part of the anal ring) so I decided to cut back to the square and my hotel. On my way down a side street to the square I noticed some ‘ladies’ hanging around doorways. As I passed by, it dawned on me that they had nothing to offer me, as my keys were in the hotel room. I have been married (and faithful) for many years. Now I immediately noticed a shift in thinking, simply by wearing the chastity belt, I could not as in the past, choose to decline any advance should there be one. The chastity belt had already made that decision for me. I had not imagined this loss of autonomy would be so immediate. I got back to the hotel, had a couple of drinks in the bar and went back up to my room and to bed. I was still wearing the belt. I did wake a couple of times during the night and had to make one toilet stop, my first, this too was remarkably easy.

I left the belt off when I got up the Sunday morning, had breakfast and toured the local market. After lunch Walter collected me from the hotel and we went back to his place. The white foam had come away from the anal ring and Walter glued on a new one. He also adjusted the rear swivel to pull the anal ring tighter and it no longer chafed when I walked. We then left for the train station and I was on my way back to England. Chastity belt stowed in my rucksack. Due to the conflict in Kosovo There was extra security at the Eurostar terminal and I waited patiently for my bag to come through the x-ray machine, fully expecting to have to explain what I was carrying. I had decided the only way was to simply brazen it out should there be any questions. However my chastity belt (and I ) passed through without comment.

On my arrival home, after greetings were exchanged, my wife asked to see the chastity belt. She had some serious doubts about its comfort, commenting that it looked like some medieval instrument of torture. I assured her that it was ok and put it on for her to see. I explained the locking system to her, and she unlocked and then re-locked the belt. I then told her how to remove the key. It was a very strange feeling to stand there locked in and seeing the key in her hand. Also when she left the bedroom and went down into the kitchen I felt a real strong compulsion to follow her (and the key). I kept it on (in a way I had no choice) while I answered her various questions. This was a very meaningful and frank conversation, which helped to set out a basic set of ground rules. That done we returned to the bedroom and we had had a little cuddle, after which my wife, now key holder removed the belt before going to work.
Later that night when we went to bed she replaced (or at least locked) the belt and kept the key just before we went to bed. I did wake a couple of times, not particularly due to the belt and lay there thinking how lucky I was to have such a loving wife, now turned benevolent key holder. In the morning after removing the belt there was no sign of the little ‘friction burns’ I had on my previous overnight stay in the belt. This was because my novice key holder had bought the correct lubricant for me after I had returned the day before. On a trip to the bathroom however I noticed a very small abrasion right on the very extremity of my penis. I am not entirely sure if it is due to it rubbing on the end of the tube, or because the urine had removed its’ protective covering of cream. Later in the morning I noticed one of my testicles was sore, I am not sure why, it may have been due to me lying on my side just before getting up, or I may just have sat on it at some stage. My wife then suggested that I ease up on wearing the belt in order to adjust to it more slowly as I had originally planned. So it stayed off for the rest of the day, apart from a couple of hours before going to bed. At this stage the biggest problem seems to be sitting down. I hope I do not need to get a longer tube as that would mean sending it back to Walter. I am gradually getting used to the belt and how the adjustments affect the way it fits. At the moment I could not wear it all day, the most comfortable position is still lying on my back, on my front is a close second. My wife has discovered that when I enlarge and fill the tube, the tube feels hot to the touch. It is very strange to know you are being touched but cannot feel anything.


I have no experience of any chastity belt but this; some of the comments may be common to all or some others or unique to this belt or design.
Incidentally the belt is a prototype of Walters ‘heavy locking’ model.

The waistband is sculptured to fit, and it does, beautifully. I never imagined that it could be so comfortable. The front ends of the waistband terminate in a pair of sliding links, which have a locating peg or pin at the end. This locating pin engages into one of a number of slots inside the front plate, the farther in you push the link, the tighter the waistband becomes.

The links, once located in their required slots are locked by a locking bar, which is controlled by an internally mounted padlock. A very neat and nifty bit of design. To release, simply turn the key, which is recessed, into the lower middle front of the front plate and it is unlocked, All you need do then is lift the links upwards and you are free. Definitely a quick-release mechanism.

Attached to the bottom of the front plate by a 3/16″ or thereabouts diameter bar, which is bent into a squarish ‘u’ shape is Walters’ now-familiar curved penis tube. This in turn, via a hinged joint is attached to the anal ring, then another small hinge joint into a narrow shaped link which goes up the back to the waistband. This connection to the waistband forms an adjustment point via a series of holes in the rear link secured by a swivel joint in the waistband itself.


I found that the best system, for me anyway, was to do what I could, and the more I used the belt the less intrusive it got. I had a few minor problems, and one edema, which was quickly sorted, (due to a misaligned tube). The only bad experience I had were some drops of blood, which had come from the drain holes. The tip of my penis had a very small scratch, I think from rubbing the end of the tube, but may have been from pressing against a drain hole. Walter thought it might be a little piece of swarf come loose from the end of the penis tube which may have been embedded in the coating he puts on the inside of the tube. Either way, I took a few days to thoroughly examine the tube and heal. It was a while before my confidence returned. I have not had any recurrence of this problem, so Walter may well be right. After about a month and some bending and other adjustments, I was generally comfortable with it. By this time my routine was largely to wear it by night and at the weekends. In the morning my key holder would release me before going to work. One morning she did not release me. Nothing was said, it was as if she had ‘forgotten’, but we both knew that the time had come for me to go solo. My first day at work passed easily, I was a bit self-conscious at first, but after an hour or so this feeling had passed. I did find that driving and sitting for a long while could get uncomfortable, but generally, I was able to move about as necessary. I did get to have quick ‘peek’ for the first evening or two to ensure all was well, but this practice soon stopped. Partly because it was self-defeating if I was in the belt and comfortable the disturbance of removal and replacement was more likely to cause discomfort than leaving well alone. It was never my intention to set any records for endurance; my motivation was simply to give my newly appointed key holder something special and precious. I owned nothing more precious to me than that which was contained by the belt. The contents of the belt I had now given to my wife. We do not have a long list of rules as some couples, just this.
1. She must always use the key when she wants.
2. She must only use the key when she wants.
Remember the keys are equally used to both lock and unlock.
I would like to add to the end of 1 and 2 “and then purely for her pleasure or amusement”. I get my pleasure from pleasing her and look forward to a time when I can do that in a completely unselfish way.

After about 6 or 7 weeks I had been going 24/7 for about 2_ weeks when disaster struck. The weld that joined the ‘u’ bracket to the front plate broke. At the time it did not seem to be much of a problem, as it was due to go back for some upgrading and modifications anyway. I actually delayed sending it back to Walter so it would not return whilst I was away on holiday in Turkey. In the event, I need not have worried on that score. Unknown to me at the time, it would be traveling around Europe for the next 2_ months. Here is a copy of the accompanying letter that went with the belt.


These notes were sent back with the belt: =

Walter, just a note for you, in case you have difficulty reading my handwriting.

The front links need to have the locating pins put on the other side. This will reduce the tendency to pull the top edge of the front plate into the stomach area. Ideally, some form of the radius should be on the top edge of the front plate. Maybe some filing is needed.
These links should only be used to adjust the fit of the waistband, but currently, they also raise or lower the front plate, thereby altering other adjustments, in particular, the location of the penis tube over the base of the penis. Therefore there should be some way to adjust the location of the penis tube so that it is centrally placed at the base of the penis.

There needs to be an adjustment between the end of the penis tube and the anus ring, so the anus ring can be centrally located. Alternatively, maybe use a solid round bar instead of the anus ring. Although this would be inconvenient for defecation needing to be held aside, it would eliminate most or all of the comfort issues I have experienced.

The existing adjustment for the rear strap to the waistband is ok, but would be better if it had the vernier enhancement that we have discussed.

The penis tube needs replacing with a slightly longer one, partly because of the rough edges inside, and partly because of the abrasions I have experienced caused by the tip rubbing against the inside end of the tube.

Please note the angle of the penis tube to front plate. This could be reduced when the pins on the links are reversed. Also it would be very helpful if you could make some more room for my testicles.

These modifications would ensure a better fit, and would also allow a proper adjustment sequence e.g.

1. Use front links to tension waistband. Everything hangs on this.

2. Centralize the penis tube over base of penis using new front plate to tube adjustment.

3. Centralize anus ring over anus by using adjustment between end of penis tube and anus ring.

4. Snug it all up using the rear link to waistband adjustment.

I hope this is of use to you.



Arrived back on June 28th. It was broken in transit. Bitterly disappointed I returned it the following day. Walter got it after two-plus weeks. It finally arrived back on Wednesday, July 21st.

The first time I put the revised belt on, I was amazed at how comfortable it felt. This was mainly due to the new solid rear strap and an absence of the anus ring assembly. Walking was fine; I took the dog out for her evening walk of some 2-3 miles without any chafing. The only discomfort was some pressure in the pubic bone area. Gradually over about two weeks with some adjustments to the belt, we acclimatized to each other. It has been in continuous use since then.

The revisions included dispensing with the old anus ring in favor of the solid bar, although to be exact the rear bar is a 6mm hollow tube with 1mm thick walls. This is then utilised to the point of nearly being flat by some persistent hammering by Walter. It is somewhat inelegant to use for defecation purposes; you just need to hold it to one side. This is easily accomplished by holding the front (penis) tube with one hand and the rear strap with the other. The freedom of movement that this design allows, however,g is well worth the few moments of inconvenience. It is important to adjust the belt to suit its wearer very carefully. In particular with the WG design it is vital to ensure that there are no ‘pressure points’ especially in the area of the pubic bone and around the base of penis, as these will cause edemas to form. A good general tip is to ensure that the top edge of the tube entrance is flush with the back of the back of the front plate. It is permissible for the bottom edge to protrude past this line as the body curves away at this point.



Please note that many of the effects of wearing a belt actually reverse what may be your first thought.


I have put this first, as they are so few. The one single thing I resent is the loss of autonomy that I first experience the first time I wore it in Antwerp. I resent not being able to choose to be faithful, wearing the belt, I just am, I have no other choice. I know that it is my choice to wear it, so in effect it is my choice to be faithful, but I do resent this particular loss of autonomy. Occasionally movement is restricted or slowed, but there are usually ways around this. Notice the reversal here, normally you would think of a chastity belt as guaranteeing fidelity, but you ( or at least I ) do not feel so faithful, knowing that I have no choice.


Wearing a chastity belt will definitely make the wearer more attentive to the keyholder. In particular it will cause the wearer to want to please the keyholder, no, not just want, but desire to please. This desire to please becomes significant. Naturally the desire to please your keyholder is primarily focussed on matters sexual, but it extends to mundane things like gardening etc. This desire to do anything to please gradually increases with the time spent in the belt. To me this is a good thing. It brings wearer and keyholder closer together. Many have spoken of becoming frustrated, this gets turned around so that I do not feel frustrated, I just need to please my keyholder more and more.
Passing control over to the keyholder enables the wearer to become unselfish, and to concentrate on the needs of the keyholder. Eventually the wearer’s only real need is to please the keyholder.
In return for this gift of control, any touch or sensation that is received is so very intense that it cannot be imagined. It seems as though the sensations and feelings, both physical and emotional have been greatly magnified. Only the keyholder has the possibility to grant this. Effectively wearing a belt has de-sexed the world’s population. The only person who has any sexual capability is the keyholder. A whole bus load of naked amazons do not have the means give me any direct stimulation, they have become non-sexual. It is a psychological reversal, I am not locked in, they are locked out.



The reasons for wanting a cb are numerous and often unclear. There are several scenarios, which cater for the bulk of wearers.
Contrary to my expectations I have encountered few of the ” I’ve been unfaithful so my partner keeps me in a belt” brigade. Generally how a person copes with continuous use of a belt I feel is much influenced by the reason for wanting it in the first place.
Some want a non-consensual inescapable device, with foolproof locks and made of a material for which there are no cutting tools. This is fantasy, to get one you need to build a big dish and get in interstellar credit card, but then you had better be sure of the fit & hope the vendor has detailed knowledge of human physiology. I have yet to see a belt, which would not succumb, to a pair of bolt cutters or a hacksaw in five minutes or less.
I would advise anyone to get a design or style that suits his or her own body shape. A comfortable fit is absolutely paramount. Be aware, as well as you making adjustments to your belt, your body will be adjusting to it, so take your time.
The masochists amongst you probably would choose differently, but my requirements were for a belt for permanent 24/7 use. The requirements for ‘play’ or use in scenes would be different, probably placing more emphasis on looks than functionality.
Wearing the belt has brought us closer together, my, at first bemused and slightly reluctant keyholder has become both attached to and protective towards her key. My ‘gift’ is appreciated and has been accepted as a ‘super wedding ring’, which was my original intention. It has therefore fulfilled my ambition and now we are both content and at ease with this new and somewhat unusual lifestyle.