Modern Amazon Feminist Society

Waking up is hard to do.

My first recollection was the sound of voices. Distant voices that I didn’t

“Doctor he is coming around”

I could hear a lot of commotion and voices. They kept calling out to me.

“Frank, can you hear me? I am your nurse. You are at the hospital. Can you
open your eyes?”

All these questions were starting to annoy me, as I became more conscious of
my surroundings. My head was starting to clear and I began to realize that I
wan not on my own “turf”. I tried to move my hands to pull of some of the
junk attached to my body and only found that they wouldn’t move far.

“It’s OK Frank, your hands are tied to keep you from pulling out the IV and
monitors. Just relax and let yourself wakeup all the way. We are here to
help. You are going to be OK. The doctors are on the way and they will answer
your questions.”

I relaxed and quit trying to move my arms. I tried to open my eyes, but the
bright lights make me slam them shut again. I started blinking and as my eyes
adjusted, I began to see half a dozen strange faces looking down at me. I
knew that this could not be good. I was in a hospital and they said that the
doctors would answer my questions. I wanted to know a thousand things, but I
could not move my lips to speak. I was so dry that my lips were stuck and my
tongue was glued in place. I felt them pull something out of my mouth and I
could move my tongue again. By now my eyes were stating to focus on the
faces. It looked like several nurses and a couple of doctors.

“Where am I?” Was the first question I asked?

“I am Doctor Walker and you are in the Springfield Medical Center. You have
been through a lot and you are under sedation. You have been under heavy
sedation and this is the first time we have tried to bring you around. You
have healed a great deal and it is time for you to join the real world

“Healed? From what? Was I in a car wreck or something?”

“Frank, you were not in a car wreck, but you have been through a very serious
trauma. We will try to explain everything that happened to you, but it will
take a little while.”

Doctor Walker’s face was starting to come into focus. I could see that she
was gorgeous. She had a face as pretty as a model’s and her strawberry-blonde
hair softly framed her face. I was feeling sexual tension, but I felt
immediate pain in my groin and chest. That killed my excitement right away.

“Where is my wife?”

“She is on her way to the hospital. We called her when you began to wake up
and she will be here soon.”

Everybody was scurrying around and checking the equipment. I was starting to
feel a good deal of pain throughout my body, as I became more aware of my

“Why do I hurt all over?”

“Frank, you have gone through a very radical surgery and it has impacted your
entire body.”

“Why did I have a surgery, you said I wasn’t in a car wreck? Did I have an

“No Frank, you didn’t have an accident. You were abducted and the people who
took you performed surgery on your body. The have made many changes to your
body and these changes are causing your pain. You have not healed completely
and will need several week to complete the healing process.”

“What are you talking about? Who abducted me? What changes?”

“Frank, you need to calm down. Your heart is starting to race and we will
have to increase your sedation if you don’t slow down.”

I made myself slow down my breathing and tried to relax. I thought about my
wife, family and friends and just waited a few moments.

“That’s better Frank. Try to keep calm and I will tell you a bit about what
we know.”

Doctor Walker explained that unidentified people had dropped me in the
hospital emergency room. They had pushed me into the hospital during a crazy
time and by the time someone had a moment to see why I was brought in, they
were gone. There was an envelope in my wheelchair that gave instructions on
my care and a brief explanation of the procedures that had been performed on

The envelope said that a secret group called “Modern Amazon Feminist Society”
had abducted me and performed radical surgeries on me. The letter said that
the reasons for my abduction would be made clear in the next several weeks
and that while I recovered, the hospital was to follow the surgery care
instructions carefully.

My head was starting to spin. I was in a great deal of pain and none of this
made any sense to me. Who is this “Modern Amazon Feminist Society” and why
would they want to abduct me. We weren’t rich and I thought the point of
abduction was to get money from rich people.

I wish I hadn’t asked.

My wife came in to the room and by the look on her face, I knew I was in

“What’s wrong Shannon?”

“I’m sorry Frank, it upsets me to see you like this!” “I can’t believe what
they did to you!”

Shannon started crying and had to be comforted by somebody on the medical
staff. Dr Walker took charge of the situation and began talking in that
professional voice all surgeons seem to have.

“Shannon, Frank will be OK soon and once he adjusts to the changes in his
body, he will regain a largely normal life.”

“What changes in my body?”

“I will start at the beginning, but Shannon will have to sit down and you
both need to try and remain calm.” “If Frank becomes upset and his heart rate
peaks up again, we will have to sedate him and start over tomorrow on the

Dr. Walker started talking again and explained what she knew at that time.
The gender terrorist group Modern Amazon Feminist Society, also know as MAFS
had abducted me. The reason for my selection by the MAFS was not clear at
that time, but a communication package was promised for a future delivery
that would give that detail.

My body had been modified for 2 reasons. I had done something in the past
that was very offensive to my abductors and the second reason they claimed
was that my modifications were a demonstration of the groups ability to
“improve” a man. I was not the first man to be abducted for improvement by
the MAF group, nor would I be the last.

“Please let me talk without questions and then I will try to answer some of
your questions tonight and tomorrow I will continue after you have rested and
had a chance to get used to the information I have given you so far.”

A Thoroughly Changed Man

Dr. Walker began her explanation. The things she told me shook me to my very

“The MAFS group abducted you for some undisclosed reason and performed major
surgery on you.”

“The modifications as we understand them are the following.”

“Most of your stomach muscles have been removed and the ones remaining are
very week and will not be capable of holding your internal organs in place.”

“Two of your ribs on each side have been removed which will further change
the way your body looks and functions.”

“Your abdominal organs have been modified to reduce them in size and now they
take up much less space than before the surgery and you will have to eat very
small meals the rest of your life.”

“Because of the stomach muscle removal, organ modifications and rib removal,
you will now have to wear a corset to keep everything in proper place and to
be able to stand without internal pain. This is a permanent condition, you
will need a very severe corset to function.”

“Your body hair has been permanently removed and you have no hair except on
the top of you head, thin eyebrows and eyelashes. Your body is hairless and
all hair follicles have been destroyed, except in the places I mentioned.”

“Your Achilles tendons has been shortened, which will require you to walk in
shoes that have high-heals.”

“Your lips have been modified to be much fuller and according to the MAFS
documents, your nerve endings in your lips have been modified to be extremely
sensitive. Your face has had some cosmetic surgery, your features have been
modified to look more feminine and your Adam’s apple has been reduced in

“Your breasts have also been modified to be larger. You are currently a “B”
cup and will continue to grow to between a “C” cup and a “D” cup based on
your family tendency in breast size. This was part of the information
provided in the MAFS documents.”

“Your genitals have had extensive modification. The only part of your penis
remaining is the glans or head of your penis. It is now more of a large
clitoris than a penis. The remaining section of penis is fully functional and
you will still use the stump to urinate and ejaculate. You can get erect
according to the documents, but with such a short penis, you will not be able
to penetrate a vagina any longer.”

“Your vocal cords has been tightened to produce a higher pitched voice.”

I was in panic at all of this news. Dr. Walker had calmly discussed the body
modifications I had gone through, but even with the sedation I was still
under the panic was extremely high by the end of the explanation.

“From the monitors I can tell that you are experiencing stress from the news.
I am going to increase the sedative and you will go back to sleep for now.
Over the next few days you will have time to adjust to your situation.”

With that the nurse turned a knob on my IV drip and I was off to a fitful
dream state that was like an unending nightmare. Over and over the freakish
image Dr. Walker had explained to me was spinning through my head.

Get Over It

The next day I woke to hear Shannon crying softly. The news came screaming
back into my head as reality returned to my brain.

“Don’t cry Shannon, it only makes it worse.”

“I’m sorry”, she said. “It’s just that I fell in love with a man and now you
are half man half woman.” “I don’t know how we can go on like this and Dr.
Walker said that there is no way to restore what has been removed from you
body.” “You are like this forever!”

Now I was crying and feeling a great loss. My world had been destroyed and my
wife was sitting in my hospital room crying. I was at a complete loss for
words and my emotions were in complete overload.

It was at that point that Dr. Walker came into my room.

“This video tape from the MAFS just came into the hospital. A young street
punk said that somebody gave him 20 bucks to drop it off. I think it is an
additional explanation for you to understand what has happened.”

Dr. Walker had an orderly bring in a TV and VCR. She placed the tape into the
VCR and we all began to watch the video. As the image came up it was a
computer- generated woman and the voice was also computer generated.

“Welcome back Frank, or shall I say Fankie?” “By now you know what has been
done to you, but you don’t know why and what the ramifications to your life
will be because of the modifications we performed.”

“We did this to you for three reasons. First, we believe that as Modern
Amazon Feminists we can adapt males to our needs and preferences, regardless
of your wishes. Second we have developed our capabilities to perform these
modifications to a high art and we wanted a subject to demonstrate them on.
And third, you were selected because of physical suitability and because you
were unfaithful to your wife Shannon.”

I started to protest to the TV, but before I could say anything video started
running of me having sex with a college age girl. Shannon started crying
harder as I stammered my apology and explanation.

“I am sorry Shannon, it was only that one time and it never happened again!”

Shannon ran out of the room as the tape continued to roll. I had stopped to
help this girl when her tire blew right in front of me. We were at a
stoplight and just as the light was changing to green, there was a loud pop.
I thought it might be my tire, but when I got out the girl also got out and
it was her back tire. All the cars around us were honking like crazy and she
was in a bit of a panic.

I could not believe my eyes, she was a tight-body strawberry blonde with
great tits, ass and the face of an angel. She looked wholesome and sexy at
the same time. My cock noticed my attraction and stirred in my pants.

I told her not to worry, it was just one of those things that happens
one-in-a- million times and her tire just blew. I asked her if she had a
spare and she said that the tire that just blew was her spare, she had
already had a flat today.

I suggested that we push the car off the road onto the shoulder to get it out
of traffic and get some help. She said that would be great, but since her
motel was just down the road, could I give her a lift the rest of the way and
she would deal with it in the morning.

I agreed and after we pushed her car out of the way while people all around
us honked horns, we loaded up her several suitcases into my SUV. It took a
less than five minutes to reach her hotel and I waited in my SUV while she
checked in.

It was an older style motel set up for highway trade, two stories with
outside stairs and a balcony to enter the rooms. Her room was on the second
floor and you had to lug suitcases up the outside stairs to reach it. She
asked me to help her get all her luggage up to the room and I readily agreed
to help this damsel in distress the rest of the way.

It took a couple of trips, but once she had everything up the stairs, she
asked me my name.

“I can’t believe how helpful you have been and we have not even introduced

I told her my name was Frank and she said hers was Aphrodite.

“I bet you have had a day or two where you wished your parents didn’t give
you that name?” I said.

“Oh no, I picked that name when I turned 18 and had it legally changed. It
just suited me more than my given name “Jane”, I was not a plain Jane by any
stretch, so I changed it.” She said in a flirting way.

“No, you don’t strike me as a plain Jane either.” I flirted back as I tried
not to stare at her.

Just those few words were making me horny and I started to turn to go before
my thoughts got any more sexual.

“Well, I need to be going, good luck with the car Aphrodite.”

“Don’t go just yet, I have not thanked you for all your help.”

“That’s all right, you don’t have to thank me, just trying to help out
somebody in need.”

“No I insist, I must return the favor somehow!”

She moved quickly and before I know what was happening, she pulled her dress
over her head. I was stunned when I saw she was naked underneath. I knew she
was looking sexy before and was not wearing a bra, but I had avoided staring
and did not know she was naked under her dress. I knew she was pretty, but
she was magnificent when she was naked. Her breasts were a natural “C” cup
and perfectly shaped, with no droop. Narrow waste flaring out to perfect
hips. Her trimmed bush was natural strawberry-blond to match the hair on her
head. Her body was that of a very fit young woman and did not have any excess
fat. She could have been a model for all I knew. She looked perfect.

She stepped into my arms and kissed me passionately. My head was spinning and
as she kissed me deeply, she started undressing me. For some unknown reason,
I didn’t stop her. It was out of character for me, but for that one moment I
forgot about my marriage to Shannon and let her undress me. I should have
stopper her, but her sexuality was overwhelming and I started thinking with
my dick.

She had me undressed in a few seconds and she pushed me to the bed. As she
lay me down on my back she told me to relax and let her have her way with me.
She was going to return my favor by showing me a good time.

Aphrodite was kissing me all over my body and brushing my dick with her
longhair hands and lips. She had me rock hard and no thoughts remained in my
head about my wife Shannon.

I tried to use my hands to caress Aphrodite, but she stopped me.

“I want you to relax and let me do the work! You did your part getting me
rescued and to my motel, now just relax and enjoy!”

I lay back, but her teasing was driving me crazy and soon I started stroking
her again.

“I told you not to do that, so now I am going to have to get those hands
under control.”

Aphrodite jumped off the bed and came back with some silk stockings. She tied
my hands to the headboard and then tied my feet to the bed frame at the foot
of the bed. It took a few seconds and it happened so fast, plus I was so
horny that I didn’t even think about stopping her. I was not tightly bound,
but I could not reach anything or get up again till she wanted.

Aphrodite began making love to my body and she stroked me and kissed
everywhere but on my dick. My dick was hard as a rock and starting to leak

“What a nice cock you have! It must be a good 8 inches and quite thick. I bet
you make all the girls crazy with that thing!”

She was right, my dick was well above average and I had always had been both
proud and popular because of my very nice cock. In college the word got out
among some of the coeds and I had many opportunities to bed curious women. It
was a reputation I would have to live down when I met Shannon.

“I want it in my pussy, but it is so big, I don’t know if I can take it.”

I told Aphrodite that I was sure that if she relaxed she would be able to
take it and would enjoy the fullness.

“Can you lick my pussy and get it nice and wet for your big dick?” she

I quickly agreed and Aphrodite turned around and set her pussy on my face. As
I started licking her pussy, she lightly stroked and licked my cock. She slid
her pussy up and down as I licked and she controlled my access to her sweet
pussy. She teased my dick and spread my pre-cum up and down my shaft with her
fingertips, never giving me enough attention to move me toward my climax but
always teasing me further. Then she shook with orgasm and collapsed on my
body. She never let go of my cock, but never stroked it harder than whisper.

“That was very nice and I bet it would be very nice to have your big dick in
my pussy! The only thing is, I don’t like to have my pussy full of sperm when
I finish fucking, so I make my boyfriend suck my pussy clean when I fuck. No
licking my pussy clean, no fucking. I was planning to give you a blowjob, but
your dick is so big, I can’t get my mouth on it to give you a good sucking.
Will you lick my pussy clean if I fuck you?”

I could not believe my own ears, but I was so horny and with my hands and
legs tied, it made sense to agree with her request. That is what happens when
you think with your cock.

“Yes, please fuck me!”

“Yes what?” she asked.

“Yes I will lick your pussy clean after we fuck!”

Aphrodite turned around and sat her pussy down on my cock head. She rubbed it
back and forth on her clit and pussy lips until it was well lubricated. She
slowly pressed her pussy down on my dick and as her pussy started to open up
my dick felt her warm wet pussy flesh. It tightly engulfed my cock as she
slid on down. Aphrodite took her time, teasing me and getting used to the
fullness. Finally she was fully impaled on my cock and she leaned forward and
kissed my face neck and lips as she moved her pussy up and down a fraction of
an inch. She kept teasing me for several minutes as she ground her clit into
my dick and pelvis. By her action, she was getting the fullness and
stimulation to her clit and I was being teased. She climaxed for the second
time, a small climax but a climax non-the less.

After a few minutes she started to slowly fuck me. Up and down she slid on my
pole. Up to the tip and back down to the hilt. She kept up her slow fucking
for several minutes and I would have screamed out in sweet agony if it were
not for her mouth French kissing me.

Eventually Aphrodite began to near orgasm again and she started picking up
the pace. I was bucking up to meet her down thrust and slamming home my
sexual frustration as hard as my limited movement would let me. Soon we were
both on the verge of climax and when I started shooting, Aphrodite started
shaking again with her 3d climax. She collapsed on my chest and my cock
stayed lodged in her sweet pussy as we relaxed.

“I can feel my pussy full of you sperm, are you ready to clean up the mess
you made in my pussy?”

I had forgotten about my agreement, but now that I had climaxed, I was not
interested in licking her pussy full of fresh sperm.

“Can’t we forget about the pussy cleaning? I have never eaten pussy after
fucking before and now it sounds king of gross.”

“A deal is a deal and since you are tied up still, I guess that you will just
have to live up to your bargain.”

Aphrodite slid off my cock and quickly sat her pussy down on my mouth. At
first I didn’t lick, just sat there thinking about eating sperm and thinking
that only queers ate sperm.

“Get to licking, or I will pinch your nose so you can’t breath.”

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue into her pussy. The sperm and pussy
juice was running down my throat as it slid out of her pussy. At first, I was
gagging on the slimy mixture, but I got over that and began to enjoy licking
her sweet pussy and feeling the mixture on my tongue.

“Yes, that’s it, lick my pussy clean you sperm eater. This is called a
“creampie” and I am glad you are getting your first from me!”

I licked and sucked for all I was worth as she ground her pussy down on my
face. As she neared her 4th orgasm, I realized that my cock was still hard.
She was not even touching my cock and yet I was still hard as a rock. Her
youth, beauty and the kinky experience of cleaning up my own sperm were
keeping me very excited.

Aphrodite was grinding her pussy on my face and spreading the creampie all
over my face. I could hardly keep up with my licking as she reached her 4th
climax. She shuddered for several minutes and I gently licked her pussy lips
and stayed away from her very sensitive clit.

When she was done with her orgasm, she slid down my body and started stroking
my cock again.

“You are a natural born creampie eater, you never even lost your hardon and
now you are ready to go again! You sperm eating fool!”

Aphrodite again set her pussy down on my dick, but this time she did not
tease. Her pussy went down in one stroke and she started slamming up and down
as fast as she could. I usually went limp after fucking, but this girl was so
sexy and it was so kinky eating my first creampie while tied up under a
beautiful strawberry blonde that I was ready to fuck all night.

Since I had already cum, I did not climax as fast. Aphrodite varied her pace
and slid up and down to create several small orgasms for herself. As she
started to build up once again for a large climax, she started pinching my
nipples, and reaching around a pulling on my balls. I was heading for a
climax again. It didn’t take long after that and when her pussy started to
spasm; my cock shot off again for my second climax.

It was amazing, the way she had gotten me to climax twice in such a short
time. I was lost in my sexual afterglow when she picked up her head from my

“Ready to clean up my pussy?”

I had forgotten her rule and I was not thrilled about eating a second

“I tell you what, this time just lick my pussy lips and stay away from my
clit. If you can clean me up without driving me crazy, I won’t have to make
you hard again to fuck me. If you drive me crazy with lust, I will just have
to fuck you again, even if it takes me all night to get you hard enough to
ride that magnificent cock of yours.

Aphrodite slid up to my face and I ate my second creampie. I gently licked
her pussy lips and swallowed the sperm and pussy juice mixture as she gently
stroked my hair. My dick was still semi-hard, but I definitely did not have a
full- fledged erection.

Aphrodite kept it up for several minutes until there was no sperm leaking out
of her pussy into my mouth.

“You did good! I got cleaned up without having to fuck again, so I will be
able to let you up!”

After a few more minutes, she untied me. I needed to get out of there! I was
very late and I had not even called home. Shannon was going to be pissed! And
I smelled like sex! Not just a little, Aphrodite had pussy juice and sperm
from my knees to my nose and there was no way that Shannon was going to miss
the odor.

“Can I rinse off in the shower?”

“What’s the matter Frank, don’t want to go home with the smell of sex on

“Well it would be a little hard to explain, wouldn’t it!”

She let me shower and I raced home with the windows open to dry my hair. It
turned out that I was in luck because there had been a bad wreck on the
freeway and traffic was backed up for miles. Shannon had called my cell
phone, but it was turned off and she didn’t get an answer. When she asked me
why my cell phone was off, I told her I had gone off and left it at the

“I am glad you are home safe and sound, but I was worried that when I could
not reach you on the cell phone, it was you involved in the wreck! Don’t
forget the cell phone again!”

She gave me a big hug and held me for several minutes as she got over her
fear of me being in the big accident.

“You smell nice Frank, are you wearing a new after-shave or something?”

My mind raced for an answer.

“No, they changed the soap at the office and I washed my face just before I
left to freshen up a bit for the drive home, I was a little sleepy. I don’t
like the new soap, thought it was a bit smelly, but you seem to like it, so
maybe it is not so bad.”

That was the end of it for me, Shannon thought the time loss was because of a
wreck and I was sure that the secret would go to the grave with me. Before I
settled down with Shannon, I had a bit of a reputation as a “cocks-man” and
Shannon had promised me that if she ever got wind of me fooling around on her
that would be it! I had never made that mistake before that day and I was
never going to repeat this mistake again, even if it was great sex!

There it was on videotape, me having sex with Aphrodite, kinky sex in a motel
room. Shannon had left so soon that she didn’t see it all, but I was sure
that she was very pissed. It was bad enough that I was a freak, but now she
had all the reason she needed to leave me without the transformation.

I looked around the room as the tape played out my sex scene and the nurses
were squirming and getting a little flushed, but Dr. Walker just had a polite
smile on her face. I think I died 5 times as the tape played on. Then the sex
faded and computer voice and face came back.

“Well as you can see, Frankie you were a scumbag male, going against your
vows to Shannon and just like the majority of men not worthy of the women in
your life. You can try to say that you were entrapped, but not once did you
leave or even ask to leave! That is why we were perfectly justified to pick
you for our demonstration.”

“We have done some of these steps to other men as we perfected them. Men who
were unfaithful like you. Frankie, you are the first male to get the whole
treatment, but you will not be the last. The MAFS will keep looking for men
who are unfaithful to the women in their lives and when we identify them, we
will take action to put things in better order.”

“Now on to the good parts! I get to explain your new body to you!

“We know from our spies at the hospital that you know most of the changes
that were performed on your body. What you don’t know are the subtle items
that have been done to you.”

“First things first. Your penis has been modified extensively. You have been
told that it has been shortened to just the glans or head. That is true, but
not the whole story. We have also taken the skin and nerve endings from you
penis and relocated them throughout your body. We used the material to create
your nipples on your new breasts, to enhance your lips and replaced the
lining of your rectum with the rest. You are the first modified man to get
our new rectum lubrication modification. We created a connection from your
prostate to your rectum that allows seminal fluids to lubricate your rectum.
Basically, your pre- cum will be used to make your anal opening more like a
vagina. When you are sexually stimulated, your anal opening will produce a
natural lubrication.”

“The net effect of these penis modifications is that you can only receive
total sexual stimulation by rubbing the penis tip or as we like to say your
clit with your fingers, having anal sex by penetration, giving a blowjob and
having your nipples sucked at the same time.”

“As you can see, this is a very complex process to obtain sexual
gratification and you may wonder why would anybody bother to have sex under
these conditions. Well in your case we made sure that you would be driven to
have as much sex as possible. We have placed millions of tiny hormone
capsules called microcapsules in your body. The capsules are made with
various material and thickness of materials that will be absorbed over time.
As your body absorbs the coating you will receive a time release of hormones.
The microcapsules have been injected through you body in organ, muscle, bone
and even brain tissues. The number and placement was arranged to prevent
removal of the microcapsules and thus you will be at the mercy of your
hormones the rest of your life.”

“Now the mix of hormones is diabolical! You will have excessive male hormones
to maximize your sex drive and you will have female hormones to insure breast
growth and other gender shaping results. For all practical purposes, you are
permanently horny and there is no way to stop the effect of our hormone
treatment. You could even remove your testicles and you would still be over-

“You understand that we removed ribs, part of your eternal organs and much of
your stomach muscles. That means you will be corseted the rest of your life.
In fact, you corset will need to hold your waste to about 18 inches. This
will give you quite a female shape, with your breasts and the extra fat the
female hormones will build up on your hips.”

“You also know about your Achilles tendons. They have been shortened to
require you to wear high-heal shoes the rest of your life. In fact, you will
not be able to stand going barefoot for more than a few minutes at a time.”

“We removed all unneeded body hair and that coupled with the female hormones
will give you the smoothest skin possible and a beautiful head of hair on

“We have also used strong hypnotic drugs to alter your mind. While you were
going through the physical transformations, we reprogrammed your brain. You
will remain male heterosexual in your mind. In fact, we enhanced your
homophobic feelings. At the same time, we implanted a total aversion to
anything but silk underclothing and if you try to wear anything else, you
will have terrible hives. You will spend the rest of your life dressed in
women’s silk underwear, wearing a silk corset, in high-heals and wanting to
be double penetrated while rubbing your clit and nipples to have sexual

“We doubt that there will be much time in your life for any activity besides
fulfilling your sex drive!”

“Your programming also includes a strong desire to wear makeup, long
fingernails and to grow your hair long. The urge to do these things is so
strong that you will spend hours each day perfecting a feminine look! Your
image will revolt you because of the strong homophobic feelings, but you
won’t be able to stop yourself and we have also placed a complete blockage of
any suicide thoughts in your mind programming. You can not take your own life
to end the torment!”

“We have also programmed you to want to serve your wife in any way she wants.
You are for all extent and purpose your wife’s slave and are bound to her for
life. If she should die for some reason, you are programmed to seek out a new
woman to replace her and you will continue to serve her for life. You now see
that you can not be unfaithful to your wife again! You are her slave and must
be true to her commands at all times!

“One more little twist we added to your adultery punishment is sperm
addiction and aversion! You are programmed to eat sperm regularly. If you
don’t take sperm orally every few days, you will become ill to your stomach
and will remain so until you eat more sperm. Because we enhanced your
homophobic feelings, you will be revolted by the act of eating the sperm, but
compelled to do so!”

“If you only eat your own sperm (which you are still capable of producing in
abundance) overtime you will build an immunity to it and that can only be
cured by eating sperm produced by another. It does not have to be human
sperm, it could be from a dog for example.”

“The last thing we have done is kidnap your wife as she ran out of your
hospital room. She was darted with a strong tranquilizer as she went to her
car in the parking lot and has been taken to our research labs. There she
will be injected with her own set of microcapsules to maximize her sex drive
and undergo hypnotic mind programming to help her adjust to the new Frankie.”

“We did think it was sad that your lovely penis was not going to be in one
piece again, so before it was removed, we injected you penis with a chemical
that forces an erection for hours and made several molds of it. Your wife
Shannon will receive several dildos and strap-on devices molded from your
erect penis.”

“When she returns in a few weeks, she will be ready to take her place as your
owner and a Modern Amazon Feminist!”

With that the tape ended. As I looked at the medical staff, I could tell that
there was a lot of sexual tension in the room, mixed with pity for me. None
of them could imagine the life I would be leaving.

Dr. Walker had them increase my sedative and I drifted off to my fitful dream

My New Life Takes Shape

I had a lot of pain the next few weeks, but as I healed, the pain went away.
Shannon was gone for 3 weeks and the police never did find out who took her
or me. There was a brief time where the media hounded the hospital for
updates, but the hospital never released my name and by the time I was ready
to go home, there were a few other men who had been kidnapped and modified. I
was old news and there was an end to the interest by news media.

Shannon was fine when she was released. There was no visible change, but she
was a different person when we got home. She no longer viewed me as her
husband or even male. I was bound to her as slave and servant. She was horny
often and I was always licking her pussy to orgasm. I was constantly begging
her to fuck me with the strap-on while I played with my tits and clit. When I
would climax and shoot off from the remaining tip of my dick, I would lick
the mess off my fingers and then I would be revolted by my homophobic

After a month or so, my sperm was making me sicker and I started begging her
to take on other lovers. She soon agreed and began to bring them home for sex
and for me to get other sperm into my system. I would get to eat her creampie
when her lover finished and that made me feel “normal” again. Shannon started
having me dress in a French Maid’s uniform to serve her and her lovers. My
new body was perfect for the uniform and Shannon enjoyed my humiliation at
having to wear it.

On date nights I would start by bathing and dressing Shannon. Then I had to
serve drinks and snacks to Shannon and her lover. I would lick her pussy when
she was ready to have sex and sometimes she would have me lick her date’s
dick to get it hard. Then she would have me guide the real man’s cock into
her pussy. When they finished, I would dive into her wet pussy and eat as
much sperm as I could get as fast as I could. It had a much better effect
when it was very fresh. Each time, I would feel better for a few weeks and
then I would start craving sperm from someone else.

With Shannon’s mind programming, she viewed men more as toys and certainly
not a woman’s equal. She wanted to have sex for her pleasure and the pleasure
a man received was not her concern. She viewed me more like a very loved pet.
She loved me, but not as a man or woman. Even though she loved me, she took
pleasure in my humiliation. She said it was a fair punishment for my

Last week, Shannon was feeling a bit under the weather and did not want to
bring home one of her lovers. It had bee a few weeks since I had a dose of
sperm from another man and I was feeling quite ill. Shannon was just not able
to get out of bed to help me, so she called an “emergency” number that was
imprinted in her head by the MAFS programmers. In short order two large black
males showed up and soon had me on my knees giving blowjobs. I wanted to
puke, but my desire for sperm and my uncontrollable horniness forced me to
perform well. As the first was fucking my mouth I started getting turned on
by the friction on my lips and was wiggling my ass. The second black got the
idea and soon his big dick was up my ass. They fucked me like that for a good
15 minutes until they both shot loads into me. I immediately felt better, but
then was revolted by the homosexual acts I just performed.

They rested a few minutes and decided to switch ends and do me again. This
time, it took a lot longer to reach orgasm, but the face and anal fucking so
stimulated my body that I had several orgasms. Each time, I rubbed the
remains of my dick and shot a good load of sperm into my hand that I would
eat as soon as a dick was out of my mouth.

I was on permanent disability from work. I was no longer able to be effective
and my presence upset my co-workers. The best thing for all was for me to
move on. The only problem was that my disability income was much less than I
was earning before and we liked the lifestyle that our combined incomes
brought in. Shannon decided that I would have to find suitable employment.

Shannon had worked out a plan. If I took regular employment, my disability
would end. Even if the new job was for much less than I earned before. So, I
would have to earn my living in a cash business or some form of non-salary
income. Shannon’s company had opened Asian and African operations and they
had aggressive goals to build up to several billion over the next few years.

In order to land the deals, her company was going to entertain the foreign
businessmen here in the states and it was important to show them a good time.
Shannon was a candidate for the new position of international sales director
and her future would be discussed in a private meeting with her boss Clark.
Clark was surprised when I attended with Shannon dressed in one of my French
maid’s uniform, but he did not say anything. It was the first time her boss
had seen me since the modifications and he was amazed by my new look. I had
gotten quite good at makeup and hair, plus my body had developed into a very
sexy look in the French Maids uniform.

Shannon asked me to serve coffee and snacks while they talked. I moved around
as much as possible to keep Clark staring at my body dressed in the
formfitting uniform and listened.

“Frankie can not work in a regular job for two reasons. First, she would lose
her disability income and second nobody would take her serious. She needs a
job where her income can be in the form of cash or can be paid to me
directly. In addition to those facts, Frankie could be very valuable when we
entertain our Asian and African guests.”

The wheels were spinning in Clark’s head.

“I know I am being considered for international sales director and my
proposal is for Frankie to become my assistant for entertaining our
international partners and we will use his unique skills to help close the
deals. Her salary will be paid directly to me on top of my new salary and
that will give us a combined income that maintains our lifestyle and a little

Clark was starting to smile.

“I am so confident of our proposal that I will give you a satisfaction
guarantee. If you are not satisfied by our sales results in Asia and Africa
in six months, I will resign.”

Clark was grinning ear to ear.

“Frankie Please remove you uniform down to your corset, panties and

It had been a few weeks since I had a sperm fix from another person and I was
craving Clark’s sperm.

“Slowly spin around and give Clark a good view.”

I am a striking man/woman these days. I could walk well in the high-heals and
there I was in my severe silk corset with half cups to support my perfect
breasts, garter straps holding my stockings up, high-heals with sexy ankle
straps and black silk panties.

Clark let out a sigh and said, “Nice”.

“Frankie, I want you to take Clark’s cock out of his pants, suck him till he
is good and hard and then I want you to bend over his desk and let him have
you in the ass.” Shannon said in a matter of fact manner.

Her plan was designed to maximize my performance! I had not had any sperm
from someone else for several weeks and I needed a fix bad. By having me give
up my ass to Clark, I would still be craving sperm. I would then have to give
my best blowjob to Clark to produce a second orgasm and get my oral dose of
his sperm. Clark was in his late forties and getting a second orgasm was
going to be a challenge.

I went right to work. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his already
swelling cock. It was a nice cock, not as big as my former cock, but well
above average. I had learned to perform oral sex well on cocks. I knew what
had felt good to me when I was a whole man and because of my new condition, I
had gained practical experience giving blowjobs.

Clark was soon rock hard as I bobbed my head up and down his shaft. At the
same time the nerve endings in my lips were telling my brain that my phantom
cock was getting stroked and my ass was starting to leak pre-cum.

When Clark started moaning, I got up from my knees and leaned over his desk.
By now he was so horny, that he had no hesitation at pulling down my panties
and ramming his dick to the hilt. He reached around and started playing with
my sensitive tits and nipples. I was getting very turned on to his efforts
and started fingering my clit as he pounded into my ass. By now he had a good
rhythm going and I was able to squeeze my asshole to meet his thrusts and
give him a good anal fucking.

I was sure that his receptionist could hear the lustful sounds coming out of
Clark’s office and to this day I wonder what she was thinking.

The kinky nature of the sex had Clark ready to orgasm in short order and when
he shot his load up my ass he let out a loud moan and collapsed back into his
chair. His cock was still tightly in my ass and his hands were still playing
with my tits, so as he sat back, I was pulled onto his lap.

I didn’t want him to lose his erection, so I slid up off his shaft and turned
around and sucked his cock into my mouth. I had to pull out every trick to
keep him hard and was using my lips and hands to work his cock and balls. He
was starting to soften when I slipped a moist finger into his asshole. That
was the trick, I started finger-fucking his ass as I worked my mouth up and
down his shaft and played with his balls with my other hand.

I don’t know how long it had been since Clark had back-to-back orgasms, but
he was building to one now. I knew I had him when he was rocking his hips to
my rhythm and he put his hands in my hair to get the rhythm he wanted. Clark
continued to face fuck me fast and hard for several minutes. When he finally
climaxed, it was a small amount, but it was like precious material to me as I
sucked it down.

After Clark rested a moment and I continued to clean up his dick of any
remaining sperm Shannon spoke. “Do we have an agreement?”

All Clark said was, “Hell yes!”

I got dressed and we headed home to celebrate.

Continued Adjustment

A new shipment of dildos and strap-on cocks arrived the other day from MAFS.
They had decided that my former cock was the perfect size, longer and thicker
than average, but not so large that a woman would find it uncomfortable once
she got used to it. The molds from my cock would be used extensively by the
group in the manufacture of sex appliances. They felt it would only be fair
if Shannon received a sample of the new and improved devices in compensation
for my sacrificed cock. I had tears in my eyes as we unwrapped the
appliances. I kept thinking back to the days when a cock like this swung
between my legs.

There were three new strap-on cocks for our use. One was intended for Shannon
to use on me and was molded to fit her pussy perfectly. They must have take
molds of her pussy when she was abducted. It had about 5 inches of my cock on
her end and was designed to cup her genitalia perfectly, including a clit
stimulator. It actually fit so well that if her pussy were shaved, the
suction created would hold it in place for a vigorous fucking session. On my
end was a complete replica of my cock. Shannon could give me a good reaming
and help me with my sexual frustration.

The second strap-on was designed for me to wear to fuck Shannon. It had a
recess for placing my dick head in place and was shipped with an adhesive
that could be used to set the dildo in place where my old cock once grew. I
love the feeling of slipping “my cock” into Shannon and fucking her like old
times. She enjoyed it a great deal and I often lick Shannon’s pussy to
several orgasms and then put on “my cock” and fuck for as long as she can
stand it. I don’t get much stimulation from this, but I feel more like a man
when I am fucking her to multiple orgasms. Shannon likes this device so much
that she has quite feeling the need to bring home lovers for pleasure. I now
have to get my extra sperm from the entertainment we do for the international

The third strap-on is a face dildo. It has about 4 inches of my cock that
goes in my mouth and a locking strap to hold it in place. The other end is a
complete replica of my old cock. There is breathing hole in the dildo and a
feeding tube that can be inserted into the hole, that way I can be made to
drink any liquid Shannon wishes. I can be locked into the face dildo and kept
silent for as long as Shannon wishes. She can take her pleasure by riding my
face dildo and then assign me to chores to with cock sticking out from my
face. She uses it a bit as a punishment device, but promises that we will
have need for it with women customers in the future.

The international business has taken off very fast and Shannon was a big
success in closing the deals. After working out basic agreements by
teleconference, she would invite them to the US for final negotiations. We
would always arrange an evening of entertainment where I would start the
evening as a maid, serving food and drinks and by the end of the evening
serving the men in a more personal way.

We have not lost a deal yet and Shannon has been promoted to a Senior VP
position. The only person above her is the CEO. Her income is fantastic,
because as sales VP she gets a base salary plus a commission on all the
sales. International sales have built up to over 500 Million and the company
is on track to reach the 1 Billion-dollar target over a year sooner than
originally planned.

We have moved into a mansion that we use for entertainment of our
International customers and I now have domestic staff to help with the
household duties. But when the customers show up, the staff is gone before
the fun starts and I am left to finish serving the prepared refreshments and
drinks in my French Maid role.

My hormone levels kept me sexually charged and the best way to relieve the
wanton feelings is to perform at these entertainment events. Afterwards I am
revolted by the acts that I view as homosexual, but I am driven to seek the
penetration as well as the sperm.

My brain has largely adjusted to the relocation of nerve endings. When I am
getting double penetrated with the person who is penetrating my anal path
rubbing my tits and with me stroking my “clit” and a second phallus in my
mouth pumping in and out I feel great. I can close my eyes and create a
mental image of my former cock and it feels like I am still a man with a real
cock. It is only when I am done that I remember that I just sucked a cock
that I get the feelings of revulsion.

Last week Shannon had a group of 5 businessmen from Africa at the house for
final negotiations. We have several guest suites and each of the men had a
private room and would be with us for 2 days and 1 night. If Shannon closed
this deal, we would have exclusive rights to sales in several emerging
nations in Africa. She would have it made if this deal came through.

The first day was all business and we ran the meeting in our multi-media
room. The staff helped serve and prepare food for our guests, but I was a
visual distraction for the men in my sexiest French Maids costume. Each time
I entered the room they could not take their eyes off me. I made sure to walk
around picking up dishes and refreshing drinks as often as possible. I leaned
over and gave long views of my nearly naked breasts and when I needed to pick
up a dropped item, I bent at the waste so my short uniform skirt would rise
up and expose my silk panties. By the end of the day, all five men were
semi-erect in their pants.

The staff under my supervision served dinner and the men enjoyed the gourmet
foods and fine wine. After dinner the men and Shannon retired to the lounge
and the staff cleared dinner and departed. I continued to serve wine and
cocktails to keep the men relaxed.

It was getting late when Shannon announced to the men that she needed to
retire, but that I would stay up to provide whatever entertainment the men
desired. With that she left the room.

There was a long pause as the men looked at me with lust. Finally one of the
men asked what Shannon had meant by her statement.

I explained that I would stay with them as long as they wished and see to it
that their needs were met. At that point he got direct and asked me if that
included sex.

The other men fidgeted, and some even pulled at their pants to make room for
swelling cocks.

“I have no pussy for your cocks, but my mouth and ass are at your disposal
this evening.”

The men were taken back when they realized that I was a transgendered male
and not a woman. The room was silent until one spoke.

“Then get overhear and suck my cock”, the largest man said.

I went over and knelt before him and opened the fly of his pants. His cock
was almost erect and I had to remove his pants to get it free. I was amazed
by the size of the thing as I started stroking it and sucking the head, it
grew to over 10 inches and my mouth was stretched to its maximum by the
thickness of his cock. It took a few minutes, but soon I was getting a good
rhythm going and he was starting to moan.

One of the other men pulled up my skirt and lowered my panties and started
working his dick into my ass. I was getting pretty turned on and the
lubrication from my pre-cum enabled him to penetrate me quickly. They had me
sandwiched now and were working me hard with their large cocks. The sexual
teasing I had given them throughout the day had them pretty excited and it
did not take long to get them to orgasm.

I let their cocks soften a bit and then pulled my mouth off the first cock
and the second slid out of my ass. I quickly removed the uniform so my tits
would be exposed and looked at the other three men.

“Whose turn is next?”

The quietest member of the negotiation team raised his hand and I went to him
and opened his pants. As I knelt before him, I suggested to the men that they
get undressed. I started sucking and found a nice large cock about the size
of my former cock. I didn’t even look around when a forth man took his cock
and shoved it into my ass. I was pulling my second double penetration of the
night and I was getting the fucking of my life form these large black cocks.
I had to keep my mind off what I was doing, or my homophobic feelings would
take over. I just concentrated on the rubbing of cock on my lips and in my
ass. When the ass fucker reached around and grabbed my tits and started
pawing at my nipples, I could create a mental image of my old cock getting
stroked and push the “queer” thoughts out of my head.

When I got done with these two, I asked the last man if he wanted lips or ass
and he said both. I asked him which he wanted first, he said he wanted a
blowjob. With that, I went to work on my 5th large black cock. As I was
sucking away, one of the men got a second erection and soon he was fucking my
ass as I gave the blowjob.

I lost track of how many times I was fucked that night, but the men all went
to bed after fucking by mouth and ass many times. I think I went to sleep a
4:00AM and nobody was up to start the final negotiation on time the next day.

Shannon won that deal also and we got a huge commission check out of our
efforts. When I woke up in the hospital that day, I never dreamed what my
life would be like today, and I don’t enjoy everything about it, but as you
can see we have adjusted and even learned how to profit from our situation.


Modern Amazon Feminist Society Meeting

“Ladies, ladies, come to order, we have a very full agenda tonight and we
need to get things moving”, the chairwoman said as she called the meeting to

“The first order of business is a report from Dr. Walker on the success of
the surgical modification techniques she has developed and that will be
followed up by Aphrodite’s sub-team report on our next target male.”

“Before they start, please give them both a big round of applause! We have
progressed so far and fast due to the efforts of this mother daughter team!”

The two women got a standing ovation as they started their reports.

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