you arrive at 63 Buxom Road, an ordinary-looking house from the outside but within the residence, such opulence fit for a Mistress, a Queen, a Goddess – Ms. N.

you knock on the cream-colored door. It is opened by a muscular slave, collared, wearing only black latex shorts which define his enormous cock. You are beckoned to enter the Mistress’ abode. You follow the lead of the muscular slave into the Burgundy room. You feel a combination of nervousness and excitement. Upon entering, you set eyes upon the glorious Ms N. – seated on her throne… waiting gracefully. Her demeanor is regal and majestic as she waits in her burgundy velvet-covered throne.

you perceive the surroundings quickly. The room is softly lit with candlelight, musk oils burning, heavy burgundy drapes adorn the windows, a burgundy chesterfield is up against one wall, wooden floorboards with a deep red shag-pile rug in the middle of the room and most importantly, soft music playing. There are three pieces of artwork displayed in varying poses of a naked black woman with long flowing hair riding her white horse into the wilderness. They are hauntingly beautiful – the artist; Kristian Rene. Positioned in the middle of the rug is The Throne. At the other end of the wall are four hooks mounted to the wall; two at the top, and two at the bottom. Restraints are attached to each hook, hanging, waiting for use.

Ms N. is wearing a pink corset with black trim which fits her curvaceous figure, her generous breasts are accentuated by the cinched waist of the corset. Her stockinged-covered legs look extremely sensual – you have an overwhelming urge to touch those legs, as you gaze at Her feet encased in black patent stiletto shoes… She looks so noble in her magnificent, feminine, and sexy attire… you are totally mesmerized by her beauty, a strong beauty… a beauty to also be fearful of. She smiles but you sense menace beneath the surface.

Her chocolate brown skin, long black curly hair, burgundy painted lips enhanced by her burgundy rimmed glasses do nothing to hide the intensity in her brown eyes. She has a graceful neck, well-proportioned shoulders, tapered waist, the fullness of her hips, and the exquisite completeness of her long, strong, muscular legs. She is holding her Red Riding Crop like the magnificent scepter it is… the only thoughts running through your head at this breathtaking moment are that Ms N. is splendid, exquisite, and magnificent and that you want to enslaved by this Dominant Woman forever…

Ms N. speaks, quietly,: “show me your respect, show me, your reverence, bitch”… you immediately kneel in front of her, head bowed feeling awe, worthlessness, and inferiority that you’ve never felt before… you realize at this moment that you are a lowly creature in the presence of such greatness.

I am a magnificent and statuesque Woman. I am physically powerful and imposing.

I stand up and walk around you with long, confident strides, inspecting you, pondering whether you are suitable to be part of my stable.

your senses are heightened by my scrutiny – you hear the soft rustling of my Royal attire, the vibration of my firm footsteps through the floor – you wait with bated breath…and wait…

you are wearing a charcoal single-breasted suit which is such inappropriate attire in the presence of Ms N…

I command you to remove all your clothing – I say “dog, I want you completely naked, to feel defenseless and vulnerable in my presence” then I lean forward and pinch your left ear lobe extremely hard. you emit a small groan from the burning and painful sensation caused by the pinch. You respond immediately: “yes, Mistress”.

You promptly remove your jacket, pale grey silk tie, white shirt, shoes, sock, trousers, and underwear – “oh pussy boy this is such boring and conservative garb!” “Are you this boring in your vanilla workplace”, and you respond “yes, Mistress I am”. I immediately lean forward and pinch your right ear lobe… even harder than the left ear lobe. You almost draw away from me but stop yourself and endure the pain I lavish upon you.

It brings me such pleasure to provide these little inflictions upon your pathetic person. Tell me, boy “do you want to experience more of my attention” – with your ears still smarting from the pinching recently bestowed, your response is prompt – “whatever you think I deserve Ms N. I will readily accept all you give me”.

I smile sardonically. I place my right black patented stiletto heel between your legs and push down on your generous pussy balls. You grunt, then quickly murmur “thank you, Ms N”.

My muscular slave, who has been waiting in the hallway, moves quietly, respectfully, into the Burgundy room to collect and remove your clothing. He leaves, closing the door behind him.

Still, in the kneeling position, I move towards you with poise and self-assurance. I lean forward and you smell my favorite perfume, Chanel No. 19. You inhale my scent – both my artificial scent and real scent a deep earthy musk; the combination makes you feel giddy – you have the urge to lean forward and inhale deeply my smell but restrain yourself. You feel my firm but soft hands around your bowed head as I place the black leather studded collar around your neck. Once collared, I connect your leash and tug harshly – you fall forward and push your hands out to stop from falling heavily on the wooden floorboards. I tug you again, swiftly, from the back which almost chokes you… your throat feels a little sore but you do not complain… you dare not complain. You have been collared and leashed and in the presence of Ms N. “Are you ready to serve me, boy?” – you nod.

I gently ring a cowbell which emits a soft jingle and beckons my muscular slave. I command you to stand. The slave encases your large cock and balls with a pink cock ring. As he expertly clasps the ring, I observe your reaction to the intimate touch of the male slave…your cock clit grows slightly… precum leakage glistens around the head of your cock. I lean forward and touch your cock clit head with my perfectly manicured right index finger and collect some precum. I insert my precum-covered finger into your mouth… you gently suck and lick the precum from my finger. I remove my moist finger and wipe off the residue onto your chest.

I gracefully sit back down into my burgundy velvet-covered throne and cross my long, firm legs. I gaze at you… there is a profound quietness… you nervously lick your lips…

The lights are soft. The room is warm.

You feel as if you have finally found a place of belonging – this, being owned, is what you have been wanting all your life… being in the presence of greatness; such superiority, such beauty, and such strength… you know deep within you have finally found the Mistress you can fully submit your whole being, your essence and your soul. You know that in minutes you are about relinquish your power to me…

I move suddenly, fluidly, unexpectedly, and slap both sides of your face – extremely hard which leaves my handprints. You are shocked by the suddenness and the hot pain… your eyes water and you moan. I raise my hand again and you flinch waiting for another slap… it does not eventuate… you quickly look at me, and see my smile and discern from that smile that I am powerful and knowing… you avert your eyes and cast them downwards, waiting for whatever next is to happen.

I stand and move towards you… my Royal Femaleness is in line with your head… you very much want to look up but dare not; not until you are asked to do so… after all, you are in the lair of this beautiful and intimidating Mistress who will do whatever she desires.

I move behind you slowly, stroking your body teasingly slow with my perfectly manicured fingers… you feel your body tingling… your cock is hardening despite itself… then you hear a whishing sound and in the next instant, “thwack”, you feel an immense sting. You grunt and fall forward. I command you to immediately kneel upright. You do so but not quick enough for my liking… and you immediately feel three consecutive stings from my Red Riding Crop. You whimper and fall to the ground heavily.

I ask you to return to the ‘kneeling’ position again. You do so more quickly. It is still not quick enough and I firmly strike you five more times on your shoulder blades. You gasp in pain; the pain is sharp, more acute than the previous pounding. Your upper back displays red welts from the cropping. I slowly raise the Red Riding Crop again and you flinch, I move it from side to side, up and down, and your terrified eyes follow its progress. Your demeanor now appears timid in my presence… perfect.

Again, I ring the cowbell, my muscular slave appears.

I instruct him to pick you up and bind you to the four hooks on the wall behind you. You move a little sluggishly all the while feeling increasingly apprehensive. The slave ties each hand to the upper hooks, and each leg to the lower hooks. You are in a spread-eagled position facing the wall. Your back is fully exposed to receive anything. You feel extremely vulnerable, anxious and excited. your cock … is engorged, and pulsating.

I move up behind you, and kiss your neck softly. You feel my breasts press against your back, my hands slide down your arms gently, softly, caressingly. I move away slightly. you hear a whishing sound and feel the instantaneous pain inflicted. Ms N proceeds to flog you… you feel a cobweb of pain all over your body. your back is marked, bright red, hot, burning, numb, flushed, sore and strangely delicious. You whimper under your breath. Your cock is rock hard and dripping precum juice on to the wall and floor. I announce I am going to flog you 25 times and so proceed to flog you steadily with 25 firm strokes. I count aloud…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… you count within… 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14…I continue to count… 15, 16, 17, 18, 19… you feel yourself surrender to me as I continue to count… 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25. By the time, I have finished, your whole back is crisscrossed with marks left from the leather flogger and you feel. you feel tremendous relief but also a yearning for more flogging. Ms N. admires the beauty of her leather flogger.

you feel exhaustion and exhilaration after the intensive thrashing but at the same time, you feel compliance, obedience and deference to the statuesque Ms N.

Next you feel a scented warm liquid applied to your back. The muscular slave gently rubs a soothing mixture onto your hot and tender back. Once the concoction has been applied, he unbinds you from the hooks and you immediately fall to the floor.

Ms N moves toward your body and commands you to lay on your back…your back is sensitive, tender but you manage to do so. You are now looking up at me. I gaze down into your eyes and I see your eyes reflecting fear and love. I like to see both fear and love reflecting in all my bitches eyes. you wonder what I have installed for you as my eyes are unreadable. I enquire “what do you want from me, dog?” and you reply –

“I want you to control me, Ms N.… I give my consent for you to dominate me completely, my life is now in your hands”.

I smile.

I open my legs wider and you see my pink and black G string panties. I slowly, teasingly, push them aside and you glimpse my beautiful, shaved, moist Royal Pussy…then you feel wetness, warm, enveloping wetness splashing all over your dirty slut body… you groan softly, happily, contentedly – ecstatic in the knowledge that you have been accepted by me. Then I stop urinating, I move to your mouth and you open your mouth willingly, I squat over your mouth and piss into your mouth – you drink greedily.

Once my Golden Nectar has ceased, I move away. my muscular slave gives you a towel to wipe yourself dry.

I observe your cock is engorged, purple and straining against the cock ring. Once you have wiped yourself down, I command you to kneel in front of me again. I apply vibrating nipple clamps. I then take the leash and proceed to walk you around the Burgundy room. The room is spacious. As you are led around the room, your Mistress proceeds to monologue in a sexy, deep voice the many activities she will introduce you to such as cock and balls torture, whipping, asphyxiation, Strap On, verbal humiliation, feminizing, fisting, bisexual play, and toilet slave. You feel totally enslaved, content crawling at your Mistress’ side listening to her dulcet tones… and you are eager to commence the BDSM journey with Ms N..

I desist our pacing around the Burgundy room, pull you into a hands and knee position. My muscular slave enters the room and assists in encasing my arms with latex gauntlets.

I lean forward and stroke your hard, dripping cock, your precum has made your cock and my gloved hand very slippery. You groan softly. My fingers caress your pink puckered pussy arse – I apply lubricant to the entrance of your pussy arse then slowly but forcefully insert three fingers inside you – you squeal like the bitch dog you are, my new bitch dog. my fingers slide backward and forwards swiftly, commanding…your body synchronizes with the rhythm of my hand. I fuck your pussy arse whilst my left-hand strokes your cock – your moans increase in volume…