Mistress was bored

As I sit there on the lounge watching TV just like most nights in our house, thinking that I will be going to bed soon when the episode of NCIS is finished. My partner walks over to me and tells me to go have a shower and put my cage on. I look at her with a bit of gaze until she grabs my dick and squeezes hard.

“Are you deaf? I said go and put the cage on!” she repeats

I get up and rush to the bathroom as my mind starts thinking about what lays ahead. After having a quick shower I get out and put on my chastity cage. As I walk out of the bathroom, I am met by a partner who is now in Mistress mode. Mistress sticks her long manicured nails through the hole of the cage and pokes my dick with them, squeezing my ball with the other hand.

“I have locked MY DICK away because I don’t want to use it or it getting in the way,” she says

She then attaches a leash to the padlock on my cage, pivots on her heels, and start walking pulling on my cage. As I’m following her, I can’t help but look at her walking and her ass moving with every step. She is wearing her black latex stockings, her white and black latex corset, and high heels. She pulls me down the hallway as her heels echo through the house of the tiles. She makes me stand next to our big heavy dining room table. She then securely ties each of my legs to a leg of the table. Followed by taking my hands behind my back and tying them together with my arms folded. Rope running around my neck and chest like a harness. After that, she also attaches a collar to my neck which she uses more rope through the D rings and secures me to the other end of the table. Leaving me helpless and bound at the table with my legs and ass exposed for do what she pleases with.

“Now, as you are completely helpless and can’t stop me. What should I do next?” she asked

“I know!” quickly follows as she walks back up the hallway.

I can hear the heels echo so I know she is coming back when she comes out holding Her new cane and the inflatable butt plug. So after a few minutes of teasing, she has the plug inside me and starts to pump it up. I make a few noises and moans as I try to get used the invader.

“sshhhh, keep the noise down. I don’t want to hear you complaining.” she demands as she slaps my left thigh.

I let out another shock moan from the slap.

“That’s it!” she says and walks off down the hallway again.

She returns with a ballgag harness that wraps all over my head and has a ring in the top of it.

“This should keep you quiet while you get fucked like the bitch you are!” she says as she shoves the ball in my mouth.

After she has tightened all the strap and I know I can’t scream. She ties a thinner rope to the top of the head harness and pulls my head back and secures it to the tie on my arms.

“That should hold you in place and quiet enough for me to have some fun. Pleasure or pain? she asks “Oh, you can’t speak. I choose pain then!”

Mistress then steps back and lightly touches my ass with her cane. Slowly rubbing it all over my ass. She then takes it off and swings it through the air next to my head. I jump as I hear the SWOOSH as I hear the cane fly through the air next to my head. Mistress starts laughing.

“What’s wrong slut? Did I scare you? she asks.

“Did you think I was gonna…….WACK……do that? she follows with as she hits my ass with the cane.

I let a loud moan and try to pull away. But with all the rope attaching me to the table, I can’t go anywhere. Pulling on the rope and wiggling is all I can do. WACK, I get hit again. I jump and scream and out in pain as my ass is stinging from her long fast swing. Mistress delivers another 15 or so strokes from her cain before applying some deep heat cream to my ass that doesn’t take long to start burning and stinging my ass worst then what it already is.

With an evil tone, “oops, I spilt some cream on you. I will try to get it off…..with this” she say as she drops her flogger over my face and drags it up and over my head then down my back.

My ass feels like its on fire as she starts swinging and flogging my ass to try and ‘remove’ the cream. All I can do take whatever she dishes out, completely helpless to defend myself.

After what feels like 1000 swings of the flogger and the tears building in my eyes. She stops steps in placing her nails from each hand on my ass. She digs in her nails and drags them across my ass.

“Hope that hurts slave! I have a surprise for you.” She says as she goes back down the hallway.

After a few minutes she returns, my eyes widen as I see this big red dildo strapped to her waist. She then comes over, grabs my chin and leans in nice and close to my ear as she softly says.

“I found that bigger dildo I wanted, but it not as soft as the other ones. But I will still get in your ass”

She stands back up walk behind me. She stands right behind me as her strap on is poking my sore and tender ass. I can’t work out what she is doing, then she reaches under and grabs my caged dick.

“Just to make sure,” she says as she wraps some rope behind the ring of my cage, tightly securing it before throwing it on the floor under the table.

Mistress then walks to the other end of the table, picks up the rope, pulls it back onto the table before moving to the side and attaching to the my collar. So now if I move my head back, my dick and balls get pulled. This taking away even more of the little movement I had. Mistress then double checks all her ropework and then stands behind me.

Mistress then releases the air out of the butt plug and my ass relaxes as much as it can as she remove my ass invader. Mistress then wipes more lube on my ass as she slips some in my hole with her finger.

“Don’t get too comfortable slut, Her comes the real pain?” she says as she stands up.

Mistress slowly starts rubbing the head of her strap on over my ass. Pushing a little harder as she passes my hole. Then she stop rubbing and holds it steady and pushes a little more. My ass tries to stretch over the dildo but I have never taken anything this big before. Mistress stops and adds some more lube and fingers my ass with her fingers. Slowly adding another finger until she has four fingers deep in my ass. She pulls out and replaces then with her strap on again. I’m a little bit more accepting this time as my ass opens a bit more. Mistress pushes harder ass my ass starches around this monster. I scream as the head disappears into my ass before she pulls out.

“That sounded painful,” she says

“Let me do that again” she follows up with as she pushes again.

It goes in a bit easier this time, as she pulls out and put the head back in again. She repeats this a few times before leaving it in and pushing deeper. My hole body tightens as I try and accept her newest dick. As I start to relax and get used to it, she starts pulling out before pushing back in. Mistress starts fucking my ass hard and deep. My dick is now twitching and rock hard in its cage. I can’t help but be hard. It hurts and feel good at the same time. Mistress then continues to fuck my ass changing speeds and becoming rougher as time goes on. She grabs my tied arms and uses them to help her balance as she fucks me.

“Do you like that slut? she asks.

I can’t answer, i’m in my own world. My eyes are rolling back into my head as she fucks and swings her hips into my ass. Slowly I feel myself building up to an orgasm. But I can’t as my dick is locked away. I’m confused as to how this could happen. Then as she is fucking me my dick starts leaking cum. Its dripping everywhere, I’m cumming but not feeling any release or satisfaction. This continues until she stops fucking me. She stops and pulls out. I gasp in pain as my ass relaxes after the strap on is removed. Mistress then walks back in front of me sits down and starts to drink her glass of port.

“Wow, now I know how to drain you without giving you any pleasure.”

“You just stay there and be silent. You can clean up your mess when I’m ready to release you.”

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