Mistress, what do you want to do to her??

Me: She’s pretty, I like her.
Him: What do you want to do to her??
Me: I don’t know.
Him: Sure you do. Tell me. What do you want to do to her??
Me: I don’t know.
Him: Do you want to bury your tongue in her cunt??
Me: (this thought makes me wet, and leaves me squirming) I don’t know.
Him: You find her attractive…surely you must have some idea of what you’d like to do to her, so tell me.
Me: (whimpering) ummm…but…
Him: pushing me against a wall, growling in my ear TELL ME!!
Me: FINE….you want to know what I’d do to her. This is what I’d do;

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I’d drag her by her hair across the floor and throw her in the corner. I’d tell her to take those god damn fucking rags off her body before I did it for her, and if she didn’t comply I’d be more than happy to do it not so gently with a knife, not caring if she got minor cuts in the process. (All the more fun to play in her blood) With her naked body cowering on the ground, I’d force her to lick my boots, kicking her if she refused. I’d beat her body with my fists; I’d punch her in the face.

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I’d suffocate her with my cunt, forcing her to bury her tongue in my pussy. To taste me, to see how wet she makes me. I’d continue to grind myself all over her face till I squirted all over her, to reward her suffering with my pleasure.

She is but a trash can, a cum deposit, my source of morbid pleasure. At this point, I need to take a moment to catch my breath and so I light a cigar, I inhale a deep breath and blow smoke back in her face. I continually use her mouth as my ashtray and when I am finished, her tongue to butt the stub of my cigar out on.

Now back to work, seeing as how these sick little scenarios have been playing through my mind since I first laid eyes on her.

Now let’s have some fun…..I grab her by her hair and toss her on her back on the ground….using my boots to spread her knees, I can see her cunt is glistening…..”The filthy little whore” I chuckle to myself. Even now, behind all those tears and begging, her body defies her.

I kneel down, so I’m looming over her, and I whisper in her ear as I slowly drag my index finger through the folds between her legs; bringing my finger to her lips…”Me thinks…you are protesting way too much” I’d gag her, but I love the sounds she makes. Tears rolling down her cheeks, face covered in snot.

My hand still firmly planted between her legs, I slowly massage her cunt. Spreading her lips wide, first slipping in one, then two, then three, then five fingers……feeling her body tighten around my hand. Her eyes open wide as she looks at me and she shakes her head rapidly in a “NO” motion. I smile at her as I continue to push my fist into her cunt. She is so tight and so wet, just the thought makes me almost cum again. As I pull my hand out rapidly, her screams give me goose bumps. I force my fist back in to her cunt pumping away violently punching at her cervix. I feel her body start to tighten and spasm around my hand and wrist. It won’t be much longer now. “Cum for me, my pretty little whore” I’d snarl at her.
The floodgates would open. She’d soak me. Those that know me well know that I won’t be happy, as I have an aversion to body fluids on me. Therefore the little cunt must be punished.

Strapon time

As she lay quivering in a pool of our combined cum, I drag her to knees, slapping her across the face for good measure. I order her to sit on her hands and not to move. I reach into my bag for my harness and pull it on over my hips, as I reach back down to the bag; I look back over my shoulder at her and casually mention that “she probably won’t like what’s coming next”. And I pull out “Big Ben”….a slightly larger, fairly realistic looking cock.

“I’m going to fuck your ass with this.” As I hold up “Ben” for her to see, “But first, I’m going to fuck your throat with it so the wetter you can make it with your mouth, the more lube I promise to use on your ass. Understand??”

I slip Ben into the harness and start walking towards her, “And if you throw up all over me, there won’t be ANY lube…..got it??” She starts to backpedal away across slipping in the fluid that has just started to dry up. I lunge for her, dragging her back towards me, skinning her knees on the cement in the process.

“I said sit on your hands, and don’t fucking move, Cunt”, as I slap her across the face, snapping her head back. I’m pretty sure she saw stars, there’s a nice handprint on her right cheek.

She’s really crying hard now. I grab her by the chin and force her mouth open, and start to shove “Ben” down her throat, she gags and I back off slightly, but only to remind her of my warning. She nods her head slightly. I start to push my cock back in her mouth and she puts her hands up on my hips to control my thrusting and I slap them away and tell her to sit on them. I’m in control of this fucking joyride, not her. I grab the back of her head and start to thrust away at her mouth. Her gags are making her mouth so wet, that the drool is running out of the corners in rivers down her chest to the floor.

I’ve become bored with her mouth; it’s too pliant for my tastes now. It’s time to move on.

I grab her by the hair and start to drag her across the floor; she scrambles to keep up with me. I find a low stack of skids in the corner. This will have to do I guess. I force her on her hands and knees with her ass presented to me in the air. Such a sweet, perfect ass. I find a small stick leaning against the wall and start swatting her with it. Her yips and yelps excite me. I see the color blossoming across her cheeks. As my swings become more firm, steadier, the welts on her ass rise higher and higher until one by one, they start to split and blood starts to splatter across her, across me, across the wall beside us and over the floor. I drop the stick and reach between her legs, her cunt is slick with moisture again. Who knew the waitress from the restaurant was a kinky fuck. I grab the lube and squeeze some on to my fingers and start to massage her puckered asshole. It’s so tight and I’m so tempted to go back on my word. I generously lube “Ben” and nudge the head of my cock against her asshole. “This’ll only hurt for a moment” I chuckle. And I plunge full in her ass, to the hilt, stealing her breath away. I hold still for a moment, letting her screams subside, letting her body relax. And then I pull out completely and drive all the way back in again. I do this over and over and over. I continue to do this until there is nothing left of her ass but a gaping open hole.

I’d push her off the skids with my boot. Once she has landed on the floor, I’d wipe the soles of my boots off on her body. If she can handle a little minor playtime with me, maybe she’ll earn a chance for some major playtime with Clown and me.

Me: So yeah……that’s what I do to her…..am I fucked up??
Him: I love you. So what was it about her that you liked so much??
Me: Her eyes…..she had such beautiful eyes. I think she’d cry beautiful tears, and I wanted to know what they tasted like.
Him: And what about the nurse at the hospital the other night??
Me: Nurse?? Oh, her!!
Him: LOL……you’ve forgotten her already??

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Me: I’m forgetting a lot of things lately….don‘t hold it against me. The nurse…well…I wouldn’t come out of that scenario unscathed. I think she’d be a fighter….but I’d love to be the one to break her.
Him: You’ll always be my girl!!!

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