Mistress’ definition of the perfect rubber slave

As this is my final permanent slave search, I am limiting the field to the New York area, lower east side of Manhatten to be exact. They must be self-supporting and be willing to give up all of their free time to my amusement. If you enjoy watching football or some other pointless waste of time, do not bother me. Sports make me angry and when I am angry, my slave will be occupied fulfilling one of my more nasty fantasies.

Rubber is sexy!

As the title suggests, I enjoy my rubber. I enjoy wearing rubber but I particularly enjoy making my slave suffer in rubber. My slave will spend a lot of their time in rubber. They will be covered from head to toe in rubber. They will not be able to get out, they will not be able to see, they will not be able to speak. They will stay this way, through my taints, teases and ridicules for however long I decide even if that is the whole weekend. There may be catheters for the longer term sessions although the shorter ones, nappies will suffice. If you can’t hold it in, you can squirm in your own filth. You will learn.
If you think that this will be a rubber catsuit, you are very very naive. I like my slave captured in heavy rubber. My slave is not a person, it is a plaything; a pathetic plaything, which I will remember them often.
There will be breathing tubes and bags. They will be under my total control. You will just have to imagine the image of a rubber-clad mistress, toying with this helpless form – for they will be helpless beyond your wildest dreams.

Become my feminized girlfriend

Secondly but equally importantly, my slave will not be male, they will be feminine. When not in rubber (or leather if I so decree), they will be the perfect live-in girlfriend. They will be en femme 24x7x365. Let me make this clear, my slave is not a prancing drag queen nor someone who gets off at the threat of ladies knickers, they will function normally while wearing heels, stockings, and skirts (tights are only allowed in specific situations that I will dictate). They will cook, clean and travel in en femme. They will be my maid, cook, cleaner, secretary, best girlfriend when they are not being my toy. As time goes on, there will be permanent feminization: corset training, waxing, nails will be grown and varnished and finally implants. You will be expected to carry on all your duties while this happens; internal and external to my household.
For this reason, my slave will be trim but not muscular. They must look adequate in their feminine rule; passable as they will be out en femme a lot.

While we are on the subject of dressing, my slave will have a very large wardrobe as there will need to have the perfect outfit for every occasion. This will include attire suitable for housewifely duties (and I favor the old 50’s and 60’s daytime soap opera look for this duty – see comment re stockings), French Maid (of course – PVC for practicality), Playboy Bunny or similar Men’s club stewardess costume and of course, baby girl complete with nappies.
High heels will always be worn… always.

The list is long so I expect my slave to have no issues about walking into shops and buying women’s clothes without wetting their frilly panties. The ability to sew would be a distinct benefit but this can be learned as many of the outfits will need to be made to measure or altered with specific ‘requirements’.

Let’s not forget chastity

Oh yes, my slave will be looked into a chastity cage all the time. It is my penis and not ‘her’s’. I own it. I will look after it, clean it, play with it and lock it away when I have finished. My slave with never be able to touch it ever again. There will be a full steel belt in their future when I find one I like, probably with a permanent locking mechanism. Personal satisfaction is a thing that is in the past, any eruptions will be on my terms. Of course, nearly all such mess will include rubber and spending many hours sliding about in your own mess; I don’t do wet patches!
These will be as and when I decide if allowed at all; uninstructed emissions will be punished severely. The slave’s birthday will be just another day, no special treatment – so these gaps may be many years in duration.

Only I will have the key (while there is a key), there will be no need for trust, it is irrelevant.

Be useful

Finally, for this section, my slave will engage in whatever my demented mind comes up with, so must be a handywoman too. If I want to lock my slave in a coffin or window box, they make it possible, while remaining en femme all the time. I have a very distorted mind and am continually discovering scenes to ensure my wimp is helpless and totally immobilized. This is necessary as I will need peace and quiet for hours while I work on cases. During these periods, my slave will be contemplating how to please me next.

While you sad gits are busy wanking over this, now comes the disappointment. My slave will be highly educated (degree in a real subject), professional and acutely bright They know about the fineries of life such as wine, fine cuisine and have a sharp mind. When I get stuck with a Times crossword clue, they will be able to help (but only when asked) They will be well paid in their chosen career – not because I demand tributes but because if I am on a case and have to stay over the weekend somewhere, I expect them to travel to me and entertain me and yes, a passport is mandatory and is the ability to survive on the continent. The ability to explain in Spanish why you are dressed like a hooker and tied to the bathroom door would be an advantage, for you, I don’t personally care how embarrassed you get.
Your work will not be risked or interfered with but extensive traveling will be expected.

For domestic duties, my slave will do all the cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, picking up the dry cleaning – all en femme of course. As a cosmopolitan person, I will expect good and varied cuisine, which I will enjoy on time. Occasionally my slave will be allowed to join me, occasionally, in which case, formal evening wear will be worn. Although if I’ve had a hard day, my slave may well be the table, pleasing me while I eat.

You will be tested

That is a small glimpse of what I require which obviously is the long-term endeavor. There will need to be a series of interviews and trials first. The interviews will be in the form of a formal job interview. You will need to present yourself accordingly in line with the dressing rules previously stated – what you wear is your first test. Get it wrong and you will be instantly dismissed. There will be many probing questions and a typing test – there will be secretarial duties too.
Any divergence from the rules stated above will immediately terminate the interview.
The trials will include at least two lengthy stays in rubber incarceration – overnight and a full 24 hours. These will be marked on stamina, pleasing noises produced, ability to stay still when instructed. There will be lengthy periods (hours) when you are left ‘alone’.
Being ignored is not a punishment, it will be commonplace.
Prior to this, there will be an online evaluation and specific instructions to be carried out. You will need to have more than one independent internet webcam. I will observe you throughout the day and night, without warning, to ensure you are complying with the tasks set exactly.
There will be mini-tests to determine whether any of my valuable time should be wasted on a formal interview. If or more likely when you fail, there will be immediate termination without notice.

If you think you qualify, you probably don’t.

The lucky candidates will endure long periods of sensory deprivation, leather and rubber imprisonment, permanent crossdressing and professional feminization, chastity as well as the usual stuff. I do not engage in pain as pleasure, it is not my thing, although it will be used as a punishment and will be unpleasant.

Looking for a rubber mistress around ?

The successful candidate will have more and lengthier periods in rubber often unattended plus age play, pony and puppy play, suspension, rape and imprisonment scenes, humiliation and verbal degradation, and whatever else I can think of.

You will be my object – my rubber doll, not a person.

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