Meeting Goddess at the shiny rabbit

I was late. Hurrying, desperately trying to find the restaurant, a stranger in a strange land. I had gotten turned about coming out of the train station and walked in the wrong direction.

Ah, there it is, the shiny rabbit Pub. I hastened through the door and saw Eve sitting at a table. I rushed over to her apologizing,

“I’m sorry for being tardy, Miss.”

She rose from her chair, turned slowly, stiffened her back, held her head high, and swung her right arm catching my left cheek with a stinging slap. With her left hand, she slapped hard against my right cheek. Two loud, bruising bitchslaps to my face. I was shocked!

The buzz of voices in the room came to a hush and many eyes turned toward us.

“I . . .I’m sorry . .”

She cut me short with a cruel look in her eyes. Then she smiled thinly, pensively. Our audience held its collective breath. She spoke so the pub patrons could easily hear her admonishment. Not loud but stern and imperiously.

“You made two mistakes, stupid boy. You will never keep me waiting even one minute and you will never address me in a fashion other than Goddess no matter where we are. Now, if you are truly sorry and do not wish to irritate me further, you will apologize properly, on your knees.”

“Here? Now?”

“Ohhhhh…..” from the Pub’s patrons.

Her expression turned icy and she said not another word but willed me with her demeanor to sink slowly to my knees before her on the gritty Pub floor.

A murmur came from the patrons, some giggles, and a few rude comments at my expense. Even applause.

My face was red and hot with humiliation.

“Gutless lad, hey? Hahar!”

“Can’t be much of a man to let ‘er nibs smack ‘em about like that.”

“Must be one of them, sissy boys. Oh yeah.”

Goddess commanded me.

“If you wish to spend this weekend with me as planned you will kiss the toe of my right shoe and apologize for your tardiness. Then you will kiss the toe of my left shoe and apologize for your poor manners. Get on with it, worm.”

The crowd rose from their tables and encircled us for a clear view. Applause, hearty laughter, and insulting remarks rained down upon me as I completed each abject apology.

Goddess snapped her fingers once and turned toward the exit. I jumped to my feet to follow her, departing with raucous laughter, cheers, and contemptible jeers cuffing my ears, my face red from embarrassment and bitch slaps still.


“Pussy boy.”

“No man, that’s certain.”

Goddess bade me to lie down on the rear floor of her car. She chastised me all the while she drove.

“I will not have my neighbors to see me with your pathetic arse.”

“I apologize, Goddess. Really and truly, I am sorry.”

“Shut the fuck up, you silly sod. I intend to train you to be an instantly, compliant slave. Although I have my doubts you are worth my trouble. You will suffer some harsh pain. I assure you of that.”

Inside her home, in the lounge, Goddess commanded me to undress totally. She sat me in a straight-backed chair and shackled my wrists and ankles so I could not move.

“I’m going to bed, slave. I will deal with you tomorrow. Think about what delicious punishment I will inflict upon you. Don’t let the chair tip over. You just wait right here through the night and think about me. Focus on your Goddess. Fear your Goddess. Try to sleep.”

She looked at me with a sweet smile.

“Fear me,” she whispered.

I sat alone and exhausted in the dimly lighted lounge. I listened to Goddess’s heels climbing the stairs and then clicking about on the ceiling above my head. In a short while, I heard water filling the tub upstairs. There followed a long silence. Water drained from her tub as the shower ran for a rinse. Again, there was a period of silence save for the ticking of a clock and the sound of my own breathing. My movements were completely restricted; I could not imagine how I would make it through the night sitting in such a rigid position.

I heard the click of her heels once again above me, and then she descended the stairs! Hope sprang up within my heart. Surely she was not so cruel to leave me in this position for the night. Silently I pleaded for her goodness and for her mercy.

She stood in front of me, critically examining her captive. Goddess wore a sand toned chemise that barely concealed her knickers. Roman style, strapped sandals adorned her classically beautiful feet. Satisfied that her prey could not flee, Goddess smiled and then walked around behind me. I tried to turn my head but she grabbed my hair and held me firmly looking forward. She whispered into my ear. I could feel her breath. A tingle ran up the back of my neck. My cock started to swell.

“I’ve got you now, my good boy, my very good, obedient boy. You are mine to play with.”

My naked cock stood up throbbing.

Goddess Eve returned to face me front on, lifted her chemise to reveal see-through, thin cotton, matching thong. With her other hand she pulled the thong aside.

“If you are really good tomorrow I may allow you to service my cunt with your mouth. I do so love a worshiping tongue on my pussy lips and clit. I love to face fuck my slaves.”

She straddled my thighs and pressed her puss up against my confused cock.

“Don’t you dare cum on my nighty”

“I won’t; I promise,”

I grimaced and prayed my cock should obey.

“Just as you promised not to be late this evening, now you promise not to be early.”

She laughed skeptically but enjoyed her own joke.

Goddess sat upon my cock, pressed her breasts against my chest, placed her arms about my neck and began to bite with little nips my lower lip, my nose, my cheeks, and blew her breath into my ear again.

It was agony! Delicious torment. My cock was throbbing purple between her thighs. Intermittently, she closed her thighs for a moment, teasing the engorged invader, daring it to explode upon her belly.

“Please, Goddess,” I begged her across the head of my cock, “please release me and let me get comfortable for the night.”

“Oh no, my darling, you will stay right where you are for the night and focus on your new Owner.”

I groaned in disappointment. Goddess dismounted, turned and walked into the kitchen. She returned with a small package. To my horror it contained a piss bag and a long catheter. She quickly took to inserting the catheter into my urethra. Just as quickly my proud penis collapsed for the pain of the insertion. The pain grew nearly unbearable as she pushed the tip of the tube up into my bladder. I struggled in the chair and nearly fell sideways to the floor.

“Relax, my darling. You will get used to it. After all, I cannot have my good boy peeing on the floor tonight, can I? You wouldn’t want Goddess to find a mess in the morning. No you would not, my pathetic, entrapped git. The punishment would be excruciating.”

She whispered into my ear.

“Good night, my darling toy. Try to sleep. I will need you fresh in the morning, and eager to please me.”

“Goddess, please!” I trembled with desperation.

“We shall have tea in the morning. Of course, I will also have some eggs and biscuit, but only tea for thee, poor boy.”

The sound of her heels clicked across the lounge, up the stairs, and on the ceiling over my head.

I was left alone with my chair, my catheter, and my piss bag. Oh what a night lie ahead. Groan . . . .

I awoke in pitch-black darkness, chilled to my bones. The room smelled of stale piss. I was thirsty and hungry. I was no longer shackled to the chair. What a relief. This was not the lounge where Goddess had left me. Confusion addled my brain. There was a small rectangular opening high up on what appear to be a door. What I thought was a door. The room was black. I stood at the open square and cried out through the opening to see if anyone was about and to determine where I was. I was quite confused. A face suddenly materialized before me, startling me.

“Where am I please?”

“In London Tower, mate”

“London Tower! This a gaol cell then?”

The face grinned at me; the head nodded.

“Why? What crime have I committed? I have done nothing wrong”

This was too Kafka-esk for my liking. I panicked.

“That’s what they all say.” The face smirked at me.

“Please, some water and food”

“No worries, Gov. When the sun rises and we take you out to be drawn and quartered, you will have no need for food or water.”

He slammed shut the little window in the door. I was alone again lying in the dark on piss-smelling straw against a hard stone wall. The jailer’s words did not register with me. I may have dozed a bit. I was knackered, exhausted.

The first light of day appeared through a rectangular opening, high on the wall above my head. Soon a crowd gathered. I heard high pitched children’s voices joyfully shouting to one another above the guttural murmur of adults; horses snorted and whinnied. Vendors cried out their wares for sale, mostly assorted produce.

With the daylight I could see the strange clothing I wore: a dirty white blouse and smudged trousers tight at my knees with filthy white stockings disappearing into a square, black shoes. I looked like a Flemish peasant just stepped out of a Bruegel painting.

Keys rattled at my door and four brawny lads entered my cell.

“Come on, mate, off with your rags!”

Suddenly it struck me like a sledgehammer in my gut. I doubled over and wailed in anguish. Feverish sweat exuded from the pores of my fear rattled body.

“Noooooo . . . Drawn and quartered! Bloody hell! What the fuck? What did I ever do? Who did I offend?”

Not in the 21st Century, I thought.

One of my keepers grabbed my blouse and lifted me to my feet. He held me up when I started to collapse.

“Take ‘em off. All your clothes,” he barked angrily and impatiently at me.

“Naked? Why? Bollocks!” I stuck out my chin in defiance.

“Well, ain’t no fun for the common folk or the posh either if they can’t see your arms and legs being ripped outta der sockets, har!” he exclaimed, again amused but now highly irritated.

“Get him, Lads.”

Eight hands ripped the clothing off my body and nipped me quickly down the winding stairwell and out into the blinding morning light. The crowd cheered and jeered as the jailers carried me through the open square. A rotted piece of melon hit the side of my face.

Quickly, the four brutes lay me spread eagle on a rough, flat, wooden surface and fastened my wrists and ankles, each one to a long chain attached to a broad, skittish horse. I looked straight up into the morning sky and cried out to the gods for help.

The crowd was in a jubilant holiday mood. I was freaking out of my mind and shaking uncontrollably with the horrendous terror of my inexplicable predicament. I was scared shitless, I tell you. Fuck all!

Uncontained hysteria gripped me. My body perspired and trembled. The young folk continued hitting me joyfully with assorted fruit. Little bastards. If only I could get loose.

Suddenly the voices of the crowd fell to a low buzz of ohhs and ahhs and the people parted to clear a pathway to a spot between my legs. A Lady of the Realm approached me and stood between my legs. She came closer and smiled an angelic, quizzical smile toward me, tilting her head to one side. She laughed. For a brief moment I thought I recognized her but I was too confused and terrified to sort her. She reached out and wrapped her hand around my limp knob. A searing pain burned through my urethra. She, the Lady of the Realm, was my Goddess Eve!!

That is when I woke up and found myself back in the lounge, returned to the 21st Century with Goddess pulling the long catheter tube out from my shrunken cock. She flashed me a devilish, mocking grin as I squirmed and bucked in the chair where I was still bound as I had been the whole night through, not prepared to be drawn and quartered for the amusement of a hoard of unwashed peasants. What a nightmare!

“Good morning, darling. Sleep well?”

“Terrible nightmare, Goddess.”

“Oh, goody. Tell me about it.”

After she removed the cursed catheter, Goddess Eve washed my dick with a freezing wet cloth. Then she yanked my limp willie and slipped it into a metal sheath that clamped securely around and under my ball sack. She slipped a tiny lock onto the device. CLICK!

The remainder of the day left me at the mercy of Goddess Eve. Not only did she employ my aching body for menial tasks on her property she also delighted in subjecting me to various torments and tortures too horrible to describe from my point of view but obviously a delight for her.

The reward for all my suffering came in the early evening before tea time when Goddess had me attend her at her bath. I knelt beside the tub with a sponge and washed every inch of her beautiful body: feet, legs, arms, back and so on. Goddess lay back luxuriating in her bubble bath and passively allowed me to cleanse her until I slipped the sponge between her knees. She squeezed her thighs and captured my hand.

I apologized.

“Not to worry, my darling. Nothing to apologize for.”

She took the sponge from my hand, smiled dreamily at me, and released my captured hand, opening her thighs partly.

“Carry on, sweet boy, with your fingers”

My prick tried futilely to expand within the metal chastity sheath. My face flushed and my breathing was caught short. I trailed my fingers along the insides of her soft thighs toward her pussy and then slowly up her labia. Teasingly, my fingers visited her cunt lips, first north and then south, then north again. I softly petted the inner lips also.

“My clit, darling. Quickly! Now.”

Gently, my fingertips caressed the hood of her clitoris for a few minutes. I pressed against the trimmed hair above her cunt lips and then back to her clit. She watched my face intently to observe my empathy with her arousal. I pulled the hood back to expose the head of her clit and brushed it with feathery fingertips. I inserted one finger into her vagina and pressed upward against that sensitive nerve bundle on the roof of the tunnel. Now I lingered to caress the blood-engorged inner lips again. Back to the hood over her retreating clit, I pressed against it for a long, long moment before rubbing it oh so gently. She raised one hand out of the soapy water and allowed me to suck her wet fingers. Her other hand had an iron grip on the side of the tub.

A good, long while passed with my hand manipulating her sex so.

Goddess began to breathe in quick, short gasps and twisted her hips to push against my hand. I rubbed her clit rapidly, more urgently now, but gently still; now harder; then just motionless pressure; followed again with harsh, insistent strokes. She fucked her cunt against my fingers. Her eyes closed. She began to cum. She came.

Her orgasm lasted for several long moments. At first she was rolling like the waves in mid ocean. Then she exploded, and cried out loudly several times alternating with low, growling, predatory moans of pleasure; cursing and cooing; groaning and laughing; biting her lower lip savagely.

Again her pelvis exploded and her back arched up out of the water. Her breasts reached for the ceiling. She screamed!

“Oh, goddammit! Oh fuck! Sooo good!”

Skyrockets exploded then fell back to earth like a gentle, brilliantly lighted cascade of summer rain. All was hushed.

Goddess pushed my hand away and slid back into the water with barely a ripple to savor the warm blush spreading over her naked body. She idly tweaked her nipples, pulled at them and squeezed them to prolong the endorphin glow.

I was proud and delighted to be the agency of her orgasm. Surprisingly, I felt extraordinarily powerful in the moment, omnipotent, like a god, a superhero without a shield; but I would be lying if I did not admit to an intense, rapacious craving to rub her quim with my face, to bury myself in a furious face-fuck, and to slavishly taste her juices.

Later she would make use of my tongue. Or so she promised. Later, Goddess Eve would take control of her service once again.