Mature chastity couple retirement – part 3

Story by plopplop

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Carol had been paid a healthy six figures for her work moving her former employer’s company to another city. They were already financially well off so this money would be used for their favorite common hobby, bondage, and chastity equipment to be used on Bob.

Bob is talented but he lacks some of the skill and equipment to produce the ultimate interactive bondage suit. Carol is an excellent technical sketch artist and a bit of an inventor but something on the level she wanted would need to be commissioned.

The total remote control is Carol’s ultimate dream. She wants one handheld unit the size of a TV remote to control everything. This will take a high level of technical skill and most of the systems must be bespoke.

Carol lurked in chat rooms and researched kink-friendly experts for months. Two names kept being mentioned so she narrowed her research to two. After her research, she attempted to contact them both.

One was a designer craftsman and artist from Argentina who was well known for his skills and creativity in leather and other fetish materials like latex. The other was an electronic and robotic genius. They both were known for their work in the normal world. The leather and latex craftsman created items that appeared in big-budget motion pictures and on celebrity red carpets. The electronic genius actually had his work roaming the surface of the moon and Mars.

Carol cut right to the chase and made her initial contact a series of her detailed sketches. This was enough to spur their interests. She then used a phrase that sealed the deal, “money is no object”.

After months of intense planning and emails, usually, while Bob was enjoying some sort of heavy bondage, they finally settled on a plan. First Bob was to be measured personally by  both men. Both men had a flair for the dramatic and loved the idea of making this memorable and disorienting event for Bob. They lived in the same part of the country so the plan was to transport Bob to their area are and back again.

A few days later a package arrived with equipment for Bob’s trip. At the time specified Bob was groomed, cleaned out with several enemas, hydrated and filled with liquid nutrition. His eyes were fitted with blackout contact lenses the totally blocked all light and sight. Noise-canceling earplugs that blocked all sound.

The day and hour came so Bob was alone kneeling naked in the driveway waiting for his transportation. Soon the gate bell rang and Carol opened it remotely, a black SUV with a coffin-shaped storage bin bolted to the roof pulled in. it looked like any other SUV. A young couple stepped out opened the back door and pulled out a strange-looking folded cart. They unfolded it and centered the forks under the storage unit unbolted the storage box and lowered it to the driveway.

From the outside, it was a common storage bin, the kind used to store camping gear, surfboards or ski equipment. However when they opened it the inside was lined with latex. There was a perfectly shaped hole that would fit a naked man exactly Bob’s size. Bob was laid down into the man-shaped hole, a tube gag was inserted into his mouth and strapped behind his head.

The lid was lowered and the mouth tube was threaded through a hole to the outside. They then attached a bicycle pump to a valve on the side and pumped until the appropriate pressure was reached. Bob was completely immobilized between the air-filled chambers that suspended him away from the bottom of the container.

The container was again lifted and bolted to the roof and the cart stored away. Without hesitation, they were on the road heading for who knows where. Bob could feel the starts and stops bumps and turns. Some roads were rough and some were like floating. Soon Bob was lost in subspace. He actually dozed off for five minutes or maybe hours he completely lost track of time. He had no idea where he was or when he was and maybe who he was.

Suddenly the movement stopped and then after a while, it started again. Bob thought perhaps it was lunchtime. He had a chuckle thinking of all of the common roof storage units he had seen for years might have contained naked men or naked women. Finally, after some twists and turns, everything stopped.

The storage container was detached and lowered to the floor. The cool air rushed in as the lid was opened. He was quickly lifted by hands and feet to a table. His hands, feet, and neck were cuffed to the table then more straps went around his chest, waist and thighs.

Bob was rolled a long distance then into an elevator then into a padded room. The earbuds were replaced with a fresh charge set then he was unstrapped. He was put in a standing position with his arms stretched out straight with cuffs and chains attached to opposite walls. For the next hour he was poked and prodded, measured and remeasured from head to toe. Even his asshole was measured which was both awkward and concerning. A container was held under his chastity device until he pissed. Then he was given pills and a drink that tasted like one of Carol’s concoctions. He had been totally blind and deaf through the whole experience plus Bob was silent as he assumed he should be.

Again he was strapped to the cart and wheeled back to an elevator them back to the container. The gag was secured around his head then the lid of the storage box was attached again. The top and bottom compressed his body and suspended him in a cushion of air. It had been filled with more pressure then before that caused him to labor for his air.

Bob had to constantly focus on his breath so he probably wouldn’t be sleeping. This added pressure which caused Bob’s cock strain in his chastity device, then he remembered pills and the drink he had been given. The ride home would be more interesting for sure.

After a few hours on the road whatever it was kicked in fully. Bob began to hump and struggle in his bondage. His cock painfully strained against the metal bars of his device. They stopped again for what Bob imagined was to eat but before they started again they pumped a few more pounds into his latex bondage prison. Somehow they knew this was perfectly timed to drive him to another level. Bob was straining and sweating as the innocent-looking tube raced down the freeway at 75 mph.

By the time they arrived at the house, Bob was completely spent. The container was lowered and opened. He was positioned in exactly the spot he was picked up. The cool night air gave him a chill. He stayed perfectly still waiting for Carol.

Carol led him into the house and into the shower. She removed the earbuds and blackout contact lenses. She looked at his smile and delighted in his bewildered look. Then she asked him how his day had been? They ate dinner then she put Bob to bed in his sleep sack eyes taped, earplugs, her juices on his face and in his nose, her piss on his breath, and a pillowcase filled with a week’s worth of soiled sex and sweat-soaked underwear.

Another day in the life of Carol and Bob.

Bob and Carol receive the ultimate bondage suit.

After many many months of testing and adjustments, Carol received the finished product. Bob still had no idea what she had designed for him. all he knew was he had been transported several more times for measurements. Bob was always deaf, dumb, blind and subject to whatever they did. He had no idea where he went, what their names were or what they looked like. He wasn’t sure if they were male or female.

Things had been inserted and electrified, once his chastity device had been removed and a new one was fitted and tested. This was very awkward for him because he belonged totally to Carol. The only reason he submitted to the examinations was for her and her alone.

The thing Carol did to Bob was to give him an opportunity to prove to her his devotion. There was no space between them after almost 50 years of marriage. Bob wanted nothing more than living in the stress of this strong woman and spend his days showing off his willingness to suffer for her. Bondage in Bob’s mind was the most fun he could have. After a lifetime of tamping down his desire for bondage, he finally had the opportunity to have all he wanted and all he could endure.

Anyone reading this that understands this can probably relate to Bob. Many who read this will not get why Bob endures what he endures. Others will think Carol is mean, evil or crazy. If you understand this dynamic they share please read on.

Carol spent a very large amount of money for Bob’s commissioned bondage suit and gave the two men a bonus for their good work and the gas they used transporting Bob for measurements so dramatically.

The day came when Bob would experience his first day or days in his new suit. First Bob was not groomed for two weeks so his body had enough hair to wax. Carol tied Bob in a standing spread eagle as she waxed him from head to toe including his eyebrows. His body was washed and dried then his new Chastity device was installed. It had a belt downturned penis tube with a sound that slid inside his penis. The butt strap has a metal butt plug the fit easily. The belt had an array of hidden features, some were electrical and some were mechanical.

Pads with wires were placed on his body after the electrical jell was applied. The rest of his body was coated with a slippery silicone lubricant. Then he was untied. The lube helped to slide into the see-through amber custom-made catsuit.

A latex hood, gloves, and socks were added. The pads had snaps that matched up with snaps on the suit. Wires were attached to a wiring harness that led to the main connector at the small of his back. A leather suit that zipped open to allow Bob to lay face down then the legs and arms could be zipped. The zippers started at the wrist to the neck and the ankle to the tail bone. Another zipper started at the back of the neck down the back and around the butt crack to the front top of the chastity belt. All of these zippers lock.

Leather gloves fit over the hands and locked at the wrist. Bondage boots with thick soles lock at the ankle. The hood was a two-piece form-fitting leather-covered carbon fiber helmet. Before it was applied electronic earplugs were placed deep in his ear canal.

After an array of attachments, the helmet was locked on with several security screws. It had a clear round lens over each eye. The mouth was filled with a dental gag that was attached to the upper and lower teeth. A metal collar held the helmet upright and limited head movement.

There are attachment points everywhere each capable of being suspended. A carbon fiber plate was attached to the front and back of the suit. The knees and elbows also had hinged carbon fiber coverings. The power and control unit plugged into the wiring harness and hid nicely under the backplate.

Today was a test of the systems. Carol led Bob out to a spot in the lawn and set in a chair with the control and the operator’s manual. The first test was the systems in the helmet.

The control had a small microphone that allowed her to speak directly into Bob’s ear canal. No wires and no reason she couldn’t talk to him from anywhere in the world because it could be attached to a phone. It also had total black-out noise canceling, white noise, music, mind control frequencies, hypnosis and etc. It was programmed to create an illusion that she was moving around him whether she was or not. Voices, high heel clicks, electric taser sparking, whispers, whip cracks or anything she could dream up. It was like she was inside of his head, no sense of direction or distance, just a voice inside of Bob’s head.

The glass over the eyes could be electronically darkened instantly and each eye can be controlled separately. She could blur his vision, project a feed from an external camera, run a recorded scene or run a delay. VR was state of the art so Bob could experience completely different 3D interactive worlds. Carol could use the hand controls to interact in his VR world. The mind fucks with this feature can be endless. This was total control and manipulation of sight and sound, all remotely.

The mouth has a feeding tube that allows liquids to pass the taste buds. This can be used for forced feeding. Another tube empties just behind the teeth to allow him to taste other liquids like Carol’s warm piss. The mouth can be ratcheted open or locked closed remotely. Nose tubes reach deep in the nasal passage to keep the airways open and pass the sense of smell. There is a remote valve to control the amount of air that can pass both in and out.

There were sensors on Bob’s shaved head all around the skull to read Bob’s brain activity and transmit the data to a computer and monitor remotely. Other sensors monitored Bob’s bodily functions, BP, heart activity, breathing, oxygen level, erections and so on. This would allow Carol to know everything happening to Bob inside the suit. This would allow her to monitor Bob’s levels of stress both physical and mental plus his level of arousal and actually know the exact point of ejaculation. Endless edging is one of the control settings.

Bob could no longer hide anything, not even his anger. By monitoring these she can keep him one stroke away from release and can maintain this indefinitely with a simple program selection. One setting stops ejaculation with an electric shock to force Bob to hold back his ejaculation to avoid the shock or set it to firm and slow to simply keep him hard and endlessly frustrated, Carol’s favorite.

The chastity tube had a system of soft rubber spikes similar to a FleshLight except these soft spikes moved in patterns up and down his cock and vibrate. They were lubricated with silicone and something that kept him extra sensitive. The metal sound allowed him to piss through the attached catheter without sensation. The electrified sound, ball cup, scrotum ring and butt plug could also be used.

Another feature was an internal corset. With the push of a button, Bob’s waist would be compressed to several intensities. Fun to use during enema play. The butt plus had a port on the outside of the suit that worked with a simple snap in connection. The plug could be inflated inside and out of Bob’s asshole to seal it tight to prevent leakage inside of the suit. Any liquid could be injected and extracted with absolutely no mess.

Other pads were located on Bob’s leg muscles. They could be stimulated to contract with a simple touch. The knees and elbows could be locked in any position with the hinged carbon fiber joints. There were magnetic metal plates located in strategic points in the suit. Bob could be secured by these in any place the electromagnetic plates were installed around the house and property. One-touch and the powerful 1500 pound magnets would hold him until the power was turned off.

One feature was located at the front of Bob’s throat. Bob had to stay totally silent or he would receive a shock. This was willful attempts to speak or involuntary cries of pain or pleasure. The boots had retractable spikes that operated remotely, no unauthorized walking and no escape.

There were other features but these were the basics. Carol was in her element reading through the thick manual and testing every feature and setting. Bob spent the first 12 hours being put through the extremes of the suit. All of the systems could run simultaneously so Carol kept Bob on the firm and slow sexual frustration setting while she tested other systems. She dreamed up bondage positions, mind fucks with the cameras and ran random disorienting audio programs. She fed him through the stomach tube, pissed into the tasting tube and controlled his oxygen levels. The enema was a special concoction with an herbal aphrodisiac.

At the end of the day Bob was completely exhausted. He still had a smile and thank you for Carol when she removed the helmet and latex hood. They showered then she put Bob to bed in his leather sleep sack, her sex on his face and in his nose, her piss on his breath, earplugs, eye tape and a pillow case over his head filled with a week’s worth of sweat and sex-filled panties.

Carol washed the latex suit and equipment. She hung up the suit and recharged the battery packs. Then she went to her office to study the manual for the next day of testing. Tomorrow will be focused on Bob’s brain function but for now he needs a good night’s rest.

The final summary

Bob and Carol have found the ultimate retirement hobbies. A few people understand a basic spice up the bedroom BDSM lifestyle but even fewer understand lifestyle chastity, Female Led Relationships, Dominant/submissive dynamics or sadism and masochism. Bob and Carol have an even rarer form of kinky play, a loving D/s dynamic centered around their mutual love for heavy bondage and life style chastity.

Bob has spent his life craving bondage. He has no clue why or how it happened. He has tried to ignore this urge but it was useless. He has overwhelmed prior relationships with his obsession for heavy bondage. He has absolutely no desire to dominate or control another person and certainly doesn’t have any real desire to tie someone up but he will if asked. In fact he can be a great service top if someone tells him exactly what they want.

He has absolutely no urge to be feminized or humiliated but he has a natural submissive nature to serve only one woman, Carol. Subconsciously these two were drawn to each other. They were unaware how perfectly matched they were. Bob hid his bondage cravings from Carol because he feared he might ruin what they had. For many years they built careers raised a family, enjoyed each other’s company and had a great sex life.

Carol is the first born in a large family. She grew up to be strong-willed, studious, athletic, competitive with an inventive engineering mind. She needs everything to be in order and everything in it’s place. She is very private but not shy. She is clear about what she wants and how she wants it done. She expects respect, absolute loyalty, admires inner strength and total devotion. This describes her own character.

Bob and Carol fit together perfectly because of their complimenting personalities and natures. They never realized where this match up might take them. Because Carol likes everything in it’s place and under her control, putting Bob in bondage made total sense to her. In addition, It was much more then liking control, it was a deep fetish.

Bob and Carol hid their cravings for decade after decade until they finally retired. This brings us back to chapter one.

The reason I write about this subject is that I assume there are other men exactly like me. I am like Bob and this is a fantasy based on a relationship I was in for ten amazing years. I feel for the guy out there tamping down a lifelong craving for bondage. In a lifelong search to find that perfect woman who would accept their submissive natures and their craving for bondage and lifestyle chastity play.

Scene BDSM is fun but lifestyle BDSM is life turned up to 11 (Spinal Tap). Behind all of the stress, pain, discomfort and suffering there is beauty. It is the opportunity for Bob to show off. Carol gets to witness the bending of a powerful strong-willed man to her will. She only needs to ask, point or desire a thing and Bob will endure it, achieve it, build it or destroy it.

The idea that submissive men are weak cowardly wimps is sometimes true but a man who willfully submits to a strong woman is a different thing. If she were physically stronger she could make him a slave but if she can’t and he submits willingly aligning all of his strengths and skills for her to access and control, that is a much different story.

Today there are no dragons to kill. A strong man can’t show off to his fair lady by killing one. Bob and Carol have found this on the field of bondage and chastity.

Consent may not be apparent by how things appear, but it is always there between Bob and Carol.

They are aligning their energy in one direction nothing is wasted on conflict. The bondage and chastity are a fetish for them both so it is key to their relationship. In other words, doing things to a person is much different and takes more energy than doing something with a person. Bob and Carol challenge each other to go even farther

Porn is boring but reading a well-written story can unleash the imagination. The debate about reality and fantasy is silly because if you think about it every story is a little bit fantasy. Sometimes things are described that are physically impossible or impractical, I have crossed that line at times. What I have been truthful about is the D/s dynamic between Bob and Carol because I have lived it.

Bob and Carol will live out their days exploring and living in the extremes. Bob in chastity, sometimes bondage and Carol will continue inventing new ways to test his devotion.

Picture an old couple you have seen in a grocery store or restaurant, and imagine he is locked in a chastity device and she has the key on a necklace. Then imagine later that night her tucking him away in a leather sleep sack fastened to the bed beside her. Years later Bob passes away and she has him buried in his chastity belt. Carol searches for a young couple to will their bondage gear to.

Carol spends her remaining years missing Bob and writing down their amazing love story.

In the year 2076 five handwritten volumes of her memoirs are discovered in a storage box at an antique auction. A man bought the entire box of random books and brought it home to his wife who was a book collector. His wife discovered the memoirs and spent the next several days reading them.

That Friday afternoon her husband came home from his last day of work because he had finally retired. His wife kissed him then looked him in the eyes and asked if he had any plans for his retirement hobbies? He shrugged his shoulders. She smiled and said I have a few ideas…

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