Mature chastity couple retirement – part 2

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Carol got an offer from her former employer to help move the company to a new city. She first refused but the offer was just too much to resist. It would be an indefinite time away at least a month before she could come home even for a visit. The question is what to do with Bob?  Bob is a mature man and would be fine. They discussed this and realized this was an opportunity, not a problem.

Carol would be leaving in a week so they spent several days running around preparing for their separation. Food supplies, new clothes for Carol’s trip, stopping the mail and contacting a blacksmith, yes the blacksmith.

Bob had always had a chain gang fantasy. The blacksmith was a kink-friendly gay man who made bondage equipment on the side. They had purchased a few custom pieces from him. He was all business with little eye contact it seemed his partner was fully in charge. They showed no interest in being social which was perfect for Bob and Carol. They explained what they wanted and arranged for him to visit before Carol’s trip to install their purchases.

A few extra boxes of MRE’s arrived which made Bob do a double-take. Bob would have enough supplies for 90 days.

The morning came after a night of love-making and sleeping in each other’s arms. Bob was instructed to take a long shower and prepare himself for her trip. He presented his freshly shaved body for her inspection. She ordered him to retrieve a box she had hidden away.

It was a full custom-built chastity device with a full belt, chastity tube with a piercing lock, and cover for his balls. This was a work of art that had some mass and weight. It was not practical to use under clothing on a regular basis but Bob would not be wearing any. Bob stepped into the device inserted his cock into the downturned tube. Carol secured the PA ring lock and installed the ball covering plate. A metal butt plug was attached to the butt strap which Carol removed. She smiled and said next time.

The metal strap up the ass crack locked to the metal strap belt. The locks were strange with round keys that looked like vending machine keys. Those locks are designed to resist breaking in so I knew I wasn’t going to break out without a key. Carol smiled at the fit and quality of the belt.

She said your regular device is fine for every day but I’m sure you would figure a way to orgasm if you are alone. She knew I would never do that but I think she liked the idea of removing the possibility to increase my level of bondage.

The gate bell rang and Carol buzzed the gate open. The blacksmith opened the back of his truck and unloaded a heavy metal anvil. He set up a heating system a box of hammers and tools. He then arranged the items we had requested on the truck bed and motioned Bob to sit on the ground by the anvil.

He was all business with little talk or eye contact. First, he places a heavy metal collar with an attached chain around Bob’s neck. He had been getting a metal rivet to a red hot state which put a chill through Bob. Bob kneeled his head down to the anvil, The blacksmith covered Bob’s head with a towel placed the rivet in the hole and smashed it with about three hard hammer blows. He then doused it with water on a rag until it was cool.

Next were Bob’s ankles. There was a 17-inch chain welded between the cuffs. After these were installed he continued with Bob’s wrists. These also had a 17-inch chain between them. The chain attached to his collar led to a box in the truck. The blacksmith inspected his work, loaded his tools and finally pulled a forty-pound steel ball out of the box and set it on the blacktop driveway. He tipped his hat and drove away.

Bob sat in his new bondage with a look Carol had never seen, she could not have been happier. Carol’s phone rang as her Uber was here. She looked at Bob and said you will need to hide. Bob jumped to his feet, grabbed the steel ball, and waddled off to behind the bushes. Carol watched in amusement then called him back for a kiss. Bob waddled back to kiss her goodbye.

He had already gone through some thoughts about his predicament and began thanking her for her efforts. Bob watched Carol as she got into the car. Carol smiled at Bob for the last time for at least a month.

As the gate closed Bob sat on the driveway in shock. How will he ever deal with the weight of this bondage? How will he walk on the hardwood floors without damaging them? How will he take showers or use the bathroom without breaking a tile? The weight of this chain and the 40 pound ball makes any movement takes so much effort I have to plan my trips so I don’t forget anything.

The chastity device was enough to overwhelm him but the added chain that can only be removed by a blacksmith is almost too much. I got one text from Carol to let me know she arrived safely and said she would contact me in a couple of weeks. Bob’s heart dropped as he was left to endure his bondage alone. He knew this was nothing to do with Carol’s love for him there was always a method to her madness.

Bob settled for MRE meals because the ball, chains and the kitchen didn’t mix. Bob slept on the back screened-in patio and bathed in the yard with a garden hose. This went on for the first week or so and soon he discovered the itch from growing hair under his new device.

Bob thought there might be more to this, Carol usually had more of a plan. He began to search for something he was missing and soon discovered a sealed envelope with his name on it.

It said “My dearest husband, by now you are chained and locked in your new chastity device. You still have chores to complete and I’m sure you have found ways to do them in your restraints. The next weeks will be much more interactive. I have developed an app to open and close a lock remotely. The locks all open with the same key and the box has batteries enough to last until my return. You will lock yourself as directed each night in reach of the box so I can control the length of your bondage. Text my phone when you read this then head to the center of our woods where we installed the steel ring we mounted in cement. The box and lock are in my dresser drawer. I love you Carol”

After a quick text Bob retrieves the box and heads for the clearing in the woods. He locks his ball chain to the steel ring without thinking. Soon he realized he is locked in the woods to a steel ring mounted in a square yard of concrete, chained neck wrists and ankles and locked in a massive chastity device. My wife is away in another city, the only connection is a text and my freedom depends on an app. What in the fuck was I thinking?

Bob’s mind began to panic but after a long night he was sure this wasn’t going to work. It was around 10 am when Bob heard a click, the box actually opened! He retrieved the key and headed for the house. Coffee and another MRE he finally camped down. The riding lawn mower was interesting. Bob was amused by the thought of his strange tan lines. He was becoming quite hairy and looked like a caveman with his new whiskers.

Bob searches the laundry for soiled clothing to smell Carol. His days of sexual frustration were endless, absolutely no stimulation at all. He waited for any instructions from Carol. They only came in short text messages that usually had only a location.

Bob would immediately lock himself in any way she instructed. Once it was a full two days before he was unlocked. Bob had thoughts was going to die there but “click” he was again free. The following day he returned to the same location to test how obedient I would be. Bob obediently locked the lock.

This went on for another several week. Bob got a text to put himself in the garden pillory, put on a leather hood with earplugs, eye tape and gag. Do not worry about the key. Bob thought this was some kind of test. The garden pillory had been designed for self-bondage. Bob had spent many mornings waiting for Carol.

Was Carol coming home? Was she sending someone to check on me? Bob just dropped into subspace and obeyed Carol. The hours passed and passed. Bob could feel the darkness as the feeling of dread began to stir in his mind. He fought it back by feeling his sexual frustration but soon Bob was clearly worried.

Bob could feel someone close by, his spirits and body came to life. Was it finally her? Bob jerked in excitement because even though she was fully clothed and feet away, Bob could smell her. The surprise was over Carol touched his hood unlocked the pillory, removed the hood and eye tape to see Bob’s smile.

Later that night Carol called the blacksmith to come over in the morning. She remarked at how clean the house was and that he had lost a little weight. She knew he had spent little time in the house because of his heavy chains. After a few minutes she ordered Bob to lock his chain two the ring in the woods for one more night because she was tired from her flight and needed some sleep.

In the morning the locksmith arrived and removed Bob’s chains. Carol removed Bob’s chastity then sent Bob to the showers for grooming. Bob returned to his other chastity device and dressed for their night out.

Over dinner, Carol reviewed all of her camera screenshots from the array of hidden cameras she had installed while Bob was locked in the basement cage weeks before. She said, “see Bob you were never actually alone. The blacksmith was always on call in case of any problems and he had visited the house several times when you were chained in the woods”. Carol was not going to risk hurting her husband but she did enjoy fucking with his mind.


Carol thought Bob was ready for another challenge. Daily bondage sessions were becoming routine but never boring for Carol. She began to see Bob as furniture, which was heaven for Bob. He never seemed to get enough and Carol never tired of giving him more then he could endure. The sessions grew more elaborate and lasted for sometimes days.

One big plus Bob is not a whining bottom. He deals with whatever is happening, the cramps, itching, discomforts, stress, fear and boredom. Bob is happy in his bondage. He is like a little boy who was just told he was going to an amusement park. In other words Carol knows when she puts Bob in bondage she will never be bothered by anything but the most serious issue.

Carol did everything with thought, nothing was left to chance and everything was supervised. Bob often thought he was being abandoned but trusted Carol to somehow keep him safe no matter what. Fear and panic are sometimes part of a scene but actually being unsupervised is never acceptable. Carol keeps that perfect balance, she knows how to create a sense of safety with no interaction to distract Bob’s subspace.

There are levels of bondage that don’t require strict supervision. There is little reason to watch closely if Bob is chained by an ankle to the eyebolt mounted in cement in the woods, straight-jacketed and caged in the pitch dark basement or zipped in his leather sleeping sack for the night.  A periodic check-in for safety If Bob is locked in the garden pillory, staked out in the yard or hogtied on the floor of the dark walk-in closet. Close supervision is required for any suspension, standing bondage or anything to do with the neck or breathing.

Bob and Carol are seasoned, mature players. The Tiger Balm scene was extremely painful but not damaging. Carol enjoys playing with pain but she knows her limits and realizes Bob is a piss poor bottom because he will never ever say stop. She could train him to give better feed back but she has found a way to play with Bob’s stoic personality.

The types of the pain that doesn’t cause permanent damage are clamps, menthol, electric fly swatters, shock collars and e-stim. Whips and canes are fun but finding Bob’s edge is impossible without bloodletting. Carol loves anything remote control so shock collars are her favorite. The full coverage chastity device has been custom fit with a remote-controlled electrified butt plug, penis ring and ball cup.

The remote reaches every inch of their ten acres. Carol enjoys giving Bob preprogram bursts for messaging or warnings. Her favorite is the butt plug. It can be turned up to ten without damage or causing numbness to Bob’s penis. A fully charged level ten butt plug sustained burst will put Bob on his knees and make a guttural scream come out from deep inside of him.

A minute later he is fully recovered physically but his mind and attitude have been adjusted. Bob hasn’t been able to orgasm by e-stim but he does feel the effects. Carol loves running long random programs to alternate levels and patterns between the three contacts. She increases the levels as the sensitivity lessens leaving Bob completely numb for a day or two. She does this the day before she lets him out of chastity for a cleaning. She even lets Bob attempt to orgasm for entertainment.

One day Carol had an idea for her research. Carol is compiling a detailed study of the effects of bondage and chastity on her favorite subject Bob. This time her focus would be on sexual frustration. Her question is how long can a man be edged without permanent emotional or mental damage? Bob seemed to be a willing subject.

It was Friday our date night. Bob had his last release almost a month ago so he was due for a milking. Carol has perfected her technique and can produce quite a load for Bob to swallow. This monthly milking schedule is getting the best of Bob it has now been eight months since he has had a ruined orgasm and well over a year since a full orgasm. The pheromone conditioning has never stopped. Bob has had her sex on his face and in his sinuses, her piss on his breath and in his belly and the sent of her sweat and sex-filled soiled panties deep in his lungs every night and all night for years now.

Carol had designed a piece of bondage gear to replace the garden stocks. It was a different type of pillory that kept Bob in a kneeling position and elevated a few feet off of the ground. Carol was wanting a few specific things, eye-level access to his cock and balls, an impaling butt plug post, the ability to endure a long-term session, and the ability to be self-bondage. Bob had worked on several designs and actually built a prototype. The final version was perfect, Bob had done a test session of eight full hours.

Carol changed Bob’s chastity for a few days. The morning she started his session was the day after their rest day so he knew the next six days would be intense. Carol let Bob out of his leather sleeping sack and Bob headed for the shower. He found a note to clean himself inside and out, cover his body with sunscreen, put his bondage hood on with earplugs eye tape, but first drink the smoothy in the refrigerator and take the pills on the counter. Go out the new device and lock yourself in position.

Bob did as he was instructed and waited. Before he knew it his device was being removed and he was being shaved with hot lather and a straight razor. After warm toweling, he was covered with oil. The straps were tightened as Carol inspected her work. The rigid butt plug was pushed deeper as she did this adjustment. Before Bob could get his breath he was abruptly jerked off to a ruined climax. His body convulsed just a little while a large load of cum dripped out of his body. When it was over Carol held a small cup to his lips and poured the load into his mouth.

Carol went back to bed and let Bob enjoy his bondage. With the small dump of brain chemicals the bondage lost something. Bob was relieved for only a few moments when his cock coconut smasher hard again. It was soon like he had never cum in fact he was ten times more desperate then before. She would have a lot more control now as she edged him.

There are two types of edging. One is for the bottom to resist and hold back his orgasm, the other is for the bottom to try to orgasm but the top holds back on the stimulation so he can’t no matter how hard he tries. Carol loves both games so I wasn’t sure where this was going.

He felt the morning sun on his body and really felt the butt plug deep in his ass. There were a few features to the plug, it could be inflated, vibrated or used for enemas. A hook on the back of the head and arm pillory was for an enema bag. Carol was into herbal medicine so these could range from coffee, olive oil or some calming mixture. The garden hose and a drain close by took care of any mess. The inflater was a small pump in the base of the pillory with a button for fill and one for deflate and one for vibrate with 10 levels of intensities and patterns. The inflater has a setting for patterns too.

The padding under his bent knees was very comfortable for longer sessions. There were straps to hold the legs in place and special straps for Bob’s feet to hold his toes in place for the stimulation of his sensitive soles. They were apart but not too far. The back had a pad and wide strap at Bob’s tail bone and around the bones of his pelvis. A wide chest strap under his arms leaving his nipples and ribs free. The arm and headstock was horizontal. Carol usually added bondage mitts once Bob was in place to increase the volume. A curved padded board wrapped around the back of his head. It was part of the main pillory out and had two straps to hold Bob’s head completely immobile.

Now that Bob was secured Carol came out of the house with a large enema bag. She hung it high on the hook and attached the hose. Carol sat in a chair facing Bob with a small basket of equipment. She pulled out a small bag of plastic clips of assorted colors and began clipping them to his balls and all four sides of his cock. They were small and rather painful. There were about fifty covering Bob’s cock and balls. She used more around his chest nipples, armpits and underarms. More down his inner thighs. Carol had a way of finding the most sensitive spots, there were around two hundred when she finished. She then stood up walked behind Bob and unleashed the warm coffee enema.

As the warm liquid flowed into Bob she walked back to the house. Bob was still rock hard. She left her loving husband enjoy his retirement for one hour. The enema bag was empty so Carol brought another full one. She clamped it off then hung the new one and opened the flood gates. Bob moaned from the cramping and possibly the two hundred clamps. Carol began removing them, one at a time. Well she didn’t remove them she moved them just slightly to a new unused space, one by one. They allowed the blood to run into the compressed skin while it compressed new shin. In a few minutes all 200 clips had been moved and then she moved them all again….and again.

She finally removed them, moved the basket and chair. She removed the empty enema bag then detached the tube. She then deflated the butt plug allowing the pressure of the enema to flow out. Most of it hit the drain and the rest was washed down with the garden hose. By this time Bob was jittery from the coffee lost in a pain high but still hard as a rock.

Now that Carol had Bob where she wanted him it was time for a workout. The pillory was rather safe Bob could actually pass out and remain safely in position. I doubt Bob will be doing any sleeping with his caffeine level. Carol removed her sex soiled panties and draped the crotch over Bob’s face and headed for an afternoon work out……


Carol edged Bob in his leather sleep sack a full 45 minutes then removed him cuffed his hands behind him and repositioned him in a standing position in a steel wall mounted neck pillory near the kitchen. She sat in a chair in front of Bob and drank her coffee with one hand and edged Bob for another full 45 minutes. She stopped removed his hood and fed him a smoothy and a hand full of what he thought were supplemented. At the 15 minute mark, she began another relentless slow firm edging. This lasted another 45 full minutes.

Bob assumed there was a timer involved and one or more of those pills would maintain his erection no matter what. At the 45 minute mark Bob’s neck was unlocked then pushed to his knees to service Carol. After her first orgasm, Bob was ordered to seal his mouth on her to drink every drop of her piss. She warned him not to spill a drop. He was then locked back in the wall-mounted pillory. Another 45-minute edging and then a trip to the garden.

This time he was staked spread eagle in the lawn. By now he knew the pattern and was once again edged firmly and very slowly never having enough friction to reach an orgasm. It doesn’t sound like much but in 12 hours of bondage, he was going to spend 9 hours of firm slow edging. Carol changed nothing about her relentless firm way too slow rhythm. Her goal was to keep Bob hard and slowly drive him mad.

Each session began on time and ended on time. Bob was soon unable to rest during the short 15 minute break. Climbing the stairway of frustration so slowly is truly maddening. Rarely does anyone have the patients and self-control to do it in such a methodical way, but Carol did.

For a few sessions, Bob tried to ignore her stimulation. He stubbornly laid perfectly still trying to control his arousal. Carol smiled but never varied from the slow firm massaging of his rock hard cock. Bob would then begin to clench his body then feverishly hump her hand to increase the rhythm, Carol slowed the pace but never stopped. This was worse than water torture it was driving Bob out of his mind.

Carol sat on his face a few times and enjoyed his probing tongue. Bob did not lick her in a skillful way he fucked her hard with his tongue, almost an angry fuck. Carol made sure to slow her rhythm, even more, to deny his orgasm because of the added stimulation of her wet cunt covering his mouth and nose.

It was a cloudy day so the sun didn’t beat down on him but Bob was covered with sweat. Carol kept him hydrated and his hard cock hard and covered with oil. Soon this stoic man was convulsing in desperation. As each 45 minute session ended it took about ten minutes for his body to unclench. His breathing would no sooner slow then another firm slow relentless session would begin again. His body would convulse and strain for that up take in rhythm but it never ever came.

Soon he began to moan out loud and growl when the session stopped. Around the eighth hour Bob was so out of control he made several serious attempts at escape. Not one word came out of his mouth because he was afraid to beg and disappoint Carol. His submissive nature was being tested as much as his sexual frustration. Carol gave him another smoothy for energy plus some herbal concoction to feed his sexual need.

The grass around Bob’s naked body showed the wear of his constant thrashing. Carol kept the exact measured firm slow pace of his torment. It was dark now a full 12 hours of torment. Bob was a blubbering mess by now. She untied him cuffed his hands behind him washed him off in the yard and led him to the kitchen for dinner. Carol fed him by hand as she edged him. Then locked him away for the night in his sleeping sack. Eyes taped, ears plugged, her sex on his face and in his nose, fresh hot piss on his breath and his head surrounded by a weeks worth of sex and sweat-soaked panties. His cock an balls were locked outside of his leather sleep sack and exposed.

Carol went to bed and continued to edge him firmly and oh so slowly. This continued on the same schedule all through the night and into the morning. Sleeping is overrated anyway.

What will happen next?

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