Master love to torture his little toy

Master orders me to lay on the bed, on my back.

I can feel the huge butt plug move in my ass…hmmmm

My head is up against the headboard and my arms are stretched and tied to both sides of me.

I spread my legs wide for Master.

He places 3 small clothespins that have an eye hook on the end…3 each one of my pussy lips.

I feel the bit of each pin…hmmm

He then tells me to bend my knees and proceeds to wrap a rope around the top of my thigh.

He does the same thing to my other thigh.

3 double ended clips are hooked on the rope around each thigh

Then the other end is clamped to the eye hook on the clothespin.

Master then orders me to let my knees fall to the side, flat on the bed

This pulls on the clamps and spreads my pussy lips very wide

Put your feet together…master then clamps my ankle cuffs together

He then takes another clamp, hook it to my ankle cuffs and clamps it the rope around my thigh. He does the same thing with my other ankle.

He then runs a rope under the bed. He clamps my thigh to the rope under the bed and pulls. Thus anckoring my legs to the bed.

I cannot move my legs or unbend my knees.

My pussy lips are spread wide, the clamps digging into my lips.

Totally exposed, so that you can make direct hits to my tender little clit….

God, I love being completely bound by you, legs spread wide, open for you…

Secretly I am thinking, how much I love to feel the sting of the whip, flogger, hand, any or all…all over my pussy! God, please make my pussy swell, make me scream, cry…fuck me like a virgin…and do it all over again…as long as you like… Hmmmm…And getting fucked hard afterward while my pussy and clit are still so sore and oversensitive…Hmmm

My thoughts wonder to the time when I was almost brought to tears when Master overstimulated my clit by rubbing the tip over and over again. I am remembering that pain and my pussy is getting wet just thinking about it.

You are beautiful my little slut

bound on the floor

Master flicks my clit, making me jump and waking me up from my various thoughts

I gasp. I see Master cock. It is hard, probably from thinking what he is about to do.

Oh how I wish I could suck him hard right now…to feel him swell and pulse deep in my throat.

He takes out the clit pump and vacuum my clit.

I feel myself getting wet as I know Master is going to torture my clit.

I watch him take out toys from his toy chest…flogger, hmmm, dildo, eggs, dental floss (ohhh interesting), ruler, clovers….

Master look up …I smile and look down blushing a little

He comes over, leans in and talks low in my ear….

In the next hour or two you will be begging me to whip your clit hard. Once I get my clit swollen, red and extremely sensitive, I am going to fuck you hard slut.

At your words, I feel a tightening in my belly and a shiver from deep within that seems ready to take control of every cell in my body. I moan out loud…anticipating what is about to come.

Now while the pump get your clit nice and hard, I am going to entertain myself on your nipples who are begging for some attention.

Ohhhh yes, please Master! I thrust out my chest…smiling

The vacuum has been on my clit for 20 min and my clit is nice and stretched out in the tube.

Master notices…and proceeds to grab the dental floss. Leaving my clovers on my nipples.

Master ties it tightly around the base of my clit just below the tube.

When he releases the suction, my clit kind of mushrooms around the string.

I want to hear you count out loud slave

Yes Master

You see my legs quivering in anticipation

Master wets his finger in my pussy and rubs the tip of my clit, making me jump and whimper. Master gives me a light tap with his finger.

One, thank you Master

Master gives me a series of light taps, in a fast rhythmic movement, tap-tap-tap

12, 13 and 14 Master….

My hips and breath jump with the taps. Then, a harder tap and harder…

18 …19 …Master

Then suddenly, not a tap but a full slap, WHACK, right on my clit.

I yelp….20 I say out loud…

Mimi would you like a hard one. Yes Master…please…2 hard ones. I would like the second one to be harder than the first one.

How hard do you want it mimi?

I pause, take a deep breath, “As hard as Master wishes”…

Master simply looks at me and doesn’t say anything.

He leaves the room and returns with a roll up facecloth. (rolled up width wide, like a little log).

I know what this is for, I open my mouth and bite down on the rolled up cloth.

My heart is beating a little faster in excitement and in anticipation.

My clit feels like it’s on fire

Master picks up his flogger, then places it back on the bed and picks up the ruler.

Two it shall be!

Oh my god…Master puts the ruler against my pussy and holding one end down, pulls back the other end. Ready?

I nod my head….Master lets go and the ruler comes down hard on my swollen clit.

I yell in my gag and pull on my restraints.

Master keep the ruler there for a few seconds then pulls it away, looking at my red and very swollen clit.

He leans down and blows on it, making me whimper.

butt plug with a tail

One! Master says oh your clit is getting really swollen and pretty now slave, but not enough for me to fuck my pussy.

Ready? I don’t say anything as I can still feel the pulsing sting of the first strike.

I take a deep breath expecting master to place the ruler again against my pussy.

Instead, he raise his arm ….Harder that is what you wanted…… and comes down hard on my clit.

I yell in my gag, shaking my head from side to side as I am unable to move anything else.

Master keep the ruler on my clit prolonging the sting for a few extra second.

Was that hard enough slut or would you like another one.

My eyes grow big and I shake my head no.

You move away the ruler and look at my beautiful open pussy.

I am very wet and despite what my mind is telling me, I am excited and my body is giving me away.

I am trembling a little and my moaning increases as you run hand up and down inside my inner thigh.

Then without warning you gently touch my clit with the tip of your tongue, making me jump and whimper loud.

You smile and give my clit a slow lick

I moan and try to pull away, but can’t….my clit is so sensitive and sore

It looks like a mushroom. Very swollen, red and purple and angry looking

You grab the scissors and clip the floss and quickly start to unwind the floss…

Then you surprise me and kiss the inside of my thigh.

I start to whimper louder as the blood is starting to flow

You move your mouth and suck my little protruding clit between your lips. My moans stop and I am silent for about 2-3 seconds until the intense pain hit me.

I scream and go nuts shaking my head …trying to jerk myself loose, trying to move my legs.

You use your body weight to keep my legs pinned to the bed, never removing your lips from my clit.

Gently you move your tongue around my clit and work my clit with your lips

Making me jump and tears roll down my cheeks.

I continue to whimper for about a minute then slowly my screams turn into moans

Which get louder as my sexual excitement increases?

I push my gag out “Please Master whip your clit and fuck your pussy” Oh god, please! No more, please no more. Please Master whip your clit.

You pull back and look at the angry little bud in front of you

10 lashes mimi, count out loud

Yes Master,

You grab the flogger and let it fall gently…I yelp…One Master

Quiet or the next 9 will be hard slut!

I bite my lip and tense up as I see flogger raise up, I hold my breath waiting for the next one to hit.

You watch me struggle to keep quiet for the next 8….

9 Master Thank You

Would you like the last one to be hard mimi?

I pause and look at you. You know I am internally struggling as I am at my pain limit.

After a few second, If it pleases Master, yes!

You simply smile.

You grab a condom and roll it on

It does please Master and down comes the flogger…I yell, the pain is intense.

You drop the flogger and untie the clamp at my feet.

You push my feet aside and unclamp my pussy lips.

Each clamp making me twist and yelp in my gag

You place your cock at the entrance of my wet pussy and begin to tease me…

“You want it, don’t you, my dirty little slave?’

I buck my hips to answer.

“Beg me, beg me to fuck you”, you taunt me as you slip the head of your hard cock into my dripping hole.

“Please, Master, please fuck me,” I moan.

I try to push myself on your cock, but you pull away.

“That’s it, that’s my slut. Your cunt is so wet and tight.

This pussy is mine, isn’t it slut?” “Oh, yes, Master,” I moan.

Slowly you start to push in. The fit is extremely tight as I still have the huge butt plug in my ass.

Slowly you keep pushing watching me struggle as I take you in….When you push in the last inch your stomach hit my clit making my jump and moan.

You grab the back of my head and order me to look you in the eyes

You pull back and ram your fucking cock in hard…thus hitting and rubbing against my clit

I yell and you place the gag back in my mouth

I feel your hand behind my head …you grab my hair and pin my head

You proceed to pound your rock hard cock harder and deeper into your slave tight pussy.

You adjust your angle and impale me deeper than I ever thought possible.

You can feel the putt plug in my ass.

There is nothing I can do as the pleasure and pain assault me …

My pussy is dripping and my muscles are contracting each time you ram yourself in.

I start breathing harder and you feel my muscles contracting…”That’s it, cum, cum mimi.

I yell out in my gag…my pussy muscles squeezing you hard. Locking you in tight, making it hard for you to push in.

You feel the pressure building in your balls.

“I am going to cum, I am going to fill your cunt with my cum….”

With one hard shove …you cum hard in your slave pussy. I felt you explode deep inside my pussy as you continue to thrust enjoying the sensitivity.

You are breathing hard; you see the tears on your slave cheeks and gently whip them away. You take the gag out of my mouth

You whisper in my ears, Master is very pleased with his slave.

I shyly smile

You pull out carefully, flush the condom and start untying your slave.

Her clit is red and extremely swollen.

She can’t close her legs to cuddle. You give her a pillow to place in-between her knees to relieve some of the pressure on her sore pussy and clit and spoon her from behind. Holding her tight.

You made me cum really hard…I simply moan enjoying the warmth of your arms, trying to relax my muscles and slow my breathing.

I smile at your comment, proud that I was able to give Master so much pleasure.

I close my eyes, my clit is pulsing …god what a perfect moment

Master whispers in my ears, we still have an hour and I believe my breast haven’t had enough attention and there are those bruises that you love so much that I have to see to.

I moan and smile….I feel my pussy getting wetter

Yes Master, they need a lot of attention.