Master Brad and his sissy SugerPie [Chastity, Castration]

Never in my dreams, I would have thought about losing my balls…


The intercom buzzes and my boss’s voice booms out loud and clear.
“SugerPie I want you in here in ten minutes to take dictation. And bring me
some coffee.” “Yes sir, I’ll be in there in ten minutes with your coffee
sir” I reply.

I get up to make a fresh pot of coffee. As I walk to the coffee maker my suntan
colored nylons rub against each other at my thighs making a soft whispering
sound. My four-inch navy pumps and tight short skirt force me to take
small mincing steps, causing my full hips and ass to wiggle. While filling
the coffee pot I admire my long oval nails painted Raven Red. After putting
the coffee on I check myself in the mirror. My long blonde hair is pulled
back into a French twist. Large gold hoops hang from my pierced ears
. My brows are thin and arched. My makeup is flawless, if a bit over
done for the office. My lashes are heavy with mascara making them long and
luxurious. My eyes are dark with liner, making them look big and excited.
My cheeks are dusted with rose colored powder giving me a constant blush.
And my lips are painted Raven Red, shaped into a sweet Cupids bow giving
them a full and pouty look. I see my deep cleavage reflected in the mirror.
Inside the confines of my low cut ivory blouse my 42D breasts are cradled in
a demi cup push up bra, forcing them together and up, presenting them for
all to see.

I return to my desk and resume typing. Will I need to type letters? File contracts? Take
dictation? Or perhaps his needs will be more personal.

Will he need me to suck his wonderful cock? Or maybe take it up my tight asshole?

I purr softly to myself hoping I may serve him so intimately. I feel my
dickie harden as these thoughts go through my head. It strains against the
chastity belt it’s locked in. Yes, under the snug fitting skirt, past the silky
nylons and lace garter belt, beneath the tight fitting nylon panties is my
penis. The last vestige of my former male self.

I think back to when I met Master Brad (I only call him Mr.Thomas at the
office) through an ad in the local swingers paper. I was a crossdresser
looking to fulfill my fantasy of serving a dominant male. We met and clicked
immediately. And soon I was under Master Brads spell. He suggested I take
female hormones. I said yes and before I knew it my body was changing. I
had always been small and thin, but the estrogen caused shifts in body fat.
My hips and tush filled out and became downright womanly. Simultaneously
I was blossoming up top. My tits grew, my nipples enlarged becoming
sensitive and pink buds. My skin softened, my body hair grew lighter and
my voice went up an octave to a girlish soprano. Then came the piercings.
My ears for big, dangling earrings. And my nipples for large chrome hoops.
My hair had been growing and when it reached shoulder length, I had it dyed
blonde, cause Master Brad prefers blondes. Collagen treatments pumped up
my lips to what Master Brad refers to as “cocksucker lips”. I continued to
love my new found femininity and submissiveness and would rarely object
to anything Master Brad suggested. But when he mentioned breasts implants
I panicked and said no. Master Brad countered that I already looked like a
girl, the hair, the figure, the clothes and that I dressed all the time. Plus he
would give me a job in his small company as a secretary. After thinking
about it, I said yes, so wrapped up was I in my trip down the road to total

Two weeks later we went to the hospital and my breasts were “augmented”
as the doctor said. They pumped enough silicone into me that I now possess
a bra busting 42D bosom. Thanks to the hormones, implants and exercise I
now have an hourglass figure with measurements of 42D-24-38.

But the implants weren’t all that happened at the hospital. While I was
under Master Brad had me castrated. That’s right my little nuts were cut off.
He said my panties would fit better without them and besides I really didn’t
need them since I was his girl now. He also had my clit (he insist I call my
dick my clit) fitted for a chastity belt. It’s a stainless steel tube that goes from
the base to right below the head of my clit. There’s a “D” ring at the top of it
for attaching a leash. It’s locked on and only Master Brad has the key. It’s
meant to keep me pure and chaste Master Brad said. He also pointed out that
the tubes curved shape could be pushed back and between my legs giving
my crotch a smooth girlish appearance. Another benefit is I’d need to sit
down to pee, just like any other girl.

All this news had me reeling. But Master Brad explained at this point I
needed him more then he needed me. I resolved to accept my fate in life and
serve Master Brad as his sissy secretary. What else could I do? I was more
girl then man and anyway I loved being his girl. After recovering from the
surgery I went to work for Master Brad. No one at the office knows of my
past or of my more intimate relationship with Master Brad. I learned to dress
to his liking. And I learned Master Brad liked me to dress as the epitome of
femininity. Everyday he selects my outfit from underwear to accessories,
even my nail polish color! Sometimes the outfits cause me to squirm with
embarrassment. Like the time he made wear a black lace bra under a sheer
white blouse. Oh the looks I got that day! Or when he made me wear that
black satin dress with the tight bodice and full skirt, with petticoats no less!
You could hear them rustling as I walked the halls. And then there was the
time he had me dress like a hooker. After slipping into a pair of lycra panties
(being careful to tuck my clit back between my legs) and matching bra, I
pulled cinnamon colored pantyhose up my smooth legs. Next came a pair of
lycra hot pink Capri pants. Thanks to my chastity belt and neutered state I
sported a very feminine “V” shaped crotch. No bulge here! My top was a
cropped black blouse tied at the waist with a big bow. And so low cut my
mountainous mammaries were practically spilling out. I slipped my feet, with
their toenails painted dark purple, into a pair of bright yellow mules with
four inch heels. I applied lipstick to match my nail polish, teased my hair out
a mile, and added big, chunky jewelry. God the abuse I took that day! I was
called everything from trollop to harlot to slut. And I spent a lot of time on
my knees in Master Brads office satisfying his insatiable wanton male urges.
That whole episode reinforced my image as the office bimbo. Today’s outfit
is somewhat conservative compared to those I’ve wore in the past. But it
doesn’t matter, I’m always dressed and made up to send the same signal: I’m
the ultimate girl thing. Mr. Thomas’s ultimate girl thing.

I’m brought back to the present as my clitty stirs uselessly, between my ass
cheeks, trapped in its prison of stainless steel and nylon. I sigh knowing my
only chance of pleasure is through serving Master Brads thick tool. I must
hurry or I’ll be late! I get my purse, steno pad and Master Brads coffee.

I knock before entering Master Brads office. “Come in” he says. I sashay in
put everything on his desk and drop to my knees. I bend forward and place a
small kiss on the tip of both of his big, wing tip dress shoes. I remain in that
position till he tells me to “Rise”. I straighten up but remain kneeling.
Contrary to the stereotype of bosses chasing secretaries around their desks, I
don’t play hard to get. Matter of fact I’m totally obedient and willing to do
my bosses bidding. “SugerPie. I need you to take some “dicktation” before
lunch. Assume the position”. I reach into my mouth and remove my
dentures. I think back to the day I accidentally grazed Master Brads cock
with my teeth. He slapped me about the face and said he had a fitting
solution for the problem. Next day I found myself at the dentist. Master Brad
was at my side as the doctor put me under. I awoke with a numbed face.
Master Brad handed me a mirror and nodded for me to look into my mouth. I
was shocked! All my teeth were gone! Every last one of them. Master Brad spoke
. “After you bit me I needed to teach you a lesson. I’m sure you’ve
learned it now”. He laughed. “Besides I’ll have you outfitted with a dazzling
set of pure white false teeth. You’ll have a million dollar smile. Which will
add to your beauty. And when I want you’ll have a cunt for a mouth” he
chuckled. So now I have a set of perfect, sparkling teeth. And when Master
Brad desires I remove them and he fucks my mouth like a pussy. I snap back
to the present and place my dentures in their case and reach for my lipstick. I
apply a fresh coat, Master Brad demands I must have a fresh coat of lipstick
before taking “dicktation”. I crawl around to the front of Master Brads desk
and wedge myself between it and the floor. Due to the tight space I find
myself with my head resting squarely on Master Brads chair seat my head
between his legs. I wait for the signal. “Begin” he says. I slowly unzip his
trousers and gently pull out his hardening manhood. I stare in awe at its piss
slit and give it a delicate kiss, leaving a lipstick print right on the mushroom
shaped head. I slip it pass my tender lips and into my moist, toothless
mouth, sucking ever so carefully. Master Brads prick responds to my oral
adoration by springing to its fully erect size, a mouth filling ten inches long
and two inches thick! I’m lost in the moment as I lick, suck, kiss and love
Master Brads dong. I swirl my tongue over his purple head. I dart my
tongue at his cum filled balls. After I’ve moistened it with my salvia I get
down to the business of some serious cocksucking. Tightening my lips
around Master Brads thick rod I piston up and down the length of it, feeling
every ridge and vein. My very being is focused on giving this man as much
pleasure as I can. In short, I make love to Master Brads pecker. Master Brad
warns me “When I cum, don’t swallow!” I continue my in and out motions
doing everything to coax a big, sticky load of man cream from Master Brads
cock. In a few minutes I’m rewarded, as Master Brad spews a huge creamy
load of hot jizz into my mouth. I gobble it up as spurt after spurt fills me.
Obeying Master Brad I allow it to collect in my mouth, not swallowing a drop
of his manly discharge. When he’s done I lick him clean, wipe off his tool
and put him back together. I don’t move till Master Brad says “Out from
under the desk SugerPie”. I crawl back to his side. “Open your mouth”. I do.

“My, my I really shot a big load there didn’t I?”.

I nod my head yes, careful
not to spell any of Master Brads fresh seed. He grabs a mirror from his desk
drawer and holds it up for me to see.

My mouth is full of milky white cum, so much so that my gums are barely
visible. “Swallow it bitch. Slowly”. I slowly let Master Brads semen slide
down my throat, feeling the thick stringy cream as it coats the inside of my
throat. When I’m finished I lick my lips and thank Master Brad for allowing
me to suck his dick and swallow his sperm. “Now I’m going to a luncheon
meeting and I want you to stay here. But first I need to make sure you won’t
roam”. “Get up”. I stand up next to Master Brad who is so tall that even in
my four inch pumps I’m still five inches shorter then him! “Get out of your
skirt” I unbutton my skirt and allow it drop to the floor. “Unbutton your
blouse”. I undo all the buttons of my blouse. Master Brad clears his desk
and flips the top to reveal a secret compartment containing various bondage
devices. He pulls out a spreader bar and attaches it to my ankles forcing my
legs three feet apart, turning me so that I’m parallel with his desk and then
attaches the spreader bar to the desk. Next he pulls my arms behind my back
and handcuffs them together. Then he unhooks my front closing bra and
exposes my big knockers with their pierced nipples and chrome rings. He
picks up a Y shaped chain and hooks two ends to my nipple rings, then he
pushes me forward till I’m bent over at the waist and locks the remaining end
of the chain to an eyehook in the desk. My range of motion is limited and if I
try to exceed it my pert nipples are stretched. “One more thing”. Master Brad
goes behind me and opens a drawer. Then he pulls my panties down to my
luscious thighs. I feel a cool slippery goo being spread all over my asshole.
Then Master Brads middle finger slips into my pussyass and massages my
anal passage. Mmmm, it feels so good! Master Brad takes his biggest
buttplug and jams it up my greased love tunnel. God it fills me right up.
Master Brad pulls up my panties saying “These will help keep things in
place”. Master Brad comes around to my front. “Clean this up baby”. He
says as he sticks his finger into my mouth. The combination of KY jelly and
my own ass taste is unpleasant, but I dutifully suck my Masters finger clean.
A penis shaped gag is forced between my lips and locked behind my head.
“There, you’re all set. Now don’t go anywhere” Master Brad laughs. He
leaves locking the door on his way out.

I contemplate my situation I’m locked, strapped and gagged in my bosses
office. And I love it! I’m enjoying the bondage of the cuffs, the tightness of
the spreader bar the restriction of the chain and nipple rings, the gagging of
the gag, the fullness of the butt plug. The time passes slowly as I wait for
my beloved’s return. After two agonizing hours I hear the key in the lock
and the door opens and Master Brad enters looking refreshed. And a bit
devilish. “SugerPie have you been good while I was gone?” I nod yes.
“That’s my girl. And since you’ve been so good I’ve brought you a treat. It’s
here in my pants” Master Brad chuckles. He goes around the desk and stands
directly behind me. “Yes such a good girl” Master Brad says as he strokes
my ass cheeks. I can’t help but wiggle them as I respond to his stimulation
of my bottom. His stroking stops and is followed by the sound of a zipper
being opened and the flop of a pair of pants hitting the carpet. I’m still
wiggling my butt when I feel the heat of a hard cock through the thinness of
my nylon panties. Master Brad rubs his cock all over my smooth panty clad
ass. He’s so hard! And anxious. Grabbing a pair of scissors he slices my
panties right off me. Then it’s the butt plug as he yanks it out of my tight
poop chute. It’s a relief to have that monster removed, but my comfort is
short lived.

femboy holding a knife

Master Brad grabs my hips and in one fast penetrating stroke,

impales me on his steel hard man meat. I let out a muffled cry through the gag as his
prick splits my ass cheeks, burrowing itself deep into my most private spot.
He pulls out and rams me again, his thrusts so powerful it lifts me right off
the ground. Master Brad savagely rapes my backside, plunging his manly
tool in and out of my tender sissycunt. My initial pain fades to a deep, dark
pleasure, centered around my puckered opening as it’s assaulted over and
over, by this symbol of male dominance. Master Brad long dick tickles my
prostrate and sends shivers up and down my spine, pushing me closer to
orgasm. But I remember that I’m here for his pleasure, not my mine. I
squeeze my sphincter muscles as much as possible to make this the tightest
ass fuck for my man, my Master. Master Brad is stabbing at my love nest
with wild abandon, grunting and groaning as he holds onto my hips with an
iron clad grip. The way he’s humping me I know that he’s on the verge of
cumming. Growling Master Brad says “Are you ready bitch? Ready for me
to cum in you? To blast my cum deep into your ass?” I answer yes by
nodding my head. He laughs “I thought you were”. And picks up his pace.
He’s fucking me like a mad man, sawing in and out of my bottom with such
recklessness. It won’t be long before he cums. And it isn’t. He plunges his
dick in me and holds it there as his scalding semen fills my bowels. It’s like
a garden hose being turned on inside my behind. Master Brad cums with
such force and quantity, he literally fills my rectum with his sticky man
cream marking me as his girl, his territory, his property. I purr, like the
pussy I am, with satisfaction for having drained my Masters balls of his
precious dick juice. After resting a bit Master Brad pulls out of me with a
loud “pop”, cleans himself up and puts himself back together. He unlocks
my handcuffs and goes around and places the keys on the desk. “I’ve got a
meeting, then I’m going out for drinks. I want you to fix yourself up and
finish your work here. Have dinner ready at 7:30 and be dressed in your
black satin French Maid uniform and looking your prettiest. I nod to
acknowledge his orders. Master Brad starts walking out but stops at the
door, turns to me and says “By the way, plug your ass with a maxi tampon.
I want my cum staying with you all day. And SugerPie don’t wear any panties
tonight. I want to see that tampon string hanging between your cheeks when
you bend over. See you later sweets!”.