Made to watch [T&d, denial, paddle]

She had tied him from restraining points above the door and he stood in the open doorway, arms outstretched to each side above his head and legs pulled about eighteen inches apart.

He was comfortable for now. For that he was grateful. That might change later. he wondered as always at moments like this how it was he could feel so exposed and vulnerable and so bloody aroused. he wished he could control himself but around her, he was utterly helpless. His cock danced and bounced, drawing her attention straight to it.

She was amused at his excitement… What a dear sweet boy he was…getting so hard for her…just so she could torment him… how cute he looked when his penis was hard and red.

She stood close and leaned over, so he could feel her warm breath, it made him tingle madly. It had been several days now and she was showing no sign of allowing him a release.

She lifted her head up and her lips were close to his, he leaned closer and she grinned, ducked her head down and kissed and nibbled on his nipples instead. A little sharp bite made him moan slightly. “Ssshhhh!, no noise or you get a smacked bottom’ He bit his lip to stop a second murmur escape.

She teased him with her tongue, tracing a line down his naked side, and down past his navel and soon he could feel her warm breath so close to his aching cock.

“Seeing you tied and so desperate makes my pussy so wet…just makes me want to torment you over and over until I am so horny. You need to be my very good boy or it will be a long time before you get to come. You do agree you need to be strictly controlled, don’t you, boy?

He nodded enthusiastically, nervous that if he even spoke, she might spank him for disobedience.

Her teasing hands found his balls and proceeded to gently stroke and pull at them, testing to see if he would be naughty enough to moan if she pulled more firmly. His lips were tensed tightly, to maintain silence.
His cock though spoke for him, starting to dribble pre-cum. Her fingertip slid the drop of fluid across his cock head and he forgot himself. The flash of sudden pleasure from that tiny tickle brought forth a yelp.

She tutted, stared at him calmly then unclipped his hands and feet.

She pointed to the edge of the bed and told him to bend over, legs spread. His insides quivered as he heard her go to the bedside cabinet drawer. He knew that meant one of her implements. She put him out of his misery by saying she had the wooden spoon in her hand and she intended to spank him. He felt very small and rather ashamed as she smacked his bottom cheeks, left then right and scolded him for dribbling and for breaking the silence she had imposed.

The last few blows hurt and his lip quivered, especially as she sternly informed him that naughty boys do not get treats. How could he be so aroused by her and yet so easily humbled, her tellings off made him want to crawl over to her and apologize, so deeply did she move him.

‘I know just how much you want to lick me and make me come but when you are naughty, that just isn’t going to happen, is it?’

His cock twitched at her strict tone and he shook his head sorrowfully.

‘Kneel just here’ legs apart, so I can see your penis clearly. hands behind your back, good boy, now stay still and quiet…thank you’

He watched as she grabbed her beanbag and laid it against the bedroom wall opposite, and then she plugged in her favorite mains operated Wahl massager.

He breathed hard as she demanded he move a little closer, and he shuffled on his knees until he was at her ankles. She hitched her slip up, showing him her fleshy thighs and black lace knickers. Her finger slid under the material and he bit his lip again, feeling quite crazy with desire. Her wet finger was waved just in front of his face and she laughed, gently mocking his desperation. She knew only too well that he was crying out to be told to lick her pussy, to taste her heat and bring her to as much pleasure as she could take. Instead, he was naked, on his knees, his stiff dripping cock straining and she, well, she stretched back and ran her massager over the thin fabric, creating waves of pulsing delight which would build over torturous minutes into a strong and delicious orgasm. It wouldn’t be just one, he knew, he would have to watch as she pleasured herself over and over.

He suffered this torment meekly and quietly, just managing to avoid another spanking. He felt light-headed with lust.

Flushed and sated, she smiled as she reminded him …

‘Naughty boys do not get treats, do they? Only good boys deserve treats…Will you try harder to be my good boy from now on? This is exactly why I have to be in control of our sex life…it is far too much for you, you need to learn to be pleasing and submissive…I know another full night of sexual frustration will be good for you. I am right, aren’t I? so, we will pop your chastity device back on and then have an early night. Now, don’t forget to put those tight black pants back on, so I can check that you have been a chaste boy all night. The dominant gleam in her eye told him the night in her bed would be a cruel torture.

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