Just don’t climax

“What’s wrong with you?” Joe questioned his friend Chuck as they sat
down for lunch. Taking a big bite of his sandwich he looked at Chuck.
They bought worked construction and were working on a downtown
apartment complex. Their lunch took place sitting on the tailgate of
Joe’s old pickup truck.

There are hotwifes near ?

“Nothing,” Chuck mumbled looking dismal.

“Well, you could of fooled me. You look like shit. You don’t even
come out with the rest of us to the Strip Club on Friday’s after
work.” Joe probed. “So what’s up? Is it the boss? He can be a real

“No it is isn’t Henry, although he is an asshole!” Chuck laughed at
his own joke and Joe joined him.

“Is it Heather? Did she find out about Bunny down at the club?” Joe

Chuck shrugged and sighed. “She didn’t find out about Bunny and even
if she did she would realize a man needs a quick mindless suck once
in a while at a tittybar. Hell, she hasn’t done that in a long time.”

Joe looked horrified. “No? Geez, man I am sorry.”

Chuck smiled sadly. “She is a damned good vacuum too when she gets
around to it! But she is on a baby kick. Man, every time I have to
cum in her cunt and then she elevates her legs for 30 minutes.”
Laughing, “it is kind of funny watching her.”

“Man oh, man! Congratulations! Why the hell, didn’t you tell me you
old dog?” Joe was happy but was pissed he wasn’t informed.

Rolling his eyes Chuck tried to explain but it was damned
embarrassing. “Because she isn’t in a family way yet! We have been
trying for a year now. I really liked the fucking daily at first but
I got to tell you it is now just a chore.”

Joe laughed. “How could fucking daily become a chore? That’s what
every man wants, isn’t it? Well, that and for it to be with twins who eat
each other out as a sideshow. And oh yeah blow jobs at the breakfast
table while we eat andâ�¦” Chuck’s elbow stopped Joe’s impromptu

“Will you shut the hell up? I am serious!” Chuck looked
miserable. “It is just all work now.”

Joe looked confused. “How is getting your nut work?”

Chuck looked him in the eye and replied. “Every time we have sex she
wants to cum too.” Rolling his eyes and sighing. “It is a pain in the
ass! A few times a week didn’t seem like such a chore but every
freaking day? Man, my tongue and dick feel like they are going fall
off waiting for her.”

Joe chuckled. “Oh man have you been pussy whipped.”

“What do you mean?” Chuck demanded.

“I mean you don’t have to make her climax each and every time? She’s
your wife, right?” Joe was laughing.

“You know Heather is my wife. What is your problem man?” Chuck was
visibly annoyed.

“I mean did you make all the girls you have been with cum?” Joe asked.

“No, I didn’t. I usually didn’t bother to even try to get them off. I
would just sweet talk them out of their panties then get my rocks
off.” Chuck was lost in memories. “Some were pretty pissed, but they
were sluts parting their legs for some stranger they met at the bar
what could they expect? Unless I was dating the bitch I didn’t.”

Joe concurred. “Damn right. That would be like taking the time to get
Bunny at the club off. I mean she doesn’t need it, and it keeps her
hot for the next time she takes care of your dick.”

Chuck nodded. He had just gotten a major boner thinking of all the
girls he used for his pleasure. He remembered how much he enjoyed
just taking what they had to offer and walking away. How easy that
had been.

Joe watched Chuck then has eyes narrowed. “I got it man. I got your

Chuck was suspicious. “What?”

“You can tell her it’s a way to help make a baby.” Joe beamed.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Chuck growled.

“Tell her you heard some women purposely don’t orgasm so they can
conceive. Tell her you heard some of us talking about how it really
worked. Tell her it is a sacrifice a lot of women are happy to make.”
Joe explained.

Chuck laughed and clapped his buddy on the back. “I think you have
something there, Joe. That would be great! Do you think it will work?”

Joe smiled and nodded. “I know it will.”

Joe wasn’t surprised to see Chuck leaving early that night. He was
probably going to go try out his plan.

Chuck needed to leave early. He could barely walk with his hard on
trying to poke a hole in his pants. The thought that he could use his
sweet Heather like a slut was too delicious for words. Arghhh! He
couldn’t get home early enough.

Chuck burst into the house. “Heather, honey I am home.”

Heather being adorable and sexy skipped up to him to plant a sweet
kiss on his lips. “Hi, baby.”

“Honey, I did a bit of research on our little problem.” Chuck sat
down and accepted the beer Heather handed him. He pulled her down to
his lap. “Baby, lots of the guys down at the site have had
difficulties knocking up their woman.”

Heather pretending to be offended by his turn of phrase playfully
slapped his chest. “You mean planting their love seed within their
lady loves, don’t you?”

Chuck laughed and caught her hand and kissed it before giving each
finger a quick suck. He knew each suck was felt in her warm
pussy. “Yes, love seed. Look, there are things we can do before we go
see some fancy expensive doctor.”

Heather’s innocence caused him to harden even more. “Honey, I will
try anything. What did you hear?”

“Well, there is an old wive’s tale that the women in the 1950’s used
to avoid pregnancy by avoiding climax. However, this actually
increased a woman’s chance of conceiving.” Laughing “That’s why there
were so many shotgun weddings in the ’50s. By not cumming they got a

“Well, I want a baby. But why would that work?” Heather questioned
not quite like the idea of not orgasming.

“I guess a women’s pussy clenches at the man’s dick, I mean penis out
of frustration so she drains more of his sperm out of him. Then her
cunt, I mean vagina sucks the sperm into her hot body. No orgasm
means her hormone level is elevated so her body is more ready to
conceive.” Chuck was trying to sound scientific when all he really
wanted was a hole to dump his load in. Heather pussy was slowly
grinding circles over his cock making him crazy.

Taking the lead, Chuck pushed her off his lap and began leading her
to the bed. “Honey love I think we should start right now.” He was
already undressing her.

Heather put up no protest. She just nodded. She wanted a baby so
badly she would do anything.
Chuck gave her much less foreplay but Heather thought that was
probably best since she wasn’t supposed to orgasm. Sighing mentally,
Heather committed herself to this course of action.

She moaned as Chuck entered her. Chuck smiled. “I know baby but
remember no cumming for you if you want to be a mommy.”

“Oh I do Chucky I do.” Heather groaned. “I won’t cum I promise. But
you cum big and hard for me. Cum right up my cunt. Give me all your

Chuck loved Heather talking dirty to him. As he sawed in and out of
her hot, wet little hole he wondered at his luck. Amazingly this
scheme would work. He tricked his wife out of her orgasms. She
willingly is not going to cum. In and out. Oh so nice. “You feel so
good baby.”

“Enjoy me. Don’t worry about me, baby. Just use me to get yourself off
giving me all your cum.” Heather was husky and groaning. Chuck knew
she was shaking with need but also knew she wouldn’t cum.

Chuck pumped. Then he felt it. Up, up and it was all jetting up into
his wife’s hot little snatch. It was griping him begging for the
pleasure of orgasm that wouldn’t come. “Oh yes honey. Yes, make me
cum. But ahhhh don’t cum!” His head was thrown back as he jammed his
cock into her deeply and spurted his seed.

“I won’t baby. Fuck all your cum into me. Deposit your load.” And he

“MMMMMM, oh baby that was great.” He stated unplugging his dick from
her unsatisfied cunt. Chuck looked down at her pussy and saw how red
and swollen it was from the frustrating fuck. He saw his cum started
to drool out of it. He quickly grabbed her ankles and pulled her
around so her legs and ass were elevated. Chuck gave her two little
spanks to her bottom. “You forgot to put your legs up.”

“Ouch. Opps. Sorry. Thanks.” Heather smiled at him.

Chuck reached down and scooped some of the escaped cum up with his
finger. He put it back into her cream depository. She moaned in
frustration as he gazed her clitoris.

She wondered if he would make her cum now. She frowned somehow
knowing the answer would be no. “Honey, do you think it would be bad
if you made me cum now?”

Chuck smiled sadly. “Yeah, Honey I do. I don’t think that’s a good
idea. The guys said they didn’t let their wives cum until they were
pregnant.” He chuckled at the gasp his wife made. “You wanted a baby

She nodded sadly. “I hope I get pregnant soon!”

Chuck laughed at her pouting. “Well, I am going to make it my job to
see that you. I have an idea. While you are elevating your legs why
don’t you suck me for a bit. That way when you can put your legs down
I can make another deposit.”

Heather pouted but if it meant more baby juice she had no choice. She
sighed and began sucking his dick. It was already long and hard. She
guessed this denial thing turned him on.

“Fuck my mouth honey. Pretend it’s my cunt.” Heather sucked as he
pumped into her mouth.

“Expect this feels like a cunt with a tongue.” Chuck laughed as he
fucked her sucking mouth without a care. “Ahhhh yeah feels great.”
This is how is should be. “I am getting ready to make another

Heather quickly swung her legs down and parted her thighs. Chuck
fucked her for less than a minute before he came in buckets up into
her womb. He kissed her tenderly before collapsing in a heap. She
elevated her legs and prayed for a baby. He was blissfully snoring
while his wife’s clitoris was throbbing with need. Well, it will be
worth it