It starts with a little lock and ends with a new mistress

Ted and Sandra had spent most of the night playing in their little bondage scene. But that scene hadn’t begun until Ted’s secretary, Karen, had left for the night. Ted and Karen had decided they would finish their work for the day at Ted’s because he didn’t want Sandra to think that he was cheating on her, which of course he wasn’t. Karen and Sandra seemed to get along almost as though they were long lost pals. Ted just shook his head and continued with the reports that he needed while Karen giggled and laughed with Sandra in the kitchen. But eventually the work was completed and Karen left with her briefcase not filled with the finished reports. To celebrate the successful evening and more to the point the contract that was now ready for the signatories. With this contract, Ted’s company, and thus the fortunes of Sandra, his wife, and Karen, his secretary, would be assured.

Goddess is waiting in

In the morning, Ted was mildly surprised when Sandra pretended to want to play further. Laughing as the naked young wife of his threaded a padlock through his leather belt he asked what that was for.

“Well, try to take your pants off now, slave.” Sandra laughed.

Ted smiled, as he looked at her simple yet effect restraint. The padlock went through the next hold after the steel loop that supported the tang that thread through the correct hole. To get the belt looser, he would need to either have the padlock removed, force it through the ring of the belt, or cut off the belt loops of the pants themselves. Ted went ahead and wore it while he shaved and washed his face. He even chuckled as he unzipped his trousers and worked his thick penis out of the pants to urinate into the stool. No, he thought, it wasn’t much of a hindrance should he want to cheat on her.

But with Sandra’s nudity and breakfast, Ted was soon running behind schedule. That was when Ted told Sandra that she needed to remove the lock so he could go to work. With a laugh, Sandra said she had put it in his briefcase and he could unlock himself at any time. Well, for Ted, now was the time, so he rummaged through the case on the kitchen table searching for the key. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be found.

“I put it in your case!” Sandra said. “It is on the red ribbon I always wear when I lock you up! Here, let me look.” But like Ted, she couldn’t find the unmissable object. “Oops, I must have put it in Karen’s case by mistake!” Sandra was quite apologetic but did remind Ted that he could simply get the key from Karen. It wasn’t as though he didn’t have free rein to go into her case at any time. He wouldn’t even have to tell Karen about the key. All he needed to do was to go to her desk when she was out and get the key. And further, if he did ask Karen about the key, she wouldn’t have the faintest idea of what the key was for anyway. Even with Karen in the room, he should have no trouble sitting behind his desk and removing the lock. And if it took a few hours that would be no problem because he could always go to the bathroom. Well, at least he could go pee, defecating would be something he couldn’t do.

Despite his misgivings, and his earlier insistence that he cut the pants free and wear a different pair, Ted acceded to the logic that he needn’t be late to the office, nor destroy his expensive pants, when he could so easily get the key at the office.

The morning was business as usual, Karen had the coffee ready at his desk and she was busy typing on the computer, apparently already busy with the day’s work. Ted, not really needing the key, resolved to simply wait until he could get in the case unnoticed and remove the lock without Karen even knowing anything was out of the ordinary. His chance came at nine o’clock when Karen stepped out of the office for a few minutes. That was when Ted didn’t find the key in that case either. Not one to be easily panicked, Ted went back to his desk and waited for Karen to return. When she did, Ted simply asked her if she had found a ribbon and a key that Sandra had apparently put in her briefcase by mistake.

“That wife could lose anything. Good thing that that key is for a lock at home that she seldom uses.” He said jokingly.

“No, I didn’t see a key as you described. In fact, I didn’t find anything but the things I put in the case myself. But I’ll look.”

And, of course, Karen didn’t find a ribbon or the key in her case. Getting a little perturbed, Ted called the house, but the phone just rang without an answer. “Dammit!” Ted said under his breath.

“What?” Karen looked up questioningly.

“Oh, nothing, just wonder where she could have misplaced the key.” Ted forced a chuckle to convince Karen that the missing key was of no real concern.

The rest of the morning went normally, though Ted had used the urinal in the men’s room, there was really nothing at all to worry about. And that was just the position Ted was getting used to, in just a few hours he would be home and, if needed, the pants would be cut off. No problem.

Nor were there any problems during the meeting when the contracts were signed, the lock hidden behind his suit jacket. Nor were there any problems when he took Karen to a restaurant and they celebrated the financial success that had them on easy street for a very long time. Eating a light lunch, not so foolish as to make his bowels uncontrollable, he did break his usually low-calorie diet with the simple chocolate brownies that Karen had made herself for the celebration. They were indeed quite delicious. So delicious that Karen put her hand on his hand after the fourth brownie and chided him about breaking his diet, trying to get his lowly secretary in trouble with his young wife. Grinning sheepishly, the thrill of success making his eyes bright, he laughed with her and stole the last brownie and wolfed it down before the laughing Karen could stop him.

Naturally, the need to void his bowels started soon after. He began to worry slightly in the ride of the elevator to their offices. By one o’clock Ted was getting really worried. Though actually `worried’ wouldn’t be the most accurate of terms. With a cramp in his abdomen, Ted was no longer worried about the getting home before he lost control; it was more a matter of when. That was when Karen set a cup of steaming hot coffee on his desk and Ted caught the glint of gold that was under her own jacket. His eyes opening wide, he looked upward and saw the red of a ribbon almost hidden under the collar of the blouse the woman was wearing. Stunned he watched her as she walked back into her office and renew her work on the computer.

He almost got up to go to her desk when he saw her pick up her phone and dial out of the building. With just a few seconds conversation, she hung up the phone and returned to the computer.

Ted rose up and walked to the outer office trying to appear nonchalant about everything. As he approached her desk, the phone rang. Karen looked at the telephone and then at Ted. “It’s your personal line. Do you want to take it in your office or shall I answer it for you?”

“Ah, go ahead and answer it,” Ted said, a little short since he felt yet another cramp building in his belly.

Locked and humiliated

“Hello? Why yes Sandra, Ted is right here at my desk. Hold on and I’ll give him the phone.” Karen smiled and offered the phone to the man, who was now grimacing as he struggled to control his bowels.

“Honey?” Sandra’s voice said with amusement. “Have you found the key?”

“No.” Ted said bluntly.

“Well, Karen has it. Just ask her if she has my key to your pants. But first put the phone on speaker, as I want to hear you ask her and her answer.”

“WHAT?” Ted shout into the phone.

“Tsk, Tsk, such a naughty little boy!” Sandra giggled, “Now you be a good little slave and do as you are told.”

“No!” Ted yelled.

“Okay, but I am warning you, she will not give you the key until you are doing exactly what you are told. How did you like the brownies?”

Ted groaned.

“Pretty good weren’t they? How many did you foolishly scarf down?”

“Five.” Another groan as his belly tightened and he need to clamp down to stop the incredible urge to defecate.

“Oh my! One would have been enough. Geez, five doses of ex-lax, you must be in a pretty sad situation right now.”

“Dammit, Sandra, why?” Ted groaned again.

“Put the speakers on and I will tell you.” Sandra giggled again.

Angrily Ted stabbed at the speaker button on the phone and immediately regretted his abrupt movements. “Sandra, can you hear me?” Karen said laughingly.

“You are coming through quite clearly. Ted?”

“What?” He snarled, not amused in the least.

“Look at Karen. Karen, show him the key.”

Karen pulled the tiny gold key on the ribbon from her clothing and swung the little key in circles letting herself laugh at the way Ted’s face reacted to the sight of her having the key.

“Give me the fucking key!” Ted snarled.

“Oh, you naughty, naughty little boy!” Sandra’s voice said clearly letting Ted and Karen hear how pleased she was by her laughter. “Karen, show him what else I put in your briefcase.”

“Okay.” Karen pulled out an envelope from her desk and poured out its contents on the top of her desk. Ted’s mouth grew slack when he saw the glossy photos and a computer disk on her desk.

“Oh, my god.” Ted groaned his face instantly becoming a dark crimson. With each picture Karen held up before her smiling face, Ted saw himself in bondage, getting his butte spanked over Sandra’s knee, and even worse, when she forced him to wear feminine underwear and lingerie while she pretended to be a merchant and he a model showing her what her company might purchase. That night they had made love twice, his cock rampant and erect as she played with the lace that covered his nipples or stroked the silken panties on his buns. But that had been in the privacy of their home! He might have snatched to grab them had not another cramp threatened that even a movement might make him lose control.

“Doesn’t he look gorgeous?” Sandra laughed through the speaker.

“Oh, I love this red little teddy! Oh, look, Ted, I can see you liked it also! Isn’t that your cock there?” Karen pointed out the unmistakable jutting erection that was pushing the little waistband away from his stomach. And another groan came from his dry lips when her red fingernail traced the dangling balls that the little g-string didn’t pretend to cover. He looked down at his secretary as he leaned over both hands on her desk. Karen licked her lips with her pointed pink tongue. “You love dressing up as a girl, boss, don’t you?”

“No! Sandra forced me to do that! Oh, my god, you can’t believe I am a pervert or something.”

“Oh,” Karen chuckled, “Did the little Mrs. Brown beat her hubby up and beat his widdle ass and make him put on his frilly undies? I am sure they must be yours, after all you are much larger than Sandra.” Another picture was raised showing his much smaller wife and him hugging, both smiling into the camera.

“All right! So I wore them on purpose. I’m not a fucking faggot! Just give me the god damn key!”

Sandra’s voice sounded through the speaker. It was obvious that she had a hard time speaking, frequently being interrupted by laughter. “Show my fearsome Teddy Bear what I bought for him this morning and left by your desk.”

“Sure.” Karen laughed herself, putting a white box on the table tied with a pink ribbon. “Here Teddy, you open the present your wife bought you.”

Angrily Ted pulled the ribbon and yanked the top off the box. Bedded in white tissue paper was a silky red dress. On top of it were white silk panties and stockings. At one end of the box was a pair of little heels that looked like sandals on two-inch tiny heels. “Oh, my god! Sandy, what the hell is this?”

“That my big bad hubby is what you are to put on.”

“No, you are out of your mind!”

“Oh no, Teddy Baby, you have two choices. Either put the dress on and get the belt unlocked. Or shit your pants. It’s totally up to you. But I wonder how the leather will be if you have to drive home in your Ferrari with stinky wet shit being pushed through your pants?”

Silence filled the office.

“Well, my little candy ass? What’s it to be? A macho man riding down the elevator in shitty pants, walking with the crowd of people you see every day with your pants clinging to your ass and you reeking, then driving on this nice hot day to our home where you can cut the pants off. I wonder, would you keep the windows closed and use the air conditioning or would you sweat your ass off driving in this heat with the windows rolled down?”

“Or,” Karen laughed, “you could have the lock removed and the pants kept nice and clean for the trip home. It’s totally up to you.”

“That’s right!” Sandra chortled in agreement.

“Damn you!” Ted shouted angrily. But another cramp and he knew he had no real choice to make. He had already searched the offices for anything to cut the loops of the pants, apparently, the women had thought enough ahead to have all the scissors taken away. Nor did he carry even a little penknife. “Damn it.” Ted stared at the grinning secretary. “Give me the god damn fucking dress.”

“Help yourself, what did Sandra call you, Candy Ass?”

Getting into the sexy dress

With an angry snarl, Ted took the dress. He was going to put it on over his jacket and shirt, but of course, that was not allowed. Despite his angry protest, Karen and Sandra, via telephone, forced him to remove his jacket and his shirt before putting on the dress.

The dress was a shiny sheen of satin with a zipper up the back. Without shoulders, the top, bodice, Ted thought as he pulled on it, was topped by a fake feathery frill that went all the way around the dress. The main body of the dress was quick smooth and slippery, it was also pretty tight around his waist. The main part of the dress stopped just at the widest part of his hips, then multiple layers of sheer semi-transparent stuff made the skirt billowy about his thighs. The skirt stopped halfway between the bottom of his buttocks and the knees. One final piece was handed to him, a narrow belt that he had to thread through a loop at both hips and another loop at the small of his back.

“Okay. Are you happy now?” Ted said angrily.

“Did you lock his new belt?” Sandra asked excitedly.

“Not yet.” Karen laughed, remembering how excited Sandra had been when the plans were being laid out in Ted’s kitchen. Karen could just picture the pretty auburn- haired girl playing with her shaven pussy. Karen would have been playing there if she were there, not that that would have been the first time, either. “Come here, you sweet little thing you,” Karen said getting yet more excited laughter over the phone, along with a dark scowl from her boss.

“Damn it, Karen, I’m going to fire your fucking ass!”

“Oh, well then I should just quit now and go home.” Karen laughed, tucking the desired key into the top of her blouse. “And I will be taking my little key with me.”

“No! Wait!”

“Oh, why?”

“I didn’t fire you!”

Sandra’s voice chimed in over the speakerphone, “Karen, get a raise!”

“What?” Ted said in shock at the same time Karen asked, “how much should I ask for.”

“Ask for, for, a hundred dollars a week more.”

“A hundred!” Ted bellowed in anger and shock.

Karen raised her shoulder in a questioning pose, “You heard your wife. I will stay for a hundred dollars more a week.”

“Dammit!” Ted said. But Ted already knew he would agree to her demands. First, it would cost more than that to repair the likely damage to the leather seats of his expensive car. Second, he had been planning on giving her a raise anyway; she was a valuable asset to the company. “Okay, you got your raise.”

“Good!” Sandra laughed over the phone. “Now get your sexy little ass over to her and let her lock your new belt. Only then will she unlock the old belt.”

Reluctantly Ted complied, grimacing when the thin though sturdy belt was pulled very tightly around his waist before the tang was put through its hole. Then, like his other belt, another padlock was locked to make it impossible to easily remove the belt. Without removing the belt, Ted couldn’t remove the dress either.

With all that had gone on over the last several minutes, Ted’s belt was finally unlocked. “Take off your pants and give them to me.” Karen said.


“You heard me, give them to me, or I will invite some of our friends in the building to our office. Even if you pull your pants back up, you’ll still be wearing that sexy dress.”

Ted’s body was becoming much too insistent for him to waste time arguing. He yanked of his pants, after kicking off his shoes, and tossed the trousers on Karen’s desk.

“Now your socks and underwear,” Karen said, sitting back, a huge smile letting her pearly white teeth show in a sparkling grin.

With his face flushing in embarrassment and anger, he reached under the soft skirt and pulled his underwear down, making sure the bitch of a secretary wouldn’t see anything. Obediently, he also pulled off his socks, before he ended up running to the restroom off his office and slamming through the door. Just in the nick of time, he managed to get the damn skirt up and out of the way before his rectum shot a stream of watery feces into the stool.

“Candy? You forgot your underwear and socks. I’ll put them on the floor here. Do be a little sweet doll and put it on. I’d hate for John to come to be invited for coffee and you not being fully dressed.”

Ted groaned again, it mattered not whether it was from his bowels cramping and spewing, or the humiliation and fear he felt at the thought someone might see him dressed in the stupid dress.

It took nearly thirty minutes before Ted was back to normal, well as far as his bowels were concerned, anyway. Though he hadn’t wanted to put the underwear on, he knew he had little choice in the matter. It was quite obvious that Sandra and Karen were determined that he be fully dressed as a woman. His only hope was that they would let him put his own clothes back on when it was time to go home. `Oh, and was Sandra going to get hers!’ Ted thought angrily.

The stockings reached up to nearly his crotch when he finally managed to get them pulled in place. They were white, but stretched tight around his legs as they were; the stockings only cast a white haze over his hairy legs. Obviously, the stockings, or nylons, whatever they were, were designed to be self-supporting by hefty webbing at the top of the stockings.

Nor was Ted in a better mood when Karen giggled at him when he returned to the outer office. “Your shoes, love.” Karen burst out in laughter.

“Fuck you.”

“Okay, but you’ll not get the dress off if you aren’t nice to me Candy.”

“Damn it! Don’t call me Candy!”

“But that is your name until I decide to call you something else.” Karen chuckled handing out the small heels. “Remember you need to be an obedient slave if you want your pants back.”

With his face dark red, he snatched the shoes and shoved his feet into them, pulling the straps in place. “Here, you know where these go.” Karen tossed two more small padlocks on the floor at Ted’s feet.

With just a dark scowl, Ted knelt and locked the sandals on his feet in the same method the belt and dress were locked on his waist, through the next eye outside the straps’ buckles.

“Now don’t you feel pretty, Candy?”

“No. This is disgusting!”

“Too bad for you, Candy. Come here, sit at my desk.”

While Ted, Candy, for now, sat in his secretary’s seat, Karen put a strange round thing with a lens of some sort on the monitor of her computer. With a few keystrokes, Ted, rather Candy, groaned as he saw himself sitting in the red dress on her monitor. Another few strokes on the keyboard and he saw in a split screen his wife’s face. She was beaming. Her lips moved, then he heard her say, “Oh, he looks so sexy!”

“Just wait until I’m done!” Karen laughed a microphone on the desk picking up her words and sending them to the wife.

“What?” Ted asked in growing concern.

With a smile, Karen showed Ted the makeup bag.

“No!” Ted said in a disbelieving groan.

“Yes, Candy,” Sandra’s voice said from the computer, “That or you don’t get you clothes back!”

Becoming a sexy woman and make her cum

Ted sagged in his seat. With a grin of great pleasure, Karen approached the now red-faced man and began to apply a rouge of some sort on his cheeks, and then there was the rubbing fingers spreading it as she wanted on his face. Ted closed his eyes in humiliation, unable to look into Karen’s eyes. Using some kind of spongy thing on a stick, she painted colors over and under his eyes. Another strange pencil thing was used along with his eyelids. Ted recognized the peculiar brush that was used to apply mascara, now he felt it brushing through his eyelids. “Just think, your sexy wife is watching you getting painted up like a sexy woman,” Karen whispered in his ear. She felt his body groan as she leaned to him and continued to work on his face with a powder puff. “Look.”

Ted blinked his eyes to get the strangeness from his eyes. Then he stared at the monitor in a profound mixture of shock and humiliation. The humiliation part was quite obvious. Half of the monitor’s screen showed his face covered in the shit that Karen had smeared on him, but the other half showed his naked wife, staring at her monitor, filled with his painted face, busily frigging her self in the computer room! “Oh, my god!”

“Not only can your sexy wife fiddle with her clit, but we can also all watch it later. See that thing right there?” Karen pointed to the desk in his computer room. “That device stores and is recording a video stream onto a CD. Not only can you see it later, but Sandra might let others see it also. Now be a good girl, Candy Ass, pucker up!”

Ted grimaced in the humiliation and thought of anyone else see what was going on. And from the way, Sandy was now using at least two fingers up her shaved snatch.

Karen used a bright red lipstick on his lips. While she grinned at him during her work, he stared at his own face and his wife masturbating. When Karen began to paint his nails with a matching red nail polish, Sandra moved the camera to show her glistening wet pussy and her fingers rapidly thrusting in and out of her pussy. Obviously preparing to orgasm, her fingers worked in small wild circles around her excited clit. As Karen stood behind Ted and put on a wavy, long-haired blond wig, they both watched the girl squeeze her legs tightly together then quickly open them to let them see the juices nearly squirting out between her quivering cunt lips.

Ted shook his head. “I don’t fucking believe this.”

“How’s he look, Sandy?”

“Couldn’t you see?!” Sandra’s voice sounded breathless. “I have never cum so damn hard in my life!”

“Honey, you came through very clear. Didn’t see my little sweet Candy Ass?”

“Yes.” Ted’s voice sounded hoarse, his own body responding from the erotic sight of his wife’s pussy gushing in orgasm.

“There, all done.”

“Oh, no!” Sandra’s voice sounded excited. “No, make him be your sexy secretary for the rest of the day. You can do anything you want to him. God, I can hardly stand it! My Teddy Bear as your sexy secretary!”

“Are you sure?”

“YES!” Sandy’s voice squeaked in unbridled glee. “Anything! Just remember the last gift!”

“Okay. See you tonight?”

“Oh, yes! I can’t wait!”

She is a womanizer boss

At first, Karen let Candy, as she always called him, have it quite easy. Though walking in the high heels, as low as they were, was not easy for the man. But she only asked for a few cups of coffee and a little letter dictation. Just a few things to make him blush furiously red when she grinned at him. It wasn’t until near quitting time when she finally worked up the courage for what she wanted to do. “Come here sexy.”

Candy stared out from under the strange bangs on his forehead.


Karen patted her lap. Since she had chosen to wear her most masculine pantsuit, she nearly looked like a man. Though one would hardly be confused with her full breasts, narrow waist, and sweet hips filling the clothing so perfectly. But she did wear a jacket and tie to dress up her outfit and thought she was definitely all woman, she like Candy was all most dressed as an opposite sex.

“What?” Candy asked nervously, sidling just a few feet closer.

“Sit on my lap.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope, sexy baby, I want your pantied little ass on my lap, right now!”

Ted swallowed, nearly stepping away.

“Or no clothes.” Karen threatened.

His face burning with his humiliation, he sat on her lap. And it was worse when she pulled his lipsticked lips to hers and began to hungrily kiss him. “Put your arms around my neck and shoulders, kiss me like you are a woman!” Her words came hungrily from lips pulling on his. Her tongue slipped into his gaping mouth, and found his tongue, as he had found Sandra’s so many times when he was passionately aroused and he held his wife in his needing embrace.

With a shudder, Candy felt Karen’s hand touch his knee. With her one arm holding his face tight to her hungry lips, her other hand slide up the stockings and found the small piece of naked skin. Normally untouched nerves sang as her fingers played on his inner thigh. Candy’s breath grew shorter, her kisses more ardent, as Karen neared the tightly stretched panties.

“Oh, my god.” Ted groaned when her fingers reached his tight scrotum and traced the outlines of his balls through the silky panties. He pulled Karen tighter, sucking the tongue she offered him, sliding his lips on hers as his hips responded to her touch. The fingers traced up the hard shaft of his erect cock and found the damp circle at his glands. “Oh, I, I,” But that was as far as Ted got before her fingertip, circling over the slick silk brought out his orgasm in a throbbing shudder of excitement. Candy shook violently on his/her boss’s lap.

“Well?” Karen whispered in his ear, her breath hot and excited, burning against his earlobe.

“I, I, it was fantastic!” Candy sobbed, “but I, I, I’m not a girl!”

“No one said you are. Just kiss me like you are one. Let me kiss your tears from your cheeks, as you would Sandy’s face.”

With his chest wracking with sobs of humiliation and spent arousal, with the knowledge that he had cum so violently on his secretary’s lap dressed as a woman, Candy meekly let her lips take his salty tears as her reward. Karen let him rest for several long minutes.

“I guess you are ready for your last gift.”

“What?” Candy asked quietly as she laid her head on her boss’s bosom.

“This. You must now put it on and lock it securely in place.” Karen held the clear plastic device that Ted recognized as a CB2000. Sandra had asked him about it, though he had denied her every time.

“Do I have to?” Candy asked softly over the rising and falling breasts.

“Yes. You don’t want to go home without your clothes do you?” Karen asked quietly, stroking the long tresses that lay on Candy’s bare shoulders.

Not only did Ted have to put it on, he had to sit on his own desk and bare his shrinking penis to his secretary. His face registering his shame and humiliation, he pulled the panties, filled with the spent cum that now coated his cock and balls. With the fluids, he managed to work first one ball then the other through the larger ring as directed by the observing Karen. With a shudder, as he pulled his cock through the next ring and used the spacers as indicated, Karen smiled at his teary face. Finally it was time for the cage itself. Then, with yet another small click, another padlock was locked on his body, this time directly on his cock and balls.

Once Candy was securely locked in her chastity device, Karen spoke quietly. ” I only have one key, Candy. I don’t know what it is for.”

Candy stared in horror at her.

“Could be for the shoes on your feet or the belt on your waist. But it is not for both.” Karen looked seriously at the face registering the utter incomprehension Candy felt.

“WHAT?” Ted cried out. “One key! You don’t know!”

“No I don’t. But I am sure you can figure it out. Your clothes are in my desk. And leave the silk panties on, soiled as they are. Sandra will be expecting them. And I know she has the other keys. The one you don’t have and the one for the lock on your little dickie.” Standing up, putting the tiny key in his trembling palm, Karen kissed his tear-streaked cheek and said, “See you tonight at dinner, Candy.” Leaving him speechlessly stunned on his desk, Karen smiled and left the offices, closing the door behind her.

“Oh, my god.” Ted breathed in disbelief and complete denial of the obvious. For several minutes he just sat there and stared at the key. Finally, he put the key to the belt of his dress and turned it. Rather, he tried to turn it. With a shuddering cry of dismay, Candy learned that the key was obviously for the heels. After all, she could put on her regular clothes over the dress and stockings, but he wouldn’t have been able to cover the heels. With tears freely flowing, Ted slipped the heels from his feet and walked in the stockings to the secretary’s desk. There in the bottom drawer, he found a note.


I would imagine that Sandra would have given you the key to the shoes, although she really didn’t tell me to which set of locks they fit. For you see, my little Candy Ass, one set locks on the shoes; the other pair is on the dress and chastity device. I can’t imagine her wanting you free so soon from that wonderful toy. So I am willing to bet you will be carrying your pretty shoes home with you. Oh, yes, make sure you leave everything else on your pretty, sexy, body. Well, you can remove the makeup. You might as well learn how that is done; because I imagine you will be doing that many, many times for the rest of your life.


Candy sat in the restroom that his secretary often used. It was the only one with a mirror. With his tears streaking the mascara, Candy cleaned himself to look as much like Ted as he possibly could. As for the fingernails, apparently, he was supposed to wear it home, as there was no polish remover. Struggling to get his pants up over his dress’ skirt, he finally decided it wasn’t going to be that the pants were zipped or buttoned, the belt alone would keep his pants in place, the bright red dress exposed through the open zipper. Putting his shoes over the white stockings, he put his socks and his white shoes in the box, along with the blond wig. He put his shirt on over the top of his dress and just gave up on the idea of tucking that in his pants over the full-skirted dress. His suit jacket nearly covered everything. But he couldn’t quite get it buttoned around the bulky layers of clothes. He took the rain trench coat, that thankfully was nearly too large for him normally and put it on. Jamming his hat on his head, he realized that, no matter how he looked, he was as dressed as he would be for the trip home. Home, where his wife Sandy had the keys and his secretary, Karen, would be waiting for him. Unbidden, his cock throbbed in the tight confines of the plastic cage. It was going to be an interesting night. Candy closed the door behind her and walked head held high carrying her white box to her newfound Mistress.

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