It is always a good time to humiliate the slave

David picked up Arielle at 9:00AM, precisely as instructed that morning. She met him at her door wearing high cut off jean shorts, a white midriff top, and a wide brimmed beach hat atop her head.

“You went to the ATM this morning?” she asked handing him a grey beach bag.

“Yes Miss” he replied taking in her smooth thighs, and perky breasts.

“That’s a good little bitch” she replied with a smirk. “Now get in the car.”

It had been almost a year ago that david and Arielle met. They started out casually, getting to know reach other’s kinks and setting the ground rules for a Mistress/slave relationship. As time went on the air of informality grew less and less, as Arielle gradually stripped away more and more of it as david’s submission to her had grown. It was almost as if the more intent and focused on Arielle david became, the more lowly she would treat him. It had been a few months back that Arielle had demanded that he be locked in chastity on a 24/7 basis, his longing would amuse her greatly she had told him. Now about a month since his last release david couldn’t help but think about her at every waking moment, and she relished the absolute control over him this had given her.

It took them about a half-hour to get to the beach that day. En route david had stopped to pick up Arielle’s friends, Jennifer and Ashley. The three ladies caught up along the ride, while David tended stoically in silence to the transportation; Arielle forbade him to speak unless directly spoken too.

They parked on a side street just behind a shower house along the boardwalk. Jennifer and Ashley idled briefly at the structure applying spray-on sunscreen, while Arielle refiled through the beach bag she had david carry. Withdrawing a smaller brown paper bag, she took the beach bag from david and rested it on the ground.

“Go in there and put this on” she ordered thrusting the smaller bag towards him.

Gazing in at its contents david swallowed hard at what he saw. “Now bitch!” his Mistress barked impatiently eliciting some giggles from Jennifer and Ashley who had since become accustom to their friends’ unique relationship.

“Oh my” Ashley stated upon david’s return. Jennifer covered her mouth half in disbelief, half to mask her laughter somewhat. Arielle just took in the sight as though it was nothing out of the usual for her.

David stood before the trio, his shorn hairless body all but naked, save for a hot pink woman’s swimsuit bottom with the words “Boy Toy” stamped across the front and back in large white lettering. Completing the ensemble was a matching pink studded leather collar, and a belt around his hips specially fitted with a small mesh pouch just below his belly button.

“Damn girl,” Ashley stated unable to hide her laughter; david’s face flush with embarrassment while his caged cocked twitched in denial beneath the fluorescent pink fabric. “Your one cold-blooded cutie.”

Smiling innocently, Arielle fished david’s wallet out of the brown bag and stuffed it into the mesh pouch. “Who me?” she chided with a laugh. “I think it’s quite generous of me, letting everyone else enjoy my little slut like this.”

The group made there way down the boardwalk to its core shops, david carrying all of the ladies’ hand bags as they went. He walked behind the three women, a lead attached to his collar in Arielle’s grasp. Overwhelmed with shame, the few times david was able to lift his eyes from the ground he was met by the curious stares of everyone they passed. Sometimes those looks were ones of amusement and whispered comments, other’s gazed at him in revulsion, and one point a mixed group of college-aged kids passed by, one of there ranks shouting out the word “Boytoy” to the laughter of his cohorts. Jennifer and Ashley would occasionally shoot an amused glance back in the bitch’s direction, Arielle went about her day without even so much a thought given to the emasculated slave at her rear or his mental suffering.

The three ladies spent the day shopping, picking up new swimsuits, sandles, sunglasses and varying other shore side wares. As they stood at the register, the scenario was always the same.

“Wallet.” Arielle would order extending a hand to her side for david to remove it from the pouch. Often the cashier would have to choke back his/ her laughter, other’s just cast sidelong glances to their co-workers. As the day ticked on more and more bags accumulated in david’s charge, hanging at his sides and draped around his neck.

At about mid-afternoon, the group stopped for some rest on a seaside bench. While the ladies sat people watching, Arielle had her slut down on his knees messaging the women’s tired feet. Sitting there watching him carefully tend to Ashley’s soles, and taught ebony calves and idea came to Arielle’s mind.

“I think I’d like some time along with my toy, if you ladies don’t mind” Arielle requested.

“Uh oh”, Ashley responded.

“Leave some of him left for the ride home” Jennifer added.

“I won’t make any promises” Arielle added with a devilish grin. “Meet us down under the boards here in about an hour.”

Alone, Arielle led her bitch into the hypostyle underbelly beneath the boardwalk. Amid the sounds of footfalls above and crashing waves nearby, she withdrew some rope from her beach bag and bound david’s hand behind one of the structures woodpiles. Removing her hat she stepped back and began to caresses herself up and down her lithe form.

“Hmmm…” she murmured taking in his hungry eyed stare as she did so, reveling in the longing within his watery blue eyes. “It makes me hot you known” she whispered coming in close enough that he could feel her breath upon his face.

Suddenly and violently she grab a tuft of his hair pulling his head back and whispering menacingly into his ear. “Having you suffer for me, like a little pussy boy like you should for his Goddess.” Caressing her hand along his smooth chest and working her way down his body she continued. “Knowing how badly you want me” she cooed , “how needy you’re little manclit must be to cum” she smiled, “how I take from you what is mine….how I own you….my toy, my slut.” Suddenly she reached low with an open palm landing, not on his groin but the wallet fastened above it. “How I can just pimp your little sissy ass out however I see fit, my little pay slut” she finished looking him deep in the eyes.

With a hand on each shoulder, she forced her captive down to his knees, unzipping her fly and shimmying out of her daisy dukes and white cotton panties. She ground her pussy into his face ignoring his licks as she rubbed her clit up and down his glistening face.

“This is too good for neutered little bitchboy like you.” Turning she thrust her curvaceous ass into his face. “Lick it cunt boy!” she spat through heavy breathes, fingering herself as she pushed forced his head back against the piling cheeks spread around his mouth and nose. “Hope you know I’m thinking about all those sexy hunks we saw along the beach today” she taunted as she finished herself off.

It was all over by the time Ashley and Jennifer returned. Her top and shorts back on, Arielle had opted to go braless; gagging her captive with the soiled panties and tying them off with her bra.

Her two friends spoke of some guys they had met while they were gone, three of them to be exact. It was decided that they would all go off to rendezvous with them for dinner that evening. Aware that her toy would most likely be an un-needed extra in that scenario Arielle left him tied there, with a note upon his chest. She used an alligator clip cord from one of her purchased pair of sunglasses to thread through the notebook paper and secure the note firmly upon his nipples, ignoring the muffled grunt it elicited from her captive.

“Will be back later, please don’t touch- Arielle” was all it read.

“You sure he’ll be safe like this?” Jennifer asked with some concern.

“Safe enough”, Arielle shrugged.

As the trio departed Arielle turned and came back. “Almost forgot” she said to her waiting friends as she snagged the wallet from its pouch and was on her way.

Nearly three hours passed before the ladies returned from their dinner. Arielle’s friends stared aghast at what they found. She just shook her head and undid the bindings.

Scrawled upon david’s in black marker were the words “Fagget WhiteBoy.” A similar note was left upon his shaved thigh with and an arrow pointing toward his groin. “Get yourself a real man Arielle, not this shit.”

“So rude” Arielle said shaking her head. “Get the bags.”

“I’m telling you girl, BBC’s where it’s at,” Ashley added.

As the group left, they paused at the foot wash and had David put his head under the fountain to help clean some of the sand off the ladies’ feet with his tongue.

“You known, when we were at dinner we almost ran out of money covering the six of us” Arielle stated once they were alone. “Maybe next time you’ll be a little more considerate, and bring enough to properly cover my expenses.” Eying him up she added, “I’ll give you another month in chastity to think it over slut.”