Inner Thoughts of a Chastity Husband

A story by DaltonOtt

There are ample stories about a husband taking his wife into locking him in a chastity device and reluctantly holding the key. Then overnight she miraculously turns into a cruel dominatrix and traps him into a life of slavery, feminization, cuckolding, and endless sexual frustration. I’m not saying that this can’t happen I’m sure it has happened at least once, but maybe that is why we read literotica stories.

I hope I have found a fresh approach based on what actually happens inside a man locked in a chastity device. That man is me.

I’ve been jerking off to pictures, videos, and stories about chastity devices since the very first CB-2000 was invented in 2004. I bought one, locked myself in it, and secretly wore it to work. I shaved my balls and pubic hair before it was stylish. I tactfully managed the shower towel at the club gym for years, except for that one time.

I followed the CB series all of the way through the colors, tube styles, new designs, and copycats. Then there was the metal phase. The first ones were heavy, the fit was terrible, they weren’t secure and they cost too much.

I did have a full belt phase after I met the creator of the German-made Carrara. I thought about it but the work I did would limit me only using it at home. I loved the idea of real security. So far I could pull out of every device I owned.

I went down the custom-made device route thinking pull out was because of a poor fit. After a bunch of money and almost a year, I locked it on and pulled it out in a matter of minutes.

So far I was doing chastity by the honor system. If the key was locked in a safe on the moon I could still pull my cock out. I thought I might have a faulty cock but I found out almost every flaccid cock could be lubed up and popped out. I have like most chastity men bags and boxes of devices that I have spent a fortune on hidden in the closet. That works for a lot of guys but anyone actually wanting a secure device must have a piercing.

I made the jump several years ago. The awkward conversations at what I assumed were kink-friendly tattoo and piercing shops were embarrassing. I assumed if you will pierce a pair of nipples you should be okay with piercing a cock. Most will do a PA piercing for decoration but when you bring up using it to secure your cock in a metal tube, that’s when you get that “what a freak “ look. Luckily I didn’t need to experience this more than once.

There are stories about wives taking their blushing husbands for a PA piercing. The hot young piercer smiles at your semi-erection as the wife videos the whole event…….yeah, it is a great fantasy.

The healing time sounds like forever but a couple of months of not jerking off isn’t really that bad. The first time you lock your cock in a piercing hook device is a real rush, I couldn’t wait to take it off so I could jerk off. It is weird how guys who fantasize about not being able to cum spend twice as much time jerking off about not cuming.

This hasn’t been a total solo journey I have had a key holder on and off. My wife would hold the key, try to understand what I wanted, and read everything about it. Some of these were good but most are bull shit. She held the key, I behaved for 30 days then one day I would cheat by pulling out. I would edge myself for another month then she would finally jerk me off once. Once after more than a month is painful, I needed about five to clean the pipes so I would cheat.

After a while we both knew this wasn’t working so I would ask to get out and that was it for a while. We talked about how this was my fantasy and I thanked her for trying to help me live it out. Chastity to the one locked up is a 24/7 experience. She isn’t awake at 3 AM with a painful night erection. She isn’t feeling the pinching, the panic of discovery at a public urinal or the constant awareness that you sport an odd lump in your pants at work.

She enjoys oral sex but her sexual interest isn’t really connected to you being locked in chastity. This may be the case in the beginning but over time you are on extremely different levels of sexual interests. Most likely if she was actually turned on by this you would have been locked in chastity years ago.

After that spoon full of reality I’ll describe what it is really like being locked in an effective chastity device. I hope my wife reads this but it isn’t anything we haven’t discussed already.

I have spent an amazing percentage of my life in a personal relationship with my penis. As a man, I’m by no means alone in this. Once I found how good it felt to play with it I was off and running. The first time I figured out how to make it squirt I went insane for a couple of decades. My penis ruled my life for many years. I got a girlfriend and like most men thought I would never need to jerk off again, how fucking naive of me LOL.

We were into bondage but like most kinky men I overwhelmed her because that is all I thought about. I did this in a few more relationships and began to feel like a sex-obsessed pervert. I got rid of my bondage gear and swore off jerking my meat. That lasted a couple of days.

Eventually, I met my wife and have seemed to have found a balance. I get tied up several times a month and she occasionally locks my cock in chastity. I never ever talk about my chastity or how horny I am but I do eat as much pussy as I can. She has caught me sniffing her panties while I’m doing the laundry, but she only smiles. She has no idea of the power she holds over me, I would strangle a dragon with my bare hands. She walks by me fresh from a workout and all I can think of is dropping to my knees and plunging my face into her sex. I also get painful erections while watching her brush her teeth.

The first few days are filled with adjustments until my cock and balls adjust to the device. I spend extra time grooming and cleaning so I never smell of urine just in case she tied me down and edges me like one of the porn clips I have in my brain hard drive. Trust me this rarely happens.

At about 10 to 14 days I reach the sweet spot of chastity. I’m Horney as fuck but I’m actually high. The energy I feel is powerful and the frustration stirs my inner animal. Pheromones become real, the scent of any part of her flows up and down my body like a drug. The moment my nose enters the labia lips my brain does backflips and I want to drink in all of her. To her I am probably “real horny” but she hasn’t got a clue. The women who can imagine this chastity world can get a man to do absolutely anything she may want.

She could get him to wear panties, a dress, take it in the ass or suck a cock. What if she used this power to make him a better man? What I’m trying to say a piece of plastic or steel locked on a good man’s cock can be used for much more than having fun.

As time goes on the chastity game can become very lonely and unfortunately resentful. I have been in long-term chastity for over 100 days several times. Each time I got depressed and grumpy. I behaved and never revealed this to my wife but she knew something was wrong. I was so tuned into her mood by then so I knew she was the one who grew weary.

Eating great pussy, back rubs, and thoughtfulness are nice but holding a key takes energy. She eventually got tired, now I finally understand. I now keep the fantasy and enjoy what is possible. She does not have my particular fantasy but she has done the research to understand what it is. She also allows me to live out my fantasy for as long as she has the interest and energy.

We now understand this and are far past arguing. It took most of my life to understand this. She knows I play with my chastity devices and occasionally grabs my cock to see if I am locked up. She now gives me a playful smile, not a frown. I never say a word about it but secretly I hope this is the day she tells me those magic words, “bring her the key”.