I own you

I’d just gotten home from another disastrous munch. Well disastrous for me anyway, sure I’d hung out with friends and talked with people but I was alone as always and with all my friends being married or dating it hurt, it hurt a lot. Despite that, I was in an ironically jovial mood. I actually was singing to myself, “There she was just a-walkin’ down the street, singing do ah diddy diddy dum diddy do!” and shuffling around in a silly dance walking to my apartment. I didn’t even hear the steps behind me when suddenly a bag was thrown over my head and the point of a knife placed against my throat a muffled voice spoke, “Make a sound and I’ll make it so you never make another.”

Now with the silence around me, I heard other footsteps coming up and hands started reaching into my pockets pulling out my keys, phone and wallet. Just for good measure, they took my watch as well. A click and a beep let me know that they had located my car. One of them walked in that direction and I heard doors open, then close, and then the car alarm itself again.

The sound of a vehicle pulling up behind filled me with a sense of relief, I knew that one of my neighbors was a cop and hopefully it was him returning from his shift. No such luck as a van door was opened and I was pushed inside to lie down on my chest on the hard corrugated metal floor.

As the car drove off I heard a female voice from the front, “I put his watch, phone, and wallet in his car and threw his keys in the drain. They won’t know he’s missing for a while and we can’t be tracked.”

I have a fairly good head for directions and I was trying to keep my head as to what direction we were turning since I knew the roads around my apartment fairly well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given the chance. During transit, I was poked, prodded, and turned around so as to be disoriented. In addition to that, the bag was lifted up and a gag was tied in my mouth so I couldn’t speak. Also even if I had been able to pay complete attention I think they must have taken every back road possible and doubled back a few times because I definitely don’t remember that many turns before the highway!

So finally we arrived at our destination … which given the next step of our journey turned out to be a smaller airfield. It definitely wasn’t Lambert anyway. There was a guard at the gate but with my gag and the knife sharply pressed against the junction of my inner thigh and my groin right above the femoral … I knew better than to say anything. All I heard was that same female voice who’d spoken before, “Princess Cleaning for Hanger 1138.”

A minute or so later we pulled up at the destination and I was pulled out of the van and slowly guided to the plane. If I had to hazard a guess I’d say it was a small gulf-stream type jet because I walked up a short boarding staircase and had to duck my head. I took a few steps into the cabin and was pushed into a seat with a new female voice saying, “He’s all your doc.” before a needle went into my neck and everything went black.

A sharp bump in the road woke me up as I banged my head against a window. Muttering a curse I opened my eyes and saw a forested one-lane road trees tightly packed and overhanging branches scraping the roof every so often. Groggy and disoriented with no concept of how much time had passed I wasn’t sure what to make of it but at least I could see again albeit very blurry as my glasses had been taken from me. Which given how blind I was without them also explained why my hands weren’t bound.

The sharp click of a gun being cocked drew my attention to the woman sitting next to me. Shoulder length black hair was all I could make out … though she was wearing green fatigues with a military cut. Without a word I just turned and kept looking out the window, I wasn’t in any condition to resist even if I was so inclined to challenge someone with a gun point-blank at my side.

As the mostly tall green blurs passed us by, eventually it opened out into a large expanse with the largest blob of a house I’d ever seen. The driver pulled up in front and the door opened. Two guards held weapons at the ready but I couldn’t make out their gender but the type of weapon might have been an AK, which unfortunately told me nothing as it’s the most prevalent weapon in the world.

Entering the house I was led through a grand foyer that I’m sure was very opulent but I couldn’t see anything but a blur. I was led into a great hall and told to stand still. After a few minutes voices came in behind us and spoke in a language I didn’t understand but thought it might be an Asian dialect. A brief conversation was held with my captors in this language and then a soft hand was placed on my shoulder and a woman wearing a beautiful robe walked in front of me dragging her hand along my chin and the scruffy growth of my facial hair around an unkempt goatee.

“Well aren’t you a specimen. So you’re my new toy.”
I blinked and got a puzzled look on my face, “Wait … what … a toy?”
“Don’t lie to me Decimus, its what you wanted isn’t it?”
“Well yes … but not like … I didn’t expect … who are you?”
“You know me as Aerith … Aerith Xylen.”
A cold hand crossed over my heart … and I stammered, “How … how do you know that name?”
“I know everything about you my pet. Besides, you always talk about Aerith … how would anyone NOT know it?”
“No one knows her last name … I don’t think I ever said it.”
“You probably haven’t, I know everything there is to know about you and I’ve taken every precaution, no one knows where you are and now I have you. Besides, this is what you always dreamed of, right? Being owned, being taken forcefully as property by a beautiful woman?”
“Well yes … but how do I know you’re beautiful? I can’t even see you! What about my family … my friends?”
“You won’t see them again, but from what I know that isn’t a huge loss for you is it? As for seeing me … in time you will, that is a privilege you’ll have to earn with me.”
“I’ll miss some of them,” I grumbled.
“Well, which would you prefer? To go back and see them again or to have everything you ever wanted come true?”
“This isn’t everything … there were other things I wanted to!”
“I know there were dear … you wanted to build lots of technology … well my new toy, you’ll get to, you’ll get to make anything your little heart desires provided you are good and I allow it. I have enough resources at my disposal that it doesn’t matter what you think up … it can be obtained for you to work with. The only caveat is … anything you make … like you … is mine!”
“I see … and if I refuse?”
“Then you’re free to go after a minor matter is taken care of and your glasses will be returned to you when you land back in your city.”
“What is the minor matter?”
“Only this.”

With a nod of her head, my arms were seized and restrained, her hand unbuckling my pants and pulling them down exposing me to her administrations. I feared she’d pull out a knife but instead, she pulled out a chastity device and locked me up. Then she pulled out a thin metal ring and locked it around my neck. As she leaned in close to put on the collar I saw that around her neck was a chain with two keys on it.

“Now you may go Decimus … and you’ll get your sight back as I promised but you will never be let out of those devices, not unless you stay here and earn the right. You can have tonight to decide. Take him away.”

My arms suddenly released I was guided off out of the room and I knew it would be a very long night. As I was leaving the room I heard her voice again calling after me, “Remember, I own you!”